Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"

Tom MacDonald
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EDITED BY Nova Rockafeller
SHOT by Logan Fulton
FX by Dave McDonald
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


Published on


Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Greg Clark
Greg Clark 2 hours ago
If I could physically hand respect to a man...I would hand Tom Macdonald all the respect I could carry. God bless ya brother.
Frank Weeks
Frank Weeks 11 hours ago
Tom you and Upchurch should get together
AlanaGotta LottaSay
AlanaGotta LottaSay 13 hours ago
this isn't my music, its not made for me, but as a person I sincerely hope what you say about yourself is true and if it is....fuck yes keep that up and keep inspiring kids to just think about bigger pictures.....
IsBoR 15 hours ago
HE looks like the Hell, if he looks like this in real life there is no help for this sell out soul !
Joshua Ryan
Joshua Ryan 19 hours ago
where can I get that shirt?
Jonathan Abdulai
Bro I fucking luv u
Google Is Evil
3.1k illuminati members do not approve of this song
kaPa Day ago
AwakeA Merica
AwakeA Merica 22 hours ago
One of my favorit Key & Peele skits!
Moses Poses
Moses Poses Day ago
He is on another level Lyrically unique & no swearing keepin it classy Sounds organinc to me... NOW FOR THE VOTE ITS A 10 PLUSS NO FUSS !
Praetor Pyro
Praetor Pyro Day ago
Thanks for speaking out against censorship, bro. I’ve had a few snowflakes try to get me canceled over some of my content. I hate having to walk on eggshells with all these snowflakes in power. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Ronald Plays
Ronald Plays Day ago
Bahahaha he pulled his pants down at the end
Devil's Daily Dose
Bro your music is what we need more of. Keep doing you man.
Aldwyn Austria
Aldwyn Austria 2 days ago
1:40 Mortal kombat reference
Russ Polk
Russ Polk 2 days ago
So true!
Carrot BOYY
Carrot BOYY 2 days ago
in one of his songs he says i dont flex like bruh
Suzanne Woodard
Suzanne Woodard 2 days ago
Im late to the party BUT glad i finnaly got HERE
RiceyBhoy 89
RiceyBhoy 89 2 days ago
This and Quarantine are the realist. Next up PlanDemic Lies
Christopher Matthews
Wow Truth! Mainstream just kills people's creativity and chain of though! So... 👊
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 2 days ago
God bless you bro.
Raymond McFarland
Keep them coming
Tanya Tattersall
Tanya Tattersall 3 days ago
Fucking finally .... where have you been all my life
Amber Bunker
Amber Bunker 3 days ago
This music has inspired me to take care of buisness and change my life and friends lives for better
Banana 3 days ago
I noticed that he used post editing fire and spray paint and it shows that he has respect for the things he earned unlike the other rappers that would use real fire and spray paint and waist it like they waist there fans
Timothy Foss
Timothy Foss 3 days ago
Dude is so hot!! He is a monster on the mic!
Jo Peskett
Jo Peskett 3 days ago
Songs are the best way to get into peoples heads let’s hope the liberals can’t get Tom,s song out of there heads and the truth sinks into there brainwashed heads 🙌🏻🇬🇧
scndls1 3 days ago
i just found tom keep doing your thing bro if you see this you got a fan for life chur bro love from nz
WALTER Salcedo
WALTER Salcedo 3 days ago
Ocean/country Life
Keep it independent!!! You bad bro!! All your music man! NOTHING BUT TRUTH
Flexer Gaming
Flexer Gaming 3 days ago
Besides Eminem and nf ur the best white rapper
nobody fire9
nobody fire9 3 days ago
The definition of the American creed. stay Independent.
Joko Prasetyo
Joko Prasetyo 3 days ago
Just discovered this guy. This guy good. Lyrical rapper.
Cate MacColl
Cate MacColl 3 days ago
Sensible free thinking dude. Glad my sons got decent taste in music and content. Keep it up Tom.
Simon Farre
Simon Farre 3 days ago
This is trash. Tech N9ne did the independent thing big, way before it was cool to claim independent. Tom was never and never will be underground because he doesn't understand what it means. The self reflection required to be a thoughtful artist, he just doesn't have. He lacks paedeia.
Definitely not Dead
Simon Farre so nf sucks because sad rap was way before him I respect your opinion but Tom throws his own style into it but if you don’t believe that that’s fine.
Rapsutra 3 days ago
Taboo Yaboo
Taboo Yaboo 3 days ago
He’s just speaking facts of you think about it
Jessica Hudson
Jessica Hudson 3 days ago
This is exactly what Kanye is talking about. He's trying to leave
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works 4 days ago
Ooh ayyy,♥️♥️ God y'all are hot!🔥🔥🔥🧨👩‍🚒🥵
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works 4 days ago
Independent till I'm dead ♥️ toms not a sell out. He's fucking real yo!! Woke me up #tommcdonaldwokemeup
Jennifer Works
Jennifer Works 4 days ago
I guess I just don't see, what they see!!
Jonathan Shepherd
Bro I wanna meet this dude
King SavageE
King SavageE 4 days ago
lol The End Doe!!!! yall got to understand the end
Conscious Observer
Best song in recent times
Lauren kirby
Lauren kirby 4 days ago
T Sanders
T Sanders 4 days ago
Omg 🥰. Subscribe. Can’t believe I haven’t discovered you before now 😩😘
brandon bdogrizzle
Kenny Knowles
Kenny Knowles 4 days ago
I love all ur music bro continue staying u ur style is 🔥🤘
Jackson Strickland
"Why would I give you the keys to the car, if you just gon drive while I pay for the gas" 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 4 days ago
If you not illuminati then how come you don't expose USURY and promote defeating it by creating our own currencies ? 🤔
alexandra salas
alexandra salas 4 days ago
Thank you :) your awesome. Keep doing you!! GOD BLESS.
Wild Card!
Wild Card! 4 days ago
There’s so many layers to this song 🔥
Alex R
Alex R 4 days ago
I love what Ive heard so far!!! It's about time someone speaks up about the injustice and music industry. See this is what happens when people hide things & they're dishonest and deceitful to people that are vulnerable and hungry!!
Ashleys Johnson
Ashleys Johnson 5 days ago
All I can say is thank you for spitting so much truth brother that a lot of people are afraid to say boy more and more bangers keep coming on light brother
Brett Garver
Brett Garver 5 days ago
I just came across him when i was listening to upchurch, bro keep doin what you do.
Eric Morel
Eric Morel 5 days ago
Leah Fitzgearld
Leah Fitzgearld 5 days ago
I mean but in the last sentins
Leah Fitzgearld
Leah Fitzgearld 5 days ago
People hate him because he said the truth put he smart
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony 5 days ago
I'll wear the beanie mask
Phos4us 5 days ago
Artists are humans, not assets.
jimbob90p 5 days ago
ayden hall
ayden hall 5 days ago
Am i the only one or does he look better with the braids then he does with his straight hair to the side?
Danny smoke
Danny smoke 5 days ago
I'm curious if Tom is a Christian he seems like he is but I don't know
Danny smoke
Danny smoke 2 days ago
Why do you say that he has said it before I think saying he was but I don't really remember
David 2 days ago
James A. Meddings
Yo if your reading this stop. Go to hangovergang.com and order both gravestones and flowers for the dead albums 150% hot lava. Flowers for the dead is my all time favorite album thus far.
GGUniverse 5 days ago
Fuck a contract
ASPECT YT 5 days ago
Reminds me of x pls stay on are world 🙏
christoph stöger
I´m a big fan from Austria in Europe God is with you! Music sounds very good and good message too best rapper in english By us in europe there are similar rapper with messages a feature with Ukvali German rapper would be so cool!
Shhh 5 days ago
Chad Ryckman
Chad Ryckman 5 days ago
You can keep your cash
Jason Swackhammer-bowman
I love this song so much for real I hate that people will make you think so corny is a better message then this even though I love both 100 percent this is the shit I love hearing from you 🤘🤘
Phenom Hustle
Phenom Hustle 6 days ago
Tom McDonald I have found no other rapper/Artist that has it that edge that's woke and heart...that is speaking the truth much love
Jordan Wages
Jordan Wages 6 days ago
We should be way over 2 mil with this one
Kaylene S
Kaylene S 6 days ago
Not into rap music but you speak so much truth! 💙💙💙💙
Destiny drumdivineyYvonne
I couldn't even comment on half your stuff lmao damn it
Syran Sand
Syran Sand 6 days ago
keep going, for all the unheard voices!
Kenneth Anderson Rynjah
woooooooow..... real truth
chris clark
chris clark 6 days ago
Love your new shit Tom keep putting out fucking gold we love your jams.
Dutch Smith
Dutch Smith 6 days ago
Still my favorite
Dikkie SikkStrings
Dude im a guitarist from jersey. And a "conspiracy dude" that everyone calls crazy. This made me cry. Thank you for makin this video man.
King AnJelo
King AnJelo 6 days ago
wow, ive really slept on tom🤦🏽
Tiffany L
Tiffany L 6 days ago
Better than most rapper but if he really wants to be INDEPENDENT then ditch the designer clothes that are using you as a billboard 🧐
Taylor Schiff
Taylor Schiff 7 days ago
you CAN KEEP YOUR CASH. IMMM NOT THAT BROKE. I won't sign no contracts. I do me, stealing people's dreams How can sleep
Battelest ·
Battelest · 7 days ago
How he speak truth and they not kill him
Mr BoofErN
Mr BoofErN 7 days ago
🔺🍩🔺 Boofitnati approved!
Jay Tech
Jay Tech 7 days ago
The chorus hits me soooo hard😍
Alex Goodwing
Alex Goodwing 7 days ago
Just waitin on this guy to end up in the news dead from "suicide" or "accidental OD"...
Timmer 7 days ago
Talkin bout the elites when you got a Rockafeller all up in the credits.
Cam Mcinnes
Cam Mcinnes 7 days ago
This song is so good I have been going through a rough patch at the moment but your music is really inspiring it has helped me so much 💯
BigPapa Smash
BigPapa Smash 7 days ago
What I'm wondering is, if he ain't accepting no deals like that then where he get lambo from, is that his personal lambo?
john forsee
john forsee 7 days ago
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin 7 days ago
One of the few rappers I like because he just tells the truth. Rappers talk about being rebels but they are the furthest from it. They are political tools that are used to degrade the urban community. It’s so obvious.
James Long
James Long 7 days ago
Get this man on Joe Rogan ASAP!
Lech Krol
Lech Krol 7 days ago
Killuminate resurrected! This is what 2 pac was talking about!
Chaz Close
Chaz Close 7 days ago
Thank you for fighting for our youth, caring about your fans
Chaz Close
Chaz Close 7 days ago
I dont know if you will ever see this, but you're one of the real ones. Every song is amazing filled with truth and things people need to hear, but this one is such a work of art. They all are, but I'm even more impressed!
Beall619 7 days ago
The funny thing is I followed Mac Lethal, who dissed Tom. Now I just listen to Tom
Royal Allred
Royal Allred 7 days ago
Thomas 60 year old man I work in the music business 18 years as a very professional sound technician worded with all kinds of bandz and all kinds of music I don't really care for much rap music but I've never heard a bad song from you keep up the good work you ever come to Salt Lake I'll probably meet you peace and love brother
ask 7 days ago
This was fireeeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ask 7 days ago
Make a song with Emiway Bantai. India's biggest indipendent artist.
Michael Ford
Michael Ford 7 days ago
Reality rap at its finest....its a one man show too...Tommy "spit the truth" Macdonald the only one doing it.....
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 7 days ago
Tom McDonald you are a music genius. Never stop being you brother. And thank you for your music.
Reaver Bode
Reaver Bode 7 days ago
Huh, I wonder why I didn't hear about this dude before. (Sarcasm) I found him in a damn add.
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