Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry" LIVE REACTION

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Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"


Published on


Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Jesus Valtierra
Jesus Valtierra 16 days ago
this also apply to those musicians trying to make it through this platform
Chantel Preshous
He’s also telling us that there is a pedo problem with the rich and elite. Makes me sick that our own queen is hiding one. Fuck the elite ,cults and the industry.
Wratheon 1776
Wratheon 1776 Month ago
justinleoable Month ago
Thanks b loving all thesupport for my man tommy mac, and us on road
Kushin Month ago
Canadian rep
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 2 months ago
I wish to meet you
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 2 months ago
Tom always yes I listen to him when doing 4th grade ty for all the support tom this my moms acc I'm a boy I'm subbed tom!
Lcdr Toxic
Lcdr Toxic 2 months ago
Bruh who else cringed when he missed the part where Tom showed his a$$
Tara Warren
Tara Warren 2 months ago
LOL you missed Tom Mooning the Industry at the end Cuz.. TOTALLY worth it!! Tom, baby-doll.. nice butt! ;-)
Wombat Spork
Wombat Spork 2 months ago
TLC was not the same as those groups munis the horrible contracts
Some Biitch Named Nina
Do you sell shoes?
Anthony Ward
Anthony Ward 2 months ago
Yup we can
Anthony Ward
Anthony Ward 2 months ago
F yah
Kathy Young
Kathy Young 2 months ago
Know your worth!!!
Tiffany McConkey
Tiffany McConkey 2 months ago
MrAtarimaster 2 months ago
Tom's turnin to a GOAT, he's just droppin straight gas, on a side note mah man do some Chris Webby reaction videos!👌👌
Daniel Skillings
Daniel Skillings 2 months ago
At the end of video tom basically said kiss my ass lol 💯
Matt Ross
Matt Ross 2 months ago
Great reaction brother! Tom and Nova are in thier bag and crushing the industry thier way! I love it! #HOGfam
mamba 4 life
mamba 4 life 2 months ago
The 31 people that disliked this video are record labels
f y
f y 2 months ago
React to the truth behind Yummy by Beiber #Awakening2020
Shaun OutNdaStix
Shaun OutNdaStix 2 months ago
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 2 months ago
I wonder what 2pac and Biggie would think of my man Tom?
alustria222 2 months ago
You fly. You good!
MisteeBreeze Haze
MisteeBreeze Haze 2 months ago
#Epic If you haven't reacted to Tom's "#MyFans". Check that out & he also dropped a "#COVID19" Video that'll make a person cry.
MisteeBreeze Haze
MisteeBreeze Haze 2 months ago
It's badass
Jessica Kirby
Jessica Kirby 2 months ago
Great reaction.. got my sub. And I caught that car/gas line. Dude's a genius. His different perspectives are limitless.
クΛЯƬZ_JΛYZツ 2 months ago
hes only worth 100 thousand dollers
Infamous Kalen
Infamous Kalen 2 months ago
If you can make $500,000.00 in a year off of your own or get a record deal where they sign you over $5,000,000.00? You own none of that 5mil if you choose it until you surpass it and start making positive revenue. Meanwhile that $500k is straight yours, no owing. If you flop before the 5mil you wind up owing what's left. Not worth.
Modesto Carrillo
Modesto Carrillo 2 months ago
I'll be honest i didn't really like him at first because I was being bias and he just did not seem good to because of some people but as I listened to a lot of his song I really love them and I'm not ashamed to say I support him
Charles Schluessler
Charles Schluessler 2 months ago
Loving this stuff Tom and the rest of the independent artist are really putting out some good music.
Eric Frost
Eric Frost 2 months ago
If Tom is an "industry plant" the system hates itself.
Respect Artofkickz.
Handicrap03 2 months ago
All his songs are .99 on iTunes
Handicrap03 2 months ago
That prob was the impeachment paper he ripped in half
leila craner
leila craner 2 months ago
I found you because of Tom MacDonald. Let me tell you, I'm not a person to do RUvid but I have to watch you now!!!! Thank you Tom MacDonald for putting this man into my life. And thank you for doing such awesome reactions!!! I honestly went on a binge watch of your videos, lol
Drake McCoy
Drake McCoy 2 months ago
I love it tom spent 1\4 million on a whip and then set that bitch on fire for the video lol my man
Lori Goorhouse
Lori Goorhouse 2 months ago
I'm new but I'm already a fan. Enjoy your words and your real heart. Your not fake. Just like Tom
Raven Reads
Raven Reads 2 months ago
I love your channel. This isn't music that I would normally seek out. I watched the video because it was your video, and now I'm hooked. This guy is awesome.
Shane Malphurs
Shane Malphurs 2 months ago
Just a question man did i hear that right a part in there about him calling his mom and she says shes happy about there baby? Or did i miss hear it
RaiDerRickilee 2 months ago
I'm a 50 year old man listening to rap. 2020 is the twilight zone.
Lethal Equinoxx
Lethal Equinoxx 2 months ago
Literally everybody caught the gas bar lmao
olmanTy 2 months ago
bitchute bro
Justin Mielsch
Justin Mielsch 2 months ago
And nobody gonna comment how fresh that vest is Tom got?
Duh Wolf
Duh Wolf 2 months ago
and in the office of a major labels CEO... crickets. I have install another amp in the ride for this one.
speedybball 02
speedybball 02 2 months ago
I think he's telling you to be an independent human. Just using the lane that he's in to show you can make it. He's exposing an industry thats been rotting our brains for years.
Jim Askins
Jim Askins 2 months ago
Tom and Upchurch are 2 of the hardest working independent artists out there. Adam Calhohn is right with them. Would love to see the 3 of them collab aganst the industry!
Denelle Lloyd
Denelle Lloyd 2 months ago
The only hip hop artists i listen to and buy music from! Its not juat his sound but also his message. It is always truth!
YousernameMoto 2 months ago
judging by that little look back and point, you must have pretty shitty room mate man.
Venomous Silverback
Venomous Silverback 2 months ago
#Ryanupchurch Did The Same #SupportAllIndependentArtis #MusicReactionChannelsEct
Theo Hamilton
Theo Hamilton 2 months ago
Tom is the man!
Potato UwU
Potato UwU 2 months ago
Ya know I love his music but it's to bad most his music is copyright :(
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee 2 months ago
Tom always speaking on truth. So many things he says that I sit back and think 🤔 OMG that’s exactly what I feel but could never say out loud. It’s a good feeling knowing your not alone in your thoughts or feelings .
Brendan McQuade
Brendan McQuade 2 months ago
Toms getting stale if you ask me. Same topics said in different ways...
Shawn Vineyard
Shawn Vineyard 2 months ago
I like the truth just awesome man
Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade 2 months ago
He sign all his cd everything HANGOVERGANG4EVER!!!!!
Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade 2 months ago
So when somebody has a sponsor is that stealing from the fans???
Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade 2 months ago
When he puts the jacket on look at his eyes they turn black cause he gives no fucks that’s the demon in him
Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade 2 months ago
That’s why Tom is happy him and his best friend his lady Nova can do what they both love to do together!!!! I got so much love for them they been through it boy
Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade 2 months ago
He always speaks the TRUTH no matter who gonna get mad bro I found you because of him and now I rock with you harder I don’t have much but I do the $2 on Patreon and watch minimum 2 videos everyday old ones new ones I don’t care
Rachel Wade
Rachel Wade 2 months ago
I love him so much my daughter and I we’re in his My Fans music video the main video I cried like a baby I rock hard with him and Nova hard
zslis 2 months ago
I love Tom McDonalds music, he’s the realist musician out there today. He’s honest and blunt and doesn’t care, his opinions are his and some people don’t like it. But it’s wonderful seeing it
Rich Martinez
Rich Martinez 2 months ago
Fuck the music industry, they're part of Evil Hollywierd!!!!!
Ian Moone
Ian Moone 2 months ago
Push your microphone back away from you you're super LOUD
Camsteiger2 2 months ago
He had a meeting with a label, just to get laughs out of it, and the fake fans LOST THEIR SHIT! Screaming and getting pissed off. The rest of us real fans say here saying “you really think he’s ACTUALLY going to sign? Bet. He’s going in to hear what they have to say so he can keep shitting on them.” 😂😂😂 by the way, AOK you missed the last part of the song when he drops his pants. I was waiting to see what you’d say. 😂😂
Cas8228 2 months ago
I am a 37 year old white guy that grew up LOVING Tupac, his lyrics were so amazing and lead me to get a better understanding of black lives and what they go through. Rap now days however is trash, all it does is promote horrible caricatures of black lives and hurt them through propoganda. I love this kind of rap, a great message, I don't care who it comes from. We need more of this. Tom is awesome and so are you Nova for commenting and telling us how you feel. You got another follower in me
Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson 2 months ago
I'll never go back to the corporate life.
Anthony Marquez
Anthony Marquez 2 months ago
It's been a minute that I've been on your channel bro looks like God is blessing you!
Ptown Gower
Ptown Gower 2 months ago
I'm mad I missed your live stream. This is an amazing song. There's not one tom macdonald song that's not fire. Fire reaction like always bro.
Jordan Westerfer
Jordan Westerfer 2 months ago
I didnt get the notification mightve been at work
Jeanie Mihailovic
Jeanie Mihailovic 2 months ago
Hey Art - You should send Tom one of your ‘Speak Your Truth’ t-shirt’s ! Much love always from Melbourne Australia Art, Tom & Nova You all deserve only the best in life 🥰🇦🇺
Mad Scientist Soaps
Mad Scientist Soaps 2 months ago
Found yr reactions thanks to Tom - real honest reactor - respect bro :)
Mamma Bear & Baby Bear Reviews
NF is relatable. Similar childhoods and adulthood. Alot of his struggles and lyrics i could quote because I feel the same. Tom MacDonald talks about the things that no one wants to talk about but should be talked about. Ivan B is a similar Christian to NF. Sik world and witt Lowry are similar to each other. If mixed the dirty mouth and conference, sexual lyrics of Tom Macdonald and life experiences of NF you get Witt and sik world NF, sik World, Ivan B Witt Lowry, and Tom MacDonald are all independent. Please support them.
AM1Ttherapper 2 months ago
@Mamma Bear & Baby Bear Reviews NF is independent right now, but he built his success by being signed. The other artists you listed have never been signed. Which is why NF gets more attention.
Mamma Bear & Baby Bear Reviews
If you search on Google it says NF is signed to Capitol Records but if you go to the Capitol Records website he is not listed
AM1Ttherapper 2 months ago
NF is signed to a label
Daniel Skillings
Daniel Skillings 2 months ago
Love you to my guy love my shirt and beanie and the personal note much love brother 💯♥️
Daniel Skillings
Daniel Skillings 2 months ago
Everyone is talking about power couples here's the realest power couple tom and Nova much love H O G for life 💯♥️
Daniel Skillings
Daniel Skillings 2 months ago
The realest love all his songs h o g for life
Mohammed Giovanni
Mohammed Giovanni 2 months ago
Lol pedophile sex cults line was facts.
akvlogs 2 months ago
Straight up Tom looks like a savage in that vest
Joe Hurley
Joe Hurley 2 months ago
Ever do a video on NF?
Travis Stovin
Travis Stovin 2 months ago
Is nova related to the rockafellers? The rich family that runs America lol?
Nadya K
Nadya K 2 months ago
I Love your reactions and I NEED you to please react to the BEST VOICE IN THE WORLD! Please react to Dimash Kudaibergen - SOS You will become one of the Dears and they will come Love on you too.
D Thurston
D Thurston 2 months ago
missed almost every bar
Keynon Harrington
Keynon Harrington 2 months ago
I hear u
Zachary Moore
Zachary Moore 2 months ago
I can already tell I'm gonna listen to this one many times, it's so real.
SouthSide Baby
SouthSide Baby 2 months ago
I love Tom...🥰
Weston Kenyon Music
Weston Kenyon Music 2 months ago
They killed Avicii, putting money over his mental health.
Matthew Connair
Matthew Connair Month ago
Those responsible will pay, evil cannot be allowed to function without reproach.
Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess 2 months ago
He's dead because of the music video he put out
Ian Hewett
Ian Hewett 2 months ago
Please react to No Response if you haven’t already! If you are HOG fam Share and let’s get this to No. 1 trending 🤘🏼🖤
New One
New One 2 months ago
11:10 was anybody else hoping he was gonna say “thank you Thot Pocket Gaming”? 😂😂😂
Sarah Reid
Sarah Reid 2 months ago
I would love to see you react to this song! Just dropped on June 11 and not only is it total fire but the video itself is visually and aesthetically one of the most truly beautiful and creative music videos I’ve ever seen and I’m seriously just as addicted to it as I am the song itself. Since this is a newer independent artist, I feel like it would be especially great to react to as it would give your followers exposure to something new to potentially love that they may not have ever found otherwise, as well as get the name of someone who isn’t already blown up like crazy out there. ruvid.net/video/video-luBurWunQig.html Anyway, I love you and your videos, and I’m about to catch up on all the ones I missed today while at work so I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Thanks for always being such a much needed source of levity and distraction for me during this crazy time. You truly have no idea how much your videos have helped me get through since I found your channel. I won’t go into extreme detail about it all now, bc these past few months have been a domino effect out of my worst nightmares and I’d be here all night if I even tried, but among many other things, I lost my husband of over a decade, best friend in the world, high school sweetheart, father of my three children, and the greatest man I’ve ever known in my arms on the evening of Feb. 3 after 9 incredibly painful days of fighting nonstop for his life in the MICU due to something completely avoidable- a gallbladder infection which had progressed to the point of liver failure due to the swelling on and fluid buildup around his gallbladder preventing it from being able to filter through, which despite an incredible effort by his MICU team, eventually caused him to go septic, and ultimately irreversible organ failure- which was, mind you, after it had gone undiagnosed and brushed off as countless other things like heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, etc. over a period of seven months and multiple doctor and ER visits, and was also eleven days before our official wedding which saved for, planned, and dreamed of for years, after more than thirteen years of the most beautiful, intense, and pure love I’ve ever known and never knew could exist between two people before him. I will always feel like the luckiest woman on earth and will forever be so honored to have ever experienced such a thing with someone who’s soul’s beauty shined brighter than anyone’s I have ever known. He saved me in so many ways and I will never understand what I could have done to deserve him. I know how truly blessed I am to have had any time at all with him, but he was the only person in my life, family included, that I’ve ever known TRULY loved me and was also the only person, family included, that I never had to worry if they were going to still be there or if they were going to just abandon me, and losing him truly felt like it took my soul with him, so every passing second since has been absolute pain and torture and it’s so hard not to resent simply being alive most of the time. These past few months have been the darkest time my life, and I don’t say that lightly, but its in times like these that your mind goes into survival mode, and you look for any and all of the “little” things you possibly can to be able to get any level or brief moment of levity and distraction from, and since finding your channel, it has been made immeasurably easier in that aspect, so for that alone I truly cannot thank you enough. There have been times where I’ve been in the middle of a panic attack stuck in the depths of the deepest agony I’ve ever known, then saw a live or new video of yours was up and after listening/watching and trying to avert my attention for just a few minutes, I’ve quite literally been talked off of the ledge by a random person on the internet just being themselves and bringing light to the world. I’m sorry for dumping all of this here, and I’m sorry if it’s awkward or weird me saying any of it at all, but I just wanted to reach out to you and try to attempt to convey the best I can the level in which you've unknowingly effected- and quite literally possibly saved- a random stranger's life by doing what you do, and I hope you never stop. Thank you so much again for everything, Sarah
Ali Baba
Ali Baba 2 months ago
Yo you touched on something very important to me. All these RUvidrs looking for a bag, I understand it fully. But to promote products from sponsors that you would never, ever want your own family members to use because they're so trash (looking at you, mobile games that grift the young people for money with pay to win microtransactions)... where's the integrity for most of these youtubers? There is none.
Farael Willdabeast
Farael Willdabeast 2 months ago
The Hollywood curtain is failing. Idiots sold their souls and zero skill to back it up. This music is truth.
RavensRayne78 2 months ago
Please react to Lucidious Moment of Silence, or Use To promise you won't be sorry
Amanda Mohr
Amanda Mohr 2 months ago
Lisa Evans The Fam
Lisa Evans The Fam 2 months ago
Love his music
MrRomart4318 2 months ago
Solid video man! I know your edit game is strong to put out good content but this live video was on point! That was definitely toms best line in this song #KeystotheCar. You definitely kill it catchin the lyrics after one listen! Well done 👍🏻 #AOK
Matt Sullivan
Matt Sullivan 2 months ago
Tom killzs it again
maria garcia
maria garcia 2 months ago
Dear. Friend Artofkickz. I am getting ready to go to work in the morning. I need some sleep. Take care. Be safe. God Bless you. I still love your crazy videos. Good night Artofkickz. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
JOSHUA GRUBB 2 months ago
I think your mic almost broke by the intro lol
Mavrick Braiel
Mavrick Braiel 2 months ago
H O G 🤙
Jerrie Rasco
Jerrie Rasco 2 months ago
Tom you killed it again 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mr. Allen
Mr. Allen 2 months ago
I didn't catch that bar
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