Tom MacDonald - "No Response"

Tom MacDonald
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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


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May 29, 2020




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Comments 80
cheese burger
cheese burger Hour ago
👏 👏 👏 2:16 👏 👏 👏
Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder 5 hours ago
Tom is a straight beast
Wayne Wayne
Wayne Wayne 6 hours ago
Rappers call me gay cause my brain big! lmao This is great.
Jeremy Darling
Jeremy Darling 6 hours ago
Tom for president
Paul Teves
Paul Teves 7 hours ago
Emoney World
Emoney World 8 hours ago
Riley Wilkinson
Riley Wilkinson 9 hours ago
Everything he says is true, #1✊🔥
Isaac Tallan
Isaac Tallan 10 hours ago
RUvid categorized this as nerd core hip hop lOL
RaG3_SpRaYzX 10 hours ago
Y’all realize he said two of his albums ghost stories and death threats so we might get a new album
Jackie Roden
Jackie Roden 16 hours ago
Amazing editing Nova! ❤️
dan rod
dan rod 16 hours ago
Man dude, you tell the truth you sugarcoat nothing. I'm about 60 years old. And I ain't heard no one tell it as you do. I'm sharing your video with All platforms. You are the American dream. God bless you and your family.
Childress Connie
Childress Connie 17 hours ago
this guy is like totally awesome
801FamEnt 17 hours ago
Is it safe to even listen to music anymore ! click click bang .
Jimmy Jet
Jimmy Jet 18 hours ago
New to your music I must say you are so talented and a breath of fresh air. Every song I have listened to is just fire. Well done Tom Artist Macdonald. I would like to support you how can I buy your albums? I will play your music the only way it should be played loud!
Hilmi Sahin
Hilmi Sahin 18 hours ago
Tom: just look at me for a second Me: pls stop for a second, ım tryin to look at you edit: 2:49
Pooty Tang
Pooty Tang 22 hours ago
Tom and Upchurch should do a video together
Inikwitus Man
Inikwitus Man 23 hours ago
Cool beat. Face tats are wack though.
Lord Rothschild
Lord Rothschild 23 hours ago
Rich.. 🤣
ToxsicMike 23 hours ago
Only 20k away from 1 mill , let's fucking gooo !!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥
This man is eminem lost son
Ryan Mckenna
Ryan Mckenna Day ago
Call me privileged lol drop names on rappers hating then just outrap them
Adam T Weakland
As well tom ....you fucking own those blacked out eyes bro...own the m......that look is fucking epic and perfect for your rapping career......
Adam T Weakland
This is so fucking badasss....you gotta be joking how good you two are at this
James Petree
James Petree Day ago
I absolutely love your song
damo921 Day ago
I love evil tom
Tossinsalads Day ago
"Say my name again, I aint playin, I'll buy the place that you stay in. Then raise the rent until the place in your parents basement is vacant". Bro I swear to god Tom SNAPS these other candy ass rappers necks in one line.
K Fury
K Fury Day ago
Who are all the rappers talking about his cornball ass??
david lilz
david lilz Day ago
you tortured rap game with this shit honest to GOD
Robert Day ago
Fear Only Yourself
odhran Day ago
More like this please
Alex Ratcliff
Hey tom i fully support you an some people need to stop hating for real
Thinking Out Loud
Just found this guy, 2nd track I've ever heard. I like him :) Thought there wasn't any real talent in current-generation popular rap, I suppose I was wrong.
clinton moore
It's ok you made it good shit but don't get to cocky u ain't no shady real rap God we'll see how long you last I hope you keep on but I see another washed up od in the soon future I hope I'm wrong I wish you well
Dani Estrada
Dani Estrada Day ago
I ❤ the beat
Immortal Glory
My _thoughts
My _thoughts Day ago
People who listen to Tom Macdonald are the people who listen to rap god
Chris Williams
It's said that mac has to get 3 other people to rap against tom and tom is still winning
Kyle Yeakel
Kyle Yeakel Day ago
"Make sure that the drone is on slow-mo, so when y'all get shot The footage captures every single moment while your corpses rot". That's a hell of a line.
Kumahsi Triplett
Too fire tom💨
Bushcraft life with wolf
All I can say is this is true rap🤯 awesome stuff.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Luis Mobuks
Luis Mobuks Day ago
raw wit it
Gary Spencer
Gary Spencer Day ago
Bad ass.....sober life
Love You
Love You Day ago
This song stays in my head, so I stay coming back and commenting again and again... lol So Fire. Possibly my favorite butI'm pretty sure I do this for ALMOST every song that he drops until the next 1 comes out haha. Then the cycle continues.... 🤣🤷‍♂️🔥
Kyle Raia
Kyle Raia Day ago
Them bars tho
Alexey Bondaruk
Christopher Hunt
Christopher Hunt 2 days ago
HFS I just now discovered this badass....
turd Boi 420
turd Boi 420 2 days ago
How he's flexing lol
TheGzumD 2 days ago
Green touch in ya hairs i just realized after the 500's view:D
Mar 2 days ago
Tom should do a track with Em.
Edward Clark
Edward Clark 2 days ago
Your lyrics remind me of reformed theology. Get at me if flume.
TruthBeDamned 2 days ago
Your girlfriend ghost writes half you raps.
TheTubejunky 2 days ago
When you know about agar and grow life on a ketchup cup full of nutrients. BUT still don't dip in the flavor.
Gage Loder
Gage Loder 2 days ago
Tom's the kind of guy that drops his girl off at her 'boyfriends' house. B) H.O.G, show me how you can top this banger
Joystick Gamerz
Joystick Gamerz 7 hours ago
We have the same first name lol.
DJ-Wild-Child 2 days ago
Why are some of your songs edited they should let you rip fire 🔥 on them lyrics brother
Stephen Caron
Stephen Caron 2 days ago
You deserve every penny you've made, keep going
john kasey
john kasey 2 days ago
Mac Lethal goes way harder. He's so pissed about it too
CizreK Day ago
Mac Lethal is a joke bro. Go have fun listening to bullshit generic music.
john kasey
john kasey 2 days ago
So wak
Josh 2 days ago
Love this guy's music. Can't wait to see him live someday.
kenny mcfadden
kenny mcfadden 2 days ago
One of the best raper's ever
RaspyStap412 2 days ago
Just keep keeping it real Tom and do you mad respect
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael 2 days ago
Tom McDonald 4 President
Davida Majako
Davida Majako 2 days ago
For fuck sake man!!!!!!! !! Man eey oo man i am sooo noo no words for this. This is sick , you are the sickest rapper iv heard. My man!! Im speechless, so good.
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 2 days ago
The beat is tough as fuck! Great work bro!
Mama 2 days ago
You have a new 61 yr. old lady that had never cared for rap but I now listen to your songs. You say what I feel. But i like the meaning of your words but most other rappers just sing about nasty evil things that don't make since to me. GOD BLESS YOU SON and stay safe and keep it up
Jethro Hamilton
Jethro Hamilton 2 days ago
Tom keep up the good work i love your songs
Eric Wheeler
Eric Wheeler 2 days ago
Got a love/ hate relationship with this dude ... but I keep coming back 🤔
Nathan Conti
Nathan Conti 2 days ago
This is fireeee tom!!! Thank you for another awesome banger!!! Appreciate all you do!!
Tom White
Tom White 2 days ago
Still headbangin 2 this song after a month \m/
Britt Bee
Britt Bee 2 days ago
He reminds me of hopsin
Bj 2 days ago
if you wanna see a rapper do "this" only better listen to DMX, stop being greedy.
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 2 days ago
At least this guy pulls out
Sajah B
Sajah B 2 days ago
This is deep!!! You’re one of the best rappers that I’ve heard. By the way, please don’t blow your money like rappers are known to do. INVEST!!!!
Matt Hickey
Matt Hickey 3 days ago
Another dime, Tom! Keep it up, love your lyrics and flows!
targor1511 3 days ago
simply - bravo! As I commented before, I'm a metalhead, but this songs are amazing. Not just the lyrics, but the beat, no-mumble, composition and everything else - keep it up, dude!
Dan Hart
Dan Hart 3 days ago
Only halfway threw the song like jeeze omg this guy's just snapped once again... Good work Tom ... Keep killing it :) it's good to see the creative unique and passionate achieving greatness! Thanks for you time! Aspiring!
Jam Lym
Jam Lym 3 days ago
“Come here, babe.” Love that part.
Tyler Trainz
Tyler Trainz 3 days ago
Was that undertakers gong playing in the background?
Maria w
Maria w 3 days ago
Wooowh😍😍😍😍ooooo u go tom 🤣🤣🤣🤩🤩🤩🤩ur a star
Beamishable 3 days ago
Tom MacDonald is an Omen that works with good and evil spirits they can make people innocent and automatically saved in Christ through drugs and alcohol mind control manipulate and control paths make someone look bad making them look bad for the person to hate their life bible says if a person hates their life they will get to keep it for eternal life and to not go seeking them for help think i read they can make you unclean curse and let spirits bother.
CoryKickzAss 3 days ago
2:00 - 🤣👍 I never noticed the background sound slurping when Tom says "suck my d!ck" That's hilarious 😂
C.I.A 3 days ago
2:14 tom went super saiyan
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