Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"

Tom MacDonald
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Mar 13, 2020




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Comments 100
KILLSMASH 16 minutes ago
This is my personal anthem.
2Tap 8 hours ago
Who else is getting an Nf vibe lol
I really love you us I love dax You are too much
Joseph Hersey
Joseph Hersey 9 hours ago
Im a big fan no hate but this gave me nf vibs and the beging
Dean Monroe
Dean Monroe 11 hours ago
be your self
Heather Behrens
Heather Behrens 13 hours ago
Em Giles
Em Giles 16 hours ago
Pure talent 😍
IIV Devildog VII
IIV Devildog VII 23 hours ago
When he's gotta hat he looks like montana black bro anyone who is german can understand
Tina Arbogast-Belcastro
You are the absolute truth, the best, I think I Love U!!l lol tina🐝
Dominique Forbes
Am I the only one that noticed that he admitted that his girl is only with him because of the money in a way
Matt Spence
Matt Spence Day ago
Love this song . I feel this song deep
Will Cruz
Will Cruz Day ago
This really fire though
Will Cruz
Will Cruz Day ago
Video and style reminds me of NF. I’ll take it but don’t start copying people lol do you
M. F.
M. F. Day ago
Someone get this man a chapel, a podium and a Bible because he's preaching!!!
Matthew Register
hell yes we needed you tom you spike for the people that can't fuck all them haters keep that flow going it fire dope as fuck god bless tom
Theodore Rieger
Fuck the haters, people will always be jealous of those who made more of themselves. Even a 50 year old guy like me can hear the truth you speak in your songs. Old man but still a fan
D.e.j Chung
D.e.j Chung 2 days ago
This my type shitt🔥🔥🔥
Octopus On Fire
Octopus On Fire 2 days ago
You truly are a breath of fresh air, man.
Ivo West
Ivo West 2 days ago
This dude is fricking underrated
Deanna Dykeman
Deanna Dykeman 2 days ago
This guy knows how to make songs everyone can relate too. From a mom to a teen
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 2 days ago
Real shit. Love it
Nicholas Pettiford
Favorite rapper after hearingcancer. Mom has terminal cancer and I never processed it till today Friday 10/16. I love you mom. Keep showing ya fire Tom. Btw I'ma brotha. I don't think you're a racists
EVE and other games.
they afraid o fyou, because you are what they wanted to be, and you are changing the damn game holmes, you are spitting truth and fire, and their producers and record labels threatened them that if they do what you do they would be black listed, and they are too scared to lose money and clout. also, they say something because, like you already said in this video, they dont get clout like you do, and because of that, they do what other rappers do, because they can't write their own shit and aren't talented like you, to get clout which is to do dis tracks on someone hot to get them to be pissed off and then get that person to toss shade on them so they can get clout. clout is addictive and they cant stand not having it. just be a bit careful with that clout man, if you see or feel like something is going off bro, straight up with complete conviction say "satan get away from me and take your demons with you in Jesus name" you dont even have to say it like a boss, just say it with conviction. i like you holmes, i want to see you when i get home (heaven), i know you born again man, just keep going, dont fucking stop man, you are changing the face of the rap game and i appreciate that so much, please keep up the great work holmes, just keep fucking going!
Emmily Miller
Emmily Miller 3 days ago
I love how unique you are your definitely different then other rappers... your you man and you speak 100 percent the truth and i love it... you so awesome thanks for being who you are and bringing us your songs/raps fucking amazing
Skrbblz 3 days ago
i am gonna write a remix of this song ;-)
cool Brown
cool Brown 3 days ago
I listen to him every day the best music
Kelly 4 days ago
you are by far your own man. im enjoying every song i can find. new listener. beautiful soul.
Jenica Bryant
Jenica Bryant 4 days ago
I'm 13 and every day I try to not run away and/or kill my self its really hard, but when I listen to your music I feel beater🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Otis Chauncey
Otis Chauncey 5 days ago
Flip flop don't stop you are my hip hop .....Godwins.....
Emma Perry
Emma Perry 5 days ago
All he does is spit the truth periodtt
The Crafting Weedwife
Don't ever stop! The world needs you!
sweetsusie1000 5 days ago
Just Beautiful spit the truth ....just sad to see u still hurting fame money is way over rated stay true to you spit it...love from canada tom....
Andy Izquierdo
Andy Izquierdo 5 days ago
Jenna Strange
Jenna Strange 5 days ago
Just HUGS... YES YOU!!!
Daniel Marquardt
Daniel Marquardt 5 days ago
Comparison to any other rapper is a joke. Do that and you're a clown...
slayingdemon 6 days ago
yo tom as long as your happy with yourself then it shouldnt matter to everyone else and if they wanna hate you because you change for the bettering of your life or happiness of your life then they aren't really true fans man. Stay strong tom, i wish you and nova the best and happiness you 2 can have. and do what you can to ignore all the hate as it's not worth your time.
DinkleDigeroo 6 days ago
I was into em, but he's fake. He sold out after the drugs. Drugs aren't the man, they're the sympton of the pain tha they went through. I have no friends; because they all died. They didn't die for anything, they died because life was hard. I pray for the everyday that God takes mercy on them. Two best friends, corrupted by the world. What bothers me the most about them, is they aren't even the reason why I'm fucked up. I had ptsd from 12 , but it is worse since they died. Lost my brother. Destroyed the family. 20 years later, I'm still fucked up.
DinkleDigeroo 6 days ago
ima delete this shit tomarrow, because its too much pain
K Belle
K Belle 6 days ago
I'm now convinced that TOM is my favorite non-family member on Earth. But, actually HOGs are family. Thank You!
Jeromy Dailey
Jeromy Dailey 6 days ago
Tom you are a inspiration and I hope and pray that you know how much you encourage and help people by being willing to say things people believe but will not say and being humble ordinary guy that stands up for the regular hard working folks in this country that the powers that be have tried to take the voice and keep us down. You have inspired countless people including myself to stand up for what we believe and know that just because we as a people dont agree on everything doesnt mean we are against each other it just means we all have our on opinions and belief's based off what we have dealt with in our lives. Thank you again stay safe during these crazy times.
Penelope Muggins
Penelope Muggins 6 days ago
Gol dang dude,u r so relatable!👊
T Vannatter
T Vannatter 7 days ago
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Jane Doe
Jane Doe 7 days ago
I'm floored. I never heard anything like this. EVERY SINGLE song I've heard from Tom I've LOVED it!! Incredible artist.
filth gaming
filth gaming 7 days ago
It's not that you are them, you all stand in the same cage, you token, nf, and hopsin share a common struggle, pain, hurt, and a common image... take a hint, do a album together #teamstruggle
Braidz MC
Braidz MC 8 days ago
"Stop comparing me to Hopsin, NF & Em" I feel personally attacked right now 😂
FourLeafClover 8 days ago
This is crazy. Alternate dimensions have to be real. I swear Tom's story is very very similar to mine. He even looks kinda like me. We are same age and everything. Tattoos everything. Except she did leave me, still in the hood. Video didn't go viral when things hit the bottom. This video is crazy to me. Like, this is what I wish happen. Crazy..
Solidary Nightmare
man this song describe my situation right now.
Deadly Dozens
Deadly Dozens 8 days ago
I like this kid.
Mateo Kovacevic
Mateo Kovacevic 8 days ago
This song literally changed the way I think of him 👏👏👏
Nickol Buckler
Nickol Buckler 8 days ago
Your amazing homie love your music! You and Nova are a blessing!!! Thanks for saying thing's that feel like my life except I have no talent but being a mom! Thanks!!!!
david rodgers
david rodgers 8 days ago
This is a weird ass question but how he look like he don't have all that hair under that hat. 🤣
Thomas Macnutz
Thomas Macnutz 8 days ago
We are very glad you survived to do this stuff. Very glad.
Kayla Savage
Kayla Savage 9 days ago
I love this song u did real good
Jo ann St andrews
Was never into this kind of music , until my 31 yr old son ask me if I ever listen to your music ,I'm 52 and am in love with every single song ,every single word you sing .you are another legend , I'm a hugh fan Mr. MacDonald ❤
Milan Sikela
Milan Sikela 9 days ago
Tom Macdonald is awesome
BORED At HOME Shenannigans
Great music
Fun fixing stuff etc
Honestly It has not bothered me one bit since you became famous!
Isaac 10 days ago
Really good
Jeremiah Stewart
Jeremiah Stewart 10 days ago
Tom I wish you the best!
the old school connoisseur
God dam 🤯banging
Michael 10 days ago
keeping it real 100%
siko 10 days ago
Eminm ? never heard of her ;)
Matt c
Matt c 10 days ago
No ghetto voice, just annunciation. Respect.
Eric Morel
Eric Morel 10 days ago
Tom, you may never see this but I needed to say this to you. You are an INSPIRATION to anyone who has a dream and struggles to make it come true. I’ve been trying to write my first novel for the past ten years but I always hit a wall and tell myself that I’m just kidding myself; that I’ll never be the Stephen King, Dean Koontz or Jim Butcher. I’ve put myself down for so long. But NOW, after listening to this song, I look at myself in the mirror, feel my chest swell, and scream, “Fuck that!!!! I’m getting mine!!!! Thank you, Tom, for being you; for never giving up. Your struggles are our struggles. God bless you.
Strom me
Strom me 10 days ago
😐....😑🖕mmm // ❤️🥳
Crystal Grizzard
Crystal Grizzard 10 days ago
Literal tears.... Amazing
Matthew Royce
Matthew Royce 11 days ago
Definitely a fan of you brother. I hope you see this message. Keep doing you man. 👊
ammogummo 11 days ago
I’m not what you would call an aficionado when it comes to rap, but I really like your stuff. Sharp lyrics. Funny when you want to be, serious and hard when you’re trying to be. Really good stuff man. Keep it up!
Jerry Peters
Jerry Peters 11 days ago
I got your back Tom
Austin Gostomski
Austin Gostomski 11 days ago
his story runs a parallel to shadys. started in the slums built a kindom from the ashes. no wonder people hate it. success stories piss people off for a reason. not saying tom is shady just sayin their stories run a parallel.
OLD GOD'S Productions
This guy is so real... Been a hot minute since we've seen a guy like this!!! Keep at it Tom!! You speak for many people out here... People so stupid still my fav though!!
An Angels Mama
An Angels Mama 11 days ago
This is how we treat our essential workers...
An Angels Mama
An Angels Mama 11 days ago
I only have 5 days to move. Offering to pay 6 months up front for a place and nobody will accept me. This town wants me to go homeless. I need help
An Angels Mama
An Angels Mama 11 days ago
@Nej Snek i know its for discrimination reasons. I won't say anymore
Nej Snek
Nej Snek 11 days ago
@An Angels Mama well if others treat you shit then treat them shit.
Nej Snek
Nej Snek 11 days ago
@An Angels Mama Ok, have a nice day!
An Angels Mama
An Angels Mama 11 days ago
@Nej Snek so are you telling me i have to turn into a karen cuz this town is full of them
An Angels Mama
An Angels Mama 11 days ago
@Nej Snek i care for my town a lot actually. I work at a pizza shop and i even worked temporary at giant food store because i wanted to go out and help. Not just sit and collect money
rude dolphin
rude dolphin 11 days ago
That beat is honestly superb.
Chad Claude
Chad Claude 12 days ago
Dude I hate rap for the most part but I've binged watched you, and honestly I love it all, never stop. Ty for being you.
Nej Snek
Nej Snek 11 days ago
which rappers have to tried to listen to?
Jaryd Dredge
Jaryd Dredge 12 days ago
The only thing that i have to say is thanks. Your music bring back alot of good and bad memories.
Be whoever you want to be. And if You're Genuine & Honest about Who & What that is ........ Then any Hatred that is Shoot your way, Will necessarily Just REVEAL the Weakness, the Self-Pitty, The jealousy, The lack of talent & All the Failings of the Petty Cowards who are only, Attacking you and Hating on you to distract themselves from having to sit alone with their own thoughts and Confront their own Graveyard of Failures & Shortcomings! I love you Tom, You're real Genuine Dude, My Brother.
Shayden Wells
Shayden Wells 12 days ago
i love this beat
Saskia Breugelmans
Saskia Breugelmans 12 days ago
Mijn favoriete liedje van Tom Play and repeat 😁
SuperStrange Shadow
I love rappers with depressions. Their songs gets related and makes you feel less alone.
X-byte Beatbox
X-byte Beatbox 12 days ago
He's not NF or Eminem but this video and beat sounds a lot like NF, it's a good thing. Lyrics are Original but you can't deny it doesn't sound like NF
Sean Stadler
Sean Stadler 12 days ago
Bro thank you for you I’m being sober because of you I’m trying at least an I’m going to stay sober because I feel there’s a voice to keep me strong I hope I’m trying soooo hard and your words help but I’m still in a hard place mentally but I’ve been staying away an your word carry my thoughts away an it means the world to me so thank you for now I say that cause you’ll hear more positivity from me going forward I hope ...thank you!
Ricky LaFlore
Ricky LaFlore 13 days ago
This shit is good.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 13 days ago
Love this song!!! Its even better and 1.25 playback speed.
Caleb Vergers
Caleb Vergers 13 days ago
saw the cap I was like that looks cool I should get one... $525... NOPE
dudevids gaming
dudevids gaming 13 days ago
My fav fo real. Love this artist
Brayden Walters
Brayden Walters 13 days ago
all i see is hmmm no hoes no cars no money and all tom's talent
kingg dax
kingg dax 13 days ago
Major nf vibes in this vid
kingg dax
kingg dax 13 days ago
But the lyrics are to fire to compare
Rich Kensell
Rich Kensell 13 days ago
WOW! Taking responsibility for actions!! Love it brother!!!!
Mitch E.
Mitch E. 14 days ago
Tom and Russ would be dope
jacob burnett
jacob burnett 14 days ago
'never left me'! Similar to my passion!
harpYtoon 14 days ago
bruh is he in the GTA 5 desert biome (love the song btw)
Brayden Walters
Brayden Walters 14 days ago
he isnt like eminem he just has a simular style same with NF NF no eminem lol
Nej Snek
Nej Snek 11 days ago
and NF has a similar style to Eminem.
Миша Золотов
Aurora Collins
Aurora Collins 14 days ago
You know it's good when you get goosebumps from listening to it.
Danny 15 days ago
Stop comparing and maybe just maybe start Listening 🎧 🎶
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