Tom Holland Knew I Was Irish?

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I did it!! I finally met Tom Holland! Along with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon for Spider-Man Far From Home!
You have no idea how excited I was for this and how thankful I am that it happened!
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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 18 393
Megan MacLeod
Megan MacLeod 41 minute ago
I miss his hair
Tony Sereno
Tony Sereno 2 hours ago
raf 361
raf 361 14 hours ago
Tom holland is half irish and half british
Honey 15 hours ago
i didn't know jack did celebrity interviews
James Hills
James Hills 20 hours ago
Marvel's garbage
Finnegan Shenderovich
2:05 the football... HAHHAAHHAHAHA
Jack: *enters room* Tom: "iRiSh" Jack: "....yeah" Tom: *thinks to self* "...fuckin knew it" *high fives self*
Aputsiaq Lennert
THIS WAS 4 MONTHS AGO!? God time flies so quick
Hinke-Mare Alma
God i knew this interview because of compilations but only now i knew it was from jack
Just another dead meme
Wow our spiderman looks exactly like Tom Holland. Did you notice? 🤨
Unkown User
Unkown User Day ago
Tom: you're irish Jack: *ding ding top of morning*
STE Jambo
STE Jambo 2 days ago
Tom Holland is such a cinnamon roll!
Wolve_Dreamer 3 days ago
9:19 the way he says Peter Parker... it's so American?? ? is that just me?
Luke Dias
Luke Dias 4 days ago
2:57 say what Say sike right know
Agnes Bardos
Agnes Bardos 5 days ago
I love spider man
M1CH34L_ 88
M1CH34L_ 88 5 days ago
It doesn't look like there in the same room
Brayden Edwards
Brayden Edwards 6 days ago
No one: Not a single soul: Tom:hes Irish
CHAN PAK KIN 18_19_6a02
Tom: Spidey sense is tingling.He s Irish.
Eevee _umbreon123
How do they not know who Sean is!?!? 😂 even if I was Tom, I’d be freaking out 😂
Eevee _umbreon123
Peculiar Peculiar - of course I know that. What do you mean?
Peculiar Peculiar
Eevee _umbreon123 Tom himself is famous u do know that right
Alexander Anderson
England got beat by Croatia I completely forgot
Reyven Narto
Reyven Narto 9 days ago
I was watching a news then i seen this.
Elliot Greenwall
Elliot Greenwall 9 days ago
I'm 80% irish
EvilTrance 10 days ago
Hello Irish😍😍
Alfonso Espano
Alfonso Espano 10 days ago
Marvel Studios: We have an announcement! A new movie is coming soon on theaters! Starring Jacob Batalon..... The movie of "Jacob-Man" coming soon in 2020. Everyone: ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) Jacob: ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)
Francois Pauer
Francois Pauer 10 days ago
Jack is now an interviewer
Kseniya Marina
Kseniya Marina 11 days ago
*Sean enters room* Sean: TOPOFTHEMORNINTOYA Tom: Something tells me this man is Irish
good boy
good boy 11 days ago
that interviewer should start a RUvid channel
TOOMUCHDOG 11 days ago
those people are awsome i love spiderman
xcassiekinsx 11 days ago
Zendaya is high as a kite 😂
coolrobcraft 13 days ago
He's gotten to interview 5 people from the MCU so far. Please do an interview with Chris Evans and RDJ!
The riff Repeater
The riff Repeater 14 days ago
I didnt realise tom was from london!!
Khai Nguyên Trần
I never knew spider man name then I new it from youtube
Don Boss
Don Boss 18 days ago
*When she knows your Spider-Man* "Tom Holland EXTRA HARD-"
Zackerjuno Donji
Zackerjuno Donji 19 days ago
I like spider man to I watch the movie to😊
Davideo Jockey
Davideo Jockey 20 days ago
jesus WTF Happened to Jack
Digital Royal
Digital Royal 22 days ago
You already know jack was giddy as hell through this whole interview
WolfmanVsVampire 22 days ago
Hey Jack how are you able to do these interviews with these famous actors?
Kyle Sands
Kyle Sands 22 days ago
Can we please get a counter for how many time jack said like
Drigger 22 days ago
Where is tom's comment.
John Myers
John Myers 22 days ago
How you meeting all these peeps lol
Ninja Dude
Ninja Dude 23 days ago
Since when jack became an interviewer for celebrities?
Volt Gaming
Volt Gaming 23 days ago
Tom Holland is British????
konomi kid
konomi kid 23 days ago
I think zendaya is the 1st person to work whith both wolvirene and spider-man Answer to joke: the greatest show man had the actor who played wolveriene as the lead role
Arav Gunness
Arav Gunness 23 days ago
What the FUCK is wrong with Tom's foot in the thumbnail
Cookie Queen
Cookie Queen 23 days ago
I'm loving all these tom says senses Sean's Irish 😂
Inkybendy29 & Killerpiratefox
Jack is so cool is amazing especially the swear 😂 it’s funny
thoraxanims 24 days ago
cooley 24 days ago
spoken like a true american...shut up jack... XD
cooley 24 days ago
oh fuck no! ya'll dont know what hot feels like.come to texas..it was 91 today. (would've been possibly 100) THAT is hot weather
kurui. m
kurui. m 25 days ago
Haisam Khattak
Haisam Khattak 25 days ago
Fuck you tom Holland
Abbie ramsay
Abbie ramsay 10 days ago
Haisam Khattak wtf are you on
Haisam Khattak
Haisam Khattak 12 days ago
Oh I love you abbie Ramsey
Haisam Khattak
Haisam Khattak 12 days ago
You can call me Sam baby
Abbie ramsay
Abbie ramsay 12 days ago
Haisam Khattak ummm whaaaa 🤣
Haisam Khattak
Haisam Khattak 12 days ago
Love you abbie
Lilee's Lego
Lilee's Lego 26 days ago
I can just amgine tom saying dia duith
Angel From 666
Angel From 666 26 days ago
The fucking leprechaun beard gave it away
Sdew playz
Sdew playz 26 days ago
spidey tingle
Dr4g0nw4rri0r Gaming
Half this video Sean:football Tom:football Every one:football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football football
Tristan Pugnalin
Tristan Pugnalin 26 days ago
Anubis Gaming no one lies you
lil XAN
lil XAN 28 days ago
Next titel: My mom knows im human?
Donald Powell
Donald Powell 28 days ago
Does Tom Holland like potatoes?
John B35
John B35 28 days ago
I was half expecting for Jacob to say “well we all know who won the war” during the football/soccer discussion
RealTARDIS 29 days ago
Can we talk about how tom has the most american top half and british bottom half
Jamee Mangalindan
Jamee Mangalindan 29 days ago
At first i thought this was fake 😂
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