Tom and Jerry, 15 Episode - The Bodyguard (1944)

Jonni Valentayn
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The short three-minute fragment from series is a 1944 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 15th Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, produced by Fred Quimby and animated by Ken Muse, Ray Patterson, Irven Spence and Pete Burness. The cartoon features Spike the bulldog in his second role, though this is the first time that we hear him speak. Spike bulldog in this cartoon voiced by the actor Billy Bletcher. It was produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on July 22, 1944 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.
Interesting facts:
The second cartoon, in which appears bulldog Spike (first appearance - "Dog Trouble"). But this time he is talking.
Tom's phrase "I won!", and his evil laugh also were voiced Billy Bletcher.
The second of eight cartoons in which Tom wins.
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Apr 7, 2017




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Comments 272
Phong Van
Phong Van 2 hours ago
Than chuot rinh cai banđá nhu do choi
bailacomigo Comigo
bailacomigo Comigo 7 hours ago
Eu olhava desenho ,agora só olho putaria 😂😂😂
zahedul imtiaz
zahedul imtiaz 4 days ago
Aazad Ahmed
Aazad Ahmed 4 days ago
this is the best version of tom jerry
John Warren
John Warren 5 days ago
1:03 pause and what do ya know? No cheeks on Jerry!
Jason Crable
Jason Crable 10 days ago
Stupid dog catcher
Hazy Black
Hazy Black Month ago
Anime Villain: *Is going to win* Main Character: *Has an emotional flashback* Anime Villain: 2:38
Yiwei Lu
Yiwei Lu Month ago
why does Tom stop everytime Jerry tells him to? 🤣
Natalie Gonzalez
Tom and Spike are so funny
MonetizedYaY 2 months ago
0:27 love Tom in this scene
Franklyn Stephen
Franklyn Stephen 2 months ago
0:28 Tom's pretended face is killing me
庸人勿扰丶 3 months ago
周子铭 3 months ago
Thanks my childhood
푸틴 3 months ago
This is a great episode. It is always innocent Tom who had to go through tough lessons instead of Jerry. This time, that little piece of shit finally learned some lessons.
fv984874 Villena
fv984874 Villena 5 months ago
Lo maximo
Syeda Bisma
Syeda Bisma 5 months ago
0:06 will somebody tell me what is this candy? I've been always curious about this candy. 😭
Secret Bamboo
Secret Bamboo 24 days ago
Bubble Gum
Boxie Lover
Boxie Lover 5 months ago
It's simply bouble gum i think but tom coated it in...glue... so jerry cant open his mouth
Kaido Priisalu
Kaido Priisalu 6 months ago
Very good
Amsal Waseem
Amsal Waseem 6 months ago
The Second time. When Tom wins a fight with Jerry.
Nashor 6 months ago
He leaves everything to charity??
Twisted Ragdoll
Twisted Ragdoll 7 months ago
The sound jerry makes when he puts the gumball in his mouth is funny
Iris Moreira
Iris Moreira 7 months ago
1:13 - 1:17 the sound big dogs make when they walk 😂
Paulo Ribeiro
Paulo Ribeiro 7 months ago
A cada dia melhor ainda.
Pinoy Boi
Pinoy Boi 7 months ago
1:02 i want my table designed like this
Jordan's Sculptures
Jordan's Sculptures 7 months ago
I guess Jerry lost in this because Spike is already got captured by the dog catcher before he is able to whistle... which means Tom out smart him but using bubble gum
Zohaib Laeeq
Zohaib Laeeq 7 months ago
Centuries will pass but this cartoon will remain as it is
cuteflygon 7 months ago
Before jerry got the dog as his bodyguard he could easily handle Tom, after which he became over reliant and loss his skill. Was that even a good thing?
Juliajackson Ilene
Juliajackson Ilene 8 months ago
0:27 lol tom 😂😂😂😂 0:31 tom be like ohhh poor jerry 😂😂😂
Shehzad Qureshi
Shehzad Qureshi 8 months ago
Always the best and my favourite .
Mashfiq Hoque
Mashfiq Hoque 8 months ago
75 years old!! Still best!
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor 8 months ago
I love Tom's screams 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
Maan Haider
Maan Haider 8 months ago
0:26 awosme work tom
Irina Stoleru
Irina Stoleru 9 months ago
Ayush thapa
Ayush thapa 9 months ago
Tom is also a philanthropist...great 🐈
LongWay Dream
LongWay Dream 9 months ago
The ending is so pathetic 😒
Kadir Yildirim
Kadir Yildirim 9 months ago
Very funny tom is digging own grave, but it was good to watch when i was a child. *good old days*
SJ ARYAN 9 months ago
Why always Tom is beaten by Jerry,I hate that
Cafer Ülger
Cafer Ülger 8 months ago
Not always, There are few episodes where Tom wins
Mya Hollandia
Mya Hollandia 10 months ago
Jerry is sooooo cute
Marit 10 months ago
That ending was so dark! ☹ He'll be free, he's wearing a collar but still 😯
Partha Dey
Partha Dey 10 months ago
Tom left everything in his will to charity, good heart
My penis is incredibly small, but
Alireza Rezai donating to charity means donating money to organizations that help people like a breast cancer organization
Alireza Rezai
Alireza Rezai 4 months ago
Partha Dey What does it mean?
Pikachu pikachu
Pikachu pikachu 10 months ago
I just love this particular episode sooo much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆
شرشبيل وصل
شرشبيل وصل 10 months ago
2:34 hahahhahhhh Jerry
lj 10 months ago
2:36 😂😂😂
Shaitan Gurjar Shaitan Gurjar
Good jarry
syr m24
syr m24 10 months ago
Wow 1944
Wolky 10 months ago
Dog catchers does not catch dog with leash, does he?
Bruno Lance
Bruno Lance 8 months ago
Tom ordered the hit
Guinea Ecuatorial
Guinea Ecuatorial 10 months ago
0:27 demasiado bueno.
الخارج عن القانون
I love Tom and Jerry😁
chanfle78 11 months ago
The Hanna-Barbera era is the best Tom and Jerry
Zohire Elbacha
Zohire Elbacha 8 months ago
Sarahje NS si Lens💗💗💗💗💙💙💙💝
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 11 months ago
Wow nice 🤔😟😀👌
MUAMMAR Khan 11 months ago
BRAJENDRA YADAV 11 months ago
😂 😂 😂 😂
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson 11 months ago
1:49 Somehow, a dog saying that is ironic.
Exceptional Extraordinary
0:26 - 0:27 *when they caught me, searching their pockets* 😆😂🤣😂🤣
احمد وهيب
احمد وهيب 11 months ago
احلا حاجه توم جيري
Rijo Mathew
Rijo Mathew 11 months ago
The ending twist was better than any Shyamalan movie.
TUnit 11 months ago
Benjamin Young
Jerry got spank
Justine's WORLD
0:09 what the heck was that
Epic Gage
Epic Gage Year ago
2:26 Gail force winds lmao
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