Token - Household Name (Official Music Video)

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Apr 18, 2019




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Comments 80
blackninja playz
Anyone know the three girls names at 126
ML Plays
ML Plays Day ago
So he’s name is Ben 😨
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar 2 days ago
Jenner vs Kardashian vs West ! Who's it goin to be !
Sir Mixalot
Sir Mixalot 3 days ago
I’m so grateful to be alive today to be witnessing such a young talented man killing it in the dying industry of hip hop and rap. Hands down, token shits all over these RUvid rappers of today such as dax lmao... uncle n9ne looks at token like a son he never had... and his video editor... you’re much appreciated brother!
Tim Henson
Tim Henson 3 days ago
Token, you are FIRE my guy
T.goold 4 days ago
love this track
REAL Slim Shady Adam Kalis
Dude this fuckin SUCKS like speaking gibberish way too much lmao the only good thing about about the song is it tells the truth about bullies
Rhys Young music
Rhys Young music 6 days ago
Was that ninja in the back ground or am I tripping
_blazikxn_ 7 days ago
Y’all don’t care but I made a edit with this go check it out 👉🏾ruvid.net/video/video-yPJY_Yfjtq4.html
Gilda Figueroa
Gilda Figueroa 7 days ago
Zan-t L
Zan-t L 7 days ago
Ookami 10 days ago
Yo I never really watched this video but it’s woke af and dope has a good message and good way of showing it this dude is talented and creative af we need new shit my guy waiting on it!!!!
Calvin Gentry
Calvin Gentry 14 days ago
hell yea, ROCK it out, BEN! ;)-~
Danny Ficada
Danny Ficada 14 days ago
someone know her name? 1:44
AlmightyWestie 17 days ago
Can we just appreciate tokens music videos. I mean they are next level.
Stu Str
Stu Str 17 days ago
Token put your albums on eBay for sale. That's where I buy all my music. I still buy cd. Old school lol.
Dan Schween
Dan Schween 18 days ago
2nd verse is insane
QUANTUM ARMY 19 days ago
Swift pink ahdels
Spyxo 22 days ago
2020 anyone?
The Chubby Gamer
The Chubby Gamer 24 days ago
Imagine being that family in the background of the final chorus, how confused would you be?
HarvoTheMonster 25 days ago
I wonder how much of the pushing was acted and how much was real
tony cooney
tony cooney 26 days ago
Is that vinny from jersey shore? Vinny is a household name
Lofi Beats
Lofi Beats 28 days ago
why doe the gf look like a walking coal mine
Lexi Reign Ramos
Ravenfire Month ago
I'm freezing, so I came here for the fire.
The dumb Clown
The dumb Clown Month ago
Kounak Month ago
Only 7 mil? WTF you must be in 100m. bro. well done
Abdias Dominguez
Token sounds like he was raised by Logic and Eminem
Qsadz Month ago
Hopsin + Token on a track, I need this.
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye Month ago
And he didn't have to mention that he's half white to spit this fire Logic.... Oh wait he's not. 2020 nobody needs to talk about race unless its injustice. We are finally loving each other 🤙👌🏾
Precedence Is Daddy
Racist cops
Noah Moore
Noah Moore Month ago
Why isn’t he main stream 😒
MoRioPL Month ago
Flamingo bro
asdf asdbn
asdf asdbn Month ago
Why your girl look like she's trying so hard to be black 😂
J Month ago
nice symbolism
Fortnite clips
Fortnite clips Month ago
u look like the punisher but just a kid
Immortal Month ago
Homie, your flow is sick, but you need the new style music in your shit with the hard hitting low bass.. Eminem is old school kinda like you're doing and keeps that old music with it, well all the new car audio out these days like the low end bass and your flow with some good hard hitting music would be sick as fuck. Stay 25hz to 45hz if you read this. That's all Eminem is missing is an update. Dre makes his music sound sick cuz he's current!
billy sawkins
billy sawkins Month ago
I'm loving this one token 👊
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson Month ago
Household name... Yes
fpshooterful Month ago
lol at the end when that family walks by and they see a bunch of guys almost beating up Token.
Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz Month ago
as some one whos has been on a couple tours, this hits home sooo hard!
Zachary McMaster
ruvid.net/video/video-RBZNbmIM6SA.html token make a song with me
Seth G
Seth G Month ago
Bro he somehow made the end of his first verse with repeated references to cumming in some chick but it's also about how he gives everything to his fans? And it makes sense? ???
TT3rose Month ago
This shit so tuff
Puppasonic RapADub
BOSS 🔥🔥🔥
Captain cannabis
Well my guy its 2020 and you're a household name
Low Lighte
Low Lighte Month ago
Fuck me, this is actually fire
Travis E
Travis E Month ago
Useless fact: The guy that has him in the choke, is the dad in I prevail's "gasoline" video.
Jared Skye
Jared Skye Month ago
This shh is 🥓🥓🥓 miles better than that mainstream trap crap
XBOTS Month ago
1.00 why does it look like NLE CHOPPA is there, I don’t know, that is just me
nichol8s Month ago
damn, she hit the table hard as hell.
Darren Month ago
This is my favorite Token song. And the video is amazing
Angela Ly
Angela Ly Month ago
2:58 I fucking died when I saw that girl just speed walking by and seeing token getting pushed around and just stands and stared for 5 seconds
Tim The Comet
Tim The Comet Month ago
Token Can Rap! I love it, I just wanna drop a whole album with dude! Lol
I.D Inter Dimensional
Great song, but you can tell dudes been listening to Eminem and lil dicky.
Je kiff ce son 💪
psychedelicDreamer 2 months ago
Tokens forehead said "v" everytime he started rapping.
Lex Garcia
Lex Garcia 2 months ago
Every track Token Makes is Fire.
Domino Production
Domino Production 2 months ago
Best Rapper in this Time FIRE DOE
Justine Kaufman
Justine Kaufman 2 months ago
And I'm only 7😊😊👸
Justine Kaufman
Justine Kaufman 2 months ago
I never listen to my mom ever ever listen to my mom!!!😊😊😊
Justine Kaufman
Justine Kaufman 2 months ago
What do you do when you go I know anywhere on the household name
Nate Bennett
Nate Bennett 2 months ago
Ziix on keys
Ziix on keys 2 months ago
The guy at 2:57 behind the old guy really wanted to push him so he helped the old guy and then did it by his own too XD
TubeForPeace 2 months ago
put to 1.25
Toby Vlogs
Toby Vlogs 2 months ago
3:07 that kid in the background must have been hella confused
shitpost_sauce.mp3 2 months ago
Im not a household name, like YOU!
Explanationable 2 months ago
The 2.8k people who disliked this is either A) Mentally Challenged B) People who think he's corny C) Dont know shit about real rap D) Fans of Young Thug and Lil Pump
Harvey Santana
Harvey Santana 2 months ago
that bitch ugly tho
Carl Coughlan
Carl Coughlan 2 months ago
2020 , corona season ??
diego martinez
diego martinez 2 months ago
Steve will do it gots bars
M chief
M chief 2 months ago
Token is slept on
Oliver J.
Oliver J. 2 months ago
can someone please tell me, what they're eating
TY'RIS 2 months ago
when will they wake up
Chronic-187 2 months ago
What'd wrong with that chicks tan yo...
RUN DABREAD 2 months ago
anyone notice the family in the background whilst he's getting pushed along the corridor?
Suppress3d 2 months ago
I'm sure they actually pushed him with full strength near the end. That's because that's how token likes to do his music videos
Creativity 2 months ago
2:58 I fell bad for that poor girl in the background watching this happen
Meme City
Meme City 2 months ago
Cant wait to see you make a million subs
Riley Whitley
Riley Whitley 2 months ago
Why is that one chick grey?
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