Token - Curfew (Official Music Video)

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Produced by Ronny J
Coproduced by FNZ, David x Eli
Outro production by Nox Beatz
Directed by Token & Moses Israel
Edited by Ben Proulx
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Apr 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Blamo Beats
Blamo Beats 10 hours ago
damn that end part hit hard
ryan francis
ryan francis 12 hours ago
Why isnt this guy up with the top rappers so underrated he is fire💯🤯
Chris Petersen
Chris Petersen 13 hours ago
This is my favorite thing about Token- when we get to peak behind the swagger to get the temporary glimpse of vulnerability. Then right back to swagger.
Demonic Bass
Demonic Bass 14 hours ago
Black Phillip
Black Phillip 15 hours ago
Token look like Bogdon Bogdonovich
Markoman123 Day ago
0:47 to 1:02 is so good its magic
Kaite Aroz
Kaite Aroz Day ago
I remeber when he was just a quick clip going around saying “ make this kid famous “
fins 2 days ago
A younger eminem?
Jaxmcarey 2 days ago
Chris Hanson: this is an investigation. Token: She said she was 18
Kid Stoney
Kid Stoney 2 days ago
Man fuck this boi i just got a notfification that would leave he hackin or payin youtube .nd this is trash
FooBeatz 2 days ago
weird flex but ok
Clyde Force Player420
This is the new Emenime and also sounds like him.
Why does her dad look like Walter White?
Tasty EDM music
Tasty EDM music 2 days ago
nice tune mate
CLOSED 3 days ago
This sounds like if Chaos was a song
Levar GoHard
Levar GoHard 3 days ago
I swear I came to hate but TF how could you?
daniel o'meara
daniel o'meara 3 days ago
Blake Welsh
Blake Welsh 3 days ago
Up ,down ,left ,right ... Each emotion hit,
ASDCFNNN 3 days ago
2:44 kinda look like pokimane...
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 3 days ago
10 years earlier this dude would have been Eminems Nemesis. Ps please no old heads come at me I am an "old head" too
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye 3 days ago
Eminem come and get your new age son
WG Jordongla
WG Jordongla 4 days ago
Token is probably one of the best underrated rappers
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 4 days ago
hold up, his teacher is the grandma in 223's
Elmer's World
Elmer's World 4 days ago
Oh. So you still like kids? Ah. Koo”)
Яaceя Giяl
Яaceя Giяl 4 days ago
It’s kinda a sad moral if you think about it. They’re in love, but she’s young so her dad doesn’t trust him. When they get in a car accident, (I’m guessing,) they die together, knowing they can finally be in love with each other. ;(( (This is me guessing, Idrk if this is the actual moral or not.)
Tihomir Atanasov
Tihomir Atanasov 4 days ago
Those Nightmare infusing nails though...
a. adoreecece
a. adoreecece 4 days ago
Yea definitely listening to him more often
Aaron Jagger
Aaron Jagger 4 days ago
guy is unreal. underestimated is an under statement. needs lights and glory. the lyric range put Oxford dictionary to shame. guys a legend .
Cosmic Official
Cosmic Official 5 days ago
If im not mistaken, I'd take a wild guess & say Tokens girlfriend is probably 18
Fernando Fernandez Espinoza
Im a big fan of token i like all of his songs
Kevin Otero
Kevin Otero 6 days ago
no cap this goes in
Ciarra V
Ciarra V 7 days ago
Eminem vibes
Danny Valencia
Danny Valencia 7 days ago
I find it funny because he looks like my 5 year old nephew
Trip Morris
Trip Morris 7 days ago
Watch this guy since he was spiting rap tutorials. Watching this guy grow been a trip.
treelon musk
treelon musk 7 days ago
isnt that the granddad from ill mind of hopsin 9?
Vickie Brown
Vickie Brown 8 days ago
I like this song its pretty good
Kenyon Milardo
Kenyon Milardo 8 days ago
he needs to be on lyrical lemmonade so he could finally blow up!!!
Shogun_ Speaks
Shogun_ Speaks 8 days ago
I'm in this song and I'm not sure I like that.
Paul Perez
Paul Perez 9 days ago
how does ksi think he's better than this
Luca Luca
Luca Luca 10 days ago
Lil Used Toothbrush
This man is gifted
Joshua Araya
Joshua Araya 11 days ago
Token need to do a some with comethazine pls
Tucker Wilson
Tucker Wilson 11 days ago
This hit my chest
HeadburN 11 days ago
LasT KinG
LasT KinG 11 days ago
-"Anything To Boost My Ego Its My Drug" Fucken Line Is So Tru 💯
Midas Rahl
Midas Rahl 11 days ago
Damn! I thought he was gonna sing the chorus one more time!
King Knowledge
King Knowledge 12 days ago
Did anyone else see that the nurse did nothing to them after the accident
Zachary McMaster
Zachary McMaster 12 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-RBZNbmIM6SA.html token make a song with me homie
y0 d3fau1t
y0 d3fau1t 12 days ago
imagine Hopsin and Token making a song
Shane Diamanti
Shane Diamanti 13 days ago
I did a remix of this song, it’s not lyrical like Token but it was fun making new music :)
Lil Ring YT
Lil Ring YT 13 days ago
It got really deep in the last 30 seconds
Meme Daddy
Meme Daddy 13 days ago
Token is the literal best
Szymon Dz
Szymon Dz 14 days ago
those nails
Live Lindo
Live Lindo 14 days ago
This rapper is dope!
It'sJustMe 15 days ago
Bruh the ending actually hit me
Pikkujanttu 15 days ago
1.25x do be kinda fire
gage hill
gage hill 15 days ago
my least favorite song from him
lazer kenny
lazer kenny 6 days ago
Bradley Alcock
Bradley Alcock 15 days ago
Bro wow sick song man 😎
niels landzaat
niels landzaat 15 days ago
Yeah, yeah My new girl is eighteen, still lie to her dad to see me (yeah) 12:30 curfew we'll be back believe me (yeah) You can measure how I'm feeling just by how she treat me So all I need is the girls who need me (do-do-do, yeah) My new girl is eighteen, still lie to her dad to see me (yeah) 12:30 curfew we'll be back believe me (yeah) You can measure how I'm feeling just by how she treat me So all I need is the girls who needs me All I need is a woman who Make a kid, feel like he bulletproof (yeah) Get my mind off whatever my ex put me through (aha) She say I'm full of myself She wanna be full of me too (yeah) They gave the kid a foreign bitch You thought my ego wouldn't boost (let's go) Hold up, let's unpack it, uh (yeah) My girl said I'm acting up (yeah) Told her I need time alone (yeah) She know that ain't lasting long (yeah) I got me a new one, thicko with a thin core Issues that are premature I need girls who need me more (you should need me more) I use them as my crutch and my mom knew it But when you get her a house You bring who you want to it (anything I want) Mamma want me to be smart, I ain't no college student (no) My bitch is (yeah) My new girl is eighteen, still lie to her dad to see me (yeah) 12:30 curfew we'll be back believe me (yeah) You can measure how I'm feeling just by how she treat me So all I need is the girls who need me (do-do-do, yeah) My new girl is eighteen, still lie to her dad to see me (yeah) 12:30 curfew we'll be back believe me (yeah) You can measure how I'm feeling just by how she treat me So all I need is the girls who needs me She think I'm rich 'Cause my passport full and my dashboard wooden (yeah) Year into college actin' like a grown women (aha) Girl come give me action (yeah) Young, dumb passion (yeah) Remind me of the youth I gave up for the rap shit (oh) Know you lucky (yeah) You should know you lucky (yeah) Throw it to me, catch the feelings but don't show 'em to me (yeah) I'm the boy, got a void, I think you can fill Hate what music did to me, but shit I love the music still Ego is my downfall, but it run my business (true) Pick your poison, I'd be broke If I was humble with it (yeah, yeah, yeah) Twenty-one and gifted with a strong mind Fame, cash, long rides Flights, girls, more pride My new girl is eighteen, still lie to her dad to see me (yeah) 12:30 curfew we'll be back believe me (yeah) You can measure how I'm feeling just by how she treat me So all I need is the girls who need me (do-do-do, yeah) My new girl is eighteen, still lie to her dad to see me (yeah) 12:30 curfew we'll be back believe me (yeah) You can measure how I'm feeling just by how she treat me So all I need is a girl who needs m
Bxbymark 15 days ago
i remember i was at tokens patty cake video making and we took a picture it was at 1k subs hi token if you see this
DemonicScythe 16 days ago
I am surprised token does not have 1 million subs yet. His music is 🔥
Lanci Lyons
Lanci Lyons 16 days ago
Fuck yes I bump this on a daily! Token is dope, my jam love your lyrics an that beat.
asian aesthetic
asian aesthetic 16 days ago
Theo put me on with this song 😤🙏🏽
Mugen 16 days ago
That girl at 2:41 fine as fuck. Whats her Insta?
Glasgow Ranger
Glasgow Ranger 16 days ago
I'm 23 and my new girl is 35
Christopher Young
Christopher Young 16 days ago
Tokens delivery is crazy
Augie 16 days ago
I must have watched this video like 200 times and my assessment still stands....the OUTRO is what made this ENTIRE song for me and needs to be on ALL versions of this release. Fuckin NOX killed it.
Fish Daily Anglers
Fish Daily Anglers 17 days ago
I always try to make her fall in love even when I know she aint the one anything to boost my ego is my drug
CLIFF 17 days ago
wtf man this hard
Therapist 17 days ago
Token: My new girl is 18 still lying to her dad to see me MJ: Hold my nose
John Mclaughlin
John Mclaughlin 17 days ago
Been telling anyone from massschusettt
John Mclaughlin
John Mclaughlin 17 days ago
Love it up hot it all brah but trust I hope you fine a good one
John Mclaughlin
John Mclaughlin 17 days ago
I’d hate to say that to some dad
Lance Sater
Lance Sater 17 days ago
Token has come quite a way since his early videos. I write and freestyle for fun here and there, the kids doing his thing! Kudos jit. Nay sayers gon nay, try not to laugh at em. I have a constructive motto and an uplifting message for ya. A wise man has something to say, a fool just has to say something. someone told me when he cant find the word to say music speaks, Most artists lost site of that and therefore lack substance! This is in no shape hypocriticism or an addressable critiq on anything specific practicing it in my life and music has enhanced more than its hurt. And i saw people nay nayin in the comments so I felt compelled to share and kick you some recognition. I realize that a majority of your young adulthood was invested into your art, wise choice! Your clearly talented. Tony Robbins trademarked the "Constant and Never-ending Improvement" lifestyle, you damn sure aint fell back on your creative pursuit, the music is hype lil homie. I hope you apply my advice tho im possitive music changed ur life, and now your musics been listened to by millions. Since I started focusing music on morals, reasons things change, being about what you believe in or Making choices and acting on love to better emulate God, people seem more receptive and uplifting. Keep the good work coming
Scott F
Scott F 17 days ago
Keep it up Token. Keep it real
James Harper
James Harper 17 days ago
The beat is sick as fuck
Dumpster Fire
Dumpster Fire 17 days ago
Frank Castle had a music career?
Dope Nerd
Dope Nerd 17 days ago
this dude and joyner snapped tf out
KEK 18 days ago
This kind of rap is growing. This is what happens when society’s fucks with a angle. They take it out in rap. Dax hopsin nf token Joyner gang!
AtariSoresu Official
2:55 - 3:00 This is about me.
Augie 16 days ago
That WHOLE outro broo...FUCK
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