TODRICK HALL sings Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Jazmine Sullivan | SONG ASSOCIATION

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SEASON 2 of SONG ASSOCIATION IS HERE and TODRICK is bringing us in with a a few of his favorite DIVAS!!!
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Apr 25, 2019




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Comments 80
todrickhall Year ago
Thank you so much for having me!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS NERVOUS IN MY LIFE!!!!
Lindsay Call
Lindsay Call Month ago
I have stage fright as well, not performing as a group or choir, but one on one or in small groups. I cry it's so bad, not sure what to do, but maybe I'll just wear sunglasses like Used to like H.E.R. does now, but she full on rocks it. I would probably just look like a blind man.
StarShynInNow Month ago
Hey Tod, I'm a BIG fan! 😊
Kataleya Davenport
todrickhall I LOVE YOU
Halle Akosa
Halle Akosa Month ago
@TERRELL Im living for that shirt tho u betta come thru with the JEFFERSONS
invision96 2 months ago
Todric I would LOVE TO SEE YOU WORK WITH Durand Bernarr!I think you both would make Magic!Please reach out to him!!!
Lele V.I.P
Lele V.I.P 4 days ago
Yes can we get ceraadi here those that energy will be crazy
Tracey Burris
Tracey Burris 5 days ago
So True
Crystal Byrd
Crystal Byrd 7 days ago
I enjoy his version more than some of the artists he is singing
megan ochs
megan ochs 10 days ago
Also, can todricks "your hallelujah dont count" be made as a ring tone?
megan ochs
megan ochs 10 days ago
Am i the only one that thought oh Hair, Nails, Hips, Heels for girl? I think this came out before the sing but still GIRL, what did that GIRL just say GIRL???
DanniB 11 days ago
I love Todrick ❤❤❤❤
Raquel Christ
Raquel Christ 12 days ago
These 2 are adorable together.
Sahra S
Sahra S 13 days ago
He shoot his shot.🥰🥰🥰 sooo cute I think y’all would make a great couple 🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sahra S
Sahra S 13 days ago
You need Big Freedia on here I imagine it’s going to be lit 🔥
Budda Hunt
Budda Hunt 17 days ago
As a straight man. i just have to say. Damn Todrick hall's voice makes me feel something. also i might leave my girlfriend if he sang to me.
Sidni Sera
Sidni Sera 18 days ago
Rewatching this and Todrick saying I'm single.com, dot gov, dot edu" chiiillleee I FELT THAT ONE 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jesse Pedyfoot
Jesse Pedyfoot 20 days ago
So I’m scrolling minding my own business and this video pops up and I think to myself “OH SHIT”. I’ve been following Todrick since Coca Cola shake.
Pushing Pretty
Pushing Pretty 23 days ago
I loved every second of the dancing footage!
Blair Elliott
Blair Elliott 23 days ago
When I saw Girl, I just thought of Todrick's song "Girl, what do you say girl? I don't dance I work, I don't play I slay, I don't walk a strut, and then sashay."
Daisy Doo
Daisy Doo 23 days ago
Ohhh Terrell ive just discovered you from watching Todrick videos and you are FUN ❤️
MelodyMaker151 26 days ago
This is too cute. They are precious.
Launchpadder PT
Launchpadder PT 29 days ago
Lindsay Call
Lindsay Call Month ago
These are two gorgeous people...inaide AND out. This show is so therapeutic! The fact that Todrick sang India Arie made me full on ugly cry and love him more! Thank you, thank for this show. I hope you both have all the happiness that the universe can bestow.
Hunter Gray
Hunter Gray Month ago
I love that Todrick is so nervous. I am legit the same. It's so hard for me to sing in intimate settings. It's a work in progress, boo.
StarShynInNow Month ago
On the word "WANTED" Toddrick got a BUZZ but no-one gave a shit coz he's having too much FUN!
Te'Rell Douglas
Te'Rell Douglas Month ago
We all should have friends like Terrell and Todrick
Te'Rell Douglas
Te'Rell Douglas Month ago
That’s why I love Todrick Thee Hall he is such a sweetheart now this is best friend goals #MyGodTodayAndTomorrow
Shayla Daveon White
Can y’all just make a baby🖤😍😍😍
Phill Damon
Phill Damon Month ago
Get out of my head OMG.😂
P. Renee Blue
P. Renee Blue Month ago
When u hit "like" before anybody even speaks a word.
ASH WithADollaSign
Tod was fully flirting but we loveeee their friendship
Iesha Ways
Iesha Ways Month ago
Both Zaddies are home! Lol
NerdGirl72 Month ago
This is so me n my best friend!
It’s Faith
It’s Faith Month ago
I would love to see Todrick & Durand on here at the same time that would be epic 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😍😍
Cristina Sanchez
if ya'll don't make a sex tape... jk great energy, guys. Terrell, you are feeding us love thanx
Nicoliee _M
Nicoliee _M Month ago
When the first word came up I was literally like "girl what did that girl just say girl? Oohh girl..." 😂 if you know you know.. Yaass Todrick 💃🏽🤣😂
앤서니 야
앤서니 야 Month ago
Oh-I finally got it: Terrell and Kalan are voice twins. For over a year I’ve been trying to pin this down. Y’all welcome.
David Long
David Long 2 months ago
Did anyone catch that Sister Act 2 reference around 14:30 ? Lmaooo
Alesha Ward
Alesha Ward 2 months ago
IDK what ya'll don't see lmao. The whole In Love With Another Man, that was it. They have it. They are it. I'm here for it. 🥺♥️😩🤗
Slingleys Games
Slingleys Games 2 months ago
TODRICK HALL IS 16???????????
neesha901 2 months ago
you know you got some southern when you pronounce 'still' as 'steel'....Ive taken speech classes from 7years and still have to correct myself...smh (Im an Actress so the speech classes are for that)
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson 2 months ago
um what about when you and Tori did them duets.... LIES
Chris Professional
Chris Professional 2 months ago
Girrrrl what he wah nurrvus fah?! You did good baby boy!
Chris Professional
Chris Professional 2 months ago
That intro. Yo when is the next house party? Im coming through we gonna be dancing table tops. lol Thank you for the shoe tip Todrick!
TheMiniskirtmama 2 months ago
I like Popeyes, and crab legs...and cake.
Indy bendy
Indy bendy 2 months ago
so who else ships them 😗😗
Latrina Day
Latrina Day 2 months ago
Love that he's giving you tidbits! Its so awesome to see that. No one does that.
foxbox1982 2 months ago
I love you and your personality Terrell!
Teleda Whitley
Teleda Whitley 2 months ago
First time watching TERRELL'S show and I just love him!! Wow
Georgina Brown
Georgina Brown 2 months ago
I didn't know he could sing
Kat Brax
Kat Brax 2 months ago
Todrick you are my heart my dear.
Kat Brax
Kat Brax 2 months ago
I LOVE YOU TODICK! He has the most beautiful spirit in the world!
Esses S
Esses S 2 months ago
That is just too much talent to give to just one person. Luv it! Their chemistry is so entertaining.
Mary E
Mary E 2 months ago
I love Todrick.
Fantasia Pye
Fantasia Pye 2 months ago
I 💘u todrick and go out with Terrell pizzas y'all look so cute together
Danielle White
Danielle White 2 months ago
So this is my first time seeing this and I must say I LOVE TODRICK HALL! OMG, he is awesome. I have no idea why he was nervous. Boy, you better take the crown! ❤👏😍👏
Ja'zel Monroe
Ja'zel Monroe 2 months ago
He sleeping on his own voice...he’s nice bruh 👍🏽
Alison Coleman
Alison Coleman 2 months ago
Oooooo🎶sing for me funny cutie all the time.
Nastassija Pharmes
Nastassija Pharmes 2 months ago
I know I'm too old for this but I ship themmmmmmmmm!!!! 😍😍😍
Dalester1979 2 months ago
Terrell is so damn fine!! Ummm.............just saying =)
LaTesha Everett
LaTesha Everett 2 months ago
Where the crap have I been? SANG Sir!!!
KrAy LiT
KrAy LiT 2 months ago
Can y'all make "Ass Too Phat" a song, lol-WE NEED IT!
Michelle Amaning
Michelle Amaning 2 months ago
Scott Hoying.
Renée C
Renée C 2 months ago
kiva sankar
kiva sankar 2 months ago
Rat ta touie😂😂
caity bear
caity bear 3 months ago
Terrell always reminded me of Todrick. Now this...🙌🏼
Taylor Boyd
Taylor Boyd 3 months ago
Y'all to gether
listentogrey 3 months ago
ranadi betenivalu
ranadi betenivalu 3 months ago
yaaaayyy Fiji Water....
Sheema Washington
Sheema Washington 3 months ago
Sheema Washington
Sheema Washington 3 months ago
Meriane Dawn
Meriane Dawn 3 months ago
Tiffany Covell-Harris
The sexual tension is awesome
Randi Barretto
Randi Barretto 3 months ago
Omg this is seriously my favorite episode. Such chemistry.
Honey Rayen
Honey Rayen 3 months ago
I love this video! Roderick repulsed the curtain back on how legit and professional this is
Ashley B
Ashley B 3 months ago
I've never wanted two people to be together so bad!!
Cyd the kid
Cyd the kid 3 months ago
And he was nervous why?😍😍😍
zoe kirk
zoe kirk 3 months ago
Oh my god Terrell is like mint RuPaul
Bassey Ikpi
Bassey Ikpi 3 months ago
Are they flirting or am I projecting?
Kozzie Leffall
Kozzie Leffall 3 months ago
QueenPrecious Reed
QueenPrecious Reed 3 months ago
My two favorites together 💕💕❤️❤️❤️
ReddHott88330 3 months ago
I need Todrick to be my BFF 😍
Freedom 3 months ago
What happened to T voice he used to be a much better vocalist.
Brickka Mathis
Brickka Mathis 3 months ago
I spat all over my phone while Todrick was givin Sister Act 2 😂😂😂
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