Todd Chrisley on The Jenny McCarthy Show

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Todd Chrisley from "Chrisley Knows Best" talks to Jenny McCarthy about his parenting style, seeing his children date, life choices, and entitlement.
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May 9, 2018




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Comments 66
Free2016 16 days ago
Todd needs a new spot on Harvey's show. Those are priceless.
Jacob Schaffer
Jacob Schaffer 29 days ago
He was trying to be nice lol but he said decent soul.....DECENT!!! How he described her!!! He shoulda said I hope I don’t get a decent amount of jail time!
Ruth Buckingham
Ruth Buckingham 7 months ago
I love watching Todd & his family. Todd definitely tells it like it is & keeps it real. He never disappoints he is very funny. 😂😂😂😂😂👍❤️
Sherron Teal
Sherron Teal 7 months ago
Can’t believe they took off Steve Harvey for this show!!
DSBD DearMond
DSBD DearMond 9 months ago
It's nice to watch something you enjoy when you are sick and unable to walk. I have long days in bed. We need more real people talking about life on TV and radio other than politics!
DSBD DearMond
DSBD DearMond 9 months ago
Right now, Todd CHRISLEY is the person I most would like to meet. His daughter truly loves her little brother and family and I would give anything if she were my daughter or my daughter was just like her.
DSBD DearMond
DSBD DearMond 9 months ago
Jenny, you are so pretty but so smart and joyful! Todd is a fine, intelligent, good hearted person and my husband and I love him.
Traci Montgomery
Love me sum Jenny
norma lopez
norma lopez Year ago
Kelly Martinez
I'm 18, and the wildest child ever . I'm very free minded and very outspoken but TODD CHRISLEY? That's literally my idol. Many teens will consider him funny buy very conservative but I aspire to be a type of parent like him . Or just a wholesome person as him .
Pauline Mcdonald
Great show never want it to end .from Scotland xx
Tameki Cole -Robinson
Luv it !
jetsers jets
jetsers jets Year ago
You're still gonna sit on the interstate.. just on a smaller scale! I'm so glad I found him on Steve Harvey on you tube. He is hilarious and so on point!!! Welcome to Nashville!!!
Carmen St Germain
Nice to see a tv personality who knows his Bible teaching and tries to apply these values.
New Year New Me type ish
Don't compare your Daughter to Khloe, She has had 3 NBA players
Judy Penley
Judy Penley Year ago
He's a nut!!! The day her called his daughter the "B" word read the last time I ever watched that stupid show!
fidobarks Year ago
who is this jenny McCarthy person??
fidobarks Year ago
so much plastic surg she look like barbies granny
Black Gold
Black Gold Year ago
had to pause and give y'all this newsflash. Khloe was sexing Tristan while Tristan [the baller] was involved with his x-pregnant girlfriend. Karma came around early for Khloe. The Kardashians deliberately seek out 'ballers' or entertainers a/k/a money, as do many women digging for gold, sex, stardom, platforms, self-esteem, fame, fortune, marriage, babies... fill in the blank ________. Now, you may continue Mr. Todd Chrisley.
Jim Vance
Jim Vance Year ago
God I wish we all had a parent like this! I would think that would be a huge blessing.
Furby Gender
Furby Gender Year ago
"Did it explode?" "It ruptured" same thing Todd, same thing!
Rah L.
Rah L. Year ago
Great interview! Just great!!!
Lauren Kelley
Lauren Kelley Year ago
Umm it's not just players in the NBA who are unfaithful...unfortunately ALL athlete's have that stigma. Whether they're like that or not.
Django Year ago
White people just don't have Gayday..smh, This man is gayer than a rainbow in Atlanta
Laura Burgess
Laura Burgess Year ago
Love them both:))))))))
NANCY W Year ago
Sandra Rodriguez
June Giovanni
June Giovanni Year ago
I love Todd Chrisley, he is so hilarious, he is our generations Paul Lynde...He reminds of the late great iconic and legendary comedian Paul Lynde.
manamedia 6 months ago
@Right Coast Oh wow. That's not cool!
manamedia 8 months ago
@reGeNeRaTe X LOL. I love Todd, just a real loving guy, who I originally thought was Gay when I saw him on Tyler Henry show.
reGeNeRaTe X
reGeNeRaTe X 8 months ago
LOL! I thought the same thing just a minute ago. He's the hetero/metro version of Lynde.
manamedia 8 months ago
June Giovanni ...who was gay...
There is a lot of Traffic in Nashville
jetsers jets
jetsers jets Year ago
HazelEyedGemini right! Just with less lanes!! I live in Dickson and my mom is in Nashville it takes forever!!! 440 is a nightmare. 40 is a nightmare. 24 is a nightmare. 65 is a nightmare!!! Back roads are a nightmare once you hit Bellevue!!🤣🤣🤣
Kippu1 Year ago
And leading a secret lifestyle.
Kippu1 Year ago
He's really creepy.
Shelley Booker
Аленушка А.
MSL5 Year ago
You can't deny he has amazing priorities & advice for his children. Straight shooter that is funny makes the perfect mix for reality tv.
MSL5 Year ago
How does he sneak out to hook up on the down-low w/all those cameras around? Must be sexually frustrated.
Martha Alexander
He’s so effeminate and full of shit and crooked and dishonest and hypocritical and fake, but so funny.
Tiye Yayu Square-LeVias
Martha Alexander have you met him?? He's an amazing man. You sound jealous
MSL5 Year ago
Martha Alexander Yep, true, true.
mastiff people
Wish more parents were like this, he cracks me up.
Monique Jackson
Frickin halarious
sch kn
sch kn Year ago
I need Todd chrisley's podcast !!
Shonda Williams Smith
I so love Todd Chrisley and his family!! And when he is with Steve Harvey, I can't do anything; but, laugh until I cry!!
cyndy t
cyndy t Year ago
I love Todd and Jenny
Joan Snow
Joan Snow Year ago
Jenny you seem to be kind to me, always have respect! And Happy Mothers Day!
Joan Snow
Joan Snow Year ago
Jenny you do seem kind, always have had respect for you, Happy Mother’s Day! 👩🏼
Paul Adam
Paul Adam Year ago
I remember growing up watching Jenny and Teenage mutant ninja turtles, my favourite was Leonardo...love that movie.
Starstruck Star
Starstruck Star 7 months ago
Lol me too
Sarah S
Sarah S Year ago
I love the Chrisley family so much. Really fun and entertaining.
Valerie Tesfaye
How funny his salivary gland exploded from yelling or talking alot lol
6Little_pigs Year ago
Todd Chrisley is the best dad ever! He’s hilarious and on point to everything!
Kelli Workman-Reavis
Whatever work #jennymccarthy had lately on her face looks amazing 😉! Love love #toddchrisley!! @jennymccarthy @toddchrisley sending love 💕!
Hannelore Simmons
Enjoy the Chrisleys
Audrey Year ago
I don't get it so i catch some on youtube. I need it to be on Netflix.
Terra 20
Terra 20 Year ago
Jenny still look good in 45 years old!!
Terra 20
Terra 20 Year ago
I love your channel jenny and keep it up!!
Love CNB and Todd Chrisley!
Nurse Nik
Nurse Nik Year ago
Great interview! Chrisley knows Best is an awesome show, I love a family who tells it like it is because they care.
Tina Marie Farmer
cant u see just shooting the crap?!
jetsers jets
jetsers jets Year ago
Tina Marie Farmer he's so truthful and down to earth.
Tina Marie Farmer
mm..soul touching family
Joan Milone
Joan Milone Year ago
Tina Marie Farmer trtkj'
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