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Todd Chrisley | Chase Chrisley | Let's Talk
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Aug 16, 2019




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Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley 6 months ago
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Matt Silva
Matt Silva 2 months ago
Keep your head up Mr. Chrisley! Fam together stays together! Forgiveness is only hard when you don’t love the person but I know despite what she is doing you love her and can find forgiveness. But other grown kids may not be so forgiving! Just keep the jokes coming you really brought me and my fam closer together.
Dee Norwood
Dee Norwood 6 months ago
Pittsburgh pirates
Pam Marie
Pam Marie 6 months ago
Todd, keep your faith in God, and, stand strong for your family as you always do. Don't ever give in to their game! They want a conviction, and, will ask you to plea bargain. That's why they file so many charges against y'all! If it was me, and I had nothing to hide, then, I would take it to trial to prove my innocence. Unfortunately, in this country, we are not presumed innocent until proven guilty! Ask for a case dismissal because you won't get a fair trial due to the fact that y'all have already been "Publicly Tried". It's so unfair for things like this happen to good people! God Bless you and your family!
Jane W
Jane W 6 months ago
Love you Crisleys!
Sona Storer-Johnson
Sona Storer-Johnson 6 months ago
Keep your faith we love you all.. don't you all hang up the show you can get over this with each other. It just a thing with God all things are possible. Now I would love to see your show longer, just love nanny Fay, tods face is so priceless, love that she stands up to hi, and keeps living her life... lol you will not win against your mother... you should no that..Julie love you hang in there with Tod..hes a handful. But you can do it.. Dad's., getting your sisters wedding together I hop.. Your so not guilty about you actions, your too funny.. just keep filming we love you in the usa..remember Chrisley knows best...your fan in ohio
Pamela S.
Pamela S. 6 months ago
Lifting you guys up in prayer. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Scrappy527 6 months ago
Praying for ya'll. Love to ya'll from PA!
Cathy Cabell
Cathy Cabell 6 months ago
I loveeee y’all!!!! Watching your show as we speak LOL
Prancer0210 6 months ago
Love your family; praying for you 🙏 God is in control & will keep and protect you. Keep putting your trust in Him.
I love being a Deplorable
Praying for all of you🙏!
Gloria Lowe
Gloria Lowe 6 months ago
I hope all will be well. Also all goes well and you keep those amazing smiles that you give out during this time. Your laugher is so great and inspiring try to keep that going. Which is so great watching the videos. Your hearts 💓 are always showing. Love the Christly Family.🙂❤❤ prayers are for you.😇😇❤🙂
Canuto Mendoza
Canuto Mendoza 6 months ago
Hi chase! You guys are hilarious!!! Love watching.
jodi somerman
jodi somerman 6 months ago
praying for you all I love you guys
wanda mulhern
wanda mulhern 6 months ago
Shout out for Detroit.
Misty Grubbs
Misty Grubbs 6 months ago
Hey chase from nc
Misty Grubbs
Misty Grubbs 6 months ago
I love your show
Misty Grubbs
Misty Grubbs 6 months ago
Peg Bellnier
Peg Bellnier 6 months ago
Love you guys praying this all comes out good!
Nate Dwyer
Nate Dwyer 6 months ago
Yo @Chase you should worry about the $16k that you owes in taxes, daddy gonna pay? Seeing them in prison for this will be satisfying as hell especially for doing something that if anybody in a smaller tax bracket were to do, they’d be arrested immediately - Lindsie was right and the fact she was threatened into silence proves money can change even those closest to you.
Susan Northup
Susan Northup 5 months ago
@kathrine knight Is this Todd!?? Lol
kathrine knight
kathrine knight 6 months ago
@Nate Dwyer keep trying to be someone you're not. Even your low income tax bracket can afford manners because they are free. 💁🏼‍♀️ thank you next
kathrine knight
kathrine knight 6 months ago
@Nate Dwyer I hope your day gets better. ✌🏼
Nate Dwyer
Nate Dwyer 6 months ago
kathrine knight HUN please, don’t be so cut up over the fact I responded swiftly and caught you off guard. Enjoy your day/night because lord knows I will 😆
kathrine knight
kathrine knight 6 months ago
@Nate Dwyer I'm not your hun. And I do not engage in social media wars. How you delivered your message was rude. Just like your last comment.
Tammy Lopez
Tammy Lopez 6 months ago
Chase what was going on yesterday?? The craziness of it was strange
Cardi Karafa
Cardi Karafa 6 months ago
Love you guys 😊😘😘😘😘
Karin Lawson
Karin Lawson 6 months ago
I live to see the show. Todd I love you and your family. Best wishes😜
Duduzile Lane
Duduzile Lane 6 months ago
This too shall pass❤️❤️
Christopher Kraft
Christopher Kraft 6 months ago
I hope all goes well with your current situation, your family is in my prayers!
Amanda Phillips
Amanda Phillips 6 months ago
PLEASE SEE THIS: teach nanny how to have her own utube videos👏👏👍
Andrea Downing
Andrea Downing 6 months ago
I wish you and your family the best! Love ya”ll
Sissy Robinson
Sissy Robinson 6 months ago
I'm sorry for what ur family is going threw ur step sister disgust me she is a ungrateful brat i would never be a snitch or lie on my father I'd lie for him but never would i talk to the cops about my father or mother ur shows r all great I'm so missed at that step sister
bela rosario
bela rosario 6 months ago
Hey Chase i love Todd and your mom
4eva loc'D
4eva loc'D 6 months ago
Fabulous family done a fanatic job 💜💜✌✌
Jenna Mae
Jenna Mae 6 months ago
Sending prayers to you and your family... and Hell Yes to Granny Faye getting drunk 😵... wish I was there!!!!!!❤️
Jenn Lenay
Jenn Lenay 6 months ago
Really glad you did this video. You and family are in prayers.
Amanda Phillips
Amanda Phillips 6 months ago
I 💚 u guys n I'm sorry yall going thru this.ive gotten in comment wars defending u guys.i dont know if u can address this or not but theres no way Chase paid 4 a sex tape of his sister period.shes pissed at life.whatever.anyways...ur family is wonderful n hilarious. Stay strong n ur true fans know all this is bullshit.p.s Chase, sorry but ur on my playlist n whenever I'm in a pissy mood I watch u getting ur happy trail waxed off🤣🤣🤣u guys rock.from PA w much love
Metro Temps
Metro Temps 6 months ago
Ya it's insane.i feel ya n agree.theyll get through this w their head held high. The sister is sick for saying that but Todd will always forgive his kids and I can't wait till she owns up what she did/said
Mr.H.J. Loren M.D.
Mr.H.J. Loren M.D. 6 months ago
Prayers from our family to yours with all our love and support during this time. Raleigh N.C. Loves you all !!
Angela Farmer
Angela Farmer 6 months ago
Hey, Chase, I'm praying for you and your family great show keep your heads up God Bless y'all
kathrine knight
kathrine knight 6 months ago
Praying for yall!!!!! I'm no one famous or anyone of importance, but yall have my support
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