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Todd Chrisley | Chase Chrisley | #FabFitFun
So many of you have been asking what's in the fall FabFitFun box, so I decided to do a Live for you!
Check it out:- amzn.to/2Js6S7a
that very good hormone they have it's kind of a lot of humans
there's you about it. What's up everybody I'm here with Linsey here
and i came to my gram month how's he came over here for all the third
children in chased brought me the fact that man box everybody has been
asking about what was in the fall box in what not so we're going to show you
so many years I got it for that I just one us what everyone now I came
over here to give Lindsay this fab that fun box and it's a full collection
and Jackson enclosure outside playing and you're they tell me what your
angel baby you just heard me he put in the bush he called his hands down
improved in of voices but I don't know of a bully peter me and polo piss on
herself jack we got jack group improved bush so and I could surprise learned
at a surprise and I've just why birth control that I could ever wish for you
know she did for I mean you could bring it over any came to hold up forming
well, when I opened it up and that's your job. Open your
getting you to hope you hold well let's see how long it like tried to
and the foundation that we're not an idiot when you and I was going to that jostling
coloring urging that was the one part of this would you think or this box
happened is that that's a mom thing to say that the no humans taking about
color in the fact is from a las vegas I am they wouldn't see what's inside
look how can you did it is a few off I'm a flow so that's what she group
them you know if you i look at these beautiful scarred look at how these
girls when I was absolutely fabulous and color me inside the home help
clue. How to show what it has we are going to the Lachaise the model this
card show us them this is not working which you make up for yeah
so as what the scarf live love quite because chase thinks you look the best
in everything I mean I don't even I do in a lot of you on if you were going
to where the fact that fund scar and steel out of your sister Xbox this is
what it would look like I don't say that you not that sounds like that same
and air balloon thing. If you are going to steal was our sisters that
that man box this is what it would look like show the social island to my
heart disease these I didn't even these knowledge uses for all
I've personally locked Ozarks m really excited about those I'm excited about
that's partly because probably look at her I mean doesn't chase french he had
your body oil french lavender timekeeping this which now because chased love
since they cannot keep enough you know I don't you know me something
and then you take parts of what you want you can have this you don't have
all this stuff back the world years the utter and chase probably should by
invest in these a good all you have to be easier gel definitely trying to
god this love it's more now these tell from your of its Muslims and it's
melts good Jennifer like something who should wash with word look at how
cue did is it's just a little flower child look at it and everybody chased
lives are the code iv when every guy our bind this stuff on the fact that
and website his death smells so good with new places time to under
the water's we to absorb and the such as circular motions to clean this man
and can you police demonstrate chase without that's our water after the keeps
so it's multiple use thing it's moons really yeah and self crash now i
into amazing, I really don't think that I want you to have any of the small
hang them

Todd Chrisley | Savannah Chrisley
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Jul 11, 2019




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Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley 7 months ago
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Jessica Scott
Jessica Scott Month ago
Where is todd
bela rosario
bela rosario 7 months ago
Hi Todd I love your show and you're so funny I love Julie and all your kids too
Jenny Pesce
Jenny Pesce 6 months ago
See the respect he has for his sister...I mean he didn't even like the way she described taking things out of her box, immediately told her it didn't sound right, but yet, she wants to accuse him of extortion with a sex tape? C'mon ppl, this is the perfect video to use against her words....prove he is not doing that to her. SMH!
babytina 6 months ago
"bitch! don't be talking about my forehead!!"😂
Deborah Untermeyer
Deborah Untermeyer 7 months ago
Hey sexy. We love u⚘
Frances 7 months ago
Funniest reality show without being dramatic
hector cruz
hector cruz 7 months ago
Hi guys look amazing
Deborah Untermeyer
Deborah Untermeyer 7 months ago
Tinaka Maxwell
Tinaka Maxwell 7 months ago
🤣😂🤣😂 Chloe & Jackson! I want to buy a Fabfitfunbox but im in New Zealand ☹
Rosa Abbud
Rosa Abbud 7 months ago
We missed Lindsey in the show
Frances Proctor
Frances Proctor 7 months ago
Lindsie, Remember, no matter what, it's all about Chace Chole and Jackson are tripping. LOLOL Love you guys!
Justyn Smith
Justyn Smith 7 months ago
All of y’all are awesome! No matter how stressful my day goes, I come home and know that y’all can put me in a better mood!! I love y’all! 😘
4eva loc'D
4eva loc'D 7 months ago
I swear ur fam is the BESTEST 💜💜✌✌
Sissy Robinson
Sissy Robinson 7 months ago
Chase u r a great awesome brother and i luv how u dont ever forget ur nanny
Mia Mia
Mia Mia 7 months ago
Hey Lindsey, hope I spelled your name correctly. I just love you.
S.B.J keeping it real
Hi nanny yass give her it all!!😂😂😎💕💕💕
S.B.J keeping it real
Lol he's a Indian giver give it back chase! !! Ps u do look fab in your sis scarf!!😂💕💕💕
kathrine knight
kathrine knight 7 months ago
Lol!!!! Yalls family is a TRIP! Lindsey you're a beauty!
Joy G2018
Joy G2018 7 months ago
The one thing I really like about this family is that all of them are very beautiful and handsome, but their attitudes and how they carry themselves are even more beautiful... like the saying goes "what's in the inside shows on the outside." And then they all have a great sense of humor, they keep me laughing, laughter is good for the soul.
Mi mi
Mi mi 7 months ago
Hello, Chase! You are hilarious 😂 Be nice to your sis! 💛
bela rosario
bela rosario 7 months ago
Hey Chase you are funny and nice and hi to your sister 💙
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