Titanic Survivor Claims an Iceberg Didn't Destroy the Ship

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Have you ever met a person who hasn’t ever heard the story of Titanic? Unlikely. Even if you ask a 10-year-old, they’ll tell you exactly what took down the gigantic ship. However, some survivors of the sinking legend would beg to differ. Here’s one of their stories, and it has nothing to do with an iceberg.
Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs. He’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion. And if what he said was true, something must have caused that huge explosion...
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Young publicist goes to America 0:58
Was it an explosion? 2:24
No chance for survival 4:29
But miracles can happen 5:44
How Vaghinak was saved 6:19
What could have caused that explosion? 7:20
Was there a U-boat? 😮 8:21
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- Armenian publicist Vaghinak Byurat was 25 years old in the spring of 1912. He described what happened on his journey to America on the most famous ship in the world in his memoirs.
- In 1912, Vaghinak published some books together with his father, a famous Armenian writer. His task was to take the books to America.
- They went to bed rather late on April 14, just like on the other nights. Shortly after midnight, something that sounded like a big explosion woke everyone up.
- None of the crew members wanted to say anything, but a few minutes later it was impossible to deny that the Titanic was going underwater.
- Vaghinak put his passport and money in a little bag and tied it around his neck. The Titanic’s bow was already underwater by that time. A lot of people in this situation wouldn’t have dared to take it to the open water.
- The water in the North Atlantic that night was just below freezing, at a scary 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 C). The young writer felt his arms and legs go numb, and he was understandably getting weaker and weaker every second.
- Then, he bumped into something. It was a lifeboat! But it was so overcrowded they pushed the young man with a paddle when he tried to stick to the boat.
- Vaghinak woke up alive on board another ship. That ship was the Carpathia, and it was en route to New York with lucky survivors on board.
- 12 days later, a woman came into the room. She turned out to be the person who saved Vaghinak. Missis Astor told the sailors that the young man was her son, and she wouldn’t let them go without him since she’d already lost her husband on the Titanic.
- Vaghinak lived a long and happy life and, as a great storyteller, he shared what happened to him many times. Interestingly, he’s never mentioned an iceberg hitting the Titanic, and always spoke about an explosion.
- It could have been a fire, and quite a lot of people actually believe that theory, saying that coal was burning in the ship’s hull.
- Another theory that explained the explosion claimed that there was a German U-boat involved in the sinking of Titanic.
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Jun 14, 2019

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Comments 18 277
BRIGHT SIDE 2 months ago
Hey there, BrightSiders, what do u think destroyed Titanic?
Venoms House
Venoms House 28 days ago
OJ Simpson destroyed it
Iron Buns
Iron Buns 29 days ago
I think an explosion
asiangamer 28
asiangamer 28 Month ago
A big hammer head shark
Be Happii Not Sadd
The water was already below freezing so its only obvious that it was an iceberg
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark Month ago
Just a weak point in the ship
Catherine Marino
Catherine Marino 26 minutes ago
The cat on the window waving it's tale
Angel Mae Romulo
Hate those ads
Dean Howard
Dean Howard 2 hours ago
I am not sure ..... what the point of this video is? Clickbait? A guy, who was a writer, who survived, heard an explosion ... what would an impact at a rate of speed when hitting an iceberg sound like? This video is a bit of a stretch in its attempt to use Titanic as subject matter.
Fatou's World
Fatou's World 2 hours ago
I know a person that doesn't know about the titanic *Me*
K0rY0_EmPiRE 3 hours ago
He was inside of the cabin, how did he saw what happen outside?
Abha Kumar
Abha Kumar 4 hours ago
What happened to Morren
Actually, the real reason was how they bolted the exterior of THE TITANIC that made it very weak. There was crystals formed inside them which affected their strength so a collision with an iceberg with the weakly built exterior completely obliterated the shell and the other main reason was that the captain also ordered the crew to at max speed even at night where there very low visibility just so they could get to their destination faster than planned to surprise the people and show off the gigantic ship .
ѕтєν Wev
ѕтєν Wev 9 hours ago
It’s because of a fire and the captain couldn’t stop the trip launch because he would’ve gone bankrupt
Tommy Ingemann
Tommy Ingemann 9 hours ago
What about crew member some of then survived why did perplex not ask them IF it was a iceberg
Luna Noche
Luna Noche 10 hours ago
I am 10 yr old
Pro 0802
Pro 0802 10 hours ago
The fire weekend the side and the ice burg hit the week spot if the ship was smart they could have fixed it or went slower and dogged the ice berg. And if the metal was stronger the ship would have been better
Eric Jia
Eric Jia 11 hours ago
I baby?
panter 2009
panter 2009 12 hours ago
Wow an xplosion I was thinking about the ice that crushed it
jaylen lucio
jaylen lucio 12 hours ago
What if the impact just sounded like an explosion since the iceberg was so big 🤔?
bogus696996 12 hours ago
what if the iceberg didnt identify as an iceberg?
K. R.
K. R. 13 hours ago
They were like "GOD himself could not sink this ship" ... And todays people are like "GOD himself could not bring an end to mankind. Mankind will end itself" ...
K. R.
K. R. 13 hours ago
@PewDiePie vs. T ... R/wooosh. The scene was not meant to show the ten year old he was talking about...
Draconited Dragon_YT
you guys think the bermuda triangle killed the titanic?
Exotic 17 hours ago
The story is good but it was an iceberg that sank it.
Geo. Miller
Geo. Miller 18 hours ago
I read a article that indicated a fire 🔥WAS burning in one of the coal bunkers and was NOT put out because the departure would have delayed the departure of the famous ship and maiden voyage and cause a big scandal for the company.
Richard Aidan Hernandez
Wait what happened to his friend
THE S. 20 hours ago
*Here after watching Titanic* 🙋‍♂️✋🙋‍♂️
Elaina Kelley1
Elaina Kelley1 20 hours ago
Yeah my uncl
Thomaso 20 hours ago
Ice berg dysphoria.
mystified killer 101
Maybe someone sabotaged the ship
Tony Perone
Tony Perone 20 hours ago
The picture of Titanic was when she was still in her cradle before launching. The spot in the picture has nothing to do with any fire in port.
ashley klotz
ashley klotz 21 hour ago
What happened to Moran? His friend...... Who else with me that this guy just wanted fame??
Unknown Man
Unknown Man 21 hour ago
It's because of small fish
Nabeel Moazzam
Regardless it was iceberg or explosion.
Nabeel Moazzam
And that’s what Creator did and proved that his power rule all over the universe.
Nabeel Moazzam
The truth is, they said “ not even Almighty Creator can sink this ship” Nauzubillah and that’s what happened.
Sam Gracia
Sam Gracia Day ago
Titanic was my hopes and dreams sniking
Erika Cross
Erika Cross Day ago
It was that the sinked the titanic cause in the movie it hit the icebird. And if polpole was shoting. From the bottom how could they breath for that long
Fat Chix
Fat Chix Day ago
A titanic survivor claims it didn’t sink from an iceberg *shoes iceberg hitting ship In background*
Mulungi Destoto Sanyu
well I think it was both a fire and the Iceberg but in Britannic was shot by another boat Britannic was the sister of Titanic but sadly it was shot by another boat :( so sad
Dizzy 19 hours ago
Britannic hit a sea mine.
Blake Ramey
Blake Ramey Day ago
my question is how tf did they not see an ice burg 😂
Max litviakou
Ice burg
Ryan Potter
Ryan Potter Day ago
The contact of the ship and the iceberg might have made an explosive noise
carolyn getchman
i thought they said something about a riveting failure on the titanic in the welding
MrTinner 094
MrTinner 094 Day ago
Noo the owner know it before its going on then the fire weaken the metal
Andrew Wilson
Why was there an iceburg in the film
Amos Bulman
Amos Bulman Day ago
What about Moreen
Me Meagain
Me Meagain Day ago
here's what really happened. an extraterrestrial race needed water on their planet. they were locking on an iceberg with a tractor beam to put in their cargo bay. unfortunately due to a malfunction in there sensors they didn't pick up the titanic. it strayed into the tractor beam and literally split apart
Rosa Stanisic
Michelle Wigfall
Plot twist:there were no survivors
Dizzy 19 hours ago
Just the 712 in the lifeboats.
AJ Nicholas
AJ Nicholas Day ago
You have to follow the money. Who owned the Titanic commercially? Do they have an insurance policy on it? Was this insurance policy going to pay them out perhaps $1000000 or more? And then could someone have planted a bomb to that effect. Basically what happened with 911 in New York.
Dizzy 19 hours ago
Titanic was heavily under insured, White Star lost a shed load of money when she sank.
Mike VanVolkenburgh
it was both
Ken Foster
Ken Foster Day ago
im pretty sure an explosion did sink the Titanic
Deb Dub
Deb Dub Day ago
It was preplanned to take out high rolling bankers, so JP Morgan and his buddies could set up the phony Federal Reserve on Jekyl Island in 1917!!! Greedy MURDERERS!!
Dáisy Chán Pláyz
1912....how are they still alive? ;-;
Tom Focht
Tom Focht Day ago
That’s a lie the titanic sank from an iceberg is the truth
Racer 67
Racer 67 Day ago
It was the under water aliens!
Full Dangle
Full Dangle Day ago
Those "explosion sounds" was the sound of the massive ship colliding with an ice berg. Why is this even a question.
Toby Schneider
9 min into the video and you still haven’t told us anything interesting yet
Andrew Martello
sirmolio Day ago
"And if what he said was true, something must have caused that huge explosion... " ..such as an iceberg hitting the ship :)
# n0mE Squad
# n0mE Squad 2 days ago
That poor poor poor boat what did it ever do to the ice cube
Punk Rock Piper
Punk Rock Piper 2 days ago
“Scientists” can’t even predict the temperature correctly. I won’t hold my breath
Crescent 31a
Crescent 31a 2 days ago
About 20 years ago There was a 101 yrs old woman on the ward I worked on She kept telling me "I was on the Titanic, I know who sank it, but I cant tell you" I put it down to old age. But now I'm not so sure. 🤔
Justin Cervantes
Justin Cervantes 2 days ago
Hey yo suckers I love your videos
Rachana Birju
Rachana Birju 2 days ago
If it has sunk in the Atlantic ocean then it will have been hit by an iceberg
Patricia la del blog
When the titanic left the Southampton dock in your birthday
SaiJa D
SaiJa D 2 days ago
I didnt see anything about the titanic not even the book or the movie
Claude Balls
Claude Balls 2 days ago
I heard stories that the Titanic was supposed to also head to Mexico after it stopped in New York. It was carrying a thousand cases of English mayonnaise which the Mexicans craved. The ship was expected to arrive on May 5. After hitting the iceberg and going down with the precious cargo the Mexicans declared May 5 as “Sinko the Mayo”
Eliseo Raya
Eliseo Raya Day ago
Claude Balls joke of very poor taste
Adam Brazeau
Adam Brazeau 2 days ago
i think it was an explosion because of the black mark on the boat
JJPlayz - Gaming
JJPlayz - Gaming 2 days ago
I know why the Titanic sank, it's because the people that created the ship said it won't sink and they won't need to have an announcement. But they should have because that is what you should always do. So God punished them and made the Great ship sink.
lourdes cadivida
lourdes cadivida 2 days ago
Maybe its a .... Nevermind
StarKrew 2 days ago
What happens after, was a miracle. (Ad comes out) sweet crust pizza!
Anil Singh
Anil Singh 2 days ago
If you don't know about Titanic then don't speak What ever you want
Mirah Bushalat
Mirah Bushalat 2 days ago
What about the other guy?
Iron Fist Gaming
Iron Fist Gaming 2 days ago
All we need is a time machine ahahahaha
Humariya Heena
Humariya Heena 2 days ago
What happened to Moren
Lander Jacobs
Lander Jacobs 2 days ago
Great video but learn your history, 1912 wasn't that peacefull and everyone was waiting for a war. And if the submarine is german, why does it leave land in France? But still the video was great
Tahmid _YT
Tahmid _YT 2 days ago
This happened 100 years ago.😮I thought this happened 30 years ago
Ryan Zheng
Ryan Zheng 2 days ago
No this is not true
Colin The Magical Flash
the thing that saw could've just been an upside down life boat
Colin The Magical Flash
A titanic survivor says it but out of all those THOUSANDS of people will say it was an iceberg, Even the real news paper says it
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 2 days ago
How the *heck* did the pencil turn into from grey to red then back to grey. Nevermind it’s black magic
jackie zhong
jackie zhong 2 days ago
This is literally the biggest plot twist ever
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