Tisha Campbell Becomes Emotional Talking About Her Son

The Real Daytime
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Mar 1, 2020




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carl cleveland
carl cleveland 15 days ago
Tisha Campbell Martin is a great mother some mothers keep smothering their kids they will never grow up
Roony abdelmoniem
'Your my safe place' 😢❤️ now i am crying.
Jermaine Benson
Jermaine Benson 2 months ago
I'm sorry but Tisha should of been the new co-host she's so uplifting and funny and very intelligent!
Lady Beldaran
Lady Beldaran 2 months ago
Its so amazing to see how proud she is.
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown 2 months ago
Thank you for sharing !! I’m a mom of a 3 year old boy with ASD. Your sons story gives me so much hope ! God bless you 🙏🏽❤️
Ashtree 2 months ago
I always love when she comes on the show
Louisa Yu
Louisa Yu 3 months ago
I love Tisha. I like her on The Real a lot more than Amanda Seals
enes 3 months ago
so heartwarming ❤️
Briauna Marie
Briauna Marie 3 months ago
Go Tisha!!!
Bria Barrows
Bria Barrows 3 months ago
Amazing! Autistic adults and children are also extremely intelligent!!!
Crystabelle Campbell
I know I'll be a proud momma 1day when my baby g goes of to UWI & is diagnosed with mild crouzon syndrome. This made me emotional😭😭
myhextixmind 3 months ago
I like Outmatched.
Sohaib Javed
Sohaib Javed 3 months ago
Love Tisha ❤❤❤
Catia Oliveira de Souza
🗽olá,por favor um tradutor por favor 🇧🇷
REALNESS ALWAYS 3 months ago
I understand the emotion but girl those expressions on your face tho Ms Tisha Campbell ...not cute
S. Rose Smith
S. Rose Smith 3 months ago
Autism is not a disability It is a different ability.
Tricey F
Tricey F 3 months ago
I have 2 sons with autism, I try my best to give them the tools to be independent and prosper on their own. It’s difficult at times when you want to protect your babies from this harsh, cruel world but this absolutely gives me hope for the future that they will not only survive but thrive in the future. Tisha you must be so incredibly proud and happy ❤️
Edit Name
Edit Name 3 months ago
I know what you mean. My 4 year old has autisum and I also struggle with over protecting him. I'm working on it.
Love. L.R
Love. L.R 3 months ago
Johanne Solis
Johanne Solis 3 months ago
Tisha > loni That energy she brings is everything we need nowadays!!!
Ashley Hubbard
Ashley Hubbard 3 months ago
This is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Shan A
Shan A 3 months ago
Vivian Embery
Vivian Embery 3 months ago
That's my girl,when did she divore the man of her life?I'm proud of her every woman is a power mother!!
Ebo J.
Ebo J. 3 months ago
I was already tearing up. "Safe place" got me. 💗💖😂😭
ashley solomon
ashley solomon 3 months ago
The real made a mistake they should have made her the host
ashley solomon
ashley solomon 3 months ago
Did that 🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🥰🥰💙
Seybora Armymoo
Seybora Armymoo 3 months ago
i absolutely love Tisha! sge speaks to my soul! I'm so proud of her truly.
Nina Vangelov
Nina Vangelov 3 months ago
I wished she had 15- 20 minutes to speak about this, it was a privilege to listen to her talking about the spirit of her son, autism in society can be looked as weakness and underachieving and while I believe kids need support in development ...It has nothing to do with who the child becomes as a caring and sensible human being. One thing is to speak about how you are and who they are but when you hear the mind of your child that says everything about your parenting, values and character. I see the love in your eyes Tisha ! Bless you ❤
Leona Florence
Leona Florence 3 months ago
Congratulations to your son.
Luxury Doll
Luxury Doll 3 months ago
Bless both of them my daughter has Autism she is 7 years old that’s my goal daily 😇❤️🧩🧩💙💙💙
Dana Stirling
Dana Stirling 3 months ago
so happy for her and i do not even know her but I feel her she deserves all the happiness
MyShorty140 3 months ago
This is Beautiful..the greatest gift to give a child is teaching them independence and how to survive on their own,especially our black boys..GREAT Job Tisha!!!
Terry McWilliams
Terry McWilliams 3 months ago
Amazing!! She seems like such a great mama!! Great job Tisha
LindseyBeth 3 months ago
I felt the hurt and the emotions she’s been through all those years in just five minutes. God bless you & your kids, Tisha. We’re proud of him & he’ll do great in school!
Thandiwe Phiri
Thandiwe Phiri 3 months ago
Shes such a good addition to the table she brings positivity even with sad moments,shes honest and genuine and has a lot of back story experiences we dont even think she could have experienced, shes raised a child with autism it's not easy but still shared a part of her with us.....shes a great addition.
Lola Rodriguez
Lola Rodriguez 3 months ago
Nothing wrong with autism 🤷🏽‍♀️ i worked with a man who could cut up the whole front page of a newspaper and glue it back together again just for fun i was jaw dropped how did He know what it looked like? Amazing and very possible
Mzldy1shari 3 months ago
I love Tisha!! ❤️🙏🏾
Mimi E
Mimi E 3 months ago
For a second I thought they were interviewing Trisha paytas
Rose Fernandez
Rose Fernandez 3 months ago
i love when tisha is on the show
ilovemacncheetoz 3 months ago
She’s a great mom. I love how much she truly loves her sons.
Natalee Simone
Natalee Simone 3 months ago
So beautiful! 🤧✨
wwedxecw 3 months ago
I would NOT be upset if Tamera was replaced by Tisha . Tamera just sitting there watching the other girls talk as if she’s afraid is beyond annoying and is getting old. Give her seat to someone that isn’t afraid to speak up .
Tony Parks
Tony Parks 3 months ago
HUNNA FERDINAND 3 months ago
Tisha's been bleaching her skin and having plastic surgery after plastic surgery she's plastic 😀
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 3 months ago
I have an Autistic son too so I fully understand how proud she is♥️♥️♥️
Alex CNCOwner
Alex CNCOwner 3 months ago
I couldn't hold my tears 😭❤
C C 3 months ago
Tisha’s story was nice but I felt she was *acting* emotional. She is an actress. There were no tears.
DaRichBk Rican
DaRichBk Rican 3 months ago
So he atisum but Said all that to your 10 year old and is going to college and is so smart 🤔 Sounds like someone stretching the truth for clout 🤦🏽‍♂️
brooklynforever1990 3 months ago
Parents who have children with Autism are soldiers! 👏🏻
David Jones
David Jones 3 months ago
He looks just like his pop.
Katrina 3 months ago
Awwwwww 😢😢😢😢😢
Sherreen Golding
Sherreen Golding 3 months ago
Sooooo proud of you Tisha, you have done amazingly, congrats on the new show and congratulations on your son getting into his dream university 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
Hazel Drelich
Hazel Drelich 3 months ago
I love Trisha I wish they have chosen her as host of the real !
WoahNelli 3 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks Tisha reminds them of Trisha paytas? 🙃
Eseta Myree Lemanu
Eseta Myree Lemanu 3 months ago
I love this soooo much!!!
Mrssunshinedavis 3 months ago
This makes me so hopeful. My son has ADHD/Autism and I'm working so hard to teach him to be self sufficient.
RaChelle-Denise McKinney
Thats SO Awesome!!! His and her story is amazing!
poetic justice
poetic justice 3 months ago
I wanna watch this sitcom
Forever Gorgeous
Forever Gorgeous 3 months ago
This broke & made me all over again..reminds me of my 8 year old son
sara senior
sara senior 3 months ago
Wow I’m bawling 😭
RoyalMasterpiece 3 months ago
I hope she gets a talk show. She is a great story teller. God bless her. 👏🔥👑🌹❤️
Adriana R.
Adriana R. 3 months ago
What an amazing string mother
chantall meyer
chantall meyer 3 months ago
let that be a lesson to all mothers of color, when your kids tell you " mama i wanna go to college" don't tell them you gotta get a job and pay them bills..no no no let them be.
Vanity Bravo
Vanity Bravo 3 months ago
You are so blessed. And THANK YOU for sharing your joys with us. You’re helping somebody....
chrisgrace81 3 months ago
Bless you, Tisha!!! You are an inspiration!!
Beautiful Woman
Beautiful Woman 3 months ago
*I love Tisha, but all these years and she still can't get a decent hairstyle. I don't understand. Her hair and wigs have always looked bulky, off or "just not right". Smh*
Beautiful Woman
Beautiful Woman 3 months ago
@Dominique Deveraux The shaved head doesn't bother me, it's the bulkiness of the other hair going on. Her weaves and wigs are always lumpy and harsh. She needs to find a nice lace wig that's soft and will fit her good.
Dominique Deveraux
Dominique Deveraux 3 months ago
Beautiful Woman It’s the shaved head for me. She needs longer and fuller hair.
Olani Edward
Olani Edward 3 months ago
I’m In Tears !!
Ercilia Ocampo
Ercilia Ocampo 3 months ago
This gives me so much hope. As a mother of a soon to be 4 year old autistic daughter who is also non verbal. I just hold on to this hope that not only she will start talking but she will grow up follow her dreams and become an amazing women ❤ thank you for sharing your story. Congratulation.
Ashley Duran
Ashley Duran 3 months ago
Awesome you are an awesome mother ❤
Tiffany D
Tiffany D 3 months ago
Oh Tisha!! I absolutely love this! My nephew has Autism so I know how important this is to you! Much love and success to your son! Great job mom!
hartrob1 3 months ago
Bless you Tisha. You all have done a great job with him I know it was not easy. Keep up the great work.
Kirsty Birsty
Kirsty Birsty 3 months ago
The host we wanted
Y G 3 months ago
Fire Loni and keep tisha
Taytay Queen
Taytay Queen 3 months ago
This was really lovely. :) warmed my heart.
Nicole Mckee
Nicole Mckee 3 months ago
Yup autism=vaccines especially in black boys. I’m so proud of him
Makeup by Desiree C
Makeup by Desiree C 3 months ago
Nicole Mckee wtf ! It was proven that Vaccines does not make kids have autism! I hate people like you! My brother has autism and my mom never vaccine him( even though I didn’t agree with her) before you say something educate yourself on the topic.
****** 3 months ago
wow in USA they make their kids independent , in this part of the world iam living mature old girls and boys they still suck their thumps
erica simone
erica simone 3 months ago
That’s awesome Tisha!!!! I hope he continues to get straight As! Graduates and have an awesome career.
Kimi Rogers
Kimi Rogers 3 months ago
Tisha you sound like an amazing mom! This gives me so much hope for my 7 year old son who's also Autistic.
foreverstriving4u 3 months ago
This is Tamera's kinda segment. I can picture her bawling her eyes out.
Michelle Cordeiro
Michelle Cordeiro 3 months ago
What the he’ll happen to her hair . It’s shaved on the side. It looks horrible.
Estella F
Estella F 3 months ago
Tisha brought me to tears. She’s a good mom and she’s done a great job with her children. ❤️
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