[Tips] Sony WH-1000XM3, XM2: Hidden Features, Google Assistant, Wind noise reduction | DHRME #50

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In this tips video we give you a look into 6 features you didn't even know existed in Sony's three best wireless noise cancelling headphones, the WH-1000XM3, WH-1000XM2 and MDR-1000X.
The full review of the WH-1000XM3 (+comparison WH2): ruvid.net/video/video-dRx1N2o84hM.html
The full review of the WH-1000XM2: ruvid.net/video/video-eFX5M1RSWuw.html
Comparison of the WH-1000XM2 vs MDR-1000X:
Sony WH-1000XM3 specs (amazon):
- Industry-leading noise canceling brings Only Music, Nothing Else
- Premium Sound Quality from 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer drivers
- Up to 30-hour battery life with quick charging (10 min charge for 5 hours of playback)
- Smart Listening by SENSE ENGINE
- Quick Attention Mode for effortless conversations without taking your headphones off
- Touch Sensor controls to pause/play/skip tracks, control volume, activate your voice assistant, and answer phone calls
- Ergonomically redesigned for all-day comfort at its best
- In the box: WH1000XM3 / Carry Case / Charging Cable USB-C / Audio Cable for Wired Connection
Sony WH1000XM2 specifications:
DIGITAL NOISE CANCELLATION: Industry leading noise canceling eliminates distracting background noise
SMART LISTENING: Detects your activity to automatically adjust the ambient sounds you hear
QUICK ATTENTION MODE: Communicate without taking your headphones off. Place your hand over the right ear cup to turn the volume down for instant conversation.
TOUCH CONTROL: Skip a track, change the volume and take or make calls just by touching a headphone
QUICK CHARGE BATTERY: Enjoy up to 30hrs with wireless NC and 10min quick charging for 70min of play
WIRED OR WIRELESS: Go hands-free or plug in your headset while streaming with noise cancellation
VOICE ASSISTANT: Activate your phones voice assistant with a simple touch on the right ear cup.
Sony MDR 1000-X specifications:
- Isolate yourself from external noise with industry-leading noise cancelation
- Enjoy Bluetooth wireless connectivity and Hi-Fi quality audio
- Listen to ambient sounds quickly and clearly with Quick Attention
- Hear music at its best with Hi-Res Audio
- Listen longer with up to 20 hours of battery life
- Control everything by touch with Easy Touch control
- Catch important sounds with Ambient Sound Mode
- Listen to music without missing announcements
Music credits:
Apple's FinalCut Pro Jingles
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Jul 27, 2018




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Comments 49
brian chance
brian chance 16 days ago
You said plz don’t unsubscribe shiii I laughed so hard I had to sub
Kartik Rana
Kartik Rana 29 days ago
After seeing the first thing you have to show, Haan malum hai tere baap ko matt sikha chal
Varinder Maksudpuri
Varinder Maksudpuri 2 months ago
These are shit ones, I regret after buying them. They picks up alllll ambient noise while calling which makes you unable to hear/talk properly. If you are in noisy environment, then calls are like Hammering on your head due. to bloody 100% ambient noise. Not recommended at all.
Michael Mireles
Michael Mireles 4 months ago
This dude has one of the best damn beards I've ever seen.
Mike Grand
Mike Grand 4 months ago
I have the wh-1000xm3, but I bought them used and the NC/ambient may be broken. I'm trying to use the app via my pc using bluestacks. My thinking is that the prior owner reassigned the NC button and I want to switch it back. Plus I want to check out the app features. When I try to use the app it says Bluetooth not on (even though it is on and the headphones are paired). When I hit torn on it just hangs forever. When I hit cancel and try to add a device, it just turns on the headphones when I hold the power for seven seconds as directed. I've tried disconnecting the device from my computer and going through the same cycle, but it just pairs to my pc. Help. What do I do to allow the app to work via my pc? No, I don't have a working cell.
steve dental
steve dental 5 months ago
When the google assistant button is used in place of the noise canceling options ,how do you switch between the 3 settings of noise ?
DHRME 5 months ago
Use the app.
郑爽 6 months ago
Can U please tell me will the quick attention still work when wired 3.5mm? Thank U....
郑爽 6 months ago
@DHRME yes I heard anc still work when wired but I'm not sure about the other touch control features, have u tested quick attention wired?
DHRME 6 months ago
If it’s powered on it should still work, since ANC works with the cable in.
Disassembling 6 months ago
nice video. thanx
Rifqi Arpeggio
Rifqi Arpeggio 7 months ago
I quite yelled when you said it could stand!!! Lol,, i said "really???" almost tried it by myself. you got me buddies
scott hulme
scott hulme 7 months ago
These headphone are so amazing i love them so much, but if you if you are using them primarily for calls you won't be happy. My first call left me thinking they might be broken. I felt like I was talking from the bottom of a swimming pool. But for music, on their own or with my Sony dac they are the best I've ever heard.
SAAD hussain
SAAD hussain 5 months ago
I didn't enjoy the sound that much! And also the noice cancelling ! How effective for you find it?
jariol 7 months ago
Google Assistant is annoying. My last name is the same as a body part. Everytime I ask to call a family member Google explains what a nipple looks like.
Nathanael Chua
Nathanael Chua 8 months ago
Can’t you summon Google assistance by just tapping and holding the touch control?😐🙃
DHRME 8 months ago
That’s because you have an Android phone. The assistant on device is something else entirely.
Anton Grouchtchak
Anton Grouchtchak 8 months ago
You can on M3, which i recommend.
C T 8 months ago
You guys are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!
Johann Peña
Johann Peña 9 months ago
Who else tryed standing their headphones without a stand?
Avin Toussaint
Avin Toussaint 10 months ago
Which let's Google spy- er enrich our lives Google: HEY I HEARD THAT
DHRME 9 months ago
Lean Wats
Lean Wats 10 months ago
Great video
Mc Claren
Mc Claren 10 months ago
WH1000x I hear moaning on my head phones and creepy giggling Tf is That?!?!
Mc Claren
Mc Claren 10 months ago
DHRME nope i dont know what is that
DHRME 10 months ago
Is someone watching ahem 'scientific research' using their phone which is paired to your headphones?
Jaye S
Jaye S Year ago
Useless video!! WASTED MY TIME
Elżbieta Nowak
Why so bad rating? The guy is fun!
Sakib Alam
Sakib Alam Year ago
that was funny but informative video!! 👍
DHRME Year ago
Thanks man! Stay subscribed for more!
Moon Light
Moon Light Year ago
Hardly 'hidden' features....just read the manual..!! Useless video 😩
Brian Year ago
Does anyone know how to stop the notification light from blinking?
fourthvampire 10 months ago
Brian A never use the headphone controls. Luckily they stop blinking after a few blinks. Perhaps some day they’ll see the light & add the option to turn off the LED.
DHRME Year ago
IKR! We said this in our five reasons to not buy the MDR and got slammed for It!
Brian Year ago
@DHRME oh that sucks, the light is so annoying
DHRME Year ago
Nope, no option AFAIK!
Mark Union
Mark Union Year ago
Hey you guys are great and funny! Any chance you can make a video on tips n tricks for the 1000xm3 🤔 new owner here and would love an update on tips n tricks on m3's and also on the new update for the m3's 🙏🙏🙏
Mark Union
Mark Union Year ago
@DHRME cool 👌 thanks again 🙏
DHRME Year ago
Thanks for that Mark. Yes it’s something we can consider, but almost all the tips we gave for the older models still apply on the new one. So there’s that.
Erez Hazan
Erez Hazan Year ago
Lol that horrible quality is totally true! So Wierd they don't take responsibility about that
Snoopy Peterson
The Google Assistant actually sucks don't enable it's not worth it do do not enable it
Himank Kadian
Himank Kadian Year ago
I randomly found out that if you have set the button to switch to ambient sound and all and not on Google Assistant, you can tap and hold the touch on right side which opens voice command for Google Assistant (like the place you get from saying "ok Google")
DHRME Year ago
That's right but it's not the same. Activating Google Assistant with the dedicated button means that you get active notifications, you can directly respond to messages using your voice and when calling Google Assistant it's quicker than using the touch pad.
Captain Morgan
I bought MDR-1000X, those fall apart just from having them on head. After two weeks this have started to get cracks on band. Sony didn't do anything about that. After 7-8 month they fall apart, just like that. Cracks were bigger and bigger each day. 330 pounds for this crap and no refund. According to the internet, there is a lot people like me, who ended with 330 punds thrown away. Sorry, but that's not the first Sony product I've bought and it was cheap garbage. I really hate that company, and avoid. There was no help and interest from Sony to help me with issue. I even wanted them to repair those for extra fee. Nope. Now I have SkullCandy Crushers. No such a sound quality, but they are freaking durable. Plus that awesome BASS.
Francisco Santiago
That darn Software update totally made my 1000XM2 worthless.. after the update they stopped pairing to any of my bluetooth devise.. thankfully Sony stepped up and replaced them for the new 1000XM3
John Dokken
John Dokken Year ago
How about if you are dancing like a crazy person - do they stay on your head ...or do they fall off?? You have not touched on this at all
DHRME Year ago
How crazy are we talking here?
jean valjean
jean valjean Year ago
DMK Anthony 07
Updated the sony app.. changed it to google assistant but its not working. It says "the google assistant is not connected.".. updated the sony app, i have google assistant.. am i missing something?? Anyone??
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Year ago
Your phone needs to be a Google assistant phone, or else it doesnt work.
A V S Year ago
Just got my first ANC headset 1000xm2 for $198 on amazon black Friday deal, though want to go for 1000XM3, hope it does well.
DHRME Year ago
Thank you for the compliment. Stay subscribed for more!
A V S Year ago
Thanks Guys, Your videos are really Good
DHRME Year ago
It's a good deal. Enjoy your new headphones!
Eric Galeas
Eric Galeas Year ago
Great video! Thank you! I just picked up a pair and I can't wait to use them.
DHRME Year ago
Cheers! Have fun!
keep doing what you guys are doing. Your hard work will pay off.
DHRME Year ago
Thank you, stay subscribed for more!
hp-Luis Year ago
This is really cringey to me I understand this is stuff people probably don't know but I THINK if you just read the features and the little book it comes with you would know that their is an app for it and it is on the box as well you literally can not miss it and a lot of bluetooth headphones have the switch when recieving phone calls and maybe you need to check your headphones out because I have no problem with phone calls on either ends of the call I have the Sony wh-1000xm2 I personally enjoy them a lot the only problem in my opinion are the ear pads they will be not so comfortable after around 5 to 8 months depends how much you use them
Michael Szostak
@Abel Sollewijn Gelpke he spelled "cringey" some I'm guessing no.
Abel Sollewijn Gelpke
Do you even know what 'cringe' means?
DHRME Year ago
Thanks for that sentence. Cheers.
ofek livny
ofek livny Year ago
The first little "wind noise reduction" tip is absolutely a game changer. Thank you SO MUCH for teaching me that actually hidden feature. I don't think I would ever notice it alone. Up until the point I saw your video, I would primarily use the headphones while riding my bike, and because wind noise DESTROYES noise cancellation, I just turned it off, allowing car's engine noise and whatnot to interfere with the music. Now I can enjoy both worlds without loosing anything. Its genius. The second I turn Ambient noise(which is set to only wind noise reduction as the tip suggests) I can ride my bike, WITH noise cancellation on and no wind noise at all. normally I would hear weird microphone popping sounds because of wind. Super effective. This takes the headphones for people who ride bikes from an a 7 to a 9. Truly appreciate it!
DHRME Year ago
Haha, I came across it completely by accident as well. Indeed a game changer.
Toxxxic Terrorist
What is the app called???? Please help (wh1000)
DHRME Year ago
AAI30 Year ago
There isn’t a app for the first gen
DHRME Year ago
It's called 'headphones' app.
Jonotaku Year ago
You guys are awesome. I am a WH-1000XM2 Owner myself :D
2005playa1 9 months ago
Me too, love them!!!
DHRME Year ago
Thank you! Much more coming up this week!
Jonotaku Year ago
Thanks for the quick reply haha. You earned a sub btw.
DHRME Year ago
Thank you very much! WH-1000 XM2 owners of the world unite!
Jake Hu
Jake Hu Year ago
we wisten het al
DHRME Year ago
Goed bezig!!
mister0zorg Year ago
Is the update useful for other things appart for the google assistant? I just dont need it but if the soundquality improves too with the new firmware, i would update (sorry for my bad english)
mister0zorg Year ago
@DHRME thanks for the reply! It's seems they can be some issues with the update. What would you recommend? I bought them yesterday (after looking some of your videos ;) thanks for them!). So if there is a problem, i could bring the headphones back to the shop. Or doesn't worth the update the try (the google "beep beep" loop bug seems annoying too).
DHRME Year ago
Your English is fine! And yes the update is only for Google Assistant, haven't noticed any differences in the sound quality.
Hanson Year ago
Does someone know if there is any way to turn of the feedback sound of the XM2 while increasing/decreasing volume or skipping a song on the headphones??
Pedro Vasquez
Pedro Vasquez Year ago
In the app there's no way. just manage the volume with your smartphone if you want to avoid that sound
Keith Magill
Keith Magill Year ago
Brilliant, guys! You make me laugh, plus great advice. Keep it up.
DHRME Year ago
In the US? Buy the Sony WH1000XM3 (black): amzn.to/2PqxLZB Buy the Sony WH1000XM3 (silver): amzn.to/2DSEp96 Buy the Sony WH1000XM2 (black): amzn.to/2DjATRj Buy the Sony WH1000XM2 (gold): amzn.to/2ERdJlv Buy the Sony MDR-1000X (black): amzn.to/2eFl3Jo Buy the Sony MDR-1000X (grey beige): amzn.to/2uoz5mh www.amazon.com/shop/dhrme In the UK? Buy the Sony WH1000XM3 (black): amzn.to/2C4XkgZ Buy the Sony WH1000XM3 (silver): amzn.to/2NaKVw2 Buy the Sony WH1000XM2 (black): amzn.to/2EQ87bq Buy the Sony WH1000XM2 (gold): amzn.to/2DpZoA8 Buy the Sony MDR-1000X (black): amzn.to/2jZ5Cym Buy the Sony MDR-1000X (grey beige): amzn.to/2i6q2EN In Europe? Buy the Sony WH1000XM3 (black): amzn.to/2MD8tKC Buy the Sony WH1000XM3 (silver): amzn.to/2wCXE0e Buy the Sony WH1000XM2 (black): amzn.to/2mKdiCf Buy the Sony WH1000XM2 (gold): amzn.to/2mL9lNH Buy the Sony MDR-1000X (black): amzn.to/2xVMtic Buy the Sony MDR-1000X (grey beige): amzn.to/2y0cePf
Flamboyant CuttlerFush
@DHRME thx, no because I live in Hong Kong and the sales are only in China and are scared if I have to listen to mandarin. (I only know English). Cuz I'm thinking if I should buy m2 ($200) or m3 (350). Since m3 is still 350 I'm leaning to m2. Unless it goes on sale but I doubt a new headphones will be on sale even @ Christmas
DHRME Year ago
Not that I know of. But there are 4 or 5 phrases that are present. Not too bad. Or do you mean the Google Assistant?
Flamboyant CuttlerFush
Can the language of the voice guidance be changed? I wanna get one this cyber Monday
Majidhi Syahriz
do u know how to reset the headphone? because it seems failed to update to 2.0.1 version eventho it popup the "update avalaible". ive done everything i can.
Jerin Philip
Jerin Philip Year ago
Have you already tried holding down the NC & Power buttons until the lights flash blue AND red for a hard reset?
DHRME Year ago
Thanks! 😁
Majidhi Syahriz
DHRME hmm will try it, thank you. one subscriber for you :D
DHRME Year ago
Ouch! Sounds bad. Haven't faced it myself, but maybe the Sony site offers more information? Hope it gets fixed!
TheGeekSoup Year ago
This was a really good videos
DHRME Year ago
TheGeekSoup Thank you! Stay subscribed for more
junaidx Year ago
Hey guys, I recently bought a used MDR1000x from marktplaats (it still has warranty etc). It seems fine and all, but wanted to know about noise cancelling: its amazing, but when I am listening to stuff. I assumed that NC would also cancel stuff while I am not listening to stuff, it does in a way: some stuff is barely noticeable but there are very low muffled sounds, and especially tv noises i can hear. Defect? or just how NC works... Yes i am being lazy and could go to a shop and check it out myself.
junaidx Year ago
Cheers lads! Just was under the assumption they cancel a lot of noise. Plus a lot of reviews that I read, really love emphasising how quiet it can get. But lol it's just comparable to putting my hands on my ears. Right now they feel marginally better than the previous one I had: sony mdr-xb950bt (around ear). Anyways Subscribed! would love to see some Dutch brothers do well
DHRME Year ago
junaidx haha. Noise cancelling is meant to cancel out like droning noises, engine noises etc. That's why you can't cancel everything out. Hope this helps. :)
Yakov Korlansky
Hi @DHRME could you help me to connect the mdr-1000x to the Sony app? Tnx
DHRME Year ago
Did you know we featured your question in our Ask DHRME video? Check it out: ruvid.net/video/video-v8iqou5Zdrw.html
Yakov Korlansky
!mm.. thanks
DHRME Year ago
No we can't. Because Sony doesn't allow it. :(
Militant Atheist
Tell us how to connect it to iPhone and MacBook at the same time.
DHRME Year ago
Already did. You can't, you either switch off Bluetooth on the first device and then reconnect to the second or start them up in pairing mode and then connect with the desired device. Hope this helps.
Moe Ibrahim
Moe Ibrahim Year ago
Hey guys, awesome video as usual. I still can't use Google Assistant on my wh-1000xm2 because my Assistant seems stuck on my Bose QC35 II. Were you able to switch between the 2 headphones?
DHRME Year ago
Did you know we featured your question in our Ask DHRME video? Check it out: ruvid.net/video/video-v8iqou5Zdrw.html
Moe Ibrahim
Moe Ibrahim Year ago
blopido That's what I thought, but I can't find a way to change or add devices.
blopido Year ago
Moe Ibrahim Haven't tried that, but isn't that something that you can change in Google Assistant --> settings --> devices?
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