Tiny Waist & Round Butt Workout | At Home Hourglass Challenge 🍑

Chloe Ting
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Back with an hourglass program, focusing on the abs and butt! Stay safe and take care of yourself while in isolation. Do leave a comment below for any questions about building your booty, or you can also check out my new discord server which is where people who watch my videos or livestreams can hang out to chat and support each other.
Full program schedule at www.chloeting.com/program
Episode 1 - ruvid.net/video/video-cIuiQyfKBTg.html
Episode 2 - ruvid.net/video/video-LjmZ1YMOwws.html
Episode 3 - ruvid.net/video/video-ywJgsm5mkkQ.html
Episode 4 - ruvid.net/video/video-AQ-zcv_viAo.html
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Apr 6, 2020




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Comments 100
Emily Nasri
Emily Nasri 18 minutes ago
I’m gonna do this everyday until skl starts ✨🌸 Day 1: completed ✅ Day 2: tired but still completed ✅ Day 3 : kinda bloated but starting to see some results on my stomach ☘️✨ ✅ Remember ur beautiful and u can do this ! ✨✨ Remind me to update! 🌸
anandita Hour ago
Guys i just need help on this the hip inductions, i am simply unable to lift my heavy ass lower body on just my calf or even worse, the side of my foot. Any alternative?
anandita Hour ago
Okay wow i finished it in one go! Finally!
CNM Sisters
CNM Sisters 3 hours ago
Do you have any tips on how to maintain a diet/healthy workouts everyday
Kailey Walter
Kailey Walter 8 hours ago
Anybody know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear a lot of people burn their fat with this popular lose weight secrets.
scarlett shearer
scarlett shearer 9 hours ago
me:dies chloe: keep going guys, were almost done with set one!
Begum Ozkan
Begum Ozkan 10 hours ago
Kollarım daha çok ağrıyor
Sinem Bay
Sinem Bay 10 hours ago
DAY 1:✅ DAY 2 : DAY 3 :REST DAY 4 : DAY 5 : DAY 6 : DAY 7 : DAY 8 : DAY 9 : DAY 10 :REST DAY 11: DAY 12 : DAY 13 :REST DAY 14 : DAY 15: DAY 16: DAY 17: DAY 18: DAY 19:REST DAY 20: DAY 21: DAY 22:REST DAY 23: DAY 24: DAY 25:
シDemonetaシ 10 hours ago
Excuse me, but I'm Russian and don't fully understand how she does the exercises? More precisely, on what days and how long this episode should be performed.
シDemonetaシ 4 hours ago
@Somewhat Psycho Thank you for your answer (* ノ ・ ω ・) ノ
Somewhat Psycho
Somewhat Psycho 5 hours ago
just do what she does on the screen :-) and i do this every other day with some other videos. just do it with her for as long as she does it.
Cora Gage
Cora Gage 11 hours ago
anyone else starting this super early in preparation for summer so u look good in a swimsuit bc me 😂 and ya know new years resolution hahah imma do a different program every month this year (at least imma try) and i'm meeting my crush at the pool this summer so like gotta look like a snack 😂 🍑 anyone doing this you got this ur gonna look amazing 😭😌
aynura torun
aynura torun 12 hours ago
Türkçe altyazılı var harika :)
caitlingummybear 12 hours ago
do i have to do every single one of ur workout programs for this or can i just do this one?
Andy Peralti
Andy Peralti 14 hours ago
Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando 😹
Kub 14 hours ago
19.01.2021 bugün başladım bakalım 25 gün sonra ne olacak Bel 65 Kalça 90 Kilo 51
Kub 10 hours ago
@aleyna 1.58im
aleyna 10 hours ago
boy kac?
Avery Plourde
Avery Plourde 15 hours ago
Day 18 DONE ✅
ADA KHAN 16 hours ago
Love you Chloe!!!😘😘😘
Kylie Overmann
Kylie Overmann 16 hours ago
So do I do that video on day 1? And which one on day two and so on? I’m confused
Ruya Riyax
Ruya Riyax 20 hours ago
Will this help me lose hip fat?
Amreece Bains
Amreece Bains 20 hours ago
the last time I did this workout (the last lockdown uk) I had amazing results which has encouraged me to now do it again and I am seeing great impact on my body and I'm in only 3 and a half days!!
litwik behind the uwus
I have never been happier wen a 5 second ad was on
Kiki B
Kiki B Day ago
Been doing this everyday :)
Shariba Kausar
I actually read the title "small waist around butt"
Glow up with Me
Day 12 now ✌❤
Apfelstrudel Day ago
So anyone with experience, I'm pretty skinny and already have a small waist but what I care about is my butt lol. It's pretty flat because I have low body fat, it's at 14% and my sides aren't round even though I havs the proportions for it... Will that help me get rounded hips and a bigger, lifted butt? I'm getting all of my motivation together what is pretty hard for me and I'm scared to waste this on something that won't help me
Natasja Vansimpsen
Chloe her workouts are very affective. I've seen a lot of results already by doing them. Trust the process. Good luck!
zayri bautista
How many times a week am I supposed to do this?
Valentin Duhon
Guys. lost a ton of fat does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I will give you some advice right now. Look for a popular lose weight secrets called Custokebon Secrets (google it). Thanks to it I have lost crazy amounts of fat. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I do not really want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a great mood right now and so I will share the wealth lol.
Brooke Horton
Guys. lost crazy amounts of weight doesn't need to be hard (I used to think it did). I will give you some tips now. Look for a popular weight loss system called Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine). Thanks to it I've lost a ton of weight. I should not even be speaking about it cause I do not really want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just in a great mood today so I will share the wealth haha.
Avery Plourde
Shivani Pillai
But also I want my thighs thick😢 does this work in thighs??
Laighla Day ago
Day one of doing this! Didn’t seem too hard!! I just gotta remember to squeeze whenever I do the reps
Camilla Gaudio
Does anybody have tips on the exercises where you lay on your tummy because my hip bones and like coochie bone really hurt idk why
Biak Chin
Biak Chin Day ago
whos starting the workout today? i dont wanna do this by myself😓
Florencia Viscido
Song name min 9:10?
Mi Campbell
Mi Campbell Day ago
Booty tap? Not sure I'm doing it right... oh there it is, it burns, yup doing it right 🤣
Freya Dowridge
do I do this workout everyday ?
Jennica Bantaculo
Who's still doing this in 2021?👁👄👁
Anastasiia Day ago
day 1 DONE
joker man
joker man Day ago
How do yall even do side planks i cant even lift my knee off the ground
tearie Day ago
2021 lockdown glow-up squad ✌🏻
Vitória Carolina Mendes
Eu sou o comentário BR que você tá procurando 🇧🇷
Максим Максим
Catherine VanlalDampuii
Chloe: Small waist round butt Me: Round waist small butt
Dahappyorange 2 days ago
Nah sis Jan 2021
katherine hamilton
im actually going to keep this updated and I’ll tell u how it goes💘💘
grace 2 days ago
*DAY 1* - _slightly bloated and a little tired_ waist: 58 cm / 23 in hips: 89 cm / 35.25 in bust: 77 cm / 30.25 in shoulders: 92 cm / 36.25 in weight: 49.5 kg / 109.1 lbs
Faith -
Faith - Day ago
Good luck:))
Brookelynn Bridgehasfallen
Alr:)) imma actually do this cuz im so fucking tired of being fat
grace 2 days ago
yo we have the same first day :) you got this girl
Darianna Santos
Darianna Santos 2 days ago
Bueno hoy comenzaré ☺️ luego les dejo mi resultado
Mollie Noemi
Mollie Noemi Day ago
okey, yo igual empiezo ahora xd
Bri Salinas
Bri Salinas 2 days ago
Been doing this for 2 days and my goal is to be more fit and strong and also feel and look better. I'm a mother, age 29 and had a baby vaginally in mid 2018. I'm already a healthy weight for my height (5'5") so I don't care about the number on the scale. My starting measurements are : Bust: 35in Underbust: 32in Waist: 29in Hips/butt: 40in Weight: 139lbs Wish me luck cause I am skinny fat and very out of shape lol. I also have a mommy pooch (lower belly) and a flatter butt so I hope to tone up. ETA my husband commented that my butt looks more perky and it's only been 2 days lol. It really does look more toned already along with my thighs. I did increase my daily protein intake but no other diet changes. Getting plenty of protein is essential to achieving results for skinnier women.
Begum Ozkan
Begum Ozkan 2 days ago
Yaptım be
Rae Gardens
Rae Gardens 2 days ago
Ily tysm
yasmin said
yasmin said 2 days ago
nobody: me: keeps checking the mirror if anything checks every 5 secs
Katie Roebuck
Katie Roebuck 23 hours ago
This is nice I need to do this
April Clark
April Clark 2 days ago
Am I the only one who can’t do any of the lying down bum workouts (on your tummy) coz my hips dig into the ground it hurts?
diyoni harisinghe
Imma update y'all on how it goes:) Day 1: nothing, it's still the first day Day 2: nothing changed still but my stomach was a little flatter. Day 3: I noticed my waist became noticably curvier but still nothing around the butt.
Pravena Suthas
Pravena Suthas 2 days ago
Never appreciated advertisement this much
ren 3 days ago
do I have to do the 4 episodes each day?? I'm confused aah
ren Day ago
@Ellen thank youuu!!
Ellen Day ago
click on the link in the description and go to the program you want to do, it gives you 1-4 videos for each day :)
katya brand
katya brand 3 days ago
Кто-то из рашки есть?
Nickie Dreamer
Nickie Dreamer 3 days ago
Day six, dying in 1/3 of this vid after hip dips workouts thinking about the order of the workouts. Do they have meaning? I hope I can finish this one, I have a cold today but I had to do this, cuz I need that rest day tomorrow so much.
Nickie Dreamer
Nickie Dreamer 18 hours ago
Day 9, can I ask how the hell am I supposed to do laying on my belly workouts when I feel my pelvis all the time, it´s pubis or the bone-ish part of love handles. I am just going to skip these, because I do like two of them in whole 30 secs because it hurts.
mmaggie .r
mmaggie .r 3 days ago
my body during in and outs: **SNAP** **CRACKLE** **POP**
Rosematea Stg
Rosematea Stg 3 days ago
It was my first day... I’m done. I can’t. 🤣😭
Diamond Diamond
Diamond Diamond 3 days ago
Hi Chloe please answer me , i'm gonna start your 25 day hourglass challenge and i just wanna know if i can skip some days i mean if it's okay to not complete the challenge workouts daily cuz i don't wourkout everyday so .. another thing s that i want to know if in each day we have to do all the exercices recommended for example in day two there is 3 exercices so i have to do them all in the same day right ?
Ellen Day ago
yeah if you're following the challenge you have to do the videos for that day even if there's multiple. Also you probably could do it with more rest days you would just get not as good results :)
Dhamy sz
Dhamy sz 3 days ago
Hii, I'll do my updates here about the hourglass challenge Day 1:✅ ( I couldn’t do some of the exercises, but I did the warm up and cooldown from her other videos) Day 2:✅ (Today was easier than yesterday, I wont give up) Day 3: (Tomorrow is rest day yayy)
Shanel Anderson
Shanel Anderson 3 days ago
My hands are not gonna forgive me
Claire R
Claire R 3 days ago
Any tips on how to lose a big booty? Lol I feel like mine's too big 🙃
S M 3 days ago
Starting 17.01.21 with 65kh Day 1 ✅
Cynthia Chavez
Cynthia Chavez 3 days ago
Nobody Me:scrolling through the comments to see if it works 😫
Begum Ozkan
Begum Ozkan 3 days ago
Ember Ashes
Ember Ashes 3 days ago
Day 4. Of 25. Still sore from day 2. It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine.
celine saleh
celine saleh 3 days ago
Who's reading the comments to entertain themselves while doing the workout
myarblxx 3 days ago
When the heel touches came up 👁👄👁 I got long arms
Жанна Казарян
Сколько кларий сжигается за эту тренировку
Regi Igu
Regi Igu 3 days ago
Hi chloe, is it necessarry to loose fat first before doing the hourglass challenge??im currently in my journey to losing weight but im afraid that doing this challenge will give me bulky hips , butt, or waist cause i have not yet lose fat especially in my stomach area..my bmi is 26.9 which is overweight
Nastya Godunova
Nastya Godunova 4 days ago
Annalese Winget
Annalese Winget 4 days ago
Chloe :No one is watching you. MY BROTHER: WHAT ARE YOU DOING SIS !🤣🤣
S_V 4 days ago
me everytime I see the ads: yes finally
Manon Duquesne
Manon Duquesne 4 days ago
Day 25 I did it. If you're looking for me I'll be in my room taking a truckload of pictures.
Misty Kruk
Misty Kruk 3 days ago
👏😄 congrats!
Studywithkin 4 days ago
Am I the only one who can’t do the booty flicks or kicks 😭
Abigaildelapaz23 -
Imma start doing this, for 3 weeks everyday... I’ll keep y’all posted and I’ll take pics of progress after each workout
Nurtje 4 days ago
Girlll your workouts are very helpful
Avery Plourde
Avery Plourde 4 days ago
Day 16 DONE ✅
sanya 111
sanya 111 4 days ago
ok but y m i not loosing inches ?
Pastel Shiny river
*2021 anyone here?*
Карина Журавлёва
Вообще не планировала писать таких комментариев, но всё же, может он кому-то поможет. Я даю себе(точнее моя подруга сделала мне вызов) длительностью в 4 месяца, но поскольку эта тренировка длиться 25 дней, я буду отчитываться сюда на протяжении 4 месяцев. Первый мой ответ будет через 24 дня, с окончанием тренировки. Все остальные будут по другим тренировкам, я буду уточнять. Сразу скажу, я не ем все подряд, но все же меньше жирного, мучного, сладкого я вообще не ем, кроме дольки шоколада в день, или пары эклеров (вроде много, но я так делаю редко) Так, что-то я затянула, к параметрам: Талия: 65-66 Грудь: 81 Бедра: 87 Ноги: 51 Живот(между талией и бедрами): 75 Руки(посередине от локтя до плеча): 24 И это все при росте 158, если я конечно не подросла. Чтож, если здесь есть кто-то русский-украинский(вы поняли) отзовитесь, чтобы я знала, стоит ли мне записывать продолжение
Карина Журавлёва
@VI KA Вау, честно сказать я уже думала никто не отзовётся. Смотри, я занимаюсь по Хлое Тинг на сайте в хроме, там у неё есть все курсы, и там на каждый день разные тренировки. Я думала, что буду заниматься только одно видео в день, а оказалось что там на день-два, три видео.
VI KA 9 hours ago
Приветик) делай продолжение) Подскажи пожалуйста, когда все видео в плейлисте заканчиваются, для следующего дня надо идти заново с первого видео?
eslem can
eslem can 5 days ago
16 dakikada canımı çıkardın bil diye söylüyorum chloe abla yoksa yorulduğumdan değil
idgfga 5 days ago
"Take a longer break if you want to--" *plays ad* Me: oh god, thanks 🤧💙✨
Crystal Romero
Crystal Romero 5 days ago
song at 3:50 sounds like animal crossing villagers singing
Mom 5 days ago
Day 1: struggling Day 2: still struggling Day 3: stilll struggling
Erica Bell
Erica Bell 5 days ago
I'm being bombarded by flabletics ads
LpsLostSoul 5 days ago
Anyone's else necks hurt after doing heel taps? Like wtf am I doing wrong 😭
Im Azzy
Im Azzy 3 days ago
@LpsLostSoul of course! no problem
LpsLostSoul 3 days ago
@Im Azzy alr! Tysmm!
Im Azzy
Im Azzy 3 days ago
HEY I had this same problem. You're not engaging your core. You can try finding some simple movements or exercises to improve your mind muscle connection or picture yourself only using your ab muscles while doing the exercise. Hope this helps at all, you got this!!
KangkanaG 5 days ago
Yup😖 we are doing wrong
Emilene Palma
Emilene Palma 5 days ago
Kill me
Marry Sami
Marry Sami 5 days ago
Your voice is amazing 😍😍 Love u from iraq 😍💕
Avery Plourde
Avery Plourde 5 days ago
Day 15 DONE ✅
Equestria 5 days ago
great job!
Misty Kruk
Misty Kruk 5 days ago
Who else is doing this cuz their trying to glow up before school starts again. That's just what all the other comments are saying, I'm doing this cuz my new years resolution is to be more healthy
Mrs Styles
Mrs Styles 3 days ago
@Misty Kruk Thanks for the advice 😊
Misty Kruk
Misty Kruk 3 days ago
@Mrs Styles I will admit that I started this workout because I wanted to lose weight so I could impress my friends after the break, but now that I've been doing this for a couple weeks I've realized that if I'm healthy that's all that matters! Some tips for a glow up: *make a picture in your mind of your glowed up self, then work to reach that goal! *Don't work yourself too hard! * Take small steps and you will get there! I believe you can do it!
Misty Kruk
Misty Kruk 3 days ago
@Migghhe if your happy and healthy then your doing great! Keep up the good work!
Mrs Styles
Mrs Styles 4 days ago
School starts in February so I’m wanting to glow up so bad
Migghhe 5 days ago
Here school already started, so i'm exercising for my both mental and physical health
Hilal Aydeniz
Hilal Aydeniz 5 days ago
every day i come here and die again
Christian Schmidt
I think you shouldn't do it every day cause muscles need regeneration time
Strawberry chan
Strawberry chan 5 days ago
Многие упрочнения не вызывают у меня нагрузку, наверное потому что я делаю что-то не так, но я надеюсь что с практикой все будет лучше, я собираюсь 40 дней этим заниматься надеюсь что научусь ибо вся тренировка пойдет на смарку
Migghhe 5 days ago
Важно почувствовать, что ваши мышцы используются. Поделайте эти упражнения отдельно от тренировки, дабы понять используете вы мышцы или нет
MaybeItsNimra 5 days ago
maybe im just hella outta shape but this was hard lmao but im gonna keep at it for a while and see if i like it. i also dont feel much in my glutes, just my abdominal area feels worked out.
Tessy :D
Tessy :D 6 days ago
I didnt feel any burn throughout any of the abs which was super disappointing, I feel like I didnt really work out. What am I doing wrong?
Migghhe 5 days ago
Well, we can't see the way you do the exercises, but you really have to USE your abs to do some exercises, not your neck or something
Katelyn Byers
Katelyn Byers 6 days ago
Next videos