Tiny Waist & Round Butt Workout | At Home Hourglass Challenge 🍑

Chloe Ting
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Back with an hourglass program, focusing on the abs and butt! Stay safe and take care of yourself while in isolation. Do leave a comment below for any questions about building your booty, or you can also check out my new discord server which is where people who watch my videos or livestreams can hang out to chat and support each other.
Full program schedule at www.chloeting.com/program
Episode 1 - ruvid.net/video/video-cIuiQyfKBTg.html
Episode 2 - ruvid.net/video/video-LjmZ1YMOwws.html
Episode 3 - ruvid.net/video/video-ywJgsm5mkkQ.html
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Apr 6, 2020




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Comments 80
muhaymin khero
muhaymin khero 6 minutes ago
does anyone know how many calories we burn after we've done this
Rona alfonso
Rona alfonso 53 minutes ago
Can dis exercise gives me abs? lol, no, I dont wanna. Wait abs or like small waist? huh?
yesenia Mireles
yesenia Mireles 55 minutes ago
Omg i love this!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace 58 minutes ago
You know you’re tired when you don’t skip a trump ad 💀
Rosie Hour ago
Who is here bc they look like a 🚪
Hello! Hour ago
Her: Now its booty taps Me in our living room with my little siblings: *wELL guYs i cAnT teLL iF sHes saYiNg bODY Or BooTY*
Poppy Williams
hey anyone who sees this i’m starting tomorrow and i’ll keep you updated!!
paige burns
paige burns Hour ago
Hi chloe what do you eat to maintain the same weight and not lose it as I’ve just gotten to 9 stone after having my son and want to stay the same weight but have a flat stomach and bigger and rounder booty! X
Irrelevant Everyday
Chloe should make these into a spodify playlist anybody else?
Monet Lopez
Monet Lopez 3 hours ago
Hello! In addition that im trying to glow up during quarantine, my birthday is in two weeks. I want to see how much I can glow up in two weeks because Im trying to look good for my birthday pictures haha. 🔸The 25 days Hourglass Challenge is my first Chloe Ting challenge. I want to see if the hype around Chloe Ting is real or not. The only adjustments ill do to my diet is to not eat late at night(past 8pm) avoid eating a lot of junk food and try to drink more water. Im too lazy to count calories so, Im just going to do this. 🔸My initial measurements: ➖Waist: 29 inches or 74 cm ➖Hips: 36 inches or 91 cm 🏆 My goal is to get a smaller waist! Because right now I am a rectangle and I don’t like being a rectangle, no offense rectangles. Ill measure myself every week. *Week 1* Day 1 (6/6/20): I’m on my period! Idk why I decided to start today. 🤔 I completed both videos in the routine. I did end up sweating and had to take some breaks! I didn’t use bands today but, I got some from Amazon and they will arrive tomorrow! I also saw this sweat belt that I’m going to try tomorrow. Today, I also realized I have noodle arms. So, I will add a single Chloe Ting arm routine video along with the hourglass challenge. Will I be dying tomorrow? *suspense music* Day 2:
Monet Lopez
Monet Lopez 3 hours ago
Reserving spot... because I write too much.
THE D-TEENZ 3 hours ago
if Chloe wasn't so encouraging I would fail
Shrooq sami
Shrooq sami 4 hours ago
this is my first time to workout and im sad because half of it i 'couldn't do because my muscles are too weak :(
Maria Michael
Maria Michael 56 seconds ago
Its fine youll get there eventually!! Totally normal but keep going!!
Carolina Fiorucci
Carolina Fiorucci 5 hours ago
Ok guys last week I finished the 25 day slim thigh challenge and today I started the hourglass challenge, wish me luck! :). I will update this comment every day, please support me ;D. These are my current measurements weight: 49kg (I lost 3kg doing the 25 day slim thigh challege yee) waist: 62cm/24, 4inch booty: 91cm/35, 8inch left thigh: 52, 2cm/20, 5inch right thigh: 52, 7cm/20, 7inch day 1: done (I was swimming in my own sweat
Madi Daniels
Madi Daniels 6 hours ago
i have seen people commenting progess n diets so i will be doing the same ♡ *day 1:* just finished this workout and i have to say im dripping in sweat! just taking a water break then im going to be doing her cooldown and recovery 10 minute stretch! but overall im feeling motivated. :)
kelys0920 6 hours ago
On 4 weeks shred program and procrastinating it daily to the very last min if I can cos I'm dreading the soreness.. and I have come completed today's (yesterday's) workout at 2am. Still.. proud of myself!
Clara Borgeryd
Clara Borgeryd 6 hours ago
On day 14, it’s working guys, if I can do it you can do it :)
Valeria Peña
Valeria Peña 7 hours ago
So I started rope jumping and now I will complement that with this 25 day challenge. Wish me luck!!
Kerem K.
Kerem K. 7 hours ago
this is the hardest work out ive ever done....and I thought tag was a lot when I was younger
iamtaati 7 hours ago
the side planks are way easier with shoes on!
Evil Idk
Evil Idk 8 hours ago
Me watching this: no not going to happen
Xel-Ha Montejano-Granados
Am I the only one who can physically not do the stupid side crunches
Juliette vb
Juliette vb 8 hours ago
Anyone recommendations how to keep it in shape after this challenge? Repeat the challenge again?
Nightcore Yuno
Nightcore Yuno 9 hours ago
Me watching the vid: Will this do much :/ Me after going through and following all the steps for the first time cuz I never do these stuff: **dying, about to pass out**
Sophie Mich
Sophie Mich 9 hours ago
Does anyone know what I can do if I don’t have resistance bands?
Natassha Nair
Natassha Nair 9 hours ago
hi....i started this exercises with full spirit and passion but on my second day , when i started doing the first workout and by the middle of it my head hurt soo bad i tried not to put any pressure on my neck but i couldent feel the burn in my core instead my head started to blast this had seriously never happened to me befour so is it ik if i skipped todays day which is my second day of the first week training cause my head hurts so bad. and by the way im 13 years old if your wondering weight-49kgs height-4"10 waist-28 inches tummy-30 inches i will continue sharing my progress with yall....... my dream goal weight-45 waist-26 inches thanku all and please support me....
Julieta Delgado
Julieta Delgado 9 hours ago
today was day 12 of the hourglass challenge for me and as hard as it has been it definitely pays off!!!! been seeing results since day 5 and each day i feel stronger (^:
Shriya Adhikari
Shriya Adhikari 10 hours ago
My arms are soooo sore!!!! I honestly thought this was for only abs and booty
Azaleah Lorien Cabanban
can i just know if some of you are doing these workouts without a resistant band
Hannah Mae Knighting-Wykes
Does any one know, roughly obviously.. how many calories you burn doing this workout? or any of the others for that matter? thank you!
Eharr223 10 hours ago
Make sure you moisturize your butt and leg muscles to avoid stretch marks from working out this much!
virag bajnoczi
virag bajnoczi 11 hours ago
The rest time that u gave isnt enough for me to change my position😂😂😂
May Poe Eain Htay
May Poe Eain Htay 12 hours ago
hi im jus hoping if you could make a workout video for some people after getting the abs. cuz like i alrdy got abs but i wanna keep them but i wanna do a less tiring workout. what i said might b a bit confusing but pls pls pls consider making a vid
Cynthia’s Land
Cynthia’s Land 12 hours ago
Okay but like, for the first time in my life I can actually say that THIS WAS FUN! i really, really enjoyed this workout, it wasn't too hard and there were a lot of new exercises i have never seen before
Asma Belalem
Asma Belalem 12 hours ago
6:10 the song is saying exactly what I'm feeling 😩
slimani meriem
slimani meriem 13 hours ago
Am i the only one that don't respect the rest time?? 😭
slimani meriem
slimani meriem 13 hours ago
My god my legs r shakiiiing
slimani meriem
slimani meriem 13 hours ago
In the booty tap and the exercise before i couldn't engage the right muscle group that shit haaaard😭😭😭😭
Margaret Gesmundo
Margaret Gesmundo 13 hours ago
when the song said "i took a break and im still tired" i felt that
Alice BERGQVIST 14 hours ago
Does anybody else’s body just refuse to side plank? Nope just me?
Lianna Piper
Lianna Piper 15 hours ago
Im feeling a diffrence already but i have question i had pizza ia few hours ago will that affect that is their a diet we have to go o
Mich 15 hours ago
I suffer from body dysmorphia and I absolutely hate my body to a point where I cry about it almost everyday, but I will try to do this in a couple days, hope I can finish it 😔
AlexisXxOxX 12 hours ago
You can do this! I’ve started the program and I feel so much better about my body
24poribs 16 hours ago
cutebodhereicomeeeee maybe:')
Alaq Al-Muwali
Alaq Al-Muwali 16 hours ago
wow. I don't normally sweat easily in my workouts but this routine had me sweating buckets. Like actual dripping sweat and I love it. I had my doubts about her routine but I can clearly see how effective they are after just 15 minutes. Onto doing the full hourglass challenge for June 2020!
Noiz 16 hours ago
65 kg down to 56 kg I exercised a bit but what helped me most in my weight lost was cutting out carbs and refined sugars. I ate chicken breast, salads, salmon, oatmeal, eggs etc. The weight lost process was steady but surely. As an asian, I grew up loving white rice but I was surprised when I stopped eating rice. I quickly shred the excess fat.
aida Ht
aida Ht 17 hours ago
I want to reduce my butt fat :(( how can i do it
papito burrito
papito burrito 18 hours ago
Hey Chloe, I love your leggings here, could you please tell me where you bought it from? 🤗Also really love your challenges! Lots of love 💕
Tamara C
Tamara C 19 hours ago
Thanks to me u got a lot of views cause I been watching ur vids everyday and working out wveryday
Milk Tea
Milk Tea 20 hours ago
me in bed like: 👁👄👁 *okay tomorrow I'm going to do this.*
elianna reese
elianna reese 21 hour ago
i’m gonna keep y’all updated on my results!! my current measurements are- waist: 25 and hips: 35!! i started yesterday so i’m one day off but i’ll just put day 1 and 2. day 1: i struggled a lot with the workouts laying on your stomach but i got through them. i had to take a minute break every so often. day 2: was actually a LOT easier but i sweat a lot more. i also ate a cookie after 🤦🏽‍♀️
Paulina Arzamendia
Paulina Arzamendia 21 hour ago
who else dies with the plank?
Chennille Ann Bleu Gundayao
12:18 abs n booty set
Katie 1172
Katie 1172 21 hour ago
I use her intros to mentally prepare myself
서연김 21 hour ago
I havent seen a lot of people comment their results, so I'll do mine! Weight:130 Day 1:✅ I'm doing the 25 days hourglass challenge along with the 2 weeks shred. I was very tired and sweaty after these For lunch I had AVOCADO TOAST! Along with almonds and broccoli! 🥦 Ingredients for sandwich: 100% whole wheat bread🍞 1/4 of an avocado 🥑 Small cucumber 🥒 Tomatoes 🍅 Green bell pepper Day 2:
deasty zasqiya
deasty zasqiya 22 hours ago
thank youuu! this work out is awesome!!!!!!!
Jacqueline Muhlbaier
i feel like my butt doesn’t hurt the next day like it should? am i doing something wrong?
Mary Elvamir
Mary Elvamir 23 hours ago
Thank you ads, I'm not gonna skip you.
straymind 23 hours ago
i have like a three minute nap time every three exercises
jo jo
jo jo 23 hours ago
Anybody doing this in quarantine for a glow up (for yourself of course)?
Jay Crawford
Jay Crawford Day ago
I can only stay motivated if I remind myself that I’m doing this for the girls and the gays they give me the strength to carry on
emily Day ago
Title: tiny waist Step one: get a small rib cage
Evelyn Cardenas
Evelyn Cardenas 21 hour ago
me with my wide rib cage -
Diana Guerrero
Will it bulk up your thighs?
Anisha Katoch
Anisha Katoch 23 hours ago
This video focuses on you abs and butt more than legs.
Gisell López Sanchez
Is it ok if i do it everyday?
Anisha Katoch
Anisha Katoch 23 hours ago
There are programs on Chloe Ting’s website that come with schedules
That went by quick..
i love crackers
who else is here from the hourglass program?->
Panic! at the twenty one crybabies
Hi guys ima start her hourglass program today nd I'll try to keep you guys updated on the results and I'll take before and after measurements✨
7evengirl Day ago
Why the fuck can't I do booty taps?? Can someone give me tips it's really frustrating me
Anisha Katoch
Anisha Katoch 23 hours ago
I feel you. It’s hard doing this but it gets easier and one really good tip is to squeeze your butt while you do them. It took some practice for me to squeeze my butt and the exercise but the more you do it the easier and more efficient the exercises
Maria Michael
First day.. im in pain
Prerna Neeraj Mishra
Hey, i simply love your routines,, but i always have a doubt, how to manage a challenge with other workouts routines i have.. do i only have to do this .. or i can clup it with my muscle movement workout? Could you pls suggest who to schedule it with other my muscle workout everyday 😊
Kimbaly Verschitz
I can’t do the side planks 😩
Ellen F
Ellen F Day ago
I've tried a couple other channels for these types of exercises and all felt either too demanding on my beginner body or fake in some way - yknow, no sweat, all smiles, hair perfectly placed. After the first set when she like touches her abs and huffs cus it was strenuous i felt like, Yes! she's like me!! hahaha. Wonderful video. I usually do ones much shorter and struggle much more. Your fantastic commentary and encouragement as well allowing time for rest really helped me get through this.
Cindy W.
Cindy W. Day ago
Never realized how long one second was until I found chloe
Venia Karagkiozi
the gym clothes chloe is wearing in this video, motivated me to start this workoyt program
Venia Karagkiozi
To get something you never had, you must do something you have never done!!!!
Elizabeth Godines
My entire body is on fire 🔥 😭
Cupcakes Sprinkles
anyone else's kitty hurts when doing the booty tap exercises?
Mew C
Mew C Day ago
What if I’m losing fat in my butt instead of gaining it ?
Sakura Da
Sakura Da Day ago
Will it work for hipsdips?
Ananya Adarsh
I am a thin girl and I want these features, if I do it will I lose a lot of weight that I already have?
crystal gruchy
Love your workouts Chloe - where are you pants from in this video. Love them! Day 1 of hourglass challenge here I come 🥵
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