Tiny Room Makeover! *Under the Stairs*

Ryland Adams
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***the stuff inside my room!!
Urban outfitters bean bag go.magik.ly/ml/kf36/
Dog bed (we have 3 of these lol) go.magik.ly/ml/kf3w/
Hanging Shelf go.magik.ly/ml/kf3c/
Flower Mirror go.magik.ly/ml/kf4c/
Chill wall hook go.magik.ly/ml/kf3o/
Blankets go.magik.ly/ml/kf4f/
Rug go.magik.ly/ml/kf3a/
hanging lights: go.magik.ly/ml/kf46/
Canopy go.magik.ly/ml/kf49/
Tiny cat go.magik.ly/ml/kf3f/
White curtains go.magik.ly/ml/kf3h/
Grey curtains go.magik.ly/ml/kf3j/
Ikea cork coasters go.magik.ly/ml/kf44/
The pillows, table and plant are from home goods which dosen't sell things online :(
I FINALLY HAVE MERCH!! www.amazon.com/rylandadams
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8 фев 2019

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Ryland Adams
Ryland Adams 14 дней назад
I hope you like today's renovation!! I listed the things inside the room in my description in case you're curious as to where any of the stuff is from. hope you have a good weekend :))
frog12 6 часов назад
+NicoleRiver 293 hiiii
Dani AKA Vanilla bean
Dani AKA Vanilla bean 8 часов назад
Why Ryland so sexy tho like 😝😫😭❤
Nancy leon
Nancy leon 2 дня назад
the panic room looks better than my entire house!
fernanda hernandez
fernanda hernandez 2 дня назад
Ryland Adams hey sister where’s today’s video
Khaleah Ritchie
Khaleah Ritchie 4 дня назад
You did great but 24 hour challenge 24 hour challenge 24 hour challenge with you and morgan
Sharki 57 минут назад
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Час назад
1) Shane socializing from the door way is ME. 2) How cute is Andrew?! 3) Where is Garrett? 😩
SesameSeedSam 2 часа назад
Aaahhhh I have that exact dancing pig but in green
Agent 47
Agent 47 2 часа назад
I love how he played you didn’t glow up
Miss. Nobody
Miss. Nobody 2 часа назад
I would literally pay Ryland to decorate my room.
Toomuch Agarose
Toomuch Agarose 3 часа назад
Thank you Natural Selection.....
Audrey Johnson
Audrey Johnson 4 часа назад
Like Jenna on her old house lol
mythologygeekfreakmagicstar 4 часа назад
I wish you would make a video where you show us how to make your hommade chocolate chip pumkpkin cookies^^
Tasha Wycoff
Tasha Wycoff 5 часов назад
Love the room! You did a fabulous job!!! 😻🤗
Kristin Reynolds
Kristin Reynolds 5 часов назад
I literally was waiting for that La Croix to be knocked over😂 Anyone else?
maddie pan
maddie pan 5 часов назад
That is so iconic 💗🐷💫
Bella Fanning
Bella Fanning 5 часов назад
You should do a 24 hour challenge in the tiny room
Samantha Raines
Samantha Raines 5 часов назад
Shane in Ryland's videos is so different from his own. I know they have like "characters" in Shane's stuff, but it's nice to see him somewhat candid
skdjsksjsk 8 часов назад
im not even gonna watch this. it reminded me of harry potter so im gonna go watch that
Awkward Weirdos
Awkward Weirdos 8 часов назад
House tour!!!!!
Chiara Girolami
Chiara Girolami 9 часов назад
You’re really good at interior design !! I’d love to see more things like this
Sheikah Chu
Sheikah Chu 14 часов назад
Ryland did such a wonderful job, the room is so cute! It'd be a great room to hotbox, or just smoke in to begin with without hotboxing if you just had a tiny portable fan or something. Unfortunately if it were in my house I'd almost never be able to go in it though, I'm claustrophobic and there is just way too much in there for such a small space to begin with. A few pillows and a rug and it'd be perf. Stellar job though, Ryland, it's cute as fuck! Though that mirror is sketchy as fuck, I'd be so afraid of bumping it and knocking it off the wall on accident.
Destiny Elizabeth
Destiny Elizabeth 14 часов назад
you and shane are so fucken cute ughhhhhh
paige haddock
paige haddock 15 часов назад
Looks like Shane and Morgan have been dieting and working out together. They look good
emma jemma
emma jemma 15 часов назад
Ryland I have found your twin, ,checkout Ellen degenerous geography expert Nate video..he looks jz like u:)
Luis Enrique Ocaña Flores
Luis Enrique Ocaña Flores 16 часов назад
Am I the only want who thinks this is an amazing spot to have sex? I mean what.
chachaluv7 16 часов назад
such an amazing job! Please do more interior design videos
Kathleen Armstrong
Kathleen Armstrong 17 часов назад
Btw I voted for you for vlogger of the year.
Dakoda Cooper
Dakoda Cooper 17 часов назад
Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa Mia khalifa OKaY, I have no more time for this 👌🏾
CBoxAlmighty 20 часов назад
Ryland and Shane holding each other at the end was just sooo cute
King Taco
King Taco 20 часов назад
Haa, Gaaaay
King Taco
King Taco 20 часов назад
rachel ingersoll
rachel ingersoll 21 час назад
your videos are too long bro
Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith 22 часа назад
Andrew looks so good!😍
M3lting R0s3
M3lting R0s3 22 часа назад
Ryland tell your daddy (Shane) to go back on RUvid and upload. Anyways love you!
abbiewasheres День назад
Oh my god art land can you just like, design my house???
Pip Squeak
Pip Squeak День назад
Hi this made me feel a lot better because I live in Arizona and it snowed at my school today but I’m sick so I didn’t get to see it. Thank you
sophiesminecraftstuff День назад
Is it just me or is anyone thinking the panic rooms door is like way too skinny
Hannah Farina
Hannah Farina День назад
You need a mini fridge down there for diet root beer and la croix 😭😭😍
xx Kate xx
xx Kate xx День назад
I have the biggest crush on Morgan and Andrew but I also ship them
Amaya Blatner
Amaya Blatner День назад
When are you gonna be ryland Adam's dawson???? 🤣
polinalady1 День назад
Ryland tell morgan next time someone come to her and offer to tell her future she need to do angry face and pretend be witch herself like km gonna tell your future now bitch ! Thats how i deal in jinx ppl in russia lol they ussually get scared coz they are scammers ,she or get afraid u witch or whag u broke her face lol
Betty1879 День назад
5:11the song was so funny😂😂 is that voice rylands?😂
Caty Bee
Caty Bee День назад
You should decorate it like Harry's room.
yourexrobloxgf 23
yourexrobloxgf 23 День назад
Andrew and Morgan ❤️❤️❤️ ship it
نحلة День назад
Ryland is such a mood 😻
Kidos Kookies
Kidos Kookies День назад
Wait what you have a rap?🤣
Leilani Mack
Leilani Mack День назад
baby if there was a emergency all that shit would be knocked down
Sammy Jayne
Sammy Jayne День назад
OMG That song!! i am shook!! xx
Røse . S
Røse . S День назад
24 hour challenge in there would be really fun to watch 😂
Zaya Inanc
Zaya Inanc День назад
Morgan without makeup is EVERYTHING
Nick Tyler
Nick Tyler День назад
Make it cozy to can take better the D 🙌🏽😂
Joanne Romero
Joanne Romero День назад
Elizabeth Elliott
Elizabeth Elliott День назад
Upscale, fancy doghouse!:)
IT Editz
IT Editz День назад
Imagine: Ryland *Dawson*
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia День назад
Andrew in glass 🥰
Hannah Rains
Hannah Rains День назад
honestly I am really feeling the rap you were doing around 5 min in and I'm mad I can't download it lmao
ANGELMANNO2 День назад
great job.
Bella LeDonne
Bella LeDonne День назад
Mr.kate who lol
Tiffany Moore
Tiffany Moore День назад
You need to add honey onto your outro on the subscribe tag. 😉
taeisbaeandkindagay День назад
17:36 MY HEART
Kelly Kuperstein
Kelly Kuperstein День назад
So aesthetic!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kelly Kuperstein
Kelly Kuperstein День назад
My dad was using a saw and sliced a chunk of his finger. He’s a mechanic and a seat fell on his hand and had to get stitches. 🤮 He also got his tooth pulled today...😂 he’s had many injuries
Damaris Navarro
Damaris Navarro День назад
I got anxiety watching you guys in that room I felt like I couldn’t breathe lmao
Oof Carrena
Oof Carrena День назад
I love how he plays glow up😂😂❤❤
Jacqui День назад
I ship Andrew and I lol 😭
Coolie Starr
Coolie Starr 2 дня назад
Shane and the vlog squad should meet
Tammy VanEps
Tammy VanEps 2 дня назад
Omg. I need to know where I can send Morgan a crystal that means absolutely NOTHING!
Ell Crake
Ell Crake 2 дня назад
It would be cool if u did it so the door blended in with the wall so it was more like a hidden room and If a robber came u could hide in there
Dinni and lodi KF
Dinni and lodi KF 2 дня назад
Maddie vs the World
Maddie vs the World 2 дня назад
The music? yes.
Christa J. Dixon
Christa J. Dixon 2 дня назад
Omg new idea for this room. Make shelves above the sitting room and put game boards!!
Emily Swanger
Emily Swanger 2 дня назад
A Chuck E. Cheese commercial came on in the middle of this. Coincidence? I think not!
Christa J. Dixon
Christa J. Dixon 2 дня назад
Omg that moving pink pig is everything. I live in Vegas. Where is this at?!?!?
Paulina Paulik
Paulina Paulik 2 дня назад
12:35 “woah. Wow.”😂😂
lovely shadows
lovely shadows 2 дня назад
Was that a little mermaid but of you and shane theme 😂🤣??
Cooking with Ogres
Cooking with Ogres 2 дня назад
Ryland why aren’t u like my older and fashionable brother
Rhianne Barnsley
Rhianne Barnsley 2 дня назад
Andrew saying “If you guys do have kids this is gonna be perfect” 😭
Magnet Cheese
Magnet Cheese 2 дня назад
ok i just started this video but why does morgan look so good at like 0:44
Wesley Smith
Wesley Smith 2 дня назад
you should use it as a guest room
A1lacey A1family
A1lacey A1family 2 дня назад
The girl has Jake Paul merch on
kay honne
kay honne 2 дня назад
Probably the only one to comment this but I know alot of us are thinking it.. that's room would be AMAZING to hotbox.
Sarah Isabelle
Sarah Isabelle 2 дня назад
Ryland should help decorate part of Morgan’s place
kayla kempt
kayla kempt 2 дня назад
It’s Wednesday I’m waiting.
Olivia’s Nook
Olivia’s Nook 2 дня назад
Him in this video: 4:54 “I’m so masculine” Him in another video: “I always carry hand sanitizer in my little purse” Edit: the song at 5:21 *OMG SHANE*
jose luis martinez
jose luis martinez 2 дня назад
OMG, the name for the podcast it should be called “Tea with Ryland Adams” like if you’re down ;)
Rachel 2 дня назад
Shera Mortejo
Shera Mortejo 2 дня назад
I love how you take every task seriously without it getting boring. I stan the whole squad but your channel is probably my favorite. ❤ ❤❤
girl 55
girl 55 2 дня назад
I'm from Utah and I found out my dad's co worker Marcus his wife cousin is your mom and he had pictures ahah small world my dad knows your mom's cousins husband!
Brooke Boudreaux
Brooke Boudreaux 2 дня назад
Why is andrew so underated. Like he is a 10 out of 10. 😍
Chronically Vlogging
Chronically Vlogging 2 дня назад
I’d Live in it if there were like five fans and a phone charger.
Yvette Garcia
Yvette Garcia 2 дня назад
Hey Ryan this is one of your favorite fans love your videos and thank you for sharing your life with us and please don't stop showing videos of you on RUvid thank you
Diana Ponce
Diana Ponce 2 дня назад
Eva Lim
Eva Lim 2 дня назад
Do decorate videos 👌
Audrey 2 дня назад
oh my god i used to have that dancing pig when i was a kid
Jeff Idiot
Jeff Idiot 2 дня назад
Omfg can u do my room !!!! It’s VERY small maybe smaller than ur own bathroom
Grakeus 2 дня назад
Please decorate more strangely shaped spaces.
i am a disappointment to my family
you better hope noone breaks in because you just leaked the location of your panic room lmao
EH minem
EH minem 2 дня назад
“wait what the fuck” 😂😂😂😂
joanna freedom
joanna freedom 2 дня назад
Morgan 😂 staple gun a power tool 😂 so cute!
Sarah Carver
Sarah Carver 2 дня назад
Does anyone else think that Morgan and Andrew should date
fernanda hernandez
fernanda hernandez 2 дня назад
Patiently waiting for you to upload
Poppys ROBLOX 2 дня назад
Mr Kate who
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash 2 дня назад
was that song made for shane or garrett im-
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