Tiny & LeToya Check on Monica at Toya's Live Birthday | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

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Before the party gets a little TOO out of control, the girls take a break upstairs to discuss how Monica is feeling about finalizing her divorce.
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Jun 8, 2020




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Comments 100
kamryn mcelroy
Toya be havn the best parties
I love hearing Monica curse
Julia Duke
Julia Duke Month ago
Am I the only one who notices this room was the room the pillow talk fight happened in RHOA?😭
Blaag smith
Blaag smith Month ago
Monica: is you going to the club in ya pjs. Toya: Bitch I’m going just like this...🤣😂🤣
This was one of few reality tv parties that seems to be an actual party that was fun
Frances Washington
Frances Washington 3 months ago
I do agree to the comments I could use a All girl slumber party positive non catty cordial fun
Messy T
Messy T 3 months ago
Why toys so fine
jamie horn
jamie horn 3 months ago
Did I see Rasheeda from L&HH ATL?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 months ago
Yup they are all good friends
Pretty&petite Mama39
Toya was turnt 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
Jelani Reynolds
Jelani Reynolds 4 months ago
kenn d011ie
kenn d011ie 4 months ago
I love this 😂😍
Hebrewqueen g
Hebrewqueen g 4 months ago
I like Monica answer !
Hebrewqueen g
Hebrewqueen g 4 months ago
Is she really havin a whole baby , when her daughter is n 20s? Y did I think Toya was havin a baby shower , aint she havin a baby, 🤔
princess Riah
princess Riah 4 months ago
What episode is this
Freedom Life
Freedom Life 4 months ago
Tiny tiny tiny!!! Dat booty is a no no honey!!!!😂 it looks a damn mess
april williams
april williams 4 months ago
Very classy ladies having grown up fun!!!
naikeema knapper
naikeema knapper 4 months ago
Monica is boring
Eriq7001 4 months ago
I love the fact that it was an all girl Pink Birthday Party ...but why didn't Toya intriduce all her non - celebrity girlfriends as a while! It just footage of her interaction with her mother, Letoya, Monica and Tiny.
Brenda Boone
Brenda Boone 4 months ago
BLACK BONNY 4 months ago
I love mama Toya 💕💕💕💕💕💕✨
Josias Cusi
Josias Cusi 4 months ago
Why they all look like drag queens?
Bee Ozuna
Bee Ozuna 4 months ago
These girl’s go way back they living they best life god bless.
Shirley Thornton
Shirley Thornton 4 months ago
Lick da tip😁😁😁😁
Shannon Gregg
Shannon Gregg 4 months ago
YESSS, I love their life!! 🤗😍
Chandre Coleman
Chandre Coleman 4 months ago
How did they end up the same damn completion??? Really...why don't we love the skin we were born with!!
reformer6666 4 months ago
Toya is real undercover.
LizBiz Ldn
LizBiz Ldn 4 months ago
TI needs to see Tiny is a good women
candi licious
candi licious 4 months ago
Monica is a born ball. Maybe that's y her husband cheated on her
Simply Hogan
Simply Hogan 4 months ago
My mom suffers from drug addiction... but it feels so good to see Toya’s mom healthy. I wish mine could get it together! 😩
Kennetta Bradford
Kennetta Bradford 4 months ago
Correction Divorce is never a failure if its gonna set you free of unnecessary Bullshit💯💯💯💯
Nurse Beauty
Nurse Beauty 4 months ago
Yesss Ladies, Enjoy💯😘😃😃
Tara Sade
Tara Sade 4 months ago
I ❤️❤️❤️ their friendships!!!
Reynado Johnson
Reynado Johnson 4 months ago
Toya thick,
delores walmack
delores walmack 4 months ago
Lick the tip....lol. Well T.I. nickname is tip, so hey. I love their friendship.
None2NV 4 months ago
I was hoping they got back together😢
Jelani Reynolds
Jelani Reynolds 4 months ago
Aay Boogie
Aay Boogie 4 months ago
Wow. Toya's mom looks great!
Katasha Tidwell
Katasha Tidwell 4 months ago
Reginae looks just like her grandma
lortayo07 o
lortayo07 o 4 months ago
I love these women these 4 what they show is loyalty to each other. That's what u consider a friend and more of us could be loyal and have each other back like them women power would go along way. Hat's off to u women
Christina Moore
Christina Moore 4 months ago
I never like this show idk why
Christina Moore
Christina Moore 3 months ago
@SuperiorT S it was so boring to me even when it is a lil drama I don't like ti beetle juice head looking ass 😭😂🤣
SuperiorT S
SuperiorT S 3 months ago
SuperiorT S
SuperiorT S 3 months ago
it's Tay
it's Tay 4 months ago
Fake friends
star Witcher
star Witcher 4 months ago
Could someone tell me where tiny ring
About That Life
About That Life 4 months ago
This marriage is looking good on Toya❣ She is free to be her true self and live her BEST life....such a sweet Southern Bell, she deserves it . 🖤 HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN TOYA🌻🙏🎁
Theking_ofScorpios 4 months ago
Me and Toya got the same B-day! October 26th!!! #Scorpios
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones 4 months ago
Fake ass fake mine demonic spirits will steal your soul they all fake
Penelope Parks
Penelope Parks 4 months ago
I love get togethers, those rompers, NO
Salone Onwuachi
Salone Onwuachi 4 months ago
Omgggg happpy birthday Queens so lovingit ❤️❤️❤️$$!,
Jasmine Haynes
Jasmine Haynes 4 months ago
Toya body Shape is Ugly!!
SteppingPretty 4 months ago
Why the Hell Monica wear WINTER clothes ALL YEAR ROUND? & Tiny legs looks terrible carry around that horrible booty.
RubyRed Ruby
RubyRed Ruby 4 months ago
Love how they bond! I cant be friends with females
Peaches Lovely
Peaches Lovely 3 months ago
Yep me too.i be getting the dumb ones
SuperiorT S
SuperiorT S 3 months ago
LOL Im sorry to hear that ladies....Im trustworthy want to be my friend?
Buckeye Fan
Buckeye Fan 4 months ago
RubyRed Ruby Me either they can’t be trusted! I only have about 4 females that I can call my good friends and 2 of those 4 are my bloodline and I’m cool with it!
RubyRed Ruby
RubyRed Ruby 4 months ago
Man sometimes I wish I had Girls like this but then again
Tinkle Bell
Tinkle Bell 4 months ago
If Tiny & of course TI is happy with Tiny"s butt then who cares what everyone else thinks! Tiny & to all the other ladies enjoy your best life💕 Blessings💜
kia tennie
kia tennie 4 months ago
She’s vibrant
Innocent Life
Innocent Life 4 months ago
Glad Shekinah wasn't at Toya birthday party 🎉Her loud ratchet ghetto azz 😬😕😳I love jus seeing Toya,Monica,Tiny,Le'toya.Those girls so humble, intelligent,and on the same page in life.😘🥊🎉🎊🎈🔮🎄
Takeese Tucker
Takeese Tucker 4 months ago
All these fake butts. Jeeeeeeez
Q T 4 months ago
KIRK ain’t let his lil puppy Rasheeda out to the pawty 🤣🤣🤣 But damn Tiny that ass sloppy
Danielle Freeman
Danielle Freeman 4 months ago
Toya: what's your name ? 🤔 Tiny: "Lick the TIP" 😋 LMAO , I like that one 😂
Carmen Boynes
Carmen Boynes 4 months ago
How do you get a coupon code?
Carmen Boynes
Carmen Boynes 4 months ago
Did she say divorce?wtf!!!
Amazin 4 months ago
Monica a hold mood ....Bytcccchhh my name is Bannnnnddddzzzzz
Buckeye Fan
Buckeye Fan 4 months ago
I love Monica and how she ALWAYS keeps it classy and dresses like a grown and respectful woman!
Teneka Gaines
Teneka Gaines 4 months ago
I Love Monica but she's BORING
Teresa Scott
Teresa Scott 4 months ago
I love those women,😂😂😂😂they tell it like it is. They are a great group of women. I enjoy the show. Happy Birthday Toya🎂🎈🎉🎁
xoAngelicaF 4 months ago
I love the turn up Toya Johnson ✌🏽
Genaiya Plant
Genaiya Plant 4 months ago
Tiny booty look fake
Tina W.
Tina W. 4 months ago
I love this idea and these women NO men THAT'S WASS UP we want to have fun😄😃💯💙🔥
Laquanta Reddick
Laquanta Reddick 4 months ago
Can I say LITTTtt
Erica Blessed
Erica Blessed 4 months ago
Tiny looks really good but her booty tho. I wonder why she got her butt done so big and it doesn’t even match her legs
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth 4 months ago
Dang she only 36
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson 4 months ago
Yall Looking Good🔥
Diamond Briggs
Diamond Briggs 4 months ago
Divorce doesn't mean failure.
Just Live
Just Live 4 months ago
Met Toya's mom several times. She is adorable and has a load of character. Luv Ms.Nita
Jamie Jay Jay
Jamie Jay Jay 4 months ago
Nah I ain’t never see toya curse so much 😂😂😂 she’s always classy
Antoinette Jamison
Antoinette Jamison 4 months ago
Toua so pretty...lil Wayne Kno how to pic em'
Queen Of 3
Queen Of 3 4 months ago
Tiny and ti getting a divorce I didn’t know that
Queen Of 3
Queen Of 3 4 months ago
Ok I thought so I had to replay it like why she say when my divorce finalize lol but I figured she was talking about Monica
Black Angel
Black Angel 4 months ago
They not she was talking about Monica
Kilt Em
Kilt Em 4 months ago
36?! Damn I ain’t know she was that young! I had to google it LOL. Her and Wayne had reginae hella young
Kbellaluvvs 4 months ago
Kilt Em I think they were like 14
N A 4 months ago
Toya looks young but for some reason I thought she was older than 36.
Ethel Gorham
Ethel Gorham 4 months ago
She just very mature for her age
Amazin 4 months ago
Me 2...
Tluv 4 months ago
I like Letoya on the Greenleaf. Good actress.
katrina gabriel
katrina gabriel 4 months ago
Love this Show!
Dominique Thomas
Dominique Thomas 4 months ago
There Friendship is Everything 🥰♥️♥️♥️
Angela Barney
Angela Barney 4 months ago
Fun fun fun
Shellyz Corner
Shellyz Corner 4 months ago
Monica is so beautiful omgggg
Latasha Edwards
Latasha Edwards 4 months ago
Yes yes yes I love it I should have been there 😍
Carla Snow
Carla Snow 4 months ago
I want my hair like toya mom
Danielle Bradshaw
Danielle Bradshaw 4 months ago
Imagine Ms. Nita and Frankie hanging out together lol....that would be a "man down situation" for real 🤣🤣
Anye H
Anye H 3 months ago
Danielle Bradshaw I’m sighing it
brandon monroe
brandon monroe 4 months ago
That would be amazing
Danielle Bradshaw
Danielle Bradshaw 4 months ago
I say we all petition VH1 to give these moms their own show. Who's with me✋ ? Lol
Regi Sligh
Regi Sligh 4 months ago
Do you understand... that would be epic!
Company Confidential
Can Jim Jones momma come too?
Y'all didn't invited Tamar
Black Angel
Black Angel 4 months ago
They are not friends like that anymore.
Chick-fil-A gal
Chick-fil-A gal 4 months ago
Real girlfriend fun.
LishaMarie LeeLee
LishaMarie LeeLee 4 months ago
I didn't know tiny was going through with her divorce?? I am so glad she is, because tip need a wake up call frfr
Black Angel
Black Angel 4 months ago
They aren't. She was talking about Monica.
Lynn Young
Lynn Young 4 months ago
Looks so fun ladies Happy Birthday 🎈🎉💕💝
I'sha LOVE
I'sha LOVE 4 months ago
Put the damn phones down and have fun!!! Shesshh
Black Angel
Black Angel 4 months ago
It was a Live party. That's why the phones are there. She says it in the beginning.
Brandywine 503
Brandywine 503 4 months ago
Lmao Toya ass was lit..."We Is who we are bitch" took me tf out lmao...I love they classy ratchetness.
Lashonda Crossley
Lashonda Crossley 4 months ago
Having fun is cool 🎉🎊
YESHUA’s ALIVE 4 months ago
Is tiny a dwarf?
Joy of All Trades
Joy of All Trades 4 months ago
Toya momma a good lookin lady
shatara colebrooke
shatara colebrooke 4 months ago
Nothing like having greats friends when you going threw those things
So Seriouz Brand and Company
Chanthina Jackson
Chanthina Jackson 4 months ago
Monica and toya my favorite scorpios lol
Danger Hamilton
Danger Hamilton 4 months ago
Happy birthday Toya love you girl .l love Toya mom she funny
Kayana Gonzalez
Kayana Gonzalez 4 months ago
Tiny your butt too big just being honest
Q T 4 months ago
Kayana Gonzalez 🤣🤣🤣
xoAngelicaF 4 months ago
It def is lol
See, I Like stuff like this, Were Women can come together && Celebrate other Women.... 💯💯💯
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