Timothée Chalamet & Emma Stone - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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Dec 5, 2018




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Janet Stoker
Janet Stoker 12 hours ago
If you started playing the drinking game on every time each of them says: "it's just like". You'd be drunk in 5 minutes flat..."like"😉✌🏻😁
Ramona park Legend
This nigga is such a loser son if he wasn’t famous none of you would be on his dick
Joshua Diaddario
Joshua Diaddario 3 days ago
im just glad somebody likes the rocker
123Dance 4 days ago
At 3:49 when u don't know what to do in front of your crush
MariaLuisa Santistevan
How does Tim Burton feel today after rejecting these two wonderful actors?
Nicole Laundrie
Nicole Laundrie 8 days ago
I feel like if you knew Timothee, he'd either be the best boyfriend ever to have, or the most wonderful, beautiful friend to have in your life.
Nicole Laundrie
Nicole Laundrie 8 days ago
I LOVE "crazy stupid love" I probably watch it once or twice a month. It still makes me laugh.
Andro beats
Andro beats 10 days ago
Listening to shit
Emilia Abacan
Emilia Abacan 11 days ago
he’s literally the sweetest person ever i might cry
Camila Monje Cuba
Camila Monje Cuba 12 days ago
Ustedes ven a Emma Stone, yo veo a Natalie Coleman #DesperateBridesmaids
Anita Fakhari
Anita Fakhari 12 days ago
kcaj eyecitpes
kcaj eyecitpes 14 days ago
2 very nice people, consumed & involved with their jobs. I think TV is where all the good stories are hitting audiences. I think movies are creatively limited due to the Time restraint. I hope to see them on TV in the future.
Devin Michael Roberts
She is falling in love with him, you can see it hahahaha
munchy 01
munchy 01 16 days ago
Why did I discoverd this nOw??? This is so great.
lani i
lani i 16 days ago
Emma stone is stunning
HC K 18 days ago
Haha emma is feeling safer and safer going through her face expression is showing that
HC K 18 days ago
7:20 bisex taste feel it. 8:35. 9:55 11:18
Saathvika Hegde
Saathvika Hegde 19 days ago
I love these two!
Shouq Nasser
Shouq Nasser 21 day ago
“like please keep talking” HAKAJAHAJAKAJ MOOD
taco toosdays
taco toosdays 21 day ago
I’m greek!!! LETS GO YORGOS
Lau's Stuff
Lau's Stuff 23 days ago
The rocker is one of my favorites movies ever! Lol 😂 😂 😂 I love it!
camila guzman pujana
I want them together in a film.
Aliza A
Aliza A 25 days ago
His red bottoms tho
debinosa 27 days ago
love how we're experiencing timothee's career with him as someone new. he describes things the way i would imagine i would say it if i was going through it.
debinosa 27 days ago
I could watch Timothee all the day. omg. he's so lovely. so humble. love how he genuinely appreciates other actors' work.
Kyle Angeles
Kyle Angeles 28 days ago
If he was a little older they’d be a cute couple
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik 26 days ago
He's obviously gay but you keep daydreaming idiot
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 27 days ago
Except she has terrible taste in men
IRIS 29 days ago
Timothee ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍
Samantha Sample
Samantha Sample Month ago
god I could listen to Tim talk all day long. When he thinks he's rambling and manic I'm like no no, let me hear it.
jktm Month ago
I feel like once Timothée starts talking about something he adores he could talk about it for ages and that's so me. He's the type of person who could hold a really meaningful and long conversation with you and I feel like it's hard to find such people but they are the types I would love to be friends with because I am similar. Just talking for hours and not feeling any pressure or urgence to stop. Also, I just love listening to him talk. He's so eloquent and intelligent and I especially love when he opens up a bit about his personal life (like when he talked about dropping out of university) which is pretty relatable and it makes him look that much more charming in my eyes.
elle radtke
elle radtke Month ago
Whats up with the documentary about the house/apartments mentioned at the very beginning? could not make out the name
Some One
Some One Month ago
After he's done acting(when he'll become older) , he should definitely become a director. He really knows what he's doing while acting(He's as conscious in every minute of acting that he looks natural.
Danny Dark
Danny Dark Month ago
They should do a movie together... A non romantic ranchy comedy or something 😁
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts Month ago
*_its 45 minutes long..._*
Niamh Month ago
He's incredibly well spoken and that's so so so attractive
steven mathew
steven mathew Month ago
Looks like he has been stalking Emma Stone😂
MadKidJohnny Month ago
He's cute.Kinda like tom hiddleston
Ignacio Tutillo
Ignacio Tutillo Month ago
When Emma said that thing about the two sides of her personality not fitting each other, I felt too identified
Alvin Singh
Alvin Singh Month ago
Timothee wearing Louboutin's?
Christina Kidwell
Dying seems to cross my mind way too much
Anna Sarkissova
Anna Sarkissova Month ago
he used some good counselling skills in there hahaha
Nappy Boy
Nappy Boy Month ago
Just here for Emma
Renee S
Renee S Month ago
I really really really liked this interview!
7MonarC Month ago
I'd be intimidating if Emma interviewed me for a job.
Barry Stalder
Barry Stalder Month ago
I'm getting manic.......he's so in touch right now!
Barry Stalder
Barry Stalder Month ago
Grounding techniques!
Barry Stalder
Barry Stalder Month ago
Two of the best right now!
Rck82 Month ago
What Tim burton reject Emma stone 😲
Daveco321 Month ago
Count how many times he says surreal
Dino Month ago
"JUST RECEIVE THIS!" *timothee awkwardly holds chair arm while emma compliments him
Exciter Matronik
gees just suck each other's dicks already LoL
Exciter Matronik
Exciter Matronik 21 day ago
@Shouq Nasser lol, calm down it's a joke. get a sense of humor why don't u
Shouq Nasser
Shouq Nasser 21 day ago
Exciter Matronik what’s wrong with you.....
RogelynMay Agustin
isaiah newlands
isaiah newlands Month ago
he banged.
Kartik Gupta
Kartik Gupta Month ago
as much as i love asa, tim would have totally nailed that part as well
Elody Skye
Elody Skye Month ago
How did I just find this now? I love both of them so much
NOAH NL Month ago
Funny that Timothée Chalamet is also going to be doing a British accent in The King a year after The Favourite. 🤩🙏🏻
Kate White
Kate White Month ago
I completely understand the hype about him now. He’s so great to listen to.
Jack Doherty
Jack Doherty Month ago
Timmy likes The Rocker I knew he was cooool
Heaven On Earth
Heaven On Earth Month ago
Emma to Timothée "You're a true unicorn". So true. Interesting that Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was the catalyst that propelled Timothée into acting, as I also see Heath as a unicorn. I felt a lump in my throat when Timothée shared that Steve told him it was enough weight loss. What a beautiful conversation!
Heaven On Earth
Heaven On Earth Month ago
Two very lovely human beings. Very nice to see.
Hopingover Leavesinfall
I hope that Timothee doesn't just ride on the success of his 2017 movies. He needs to be in consistently great cinema to stand the test of time.
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