Timothée Chalamet & Emma Stone - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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Dec 5, 2018




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Comments 2 362
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee Hour ago
Emma is so warm talking to Timothée, it feels like she’s trying to make him feel comfortable? bruh we stan both of them so hard
María Sáez
María Sáez 2 days ago
mmmm los amo.
Calum O'Toole
Calum O'Toole 3 days ago
What a shame a talent like Timothee Chalamet is talking to a loser like Emma Stone
C E 4 days ago
I like how intelligent and adaptable Timothee is. No matter the person, interview or setting he is always so social, sweet and caring. I know that he is recognized and acknowledged for his acting skills (cause he makes me feel I am living that moment with him whenever he is acting, which is unbelievable), but he is a great human overall. He really really cares about the people around him. He seems like a delight to have around. He isn't afraid to show his true feelings and that makes me fall even more in love with him. He is so real, honest and raw. Besides that he is sweet and caring, he is extremely intelligent and mature-minded. I would love to sit with him for hours, just to have a conversation. His mind amazes me.
Frans Louvre
Frans Louvre 4 days ago
I don't know. But I cannot find any flaws on Timmy's face
Whitney Kibble
Whitney Kibble 5 days ago
Timothee rocking those red bottoms
Lili Smith
Lili Smith 5 days ago
I love how he says weeping instead of crying 😂
The weirdest weirdo
Emma Stones laugh is iconic and i absolutely love it
anna Coello
anna Coello 6 days ago
Did anyone else feel the insane chemistry between them? Powerful. They need to be in a movie together.
Candice Marquette
-yes. I felt like they are now instant besties. He’s her brother now. He’s under her wing of protection. You can just tell
The weirdest weirdo
the more i watch this , the more i fall in love with both of these amazing people actor and actress
Andy Quiñones
Andy Quiñones 6 days ago
23:45 And that´s why he is such an amazing actor 26:28 Admitting that he will never be able to recreate the pain and struggle of other people ... GOD, that humility is impressive
Matt devereux
Matt devereux 6 days ago
I am deeply impressed with how unguarded Timothee is, it seems a real film nerd like the rest of us as well, interesting about privacy it surprises me that so many stars do so many talk shows discussing their private life. Why do we need to know about that really, it should be about their craft on stage and screen and thats it.
Dora 7 days ago
If he ever sees this: I want to marry you
Antra G
Antra G 7 days ago
Why does Emma talking reminds me of Taylor Swift
ester ferreira
ester ferreira 8 days ago
Timothee talks so fast and unlinearly i lost myself in the conversation like 5 times
ester ferreira
ester ferreira 8 days ago
How did timothee not get a tim burton movie he literally looks exactly like what every tim burton movie is
Katherine Chambers
Well if I didn’t love Chalamet before
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 9 days ago
UGH, Birdman.
Judy Carrasco
Judy Carrasco 9 days ago
A wonderful conversation between two genuine, lovely people who also happen to be brilliant actors. This is a joy to watch!
David Fischer
David Fischer 9 days ago
seems like a nice guy and a good actor if you want so, but whats that hype about him being so sexy? i can easily say when a man is attractive even though i am straight, but with all honesty, i would not even notice this guy if he walked pass me on the street lol. he is like a 8 or 8.5 out of 10 in my book, at best. i feel sorry for trying to put down such a humble guy, but i fucking hate hypes about peoples looks that do not even make sense.
Call Me Elmin
Call Me Elmin 8 days ago
You talk as if an 8.5 is average. Most people are not 8.5’s. Unless you have really low standards
MJ JM 9 days ago
Both of them have deep voices, what a pleasure to listen
TheKajalK 9 days ago
That didn’t feel like 40 minutes felt like 15 😫
taylor c
taylor c 11 days ago
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taylor c 9 days ago
Evie Mae
Evie Mae 11 days ago
Miss Periguines home would’ve have been so cool with Timothée in it, kinda shook he lost it to Asa
FOG 3 11 days ago
Em wow Tim saw Interstellar 8 x’s in imax... wha????
jo ma
jo ma 11 days ago
I like how she can follow his fast dialogue. Normally I feel like he speaks to fast for the other person but here it flows so well
DIPSHIKHA BORA 11 days ago
Dude i will be so lucky if i ever got to date Timothee😭
Lael Lopez
Lael Lopez 16 days ago
the man is perfection
MHA 430
MHA 430 17 days ago
I could listen to him talk for hours🤩
Skye Connors
Skye Connors 17 days ago
*watches 45 minute video to stare at Timothée Chalamet* therapist: ok honey, im gonna prescribe a rehab center
MrSanVaN 19 days ago
26:08 when and if any woman looks at me like that I will well and truly melt into the ground
MrSanVaN 19 days ago
Courtney Scott
Courtney Scott 20 days ago
sounds so weird but i love how she forms her words
Kiana G
Kiana G 21 day ago
Emma: STOP it, Hold on! Tim: *literally holds onto chair*
Sara Harden
Sara Harden 22 days ago
me : "google, what does esoteric mean?"
Kylah Folkes
Kylah Folkes 23 days ago
he seems so comfortable
Timothée Chalametismine
his Pathetic piece of paper how can u not luvvvv this man
Timothée Chalametismine
wow he’s amazing i love how he takes in all the info
Kaiba 25 days ago
Emma Stone would make for the perfect side bitch
assembled 18
assembled 18 26 days ago
I want to see him do with Natalia Dyer. These would have an awesome chemistry to each other.
sarah sings
sarah sings 27 days ago
they’re both so iconic ahh
Jesse Kirk
Jesse Kirk 29 days ago
Timothee is so uncomfortable in a really hilarious way. Really impressed that Emma is so kind and down to earth for such a young actress who's so talented and already so well loved. Inspiring
I've stumbled upon these Actors on Actors videos before but always moved on a few minutes into the conversation. Here I am, past 2 am and I finished watching the entire thing. I could listen to them for hours! LOVED the flow between them and how they gradually became more comfortable.
Kaiba 25 days ago
agreed, this is the best one out of the four or so I've seen
Tara Gold
Tara Gold Month ago
They’re a perfect pair for this
Kaiba 25 days ago
they're both so sweet. Emma stone would make the perfect side bitch
I really LOve TC’s acting but seeing this conversation reminds me of his youth. His energy, over talking and self focus is like a young uncaged ferret. Iam sure he will grow into himself or end up with more over importance then now.
Jenny Mochi
Jenny Mochi Month ago
Bro they could’ve been costars
gregorylent Month ago
great minds
DC Le Month ago
Oh, I would have liked Timothée as Spider-Man. He would make a shy, sexy, adorable, nerdy Spider-Man. It would make Spider-Man more likable.
Rory Nooks
Rory Nooks Month ago
Donna Rosenberg
Donna Rosenberg Month ago
Timmy is curious and very real can’t wait to watch him fly!
The Christicorn
The Christicorn Month ago
Who sits there talking with their hand to their cheek like that????? I AM DYING!
Alli Parker
Alli Parker Month ago
that’s literally crazy- I’m like 2 minutes into this and y’all were talking about Oakwood Apartments and I lived there as a child actor when I was like 10 it was wack
Chris Hartwig
Chris Hartwig 29 days ago
What is Oakwood Apartments and what is it like?
hafsa diy corner
These kind of interviews really warm your heart as we see people theraing countries about dropping bombs and stuff And here we see that the whole world isn't that bad yet, it gives people hope. Also I LOVE when like two actors or singers just have some sort of connection or friend ship or just even like a dialogue..... It's soo nice and ... Cool BTW I love Emma stone and both of them and how they're just havin a normal conversation ✨
RWS12234 Month ago
Who is this kid?
Jack Brown
Jack Brown Month ago
Actors on actors, or as real people call it, self-absorbed narcissistic out-of-touch individuals patting each other on the back, and telling the whole world how perfect they are.
Kezia Nathaniel
Kezia Nathaniel Month ago
Olivia Wilde to one of these types of videos please!!!
Sarah Fuentes
Sarah Fuentes Month ago
I feel like timothee is lowkey nervous and excited to be having a dope convo with Emma and I love that haha! he looks down a lot so maybe he's blushing a bit too? 🤔😅
Raphael Stalker
Raphael Stalker Month ago
Can Timothee just host this series going forward? He's so genuine and interested, it's infectious.
Majo Tejada
Majo Tejada Month ago
"Ryan Gosling is like the perfect man" no timmy, YOU ARE.
Catlynn Yates
Catlynn Yates Month ago
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