Timbaland Aiming to Lose Nearly 200 lbs After Kicking Opioid Addiction | TMZ

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Timbaland's body is damn near unrecognizable from where he was a couple years ago -- and he's crediting his will power ... for keeping him in the gym, and off prescription pills.
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Published on


Feb 14, 2020




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Comments 26
Lauri Bricker
Lauri Bricker Month ago
Lookin' good!
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 2 months ago
why when people say (they cleaning themselves up) they look more sickly then ever? he looks in worse health condition now then he ever did!
Crackhead looking fool asking fer second chance... 😂 🤣 😅
Kitty Ellen
Kitty Ellen 3 months ago
Does Harvey have cotton mouth? I’m upset with tmz over this Kobe situation. Who the hell is Kim and Kanye any longer. NO BODY
tupac 3 months ago
Old fart nobody cares move on
MGOfficial 3 months ago
now this is news
Eklypised 3 months ago
Mad props to him...I’m still struggling with opiate addiction after 14 years. Shits super hard to do. So respect to this man for doin it
Lisa Love Ministries
💕 Develop a personal relationship with Christ and know your purpose. Romans 10:9 John 3:17
Cali Uso
Cali Uso 3 months ago
Dr Dre got the Superdrugs from 50... holla@him Tim... you'll be stacked like a brick house... then drop some sicc ass beats that we all been waiting for...
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 2 months ago
Dre looks like a diesel crack head
Sir Jiggy wit it
Sir Jiggy wit it 3 months ago
🤓...what duh fugg ever happened to...Mr.Magoo...🧔
fernando lopez
fernando lopez 3 months ago
wow hope he gets better
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado 3 months ago
You can do it!!!!!!! You can do it!
poppibel 3 months ago
Harvey lookin like he's on opioids himself. Rugged.
MrTraveller 3 months ago
Amazing transformation
javier torres
javier torres 3 months ago
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone's a Counselor until the have a slip.
Sharon Reilly
Sharon Reilly 3 months ago
So tired of druggies blaming the Drs for their addictions. Opiates have been prescribed for decades upon decades. It's not new.
Rosie Hill
Rosie Hill 3 months ago
I agree.. He did not have to keep taking the pain pills. Dentists give the lowest dose and for like 3 days max. I'm thinking there is much more to this. Those of us with righteous reasons suffer because of folks like this. Next root canal buddy refuse the offer and shush.
timstar 3 months ago
Bro man timbaland we need you bro music mizzin your talent bro
Joanna B. Marketing
Joanna B. Marketing 3 months ago
Markus Spencer
Markus Spencer 3 months ago
I guess everyone deal with pain differently. I've had teeth extracted and several root canals. And I must say that was the most unbearable pain especially the tooth extraction. The doctor told me to take some ibuprofen if I'm not mistaken. That shit didn't work so I just rode that shit out for almost two weeks and then the pain went away. Thank God.
Steven B
Steven B 3 months ago
Prescribing not subscribe....ing
G. R.C.
G. R.C. 3 months ago
Why aren’t you guys covering the amber and johnny depp situation?, I mean you did it when he was accused but now we know he is innocent and he was being abused so please talk about it
G. R.C.
G. R.C. 3 months ago
Beatrice Martins exactly! This is getting ridiculous, definitely I’m not going to see aquaman if she is in it!!
Beatrice Martins
Beatrice Martins 3 months ago
@Diane V seriously u didn't hear about it? that's really concerning... it showz just how quiet mainstream media is about it... absolutely DISGUSTING
Diane V
Diane V 3 months ago
OMFG I didnt know this ish until I read your comment. F&%^$ TMZ for not steamrolling that Amber bih!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1974GreekTiger 3 months ago
Don't expect the truth from the media,they are allergic to it.
Oussi el
Oussi el 3 months ago
TMZ is owned by simps 😂 they get horny when amber heard looks at them.
YES WE CAN 3 months ago
This guy always think he buff
Patches Michelle
Patches Michelle 3 months ago
Opioids make you fat?
Diamond Fisher
Diamond Fisher 3 months ago
He look hi now🌋🌋🌋🔎🔍🎯
Nakia Jones
Nakia Jones 3 months ago
Looking good Tim
Trance Tallentine
Trance Tallentine 3 months ago
I don't t know or care about this guy - but we can all take something from his positive attitude. Salute -
YES WE CAN 3 months ago
@Trance Tallentine Also, before you talk about someone's lack of english language fluency you should check your own first
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 3 months ago
A person cant help if they are raised to be uncaring. It's not their fault, blame the parents.
Trance Tallentine
Trance Tallentine 3 months ago
@YES WE CAN I can promise mo one cares about your lack of fluency concerning the English language -
YES WE CAN 3 months ago
Trance Tallentine I'm sure there are a lot of people who doesn't know you or care about whatever happen to you in life either.
Oasis5 3 months ago
What a thing to say. Hope you are never in need of some serious help. Can you imagine if an emergency room doctor says he can't treat you because he doesn't know you or care about you? Why can't you just show support for a fellow human being who is getting himself together after an addiction? Good grief.
Michael Vape
Michael Vape 3 months ago
Good for him! He looks healthy!
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 2 months ago
no he doesn't he looks like a built crackhead! he never looked like that when he was fat
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