TikTok’s Newest Power Couple Are Siblings

Jarvis Johnson
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The Alphafamilia really wants you to know they're related

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Oct 22, 2020




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Comments 10 734
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 11 months ago
Get a Current Black Premium Card: www.current.com/Jarvis Thanks for all the support everyone!!
Record Games
Record Games 2 months ago
I’m gay and Jarvis is sus, I’m kidding Jarvis your not my step-brother
GAMING MORAN 3 months ago
Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade 3 months ago
Lol Jarvis your hair looks the same. But I was subscribed to you back when you had very few followers. I can’t believe you got this many followers in just a few years. Good for you. I think you should go more for the ridiculous sarcasm instead of the dry stuff all the time but still good job my man
DEBvilicious Kinks
DEBvilicious Kinks 3 months ago
Hey Jarvis, Fam! I like your content.. But can you help me out how to sign in to current here in the philippines?
MEX Mirror
MEX Mirror 3 months ago
Jarvis was that your definition of a flort
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson 43 minutes ago
I also like Courtrezzy.
Stoner Aleks
Stoner Aleks 2 hours ago
Guess they broke up lol. She deleted all of the sibling videos and her account name is Diana dentist now
Smuz 12 hours ago
How has the ALPHA come to this.
Dane S
Dane S 2 days ago
You’re a Reezy? We love to hear.
Baby Mars
Baby Mars 5 days ago
Idk why but the Dixie rating made me uncomfortable
Baby Mars
Baby Mars 5 days ago
The step sister; * speaks* Me: * punches her* sit your ass down and shut up!
K B 5 days ago
My grandparents are step-siblings who didn't grow up together and married in their 30s. I still try not to think about it often.
MSM Stogg YT
MSM Stogg YT 6 days ago
jazzy mcfrazzle
jazzy mcfrazzle 6 days ago
stevie smith
stevie smith 7 days ago
It's even more creepy how the boyfriend seems to be attracted to young children/adults acting young. The girlfriends name is BABY while acting like a young child. Is that not a red flag to anyone??
WebsyHD 8 days ago
This guy kills me 😂
Positive YT
Positive YT 9 days ago
1.50. Hi I'm haircut 🤣🤣🤣
Changedname Lit
Changedname Lit 9 days ago
Oh, finally getting a main channel vid. I keep getting recommended only the premium gold channel
Es Hini
Es Hini 12 days ago
imagine what family dinner will look like when they "break me up"
Krisp 12 days ago
What a shitty day to not be deaf
ElectricStrawberries -
To be fair, most of those things are sins EXCEPT for the step sibling thing. Incest is the most biblical thing I can think of.
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 14 days ago
That baby voice makes want to tear out my eyes then pour bleach into the sockets then cannibalise my ears
Mpencett 14 days ago
10:16 jarvis should be a voice actor with range like that
Mpencett 14 days ago
my cringe levels are over nine thousand
Willow 15 days ago
16:30 - everyone speaks English with an accent... literally everyone haha
Bec 17 days ago
So I'm really late to this. But I feel like these guys are definitely trying to get in on the "step siblings" erotica thing for attention. They may or may not actually be step siblings. If they are actually step siblings and they met at 19 and were not raised together then I don't think there's anything morally wrong with them having a private relationship but the way that it's played up is obviously an issue. You brought that up early on, that they seem to enjoy the fact that they are "related" or (as I think) are playing it up for other people. If it was the case that they didn't actually feel related or didn't considered themselves to be related because their parents got together so late in their lives and they were "adults" when they met and had no blood relationship and never brought up the relationship then it wouldn't really matter to me other than if they had kids and the confusion that could bring. (I'm not saying they couldn't, but just the issues that explaining that could have and the social factors around it). But if your focus is "isn't this hot that we're related" then it becomes a ick factor. Kind of like how in other cultures it may be normal to marry a cousin. I myself can't imagine marrying one of my cousins (because we were raised as family and that's a line you don't cross) but when you hear about it happening in another country no one is making it sound like they are sexually attracted to the idea that it is their cousin more than anyone else, as in the way these videos are. I know I'm putting more thought into this than I should but one of the reasons I left TikTok nearly a year ago is because their content policing is horrible. The under the radar "kink" channels are bad for young people (and I'm not a "but think of the children" person) because it normalizes things that are obviously meant for a certain audience as every day occurrences and not soft core like it actually is.
Whitty Bench
Whitty Bench 18 days ago
As someone who is genetically related to my step-brother, this shit just scares m e.....
Just A Hedgehog With Internet
Bro this is definitely the worst thing on TikTok 💀💀💀💀
Arcadeklee 18 days ago
“Shout out to the cosplay community” me who’s putting on my Klee cosplay: Excuse me WHAT-
Michie Luxx
Michie Luxx 18 days ago
Technically (assuming they were both adults when they met) it isn't that strange that they are dating; afterall thats essentially the same as just meeting someone that your parents introduced you to. The part thats weird is that they seem to really like being "related" and cant just be a couple. They WANT you to know they are (step)siblings and that's what's enjoyable to them about it. They can't just say "this is my boyfriend/girlfriend" they have to say "this is my step sibling who i am dating watch us make out as i call him my brother"
Yvaskhmir 19 days ago
Bananas are indeed sustainable. Thank you, Mumbo Jumbo.
Yvaskhmir 19 days ago
8:31 He looks like he's performing not-manly man punching in some generic comedy movie, that preys on stereotypes. How lame must you be to throw punches at the air unironically...
Yvaskhmir 19 days ago
5:06 That's a rerorical question there, folks. I have less muscle than my cat and I also don't believe in this "alpha", "beta" thing, but this guy can be looked down upon by midgets, he looks so tough.
WelchsGrapeJelly 19 days ago
Why was I subjected to this Trash?
WarmerSquid910 20 days ago
11:31 He sounds like Nicolas Cage
Samuel Catherman
Samuel Catherman 21 day ago
i see that old spice in the background brother
ECKS _ 22 days ago
Baby should become a D.A.
Yam 23 days ago
su... sus....
lucas mcweeney
lucas mcweeney 25 days ago
Jarvis is a cool person
Logan C
Logan C 25 days ago
the matpat reference got me
Sany Chan
Sany Chan 27 days ago
Bwahahahahah!! You can sense the narcissim radianting of their faces.
Kim 27 days ago
Apparently they didn't grew up together so I don't think it would have to be weird but they are making it so dang weird by emphasizing the whole step sibling thing, I hate it
Mays Moo
Mays Moo 28 days ago
#alphama ......alphama ?
Brittany Marlowe
Brittany Marlowe 28 days ago
Maybe the guy isn't the alpha and the alpha is the guy he's beating up
Game Over
Game Over 28 days ago
Nobody: *Me after he got a hair cut* : I like your cut g 🖐️
Rylee 28 days ago
"I'm Jarvis and I'm sorry." 😭 Omg I love you. Why am I just now discovering your content!?
Slavic_Bumpkin 29 days ago
proof straight people can get away with anything when it comes to their realtionship
Mysterious Kenzie
Mysterious Kenzie 29 days ago
they're giving me Domestic Girlfriend vibes and that is not something you should aspire to do. I also find it kinda funny that in Domestic Girlfriend, their parents continously say to each other "maybe we shouldn't have gotten married"
Exotic_ Eggs
Exotic_ Eggs 29 days ago
Glad my 10% pop up blocked them kissing 😅
Emily Snow
Emily Snow Month ago
What if their not even step siblings but lied for clout, or their just hella nasty
SuzieJoeBob Month ago
I genuinely laughed at the tag "#alphabama"
Jenny Browning
Jenny Browning Month ago
I had a friend that got pregnant with her bf’s baby so their parents met to discuss how they would handle it. The parents fell for each other and got married so my friend was then dating her brother-in-law. But I think these two must have started dating after their parents met or otherwise their parents would know…. if we believe them at all!
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
Th siblings that look nothing alike trend is stupid, but it's so much more stupid when they're step-siblings. Like gee, I wonder why you look nothing alike, couldn't be because you have different parents
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
Idk which would be more messed up, if they were actually step-siblings and were actually like this, or if they were making it all up to get clout
SirLoblolly Month ago
People always told me that because of my milk chocolatey, peanut buttery legs I wouldn't be able to run in Olympix. But look at me now.
William V Afton 82955
Question if there’s step siblings are they not related by blood or I mean it is still pretty weird
Jazz Fluff
Jazz Fluff Month ago
Her "baby" voice makes my whole body cringe.
Yasumi293 Month ago
The first 20 seconds caught me so off guard I snorted the water I was attempting to drink, so thanks👏🏻
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 Month ago
I’m a minute and thirty five seconds in and I don’t wanna watch this anymore😂😭
Kal’s Corner
Kal’s Corner Month ago
I think they broke up like low-key because their profiles gone little suspicious
Wendy Meade
Wendy Meade Month ago
I don’t believe that they’re actually step siblings but then again if you’ve ever seen Ayydubs’s videos 👀……
Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson Month ago
10:17 Jarvis the voice actor?
Milhouse Vanhoutan
This is why step porn is a problem... every day we stray further from the light of God. Also, we need to figure out some nomenclature for two people who's parents get involved when they're already adults. It doesn't quite feel like they're step siblings because they spent no portion of their formative years together. In cases like this where both parties are already at the age of majority when their parents get married I don't think that a relationship between those kids is inherently problematic due to the circumstances. To flip it around, if two adults are already married, then one spouse's mom marries the other spouse's dad should their relationship be retroactively considered incestuous? Should that marriage dissolve the pre-existing marriage from the now "step-siblings"? I don't think anyone would agree to that and it's the closest thing I can come up with for a reverse situation (it also occasionally actually happens). However, what IS a big deal is their fetishistic portrayal of it and putting it in front of an audience of pre-teens. That's just fucked and gross.
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
I also glow after my Indian bfs curry... the trick is to apply to skin while boiling. its a bit hot but great for a moisturizer.
J Month ago
8:31 Of course he looks tough!! He clearly studied at the feet of the masters. Surely you've heard of the rock em sock em robots
Cheeezballl Month ago
J LLC nonpublic the c nnmn m
Ashlyn Bare
Ashlyn Bare Month ago
I'm watching this in the library (wearing AirPods ofc) and I'm trying so hard not to laugh
Sara B
Sara B Month ago
big Barry and iris vibes 🥴🥴
Branda The Friends
this context is really disgusting😲
Finn the Trans Human
These two are the serial killers in my dreams.
Tyler Harding
Tyler Harding Month ago
She’s like Harley Quinn. She used to be a (sorta) normal doctor, then she started a very strange man, then she went crazy
No smart username found
Can confirm, step siblings do NOT shower together. I feel like that would be severely traumatic to both of us
Melani Marston
Melani Marston Month ago
The word “sus” is rooted in homophobia. It doesn’t mean suspicious. It means suspiciously gay. It was just co-opted and is mostly used incorrectly now.
Szen Mæythe
Szen Mæythe Month ago
"I don't know what is worse -- but I am curious." That's a sentiment I believe to be a universal truth.
Duke_of_ S0up
Duke_of_ S0up Month ago
The girl makes my ears bleed :(
Lucas Nadeau
Lucas Nadeau Month ago
11:07 When he said "so we decided to just say..." I thought they were gonna announce their marriage.
Possum Boy
Possum Boy Month ago
If they got married they’d have less of a family tree and more of a family wreath
Miu Iruma
Miu Iruma Month ago
As someone in the cosplay community, I don’t accept these idiots
Parker Schafer
Parker Schafer Month ago
Unfortunately I looked up wether or not it was a sin and unfortunately it is not because it technically defies the incest thing because they aren’t related by blood. So that’s a thing that I know now. I wish I didn’t. But I do. I… I just want to be done with the world.
Phantom 001
Phantom 001 Month ago
...the one time I hope this is click bait.
Ainsley Smith
Ainsley Smith Month ago
Their relationship feels like they read too much wattpad romance books and thought “yes. This is ideal.”
n/a Month ago
The only reason this is weird is that when you have a child with your sibling, the risk of a bunch of diseases increase.
n/a Month ago
@This name Is timeless I don't get what you mean, but no Im not saying that everyone is a non sexual partner
This name Is timeless
n/a not gonna defend incest but does that mean every person i meet is a non-relationship partner
n/a Month ago
if incest wasn't weird then having a sister would be like having a non relationship girlfriend
Keeby! Month ago
incest is weird but if youre not having kids then who cares also dont be so loud about it bc its weird
n/a Month ago
@Possum Boy sorry I didn't mean to word it like there is nothing weird about it (sexualization of ones siblings is wrong), i just meant that we are hardwired to think that incest is wrong, also yes I do have siblings
balancemantis Month ago
It's alright Jarvie mah man. Maybe we are just too old to get this intricately deep humor.
Phan Manh Hung
Phan Manh Hung Month ago
i hope a meteor kills us
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey Month ago
I tried to put myself and one of my stepsiblings in. I pulled to the side of the road on my bicycle and started throwing up.
Slippery Noodles
i think they made up the step sibling thing for clout and the alpha thing is either a joke or another thing to get views or smth
Slippery Noodles
@J - J oh no our favorite power couple 😖
J - J
J - J Month ago
I think they broke up, idk tho
Wo Month ago
The insesters
AustinxThegreat Month ago
Tick-tock is just a place for cringe middle-age man’s with bad quality androids and demon filters the home of a lot of white girls with no talent doing the woow completely wrong
Forever21 Month ago
It's strange, but knowing they didn't grow up together kinda makes it not weird to me. It would be different if they, but since they didn't it is kind of strange, but not in an incestual kind of way, just like unordinary, I suppose. IDK, I'm probably weird myself, but either way, they are both really annoying ngl.
Maria Guglielmo
Maria Guglielmo Month ago
*insert obligatory step-sis joke here*
Jesus Nice
Jesus Nice Month ago
0:19 I'm Jarvis and I'm sorry. Xx
Sunscreen 81
Sunscreen 81 Month ago
Sus amogus
Crypto Secutiry
Crypto Secutiry Month ago
The faded shadow evocatively confuse because substance chronically bubble regarding a husky clef. grandiose, tiny shelf
Neon Month ago
Lol they broke up
Granola Raspberry
Oh! Toxic masculinity! Nice
James Cain
James Cain Month ago
The pose he makes on the thumbnail absolutely confirms my previous suspicions that Jarvis Johnson is a disingenuous, sycophantic cretin as well as a pervert.
Soup Time
Soup Time Month ago
thats kinda sus bro
Anju Anand
Anju Anand Month ago
Uh isn't that a Tamil song? It's Tollywood not Bollywood.
ruth gebremeskel
Views is not everything. Stop promoting such a repulsive crap just get views through a "shock factor" of a story. You're a smart guy! Stay still for a moment and think about how you can inspire and influence ur generation instead, and not deservice ur audience with this disgustingly pervasive crap!
Matmaj THM
Matmaj THM Month ago
Filbie Month ago
Oh my god this is so creepy! The dude is so aggressive… and the infantilization? Just gross.
Nostalgia Month ago
Woah, is TikTok becoming Alabama???
15:24 Oh we *know* how he feels about *March* 😂😂😂
Janelle W
Janelle W Month ago
I feel like my life is worse now that I know most super weird videos like these tiktoks are just fetish content
Soup Month ago
"There's nothing to be scared of."
Playing Dead For Views (Morgz)