Tie-Not Water Balloon Filler & Tying Tool

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Buy at Vat19: www.vat19.com/dvds/tie-not-water-balloon-filler-tying-tool.cfm?adid=youtube
Buy at Amazon: amzn.to/2qSxN3q (affiliate)
The Tie-Not allows you to fill and tie water balloons in seconds. It's so easy that it almost appears magical.
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The Tie-Not is to water balloon fights what the invention of gun powder was to real wars: a total game-changer.
Screw the Tie-Not Filler onto the end of any garden hose and use the orange plunger to control the flow of water into your balloon. Then wrap the balloon around the Tie-Not Tying Tool, thread the neck through the slot, and pull the balloon off the device. It's now tied and ready for battle, and it only took a matter of seconds!
The Tie-Not Water Balloon Tying Tool comes with over 50 balloons. Please note that it is designed to fit all standard U.S. garden hoses.
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Apr 29, 2011




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Comments 80
Vat19 3 years ago
Who else loves water balloon fights but hates having to tie all of the balloons?
GoldMinerJ 14 hours ago
izzat shamsuddin's Channel
izzat shamsuddin's Channel
Instead I'll turn them into miniature air balloons I'm going to only use the tie tool
Natsuki H
Natsuki H 25 days ago
I just have to say I love vat19
iamfine Playz
iamfine Playz Month ago
PursuingPassion 7 hours ago
Bunch of ballons
Happy Funny Rainbow
Happy Funny Rainbow 23 hours ago
Youguys said in the weter than water vid you said you were gonna show the ting but you didnt
The neighborhood kids #friends
I know what’s easier!!! Bunch of balloons
Eliz’s World
Eliz’s World 2 days ago
But now we have bunch o balloons.
ethan lo
ethan lo 3 days ago
Who is watching this in quarantine today
Alfredo Mora
Alfredo Mora 3 days ago
What about Bunch a balloons did you forget about it?
cheung tsz
cheung tsz 4 days ago
I actually want the chicken costume
Charlie 1235
Charlie 1235 4 days ago
That giant chicken looked so real no joke!!
Ansah Adnan
Ansah Adnan 4 days ago
Ok if ur reading this plz just listen so this product actually still takes a while 2 fill, for the past 4 months I have been using this product that fills up 100 ballons in 1 minute so I’d recommend that u can find it on amazon fr 3 dollars jus search water ballons and u should find a weird contraption that has several tiny straw-like tubes that connect to ballons on one end and a nozzle on the other end to connect on your hose... ur welcome
Larry The Llama
Larry The Llama 5 days ago
Video: made in 2011 RUvid algorithm: hecc it.
Water Melon
Water Melon 6 days ago
Yes but does it have a bottle opener????
Lil Miss Tegan
Lil Miss Tegan 6 days ago
I feel like Danny was in the gorilla and one of the girls was in the chicken
Sportsfungamer 2 days ago
Lil Miss Tegan Danny wasn’t in the gorilla because Danny wasn’t at vat19 in 2011
Rose Plaze
Rose Plaze 6 days ago
Shoud i subscribe?
Stella Mitchell
Stella Mitchell 6 days ago
Well now theres something called bunch o balloons
Ezra Salazar
Ezra Salazar 7 days ago
anyone wathing this for the first time ever 9 years later
Alexis Bowman
Alexis Bowman 8 days ago
Danny had to be the chicken
madz30tube 8 days ago
This was nine years ago :0
Devin Clark
Devin Clark 8 days ago
Bunch'o balloons:you are an ant to my power
Frantix 9 days ago
This video is just a suprising 6 days after the first video on youtube!
Landen Nguyen
Landen Nguyen 9 days ago
Bunch a Boloons: am I a joke to you
Shelley Lyons
Shelley Lyons 9 days ago
I wish there was a water ballon that disintegrated once it was thrown so no more mess!
Virus 24
Virus 24 10 days ago
Vat19: Sells water balloon maker Also Vat19: *Sells reusable water ballon*
Miguel Reyesramirez
So cool😘
ThatOneBand Kid
ThatOneBand Kid 10 days ago
The video says nine years ago. It’s hard to believe 9 years ago was only 2011. Where does time go
itz. peyton
itz. peyton 10 days ago
Im watching this in 2020
AnythingAbsolute Dragon
If I wasn’t allergic to latex
A Potato Turtle
A Potato Turtle 14 days ago
There’s like a million of these water bloon vat19 ads
Zaida Indasheih Ana y I n da
i want to bu it so cool vat 19
Livy The Unicorn
Livy The Unicorn 18 days ago
Dude this was nine years ago
Alan Nguyen
Alan Nguyen 19 days ago
AquaticEntity 26 days ago
Glad to see they got a Vat19 promotion after Shark Tank didn’t quite work out
Armaan Munir
Armaan Munir 26 days ago
The Dark King
The Dark King 28 days ago
Hi vat19
Tatok Susanto
Tatok Susanto Month ago
Reagan FitzSimmons
Poor gorilla
Fortnite Royal
Fortnite Royal Month ago
ReD DRagon
ReD DRagon Month ago
DejaDrewit Month ago
I wonder if it works with a kitchen sink. We don’t have a hose or backyard....
Evan Kerr
Evan Kerr Month ago
Mah E Laqa Awais
0:02 "do sonething"
Shaurya Gupta
Shaurya Gupta 18 days ago
Don’t unrespect
InDatParish Month ago
And now in 2020, you can fill 100 balloons in 30 seconds
Utility Modz
Utility Modz Month ago
1:18 quarantine day 11
Cristian.V Vlogs
1:18 When you’re mad but you also have to wash your face
Darby Goodwin
Darby Goodwin Month ago
This happend wen i was 2 days, old
Arwen Perez
Arwen Perez Month ago
This was posted eight years ago. Don’t ask me why it popped up In my recommended.
Karen Sanders
Karen Sanders Month ago
Evan Armstrong
Evan Armstrong 2 months ago
Hey your vet 19 can you pleaseo make A gummy human
• Heart Spades •
What if you use this on someone without a balloon
Nick Nasuti
Nick Nasuti 2 months ago
2020 ?
Jannah Alias
Jannah Alias 2 months ago
How much is it?
Susan De Utra
Susan De Utra 2 months ago
20 dollars
kelleyclare 2 months ago
Can you use it for helium balloons
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 2 months ago
Me: watches this video RUvid: how about resuseable ones by the same company?
Ben plays 42
Ben plays 42 2 months ago
Would it work with helium
The Myth Beast
The Myth Beast 2 months ago
I feel bad for Jamie after that water Ballon scene
Cross.J. Comic
Cross.J. Comic 2 months ago
1:31 rip balls 😂
Robogamer312 2 months ago
Vat19 is the only shop you need to shop at nothing else
Deanna Martin
Deanna Martin 2 months ago
They also have bunch o balloons you can make 200 in one minuet
JazzyDoesGaming 2 months ago
Azfar Farah
Azfar Farah 2 months ago
Huh USA have corona
Walter Dennis
Walter Dennis 2 months ago
1:02 That balloon didn't pop
38 LifeOnRoleplay
38 LifeOnRoleplay 2 months ago
Did not know the man in the chicken costume
Tanya Kirilovich
Tanya Kirilovich 2 months ago
Miguel Lingao
Miguel Lingao 2 months ago
Tie knot: *exists* Reusable water bombs: I’m gonna end this mans whole career
Adrianna Wright
Adrianna Wright 2 months ago
Michael Moreno
Michael Moreno 2 months ago
Aram Duck
Aram Duck 2 months ago
Ma man got hit in the ding dong 1:31
Amykid Gaming
Amykid Gaming 2 months ago
Product dose not have your back when you slipped on water concrete on your back ;c It hurts in know because I have done it and my hole back had the biggest bruise you have ever seen
Ťhøť Hūńťëř
Ťhøť Hūńťëř 2 months ago
Ok, a water machine gun
Lord & Savior, Cheesus Crust
Does it in under 6 seconds, easy to use, looks good, but the most important information of all *its made in the usa*
Kishou Lin
Kishou Lin 2 months ago
This reminds me of the Can you tie a knot meme
Phillip Weil
Phillip Weil 2 months ago
You should make a water balloon shooter.
Phoenix Gamer
Phoenix Gamer 3 months ago
Lol tying for me is like one second
Chuen Chow
Chuen Chow 3 months ago
Is there a water balloon launcher?
Kalpna Bhatnagar
Kalpna Bhatnagar 3 months ago
How many rupees
Kyle .H
Kyle .H 3 months ago
Then which one is better tie not or the reusable water balloon
BluesteelGaming 3 months ago
One balloon hit the gorilla's nuts
Dunkle 2 months ago
Nope, check again
boyodotjpeg 3 months ago
They should make a Gatling gun for water balloons
Dr. Brick
Dr. Brick 3 months ago
Bunch of balloons am I a joke to you
Chandlar Bigelow
Chandlar Bigelow 3 months ago
Wrong dark joke a haed How Hrambea actually died.
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