Tidying Up w/ Jean-Claude Van Damme & James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden takes a page out of Marie Kondo's book when he enlists Jean-Claude Van Damme to visit a couple's home in need of some tidying up. If something doesn't bring them joy, Jean-Claude obliterates the item the only way Jean-Claude can.
Jean-Claude Van Damme's movie "We Die Young" is out now. Watch the trailer: ruvid.net/video/video-M-sBpNAX35A.html
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Comments 100
wheelmanstan 4 days ago
that punching the urn...man that's too funny
tirawasun 14 days ago
Pause at 2:47 and you can clearly see the book seemed to have been torn apart beforehand.
rontravelt 24 days ago
3:02 who else saw the cut there? ;)
JOHN LEAHY 28 days ago
i need jean claude van damme to be my personal trainer please
Aleen R
Aleen R Month ago
Jean-Claude!! 💖💕💗
Eclipse Solar 83
When you are Van Damme you don't need anything else. The Boss.
KLASS podcast
KLASS podcast Month ago
say what you will about Jean-Claude Van Damme I ain't messing with him lol
Brenda Orr
Brenda Orr Month ago
What a Van Dame mess! Jean Claude always sparks joy!😜Still a hottie!💝
Some Guy
Some Guy Month ago
Extreme Make Over Van Damme Edition. 😜✌👍
Elpistoler09 Month ago
I grew up watching JCVD, I'm glad Corden brought him to the show.
nexornator Month ago
Star Wars the last Jedi doesn't spark joy, Jean can you please.
jiz cabsar
jiz cabsar Month ago
Redneck Savage
Redneck Savage Month ago
Too bad I couldn't bring Jean claude van damme to work lol.
DestroyerFather Month ago
Dano Duncan
Dano Duncan Month ago
the urn almost made me pee myself !... fack !... Van Damme still looks damn good !... what is he like sixty ?... :O
Oscar Chuquillanqui
Jonathan Mora
Jonathan Mora Month ago
I will neverr everr invite Jean-Claude to my house lol
John Black
John Black Month ago
James is so funny I cant stop laughing
John Black
John Black Month ago
After long work day this shit charities me up
John Black
John Black Month ago
Thank u James I needed a double dose Jean-Claude Van Damme
John Black
John Black Month ago
We love u jcvd your fucking awsome lol
Ruben Bakalhau
Ruben Bakalhau Month ago
Ahh now i understand! My drunk dad was just tidying our house.
Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn Month ago
looks like he's angry about something
Ap0k4lypsV Month ago
Gotta push that mixed race couples agenda everywhere.
Kooch man
Kooch man Month ago
Shouldn't it be Chuck Norris instead of Jean-Claude Van Damme?
you don't know me
Mike L.
Mike L. Month ago
LOL!!! Thank you Jame Corden Van Damme!! LOL!!! JCVD is still my hero... LOL!
Renown ketz Manlapao
watching this on my office. everyone looking at me when I sudenly lol 😆
Chad Holloway
Chad Holloway Month ago
Jean-Claude Van Damme is hilarious !
Christoph Sarcher
hahaha thats genius! van damme monster warrior :)
dn08Hf1xK0q1 Month ago
what a mess how is this funny
gutspillage Month ago
I expected him to crack that table in two, not turn it over! DISAPPOINTED (He's a legend.)
Nicklas Berg
Nicklas Berg Month ago
well i for one feel much better ^^
Manny Ponce
Manny Ponce Month ago
"Sorry, I blacked out" JCVD
HITLER Month ago
van damme gone crazy
Seb B
Seb B Month ago
My boss doesn't spark joy.
Dmitry Kaif
Dmitry Kaif Month ago
That was awesome, that's it
beastmode 123
beastmode 123 Month ago
Jean claude my favourite actor!!
juice323 blue
juice323 blue Month ago
The easiest job ever just get paid to destroy stuff in people's house.
CT2507 Month ago
he looks and sounds like an alcoholic.
Saad Abbas
Saad Abbas Month ago
Jcvd is a legend and will always be! respect!
MayDay GoingDown!!
No wonder James never made it in the UK.
David A
David A Month ago
now do one with steven
Gábor Bérczi
Gábor Bérczi Month ago
This skit was really lame, until the end, where it sparked a lot of joy :)
Michael Kos
Michael Kos Month ago
Biceps and split kick still present !
max goodman
max goodman Month ago
MrXelium Month ago
This musta felt delightful. Tomorrow at work I'll go with the "it doesn't spark joy philosophy". Let's see how things go down.
Michael Vu
Michael Vu Month ago
2:36 2 melon balls and a squash.. well done well done prop team !
Paul Karl-Alarcon
hahaha nice
MSICECUBE1 Month ago
His arms will always be in good shape
Francis Januf
Francis Januf Month ago
Perfect :)
Ponas Jonas
Ponas Jonas Month ago
Thumbs up if you thought James Corden was cosplaying Vault Boy from FALLOUT games blue shirt with yellow line
Aryan Ekin
Aryan Ekin Month ago
Forever Jean Claude van Damme Fan.
Gabensy Month ago
Top man
Tsemy Baatuud
Tsemy Baatuud Month ago
I don't like this skit, James Corden is much better than that
Lukas Lysiak
Lukas Lysiak Month ago
My Hero...................................My Clown:(((
Da awesome W
Da awesome W Month ago
Van Damme = How to basic
Golden Month ago
Lubie przekaz
Shellan Naydew
Shellan Naydew Month ago
lots of Vandammage right ? lol
Cuore sportivo
Cuore sportivo Month ago
I grew up with his movies, i love him so much!!! Man i miss u in the movie, finnaly some new movie :)
Paulie A. Fantone
No Joke...It was about 1:30 in the morning & I was in the waiting room & waiting for a friend who was in the hospital & was pretty bored out of my mind...This segment came on & I couldn't stop laughing
JCVD the legend
Amanda Powers
Amanda Powers Month ago
When he smashed the urn I choked on my drink 😂
SOSOGOOD Month ago
I want to spark joy 😂😂😂
Aziz Izgin
Aziz Izgin Month ago
Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas Month ago
Van Damme started with standing on the side and kicking in the movie "No Retreat, No Surrender" years later nothing has changed :D
Vladimir Month ago
Where can I apply for a job?
bigfoot littefoot
this was brilliant! JCVD is a legend !
Daniel Ilea
Daniel Ilea Month ago
Awesome 😎 😊✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Ahmed Towfiq
Ahmed Towfiq Month ago
JCVD is still in great shape
Matrick Galius
Matrick Galius Month ago
He got old
Tom Hillier
Tom Hillier Month ago
JCVD so funny
Yol Akin
Yol Akin Month ago
Mr Van Damme is a natural comedian.
SYL Month ago
We love JCVD
dreamtimej Month ago
Not funny.
Yurick Rekym
Yurick Rekym Month ago
They don't spark joy ....... Hahahaha * : ) ♥♥♥
Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.
I met VD in 2014 in HK airport. He was so nice and funny and made fun of my girlfriends camera. Couldn’t believe my fortune just randomly meeting my all time hero. Gift from God.
Vaknar Ofeigr
Vaknar Ofeigr Month ago
Ho la vache JC, t'es vraiment excellent, tu m'a bien fait rire ;) (From Belgium)
Mickael Bail
Mickael Bail Month ago
excellent j'adore jcvd la ces vraiment drôle bravo a vous
Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews Month ago
2:37 the cantaloupes and squash haha nice placement
Aylin Avci
Aylin Avci Month ago
Victor Mercado
Victor Mercado Month ago
I wouldn't have anything left in my house...LOL
Philani Lunga
Philani Lunga Month ago
Oh I am sorry I blacked out!!! lmfao
Eileen delos Reyes
Eileen delos Reyes 2 months ago
This is s great stress-reliever!!!
Worth A Look
Worth A Look 2 months ago
Love it
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle 2 months ago
Why does Jcvd wear those stupid glasses for?
evolve 2 months ago
Van damme is funny for sure. ;)
Aki 2 months ago
i so love james but this one i dont like at all. destructing things isnt fun to see. seems likeso many people here are enjoying this clip. its so american. i dont understand why americans love such stuff. i know james is a british fyi
Lala Fontaine
Lala Fontaine 2 months ago
Same here, it was not funny at all
Eric Paul Goldie
Eric Paul Goldie 2 months ago
Epic skit, great writing and while yes James is always on point, I'm so so happy to see JCVD crush it! Literally!
Unique anartist
Unique anartist 2 months ago
Why was this so freaking funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan 2 months ago
JCVD is a legend and his daughter is hot!
ErykaSoleil 2 months ago
Hahaha “It was a metaphor!” 😂 I love Jean Claude and James. They’ve also reminded me that I still need to watch Tidying Up on Netflix; thanks guys!
Erika Croft
Erika Croft 2 months ago
How do you tear a book in half?
IMA Flowerhorn
IMA Flowerhorn 2 months ago
I saw Van Damme name and immediately click on this video 😄
Sothia Chhoeum
Sothia Chhoeum 2 months ago
So funny 🤣
Marko Mijuskovic
Marko Mijuskovic 2 months ago
Sooo goood James! Bravo
edsta714 2 months ago
I was waiting for a Dim Mac move. “The bottom one”
Rainer Dietwerner
Rainer Dietwerner 2 months ago
this is extremely funny
Annamaria Szabo
Annamaria Szabo 2 months ago
Egy totális rendrakás...azt a vizforralót a szomszédom fejéhez vághatná, örülnék neki!! Hihi
clevelandcbi 2 months ago
They needed Tostitos.
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