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Christian Andersen - Xin Li And The Concubine (2, 3, 8, 9 and 10)
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Kyle Preston - Eastern Relection
Kyle Preston - Eastern Tale
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Runar Blesvik - Far East
Max Herve - Future Asia
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Alon Ohana - Keep Him By
Diezmo - Macera (ft. Baq)
Avi Goldfinger - Not Enough
Bottega Baltazar - Piova
Jonathan Barlow - Road in Thailand
Suraj Nepal - Son of Himalaya
Ian Post - The Agent
Alon Ohana - The Green Feel
Alon Ohana - Tribal Principle
Max Herve - Turning Around the Enemy
Alon Ohana - Victory
Doug Maxwell - Sao Meo
By Kevin MacCleod:
Eastern Thought
Ishikari Love


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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Ken Hoang
Ken Hoang 11 hours ago
Yellow turban? You mean headband?
Oliver KEARNEY 13 hours ago
6:13 (stairs) The eunuchs kill he jin, this enraged his father who punished him severely.
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 14 hours ago
This happened a lot differently in my game
MrFredeuc 18 hours ago
OMG 🤣🤣 Alois Hitler behind😂😂😂
AKR RiftZ 18 hours ago
6:15 who else saw hitler’s dad in the background
Bakary Dembélé
Bakary Dembélé 20 hours ago
That was quite fun huh
Poco Arsenal
Poco Arsenal 21 hour ago
Hola 3:19
Priya Parab
Priya Parab 23 hours ago
6:15 from where the hell Hitler's father come
Mr. sir
Mr. sir Day ago
6:09 wait it's that Austrian guy who was hitlers dad I never realised that he was there.
you are the best over
Jazib Optus
Jazib Optus Day ago
Lenny with bird Linares
6:10 in the background I see hiter’s father
Roasty the Owl marshenmlow
I play royal chaos I am basically anything but an expert
William Sledge
Someone should make a version of the intro for Minneapolis. U.S, 2020 A.D. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. The Children are playing in the living room. Random Citizen 1: what a wonderful time to be alive! Random Citizen 2: hey, there is a global pandemic that is killing a lot of people. And also there is rioting and looting in the streets. And also politicians and the media are fueling this and making everything worse.
Laura Deliso
Laura Deliso Day ago
6:08 look in the distance, you see Hitler's dad beating a eunuch.
Sean Lee
Sean Lee Day ago
0:22 Bird Rick Roll
Hitmondle Day ago
6:15 who punished him severely
Cameron Seward
Hitler’s father is in the background 6:09
Miles Brenner
Frenchman at 3:52 lol
What I got from this video: Dong Zhuo was an absolute unit
Poland Countryball
6:11 does anyone see the angry Wilhelm?
Arvin Ariola
Arvin Ariola 2 days ago
6:16 in the back there’s hitler dad bruh
David Colwes
David Colwes 2 days ago
玛轼亚瑟 2 days ago
My students in China love this and other videos from this dude
daoqi Xu
daoqi Xu 2 days ago
TicketToDefeat 2 days ago
Hitlers father is spanking someones ass in the background
Ahmed Hasan
Ahmed Hasan 2 days ago
I don’t know why but this is too simple for me
guillermo salas
guillermo salas 2 days ago
6:08 hitler's father is in the backround
Stephanie Wehrle
Stephanie Wehrle 2 days ago
Hey did I see Hitler's farther
Joshua Littlewolfe
Just bought Three Kingdoms! Hilarious and informative video, mate!
Person 101
Person 101 2 days ago
3:31 - I wonder where Jean-Paul Marat got his influence from.
J Swensy
J Swensy 2 days ago
Love the videos on pre-modern wars. Please do the Vikings! And the crusades?
Some weird random kid who has a bill
When the bird sang the English translation was never gonna give you up
Pytro24 2 days ago
0:21 I can't believe I got rickrolled by bird. Curse you asian parents for letting me learn so many languages
Tan Ina
Tan Ina 2 days ago
Say it quickly: Sun's son , Sun ce
Perry Zheng
Perry Zheng 2 days ago
3:52 that one person
Deadshot Marco
Deadshot Marco 2 days ago
How to start a civil war Ask China
Peter Stamatiou
Peter Stamatiou 2 days ago
China vs China, who will win? Britain...
Deadshot Marco
Deadshot Marco 2 days ago
The top 5 People who declared war on China the most 1. China 2. Russia 3. Mongolia 4. Britain 5. Japan
Cant Decided Last name
The corruption from way back then in China is no different the present day China. How sad. they were puppets then and are still so
Ana Maria Pinto da Silva
Oversimplified, did you know that the Xian’s dynasty was real? I found out that because of this really cool documentary called “H2O, the molecule that made us” on PBS
Charlie Hobson
Charlie Hobson 3 days ago
the state conflict between the Christians and royalists in Italy is kindergarten to this
Plutanna Trio
Plutanna Trio 3 days ago
6:16 The Eunuchs killed He Jin which enraged Aldof’s who punished them severely
God of Mist
God of Mist 3 days ago
Why a yellow turban man have spear And one man got baguette
Munotidaishe Gwanzura
i can't be the only one who say that PUNISHING SEVERELY AT 6: 11
Justin Zhou
Justin Zhou 3 days ago
at 8:30 , the two banners on the wall said: "Never gonna give you up" "Never gonna let you down" Lu Bu got rick rolled
Persistence AcCurRes
You forget while Liu Bei had his 2 brothers with him 张飞 and 关羽 after that Liu Bei had 赵云 with him and convince 诸葛亮 to join him
Conrado Javier
Conrado Javier 2 days ago
You can't Mention Liu Bei without his Sworn Brothers Guan Yu, & Zhang Fei.
Constantine Ravenna
7:29 voice crack detected
Yi Ting Ang
Yi Ting Ang 3 days ago
His pronouciations are terrible, and I can't believe he never mentioned any of the great battles in detail
K Dawg
K Dawg 3 days ago
China is the next Nazi Germany that wants to take over the world
Alice Ling26
Alice Ling26 3 days ago
6:07 did anyone else see adolf's father?
LWL Wiffleball
LWL Wiffleball 3 days ago
6:15 The new oldest sun was being beaten by Adolf’s dad
YT_TotalBot 3 days ago
Anyone notice alois Hitler here? 6:14
Tenner Tandika
Tenner Tandika 3 days ago
Down with the 五毛
MLGAMER lol 3 days ago
6:10 did anybody else see the eunuch getting [ahem] *SEVERELY PUNISHED IN THE BACKGROUND?*
MLGAMER lol 3 days ago
0:21 the bird is singing "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down" I know chinese
I’m changing this
But why are there so many mobile games about these guys?
Quianna Roberts
Quianna Roberts 4 days ago
Younoob Menoob
Younoob Menoob 4 days ago
6:09 is that hitlers dad?! The dude smoking the dudes ass
FlawsOfTheLaws 4 days ago
i like how this video is a hidden chinese rickroll
Fu Zi Kai
Fu Zi Kai 4 days ago
Incase you are wonder what the bird sang out at 0:22 It says Never will I abandon you Never will I put you down
CQHS 4 days ago
0:21 Translation “Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down”
Ikhlaz Faarah
Ikhlaz Faarah 4 days ago
The video is about the sponsor 👏👏
It's Aaron
It's Aaron 4 days ago
3:53 - that one guy using bread as a weapon, the most lethal weapon of the han dynasty
uvhuvvhv evieofhyfv
Step 1: China's whole again! Step 2: Then China broke again! Step 3: repeat
Dante Roberto
Dante Roberto 4 days ago
Colors 4 days ago
why did I see hitlers dad in the background at 6:08
Anything and Everything
Hitlers dad is in the video
skad dkas
skad dkas 4 days ago
I just want CBT with the bandit waifu
Owen Cui
Owen Cui 4 days ago
I like how over simplified completely butchered every single name
Janus li
Janus li 4 days ago
Taiwan was a part of Wu at that time
Gacha Sarah._. ._.
I love polandball
Agha Dadashli
Agha Dadashli 4 days ago
Bruh hitler’s dad at 6:12 is so hilarious
wonkstager 5 days ago
"Kill them all." I have never felt so much hatred and bloodlust in 3 words before
Jugal Shukla
Jugal Shukla 5 days ago
Teacher-Histroy is easy Me-ok mam can you explain me from here 9:40 CHECKMATE
William 2509
William 2509 5 days ago
Who else is waiting for covid 19 oversimplified
Pauline Cañares
Pauline Cañares 5 days ago
I’m sorry but I can’t take cao cao’s name seriously, ‘cause it means stinky in fukkien lol
skull2470 5 days ago
3:52 is that a clever reference to the yellow vest movement you snuck in there?
Gino 5 days ago
I'm disappointed that you didnt bring up the Wu-tang dynasty
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