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Comments 100
I hqve nevee been more convinced to buy a game XD
Dr. Alias
Dr. Alias 3 hours ago
Adolphus? Is that you?
Tragiic- Bronzey
Tragiic- Bronzey 3 hours ago
Dude for the next video do the American Civil war
Michael Swancer
Michael Swancer 3 hours ago
Do Civil War Over simplified
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill 3 hours ago
Anyone else notice hitlers father being enraged and punishing a eunuch severely at 6:08
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang 4 hours ago
Bird is singing rick roll in chinese
xxTheFlyingPigxx 4 hours ago
Your average breakfast, under-simplified.
Ridikis 4 hours ago
History was the subject I hated most in High School, never thought it was worth giving a shit about, because it was, y'know, 'history'. But man there's just something about the way you break things down that sucks me into watching every video you put out. Keep up the work, you're awesome Oversimplified.
Meme Master C
Meme Master C 4 hours ago
Can you do the Kosovo War?
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang 4 hours ago
6:13 Hitler’s father is punishing that Eunuch.
jasper is me
jasper is me 5 hours ago
Did you guys see the boy who is being punished severely by a hitler’s father in the background
ahd ayad
ahd ayad 6 hours ago
Can you do a video on the Egyptian History
JoshuaNation Productions
I saw Hitler's dad punishing someone severely 😂😂
Yunhao Bai
Yunhao Bai 7 hours ago
John Dennis
John Dennis 7 hours ago
Do vietnam
Klaas Vaak
Klaas Vaak 8 hours ago
honestly this motivates me abit to actually try three kingdoms, it does seem cool to obtain new lands and rewrite history
Teddy N
Teddy N 8 hours ago
Do videos on the following: American Civil War, Space race, Vietnam war, War on terror (so far) and French Revolution.
memes weekends
memes weekends 8 hours ago
Do a history of Latvia
Almas Kadri
Almas Kadri 8 hours ago
6:18 look at the back there is Hitler's father
ᴀɪꜱʟɪɴɢ x ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ
I got an ad with dumplings in this XD
RS Player
RS Player 9 hours ago
Man,when i was the emperor,the name of China was Ruin Dynasty Empire,all leaders was Ruis,i was a Rui, but when the division happened, South China was my,with the same name.The Ruin Dynasty borned in 2041 BC and ended in 1937 AC.The flag was Red,two golden swords and a golden sun with a golden Moon.I had all South China,all Indochina,all Taiwan,all Phillipiens and North Borneo, and all Mongolia,India and North Korea. Capital: Guangxi and Guangdong,but United called Ruingrade.
MicheleandRichard Napier
I followed along just fine
Grant Hudson
Grant Hudson 9 hours ago
Carlo the Gamer
Carlo the Gamer 9 hours ago
Why is there hitlers dad beating the crap out of a unach or however it is called at 6:09 ??
zoye 9 hours ago
make one about the vietnam war pls
Melitta Kaffee
Melitta Kaffee 10 hours ago
Would be cool if you did the yugoslav wars next
Triggered Nugget
Triggered Nugget 10 hours ago
Dong Zhuo killed a child. *_This enraged The Han Dynasty, who punished him severely._*
Andersen Wicker
Andersen Wicker 11 hours ago
Village dude: Hey guys did you know there's been a drought out here for 2 years?? ( No one responded to him ) village dude 2.0: hey can that emperor kid right there stop this fighting and help stop the drought?!
Sunny Zhu
Sunny Zhu 12 hours ago
Do the American civil war
Sunny Zhu
Sunny Zhu 12 hours ago
Do the American civil war
Dawson Hawkins
Dawson Hawkins 12 hours ago
Could you make a world war 3
Vance Bedsaul
Vance Bedsaul 13 hours ago
Nobody: Oversimplified: they met at wulin For honor: *heavy breathing*
Mythew 13 hours ago
Where was the battle of three heroes and lu bu (三英战吕布)
Benjamin Liang
Benjamin Liang 13 hours ago
1:47 I feel like this turned into one of those chinese soap operas.
victoria Anderson
victoria Anderson 13 hours ago
''And then Cao Cao turned his attention to the Cao south''. LOL
ThisIsPhil 13 hours ago
The movie Red Cliff was awesome!
LolBekfast Hoiyaa
LolBekfast Hoiyaa 13 hours ago
Please do American civil war
Shirley Z.
Shirley Z. 13 hours ago
I can’t believe the great strategist, politician, a key figure in the three kingdom period in both history and the famous novel, Zhuge Liang, is not even mentioned here...
Billy Tsili
Billy Tsili 13 hours ago
Is all this information legit?
黄捷 13 hours ago
As a foreigner, you can accurately describe the history of the three kingdoms, which really surprised me. you are doing a great job!
Munchkins OfficialYT
Did you guys saw at 6:07 Alois Hitler was at the background slapping butts of eunichs!
Jackson Lordship
Jackson Lordship 14 hours ago
Make another video now or I will say heck an frick again
Ultra J
Ultra J 17 hours ago
Where is the Vietnam War Video?
Jera2271 MyEasy
Jera2271 MyEasy 18 hours ago
Maybe do some of these: American Civil War Chinese Civil War Russian Revolution Napoleonic Wars Sengoku(I think that is what its called) Seven Years War Stalin Mongol Empire
SANS 19 hours ago
could u make chechenya vs soviet union the war
WotTimeIsIt 19 hours ago
Lost it at the hi-vis baguette wielder
Ushi's Vlogs 2
Ushi's Vlogs 2 19 hours ago
6:14 hitlers dad in the backround
boii boii
boii boii 19 hours ago
Serbian history or yugoslavia history pls
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran 20 hours ago
Okay, great video and all, loved it. But can we just appreciate how awesome that outro music is?
ZJones Gaming
ZJones Gaming 21 hour ago
Dude why don't u make a video about the English glorious revolution
Преслав Маринов
Make a video about Mongol Invasion!
Super John gaming
Super John gaming 21 hour ago
I am studying in China now and i also need to study Chinese history this vedio makes it more simple but the point is still here
Darke Zheng
Darke Zheng 22 hours ago
If you ever feel bad about your pronunciation, just go watch Extra History's videos on the Three Kingdoms. Because...oh man.... Seriously, though, good job on the pronunciations. I didn't even pay attention to them the first time I saw the video, which pretty much means you did a great because I heard the name and not how you said it.
Kyle & Chung
Kyle & Chung 23 hours ago
How about the American Civil War to be the next video
MinisterK 23 hours ago
BC China Game of thrones
Doenjang Stew
Doenjang Stew 23 hours ago
It was after WW2 that China had Manchuria. But like Tibet, they are always describing they had owned Manchu from ancient China. Of course it is a lie.
Hyon Zui
Hyon Zui 19 hours ago
+Doenjang Stew I don't think you got what I was saying. I was talking about history. China is not currently fighting a war with Imperial Japan, and everybody, even the North Koreans, knows that. And I do not represent the Chinese government, just so you know.
Doenjang Stew
Doenjang Stew 20 hours ago
+Hyon Zui No! this is anthoer lie. Commie-Capitalist China has never fought with Imperial Japan. Moreover, Japan is now a free democratic country. You are fighting with an enemy that does not exist you maden hatred something that Commie-Capitalist's Propaganda. Yoe are the enermy of your Chinese civilization.
Hyon Zui
Hyon Zui 20 hours ago
+Doenjang Stew Jokes aside, I don't really care if you hate the CCP government, but there's no need to hate the people. Hey, remember that we fought the Japanese together many times in history?
Hyon Zui
Hyon Zui 20 hours ago
+Doenjang Stew Hey man didn't know your family was ACTUALLY killed by Chinese. I offer my sincere condolences. My grandfather fought in Korea too, commander of an anti-aircraft detachment, knocked out many of Lee's planes. He survived tho.
Doenjang Stew
Doenjang Stew 21 hour ago
+Hyon Zui The Chinese chatactericstic TRUTH is always a lie. Human formed cockroach! Anti-Humanist The ENERMY of humanity on earth! Yes, My grand uncle was killed by Commie-Capitalist China forces in July 10, 1953 at somewhere.
S0lidman 23 hours ago
Learning Chinese history lesson
C Alex
C Alex Day ago
14:59 The emperor's name should be "Cao Fang" 曹芳
3:51 Is that a notion to the yellow vest movement I see?
J-dog Gaming
J-dog Gaming Day ago
Can you please make Napoleon war oversimplified. It would be supper interesting.
KittyBoo Day ago
Guy: do you remember me? I'm your mom's stepdad Me:WICH ONE?!?!?!?
Mark J
Mark J Day ago
Sima Yi never betrayed Cao family, he was sworn brother to Cao Pi. It is due to the mistreatment from Cao Cao and Cao family that eventually his sons decided to take over. He even made his sons promise him they wont be emperor themselves. His grandson did tho, and added the emperor titles to Sima Yi and his sons.
Joel Playz
Joel Playz Day ago
I love your vi- OH NO I’M HAVING A SROKE!!!!
Brian Fowler
Brian Fowler Day ago
One question, what the heck is a head disease?
Dreadhead Drew
I know you like doing wars but can you do a Great Depression Over simplified or slavery oversimplified
DCL 308
DCL 308 Day ago
Scene: 10:17 - Lu Kang? WTF? When did Mortal Kombat become part of ancient China's history?
phatcavy98 Day ago
I was planning to purchase the game anyways as I'm a huge Dynasty Warriors and Total War fan, that has been begging for a game like this since TW Warhammer first came out and i saw individual lords could be a thing. I want you to know I'm using your link for the purchase since you put together such a fun history video.
Wow, this is such an accurate analysis of this period in Chinese history!
Riley Stauffer
Are you going to make a civil war video
Anime is AMAZING
I’m actually related to CaoCao! My dads side is from the north and my mom is from the north of the Yangzi river!
CoderBert 39
CoderBert 39 Day ago
I don’t think that’s enough to prove it......
Farhad's Notes
Been over a month now...
nameis2 Day ago
The video games make Lui Bei such a noble person, but looking at all his territories expansion it just shows how bad he actually his
Rafael Vaidergorn
Please make one about the meadle east and Israelx pslestine
MasterBeiber Everything
5:23 the eunuch on the right suddenly has nothing on their face besides a mouth
Zachary Duvalsaint
Can you do civil war and civil rights
Soviet Doggo
Soviet Doggo Day ago
Dude you need to upload more often, although I love your videos your uploading sucks. Even the Berlin Wall in your Cold War video is wanting to know when your uploading next lol. But keep up the good work.
PlayerGator Day ago
Man your vids are so entertaining too bad they take too much time
Lava Gamer
Lava Gamer Day ago
6:08 Hitlers dad is spanking someone on the stairs
Alexandre Alarcon Santiago
Awesome video !
Survival Marius
06:08 Schicklgruber
Yeet zus
Yeet zus Day ago
Can you make an European war one?
That Skyla
That Skyla Day ago
Please do the kill dozer or Martin he’d over or what ever just do it please
蓝钟尘 Day ago
Very lovely😂
Samantha Bentley
hey uh...... can you do the french revolution for the next vid plz
BorisG491 Day ago
Duarte Coelho
There’s like only 15 videos on this channel in 2 years PLS MAKE MORE
Harrison La time traveler
But it takes 2-3 months for him to upload these high quality videos. To me it feels like centuries for him to upload.
Julian Novak
Julian Novak Day ago
Hitlers dad in the background spanking a Eunuch. 6:17
Lmao Lyl
Lmao Lyl Day ago
Damn. Never knew that there could happen that much under such a small amount of time throughout history.
David W.
David W. Day ago
Oh, and to combats the "sea sickness" on the Yangtze, Cao Cao ordered his ships to be nailed together with boards so as to make the shaking minimal. Needless to say, this helped with the fire assault A LOT.
David W.
David W. Day ago
Sun Quan smashed the table and declared anyone who dared mention surrender again would end up not unlike this table. :)
David W.
David W. Day ago
A reoccurring theme in old China warfare is the Real Numbers vs Propaganda Numbers of an invading army. Cáo Cāo had 200k in actuality but he claimed to have one million men.
David W.
David W. Day ago
OP really did his work re: character designs. Liu Bei is said to have amble earlobes, which according to old Chinese phrenology (sp?) is supposed to be the figures of a great emperor, and what not.
David W.
David W. Day ago
Lu Bu's family name is actually pronounced lü in pinyin, which would be close to Lyu in English.
David W.
David W. Day ago
Perhaps not surprisingly, Mao Zedong was a big fan of Cáo Cāo.
Sir Wasserfuchs
Please do the Napoleonic Wars
Joseph Critelli
Yo I just noticed alois hitler in the background spanking one of the eunuchs 6:10
rasha omran
rasha omran Day ago
Anyone noticed hitlers dad at 6:20
Tom Chang
Tom Chang Day ago
from a chinese's perspective looking into this video is so funny, this is not bad
6:16 his friends all died, this enraged adalfs father,who punished him severely.
Leclerc Benjamin
3:52 I'm surprised that nobody is talking about the gilet jaune right there
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