Three Days Grace - Strange Days (Official)

Three Days Grace
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“Strange Days" from Three Days Grace’s new album ‘Outsider’ - Out Now
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Directed by Take a bow Productions

The following royalty free footage was obtained from:
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Three Days Grace - Strange Days (Official)


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Apr 16, 2020




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Comments 99
Harshit Pareek
Harshit Pareek 10 hours ago
Oh Donky
Oh Donky Day ago
Imagine this music video but with terrifying sounds in the backround
Jfk Unfit
Jfk Unfit Day ago
Theres currently 9million covid cases in the us
guys vote biden and it we can get back to being normal ....
it won't be strange days anymore vote trump out for everyone even the dumbass that still vote for him.... they don't know no better...
Erika 2 days ago
Did they write this for 2020?
HaloXRey 2 days ago
Lilly Chandronnet
I love all of their songs no matter who the lead singer is
javiera ace
javiera ace 6 days ago
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 6 days ago
This song gives me Sally Face vibes and I honestly love it.
Oscar Dulphy
Oscar Dulphy 9 days ago
2020 is the worst years in all my life
shameful winging it
Me preparing for 2021
Talha 9 days ago
Matt we miss you just come back to my darkest days
Southern Gal
Southern Gal 9 days ago
Yes Matt can sing. But, he'll never be adam and I don't think he's trying to be. I think he's trying to be as good as Adam, but that won't happen either. Adam's vocals are insanely impressive and not just anyone can be on the same level as him. Matt definitely isn't.
Southern Gal
Southern Gal 7 days ago
@A Black T-Shirt I'm a fan of adam.
A Black T-Shirt
A Black T-Shirt 7 days ago
I see you have no respect for TDG anymore
Cote Bulnes
Cote Bulnes 10 days ago
Canción ql buena weonnnn
Lyra Black
Lyra Black 12 days ago
Three days grace: *exists* Me and the world: 🤩🤪🥳😍🥰😘😋😇😅😂🤣😀😃😁😆
Oscar Dulphy
Oscar Dulphy 16 days ago
Another new legendary song heard in 2040
Slay Foe
Slay Foe 16 days ago
If my grandchildren will ask me about 2020, I'll tell them: "Go to RUvid, and search Three Days Grace - Strange Days"
Captain Ireland
Captain Ireland 16 days ago
These guys were like my first band back in like 2013 and they’re still putting out hits
FaZe reverse 5
FaZe reverse 5 17 days ago
How did i not see this is a sweet music video
jouni k
jouni k 18 days ago
earth cannot last 10 billion braindead consumers, hope corona helps
Kehali Tadesse
Kehali Tadesse 21 day ago
Matt walst isn't half as good as Adam Gontier but I honestly don't know y fans of Adam hate him he's a very good artist
Crappy Movie Happy Hour
Awesome songs
Ruslan 89jk98
Ruslan 89jk98 24 days ago
1:21 psychopath
Kiwi Peludo
Kiwi Peludo 24 days ago
Ninguém te quer aqui, brasileiro! Rsrsrrsrsrs🥝👍
Aiden T
Aiden T 24 days ago
2020 worst year ever
Muhamad Hafif
Muhamad Hafif 25 days ago
Niceee one.....!
Eugin Christo
Eugin Christo 25 days ago
If you hate Three Days Grace because of Matt,just why? He is doing a tremendous job as a vocalist.Sure it is not the Three Days Grace with Adam but if you want, Adam is on another band named "St.Asonia". Go check em out and stop hating on Matt.
King Shadow Of Vampires
this song is the song of 2020, cause it's some strange days when we're all stuck inside. Strange days here we go
Anna Lisa
Anna Lisa 26 days ago
Strange days indeed.
Beercan Ben
Beercan Ben 26 days ago
TDG was so much better when Adam was lead 🤦 they are still ok, but they fukn rocked when Adam was lead singer! I grew up with Adam rocking out & as good as this guy is, they should have changed the name of the band! Just like the new sublime, & Alice in chains
Dashex18 29 days ago
2020 theme song
TheBirbLover Month ago
0:16 when the teacher gets bad news from the substitute
Diego Rangel
Diego Rangel Month ago
Strange days basically saying the end is coming
Dad Bot
Dad Bot Month ago
ᶦˢⁿᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵃᵐᵉ ʷᶦᵗʰᵒᵘᵗ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
A Black T-Shirt
A Black T-Shirt 7 days ago
Seriously dude? Matt is doing his best and you seriously don't need to shit on the band for it. Hell adam left because of his health! You can't be mad at him for leaving
Terese Johansson
Amazing as always
vuk djuraskovic
vuk djuraskovic Month ago
Three Days Grace never dissapoints.
Anna Hellings
Anna Hellings Month ago
Get ready for the bright age 😊💗
Michael blake
Michael blake Month ago
love the song!!!
foreveruseless Month ago
Anonymous Month ago
3DG tried to warn us 😣
d3str1s Month ago
My head destroyed 👍And eyes
D Roach
D Roach Month ago
София Шевелинова
Почему этот видиоряд вызывает чувство опасения?
_DARPLes_ Month ago
2020 the Anime theme song. Eng dubbed, subbed.
DStv10 Month ago
Put this on my online class and nobody liked it
77capbrnsho Month ago
These kind of music videos never fail to creep me out
Shala Murphy
Shala Murphy Month ago
Has anyone here listened to the betty boop song by Charlie puth? Because it sounds similar in parts of this song.
DStv10 Month ago
This is 2020 song
“String Cheese Here We Come”
Torch57 Month ago
Scares me it's right
Matthew Delgado
Matthew Delgado Month ago
On june I played this on the way to corpus Christi Texas But then months later hurricane Hanna came along
José Guerrero
José Guerrero Month ago
This sounds like The Mountain
Kaylee Dreamer
Kaylee Dreamer Month ago
Love the song
Lili ROGER Month ago
I love three days grace 🎧🎤🎸
fernando rodrigues
My Darkest Days - Strange Days 😂😂😂 I luv matt's voice dude \m/
Gustavo Santos
Gustavo Santos Month ago
2020 cade os BR!
DeezyB88 _
DeezyB88 _ Month ago
Its not bad.... I can still hear some of the old sound... I've tried repeatedly...but its just not the same!! 😞 srry
Starlat Torres
Starlat Torres Month ago
Alguien más siente que el vídeo parece esos que te ponen pa lavarte la mente xD?
Сацуки Вудс
I love this Song and I love Three Days Grace
ты долбоеб
Сацуки Вудс
Strange days it is new song in the 2020 it was April 16. 2020
Reea Month ago
i thought new tdg is gonna be trash...i was wrong😅
Y black
Y black Month ago
we need new songs a new album 💪
P Nana
P Nana Month ago
lol this song is about 2020
Brandon Ray
Brandon Ray Month ago
Is it just me or is three days grace doing exactly what Theory of a deadman is doing now! ☹️
Kids Inmybasement
Kids Inmybasement 2 months ago
Ok kinda glad my names Grace now hehe
Fher Blood
Fher Blood 2 months ago
Lol wheres the guy with LYRICS!?
Riicho Bamin
Riicho Bamin 2 months ago
The beat reminds me of "Another One Bites The Dust".
patrick grondines
patrick grondines 2 months ago
Daniel Morrow
Daniel Morrow 2 months ago
I’ve liked Matt in my darkest days and he’s doing a hell of a job in three days grace personally don’t care🤷🏻‍♂️
ABRAHAM YT DROID 2 months ago
This song has been my 2020 Theme song.
Shirley Thomas Claire
Very interesting music i listened to
Frederick Tregaskes III
Agreed Adam is three days grace but adam does a great job!!!!
Aiden Gerometta
Aiden Gerometta 2 months ago
This Song is Perfect
Dave Rice
Dave Rice 2 months ago
well-done, please. meat you in the middle.
Austin Mullins
Austin Mullins 2 months ago
Holy fuck how trash three days grace has become....wow
A Black T-Shirt
A Black T-Shirt 7 days ago
Holy shit if you hate the band this much then leave
PastelFire 99
PastelFire 99 2 months ago
Lemme guess: you’re a Adam Stan
Marcy Diaz
Marcy Diaz 2 months ago
Bye bye then
Aristide Tsitsos
Aristide Tsitsos 2 months ago
This for some reason reminds me of the riff from rush passage to banko
jack happy
jack happy 2 months ago
Influenced by zeppelin ruvid.net/video/video-1JYtwlQTUbM.html
vadkvi vadkvi
vadkvi vadkvi 2 months ago
Me: Strange Days is for the Strange Nobody:
I'm pretty good at videogames
I love this song... But the video clip.... It could be better
Ксения Кузнецова
Мои нестабильненькие
Gabe Is a Tallman
Gabe Is a Tallman 2 months ago
I really love the intro
President of Estonia
This is the 1st song I like from TDG with new singer. He's not a bad singer, just that Adam was exceptionally good. So the comparison would have always hurt the new guy. Adam could even make an average musical piece to come alive and he had a skills to put his emotions into the song. He could sing angry, melodic, slow, fast parts all really well. New singer sounds pretty much the same alltime. There's the difference. But like I said, he's not bad, 90% of the singers are like that. Just that Adam was that minority of 10%, that was really good. And same time, I fail to find any good songs from Saint Asonia. While Adam can still sing well, the music is not on the level of Three Days Grace.
NaaH Martins
NaaH Martins 2 months ago
Viciei nessa música mds! Muito massaa❤🇧🇷
Æ 2 months ago
Postoji jezik poznat kao Engleski,i mislim da bi trebala njime pisati zato što ovde nema nijednog jebenog brazilca. See how annoying it is having to translate commemts?
black mes
black mes 2 months ago
why is it so fucking creepy?
Æ 2 months ago
Because it adds detail to song,it is rather strange then creepy.
Philip Galvadores
Philip Galvadores 2 months ago
3days grace right.. strange day month year.. here to come..
BIZZO Alt 2 months ago
This song will stay in my heart.
Josh Lambert
Josh Lambert 2 months ago
No hate at all... but it’s just not the same without Adam.... I don’t hate the new stuff.. I do find myself gravitating back to the old stuff tho
Mist 2 months ago
Why I haven't heard it playing on the radio yet? >_>
Madalina Ianus
Madalina Ianus 2 months ago
3 months ago?????????????? how did i find this now????😳
peggy self
peggy self 2 months ago
Call on Jesus in these strange days we sure are living in strange times but he told us get ready he's coming BK to carry us home
Alberto Salas
Alberto Salas 2 months ago
SHOOTA SMILEZ 2 months ago
That visual of the deer is definetly from a voidz video, Julian Casablancas is the goat though so not surprised they would use something from his videos.
THE BEST SHADOW 2 months ago
Is tjat the beirut explosion and this vid is 3months old what
Daid Devis
Daid Devis 2 months ago
Топ музон как много лет назад
xlide31 2 months ago
This song shows how Human is destroying is own living, is own home, to the end of his existence. Produce children, pollute everything, stay ignorant through the TV, destroy everything's on the road. "WHO'S TO BLAME WHEN IT'S EVERYONE'S FAULT."
Lucas Santana
Lucas Santana 2 months ago
Awsome song, i appreciate the band for their existance! You rock.
May May
May May 2 months ago
this song was requested by 2020
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