Three Days Grace - Somebody That I Used to Know (Official Video)

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Our take on “Somebody That I Used To Know” available now: smarturl.it/3DGSTIUTK

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Directed by Mike Filsinger

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Jul 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 22 minutes ago
Man, I was surprised to find out this was from Three Days Grace. It's a good cover
Adrian 2 hours ago
Hmmm....all this does is make me wish Adam would have made this song..not the cover vocalist for the cover song. I don't dislike the replacement for 3DG, but it'll never be the same.
- S
- S 6 hours ago
Now we need to hear GONTIER SING IT🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Kelly Oliver
Kelly Oliver 6 hours ago
Hahahahahahaha what is this crap
Carla K
Carla K 8 hours ago
get over it already... what you get for agreeing to that three way
SaintSatellizer 14 hours ago
The auto tune is strong with this one
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 15 hours ago
There is nothing good about this cover.
Faded Kai
Faded Kai 18 hours ago
this band has really fallen since Adam left huh?
Falon E
Falon E 18 hours ago
Would give anything to collaborate Falon-singer Thesevenboard Tragic mess 💜 Pueblo Colorado needs you Falonanne@icloud.com
ikillerii666 21 hour ago
Why just why
Jason Mattox
Jason Mattox 22 hours ago
It's kinda weird, to me. It's like this cover encompasses all the rage, betrayal, anger, and deep hurt you have after a bad breakup. Gotye's version has a similar, but also different effect. You feel more of the sadness, the loneliness, the crying and shaking that comes with a bad breakup as well. Brilliant Contrasts of the same deep, emotional hurt.
Joseph Stalin
Damn, I was born in the wrong generation /s
SSJ5G Reincarnated_YT
List of songs that I wish Three Days Grace would do covers on (of course the covers wouldn't be as good but I'm curious what Matt's covers on them would sound like): 1.) Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day 2.) I hope you suffer by AFI 3.) Blood to Bleed by Rise Against 4.) Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day 5.) Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against 6.) Hospital For Souls by Bring Me The Horizon 7.) Crawling by Linkin Park 8.) One Step Closer by Linkin Park 9.) Monster by Skillet 10.) Kiss and Control by AFI 11.) Survive by Rise Against 12.) This Fire Burns by KSE (Killswitch Engage) 13.) End of Heartache by KSE 14.) Beautiful Thieves by AFI
Merve Ulaş
Merve Ulaş Day ago
we need these songs!! keep going
RR Records
RR Records Day ago
Brad is again bald ? :D
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz Day ago
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
Hard up for new material are we? 🤦‍♀️
mariehansler 2 days ago
I have been waiting for a heavy version of this song for years! Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!
smug face megumin
i wonder how adam wouldve sounded like
Meme_Lover21 Memes4L4fe
Pretty nice cover 👍
Byterz 2 days ago
Damnn... Nice to see youu all againn legends!!!
Jp Malice
Jp Malice 2 days ago
Original version is 100% better.
David Brzezinski
David Brzezinski 2 days ago
Idk man, it’s missing a lot of the dynamics from the original. Gotye kind of encapsulated the feel of it being a heartbreaking song, and when you get rid of the two separate genders singing about each of their sides it kinda just feels like a cover to be a cover. But I guess if you’re gonna try and please your rock fans you gotta just do it like 15 year old raging about life.
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse 2 days ago
When I found out 3DG was finally putting out new music, I was excited. Didn't realize they would go Five Finger Death Punch on us.
xVizionz 47
xVizionz 47 2 days ago
This is really good 🤯
nicalls74 2 days ago
They did a great cover of the original. I would however suggest they should have had a chick do the the small part that the chick did in the original. One suggestion would be lizzy hale. She would have been fabulous for the mini part.
Arthur Corassini
Arthur Corassini 2 days ago
I Hate Somebody That You Used To Know
Marlene Chavez
Marlene Chavez 2 days ago
An eternal banger, for sure.
Mark Curry
Mark Curry 3 days ago
Ahh here we go again I’m now back to being a emo
The Hybrid
The Hybrid 3 days ago
This is the rock version which is so cool
Philip Galvadores
This is the best one..😍😍
Владимир Иванов
this is dope af, great job guys, i love dat
J Brock
J Brock 3 days ago
ZZ Top got a new singer?!
BoostJunkie 3 days ago
So much autotune. :/
TheSleepyKuro AnimeGamesMusic
Mayday parade did it better.
DJ Steed
DJ Steed 3 days ago
Anthony 3 days ago
How far this band has fallen man
Joshua Peal cartone
I think this is one of my favorite remakes I've hered in a while
Idevid Lima
Idevid Lima 4 days ago
Amei a versão, já gostava da original mas essa está perfeita, Three Days Grace fazendo como sempre um trabalho incrível.
bluesti3 4 days ago
Boy I sure miss Adam... will never be the real Three Days Grace without him.
MrRensoku 2 days ago
Feel the same way.
adrian QP
adrian QP 4 days ago
This is crap
TheSilenced_ Nightngale
This isn’t a song, this is real life
Senile Goldsmith
Senile Goldsmith 4 days ago
Some things are better left alone imo. Glad their true fans like it though
bankotsu2a 4 days ago
Is this aimed at Adam Gontier?
Fabio Nettis
Fabio Nettis 4 days ago
I think this cover is better than the original. The way it feels, sounds more like he is actually believing his lyrics. This angry, bitter and disgusted aftertaste of a broken relationship.
Jorge Aetillero
Jorge Aetillero 4 days ago
Very good song I liked
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall 4 days ago
This goes out to all the people that burned me and screwed me over
Aaron Darkheart WizGuides
Ruined the song!
Faible 3 days ago
Your existence ruins the comment section.
Zedrie 4 days ago
Well done, this is a good version.
Z G 5 days ago
Muhamad Abdul Rauuf
Original : regret This : anger I like it!
The Dreamer Never Die
Oi....questa versione rock te la dedico....nn so se conosci il testo.....guarda la versione tradotta....è tokkante... ad ogni modo ...ti rikordi quando era solo un dedicarci canzoni? Mi mancano quei tempi....mi manka tutto di noi.....ti amo ankora...
Craig Goodman
Craig Goodman 5 days ago
Had no idea this was Three Days Grace. Makes me smile.
Septagrim 5 days ago
Man, it's almost good but i just don't like their new vocalist at all... ruins the vibe of three days grace for me.
Joe Granma
Joe Granma 6 days ago
Tfw most Three Days Grace fans don't even realise Gotye is the current singer.
David Rolfe
David Rolfe 6 days ago
As covers go this is really good, and i was expecting it to be bad. I do love it when i'm proved wrong. So what's next? A full blown covers album? That sounds interesting if it is.
Prettiest Girl In The Morgue
1 million of the views are mine. I love this cover sm
Serena Maslon
Serena Maslon 6 days ago
I came here from direct TV music channel
Senpai Cam
Senpai Cam 6 days ago
I thought I left this phase in middle school. I can see that middle school me is still here and well!
Mick Dundee
Mick Dundee 6 days ago
This needs way more views
S P A C Y 6 days ago
Really with the autotune? I have no problem with pitch correction since literally everyone does it, but I don't understand why people like when it makes their voices sound fake.
Juan Pajaro Velasquez
The cover that I didn't knew I was need it
1Fast AMG
1Fast AMG 7 days ago
Song comes out in 2012. Everyone and their brother does very creative and sometimes even better versions of it than the original. Three Days Grace makes the worst version of this song ever but somehow it's what makes it on the radio
ArchAngel 7 days ago
I mean enough people including me liked it, and that's probably why it's on the radio. Song quality is a matter of opinion unless they're so blatantly terrible. You didn't like it, others did there's nothing you can really do aside from be negative I guess.
Ethan Vesely
Ethan Vesely 7 days ago
i always hear this song on the radio this cover
RinaldsH 7 days ago
THREE DAYS GRACE was somebody that I used to know when the real dude was singing.
Lynx j
Lynx j 7 days ago
I thought I was on lsd
Rud3 b0y
Rud3 b0y 7 days ago
Cover war between motionless in white and 3dg?
Human Disease
Human Disease 8 days ago
I miss the old Three Days Grace, this cover is kind of bad to where the Mayday Parade cover is superior.
Ashton Farina
Ashton Farina 8 days ago
Shadowscreed 8 days ago
Edward Xperia
Edward Xperia 8 days ago
B Warn
B Warn 8 days ago
Your biggest mistake was replacing adam
Sharoon Aftab
Sharoon Aftab 6 days ago
They didn't replace him he left himself. What do you think they should've stopped making music ?
Adam Hines
Adam Hines 8 days ago
I like this version better
ozzy samuel
ozzy samuel 8 days ago
Big like it is a really good cover
Seth Davey
Seth Davey 8 days ago
Isn't this....yeah, it is!
Danilo Alves
Danilo Alves 8 days ago
Алиса Селезнёва
Yes first you question yourself about is it Gotye cover. Then you play it. After that you start to open the folder and play One X, which is still awesomely dark.
Pwenko Jammy
Pwenko Jammy 8 days ago
Oh shit this version is WAY better
Kristina Marie Acosta
This is an instance where the cover is actually better than the original. Three days grace are a godsend
miriã borges
miriã borges 9 days ago
Venrix 9 days ago
This cover is so good , 3 days grace , amazing band , honestly a cover album would be pretty cool .
Mylene Teles
Mylene Teles 9 days ago
um cover e tanto
prodtylr music
prodtylr music 9 days ago
it’s not the same without Adam, he really was 3dg..but Matt really does do an impressive job
Rosy Ribeiro
Rosy Ribeiro 9 days ago
😍😍😍😍incrível, love love love❤
Meredith Grubb
Meredith Grubb 9 days ago
Chills!! Love this!!
Kill She
Kill She 9 days ago
sexy voice
Jordan K
Jordan K 9 days ago
The original was literally in 3 different radio stations at once back in 2012... Probably most overused song on the 2010s
Robyn Van Norman
Robyn Van Norman 9 days ago
Michael Bayless
Michael Bayless 10 days ago
God this song is so much better than the original 3 days is sick 🤘
M H 10 days ago
The original sucked ass. This....this is 🔥
delete something
delete something 10 days ago
TheMack 10 days ago
I really like the black and white concept. The verses are like "here's what happened, bit for bit, just the facts". Then the chorus has more feeling, but still stating some facts. This is pure communication and usually is the best way to solve issues.
crimsonangel681 10 days ago
Wow - they made it worse
Coffee Jab
Coffee Jab 10 days ago
Three Days Grace will always be one of my favorite band's ♥
dev 10 days ago
Is there any other remakes of songs they made like this??? This is awesome
What Breaks The Silence
Imagine breaking up with ya girl and this version still wasn't around... *cries* and now you break up with another girl and this song pops out of your recommendations... *cries harder in anguish*
Hachiko Blackblood
Hachiko Blackblood 10 days ago
This is good dont get me wrong but damn this isn't three days grace, its basically my darkest days... music and all.. it just dont sound right calling it three days grace..
patrick duthie
patrick duthie 10 days ago
i absolutely love this cover!!! not many people can make a cover song thats WAAYY better then the original!!! i cant stop listening to this!!!
I need a Scary name!
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