Three Camera Angles | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing on Droneship

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Three different views of last week's Falcon 9 first stage landing after sending JCSAT-14 satellite on to Geostationary Transfer Orbit. Hottest and fastest landing yet.

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May 10, 2016




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Threelly AI
Threelly AI 6 months ago
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John Day
John Day 8 months ago
Lesson ONE: Never let the government monopolize space flight again! Lesson TWO: The US Government does not know how to make space available to mankind. Lesson THREE: The next frontier seems much closer than ever before! Please save me a seat on a manned mission to Mars. THANK YOU SpaceX!!
we are one
we are one 8 months ago
Elon musk. Smokes weed on RUvid. Gains the young fans...and boom. Spacex is the new NASA for the younger generation
we are one
we are one 8 months ago
Lol..I can do the same thing with my phone
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen 10 months ago
Look like these cams get worse through years eh? FakeX
APOC Year ago
It's probably a crane lowering down while some firecrackers go off. It's Hollywood gimics. Why not have an angle (OUT OF 3 BY THE WAY) that shows from above looking down. Why can't we ever see the top? Cuz it's attached to a wire...lol!!!
Daddy Donut
Daddy Donut Year ago
You know you can go watch them land in person
RTD Year ago
What a cool ride SpaceX....thanks for all the hard work and dedication!
hi high
hi high Year ago
Do you think it might not be real? Just looking at it and i'm not sure but something has me wondering. Like it's some Hollywood movie shot.
Broccoli_32 Year ago
hi high you can go watch these in person
Dmitriy M
Dmitriy M Year ago
Интересно было увидеть, как это происходит. Очень значительное достижение американских ученых и инженеров, заслуживает уважения!
Joel Järnefelt
Joel Järnefelt 2 years ago
cole royer
cole royer 2 years ago
that was eerie and cool
slickit86 2 years ago
at 0:42 is it just me or does the whole thing slide over to the left ~1.7m after thrusters were disengaged?
Joachim Voldseth
Joachim Voldseth 2 years ago
Yes, the legs shifts position a little bit as the weight of the stage settles on the legs
Peanut Wiggin
Peanut Wiggin 2 years ago
It's all crap,,,,fake ,,,COMMON SENSE IS NO LONGER COMMON,,,And yes I am a FLAT EARTHER,,till someone can actually prove otherwise,,p.s. I Was a NASA fan boy for thirty years,,,,a truly objective observer,,,will soon ,,,find it is smoke mirrors,,,cgi,,,,,just watch the (ISS) (live feed),,,,if you can't tell it's fake well,,,Monsanto&friends have successfully dumbed down the masses,,,
MrTagnan 2 years ago
Peanut Wiggin quit,,,, using,,,, so,,,, many,,,, fucking,,,, COMMAS,,,,,!
Payne In The Butt
Payne In The Butt 2 years ago
Anyone know what kind of propellant this rocket uses?
Joachim Voldseth
Joachim Voldseth 2 years ago
RP-1 also know as refined Kerosene
WMTeWu 2 years ago
But this is not possible!... fake?..
Daniel McGillis
Daniel McGillis 2 years ago
Would't it be cheaper just to use a parachute?
Adam Weaver
Adam Weaver 2 years ago
i love in the second shot how it looks like there is a step ladder just leaning against the wall.
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 2 years ago
Thank you for making this video, i really appreciate the time you took too produce this video.
Bardia 3 years ago
As I watch this video I just imagine myself being an interstellar traveller and landing on a planet with those things while lesser evolved alien species watch
Mecha Mush
Mecha Mush 3 years ago
Elon Musk 2020.
nicola2621 3 years ago
78 Boeing representatives hated this video.
Furkan GÜRBÜZ 3 years ago
vay be.. ı am turkısh
babba bobbo
babba bobbo 3 years ago
fake, this is a backwards video about a missile launch.
Daniels30 3 years ago
Since when has a rocket launch ever had the exhaust plume in reverse? Idiot.
Victory in Jesus Christ my Lord.
o_o!!! The logo shows the FIRMAMENT!
Victory in Jesus Christ my Lord.
Many different angles of small scale landing, but NOT ONE REAL ANGLE of OUT OF SPACE!!! Because A LIE can NEVER BE TRUTH no matter how many times you tell it or slice it. And just as there is a BEGINNING TO EVERYTHING, there's also an ENDING TO EVERYTHING and the NASA HOAX has run its course.
MrTagnan 2 years ago
Victory in Jesus Christ my Lord. Yeah, and I'm a unicorn
Gin-chan's Odd Jobs。万事屋銀ちゃん
I wish the live feed of the drone ship landing could be as clear as this :( Btw, was that the hissing sound of a build-in fire extinguisher at the end?
Kevin Lu WX
Kevin Lu WX 2 years ago
live feed video is interrupted by the vibration
The Gentlemoon
The Gentlemoon 3 years ago
Gin-chan's Odd Jobs Nope, it's the super toxic chemical they use to light the engines being vented. TEATEB I think it's called.
Snakebloke 3 years ago
Damn, Star Citizen needs to put SpaceX in it's lore at the very least... What a truly legendary company, already.
Michael Pietrobono
Michael Pietrobono 3 years ago
Not a believer in Elon nor SpaceX. A high aspect ratio vehicle descending at Mach 3 (2284 mph or 1021 m/s) slowing down enough to gently touch down violates common sense and the value of fuel onboard. The USAF and NASA spent years with the concept that culminated in the DC-X vehicle. It crash landed a few times and the program cancelled. Saying Musk developed this technology is a far stretch. It was already developed. The DC-X was a short squat vehicle. Having a 12 story or more vehicle landing vertically is risky at best with cross winds and changing air pressures on the way down. Launching under boosting power in these same atmospheric layers is risky enough. The economics of reusable space craft does not work either. The shuttle was supposed to be reusable as was their SRBs - solid rocket boosters. After reconditioning and part replacement, the program was deemed a failure in the re usability department. It could be that the Falcon is a red herring throwing attention off of what NASA is really doing. For instance no one has a good handle on the X37 reusable space vehicle. That and other secret space programs.
Michael Pietrobono
Michael Pietrobono 3 years ago
Thx for your comments. I disagree with one point. NASA is involved in all space operations, military and civillian. It's primarily a military operation by its charter. The civilian cover is just tgat, a cover.
Wojtek Sykurski
Wojtek Sykurski 3 years ago
X37 has nothing to do with NASA - US Air Force project. There are 'tracking' groups web pages - location of X37 is well known (You can google it a bit). It also provide some clue on what is X37 doing -> probably refuelling and maybe even fixing some spy/military satellites. This job was done in past by Space Shuttles missions - You can check (even on wiki) how many of Space Shuttles missions were classified.
Sharp 3 years ago
They just fuckin landed a rocket on a drone shit.. Whaaaat! Amazing! and Mind blowing! to even imagine the amount of math they had to do. I can survive pre calc rn wow just wow
Glenn Bransfield
Glenn Bransfield 3 years ago
Real Eyes Realize. Real Lies
Tamhas B
Tamhas B 3 years ago
looks more real than the GGI one ... but don't get to see it coming in... the crane is just off camera
allnightlong 3 years ago
alien tech detected :)
Acarox Sanchez
Acarox Sanchez 3 years ago
thx for this elon i will remember your name for all my life and your dreams too.
Happy Brewer
Happy Brewer 3 years ago
Man alive..all of you who can think this is real, even when you can clearly see that the landing is reversed, if any of it is even real, go get you news from the Simpsons as you live in a cartoon world, carry on and X-factor is on soon....Pls open your eyes and use your true common sense and perception 1.14 onward you can see the smoke in reverse...but HEY this is obviously possible...go to the doctor soon he/she will make you dumber with some major pharma
Cris Lorenz Gamit
Cris Lorenz Gamit 3 years ago
0:42 .. Did the rocket slide :o
Anthony Ciccariello
That is super cool
PURPLEHAZE 26 3 years ago
this is how dumb down Society is.FAKE
PURPLEHAZE 26 3 years ago
this is how dumb down Society is.FAKE
Jere Miah
Jere Miah 3 years ago
I dont understand why you would think this is fake... Unless you're retarded of course. You think that the hundreds of engineers, mathemeticians, scientists, programmers etc all with Phd's band together and try to convince people the earth is round?? You would rather believe that they're video editors, and apparently, terrible ones too considering you all have so much to point out... Lmao. ELON AND CREW CHANGING THE WORLD
Morgan Montz
Morgan Montz 3 years ago
These are trolls, idiots, or both. Ignore these people, they have been and will always be around.
M Cardenas
M Cardenas 3 years ago
Ok hold on on this video it Lands at Night time and there was another video Of this and it was day time ok i sware one Of The vídeos are fake
Kevin Lu WX
Kevin Lu WX 2 years ago
They successfully landed in 3 separate occasions
SleepyTinksy 3 years ago
They've landed 3 different rockets on that barge. Two were daytime one was nighttime. This is from JCSAT-14, the only one that successfully landed during nighttime.
FireFraction 3 years ago
I can see the light!! Jesus is that you?
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