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Dan Smith
Dan Smith 22 hours ago
Annette Benning rules. She’s the only one who realizes that Isabelle is the real true professional actor at this table. Every time Isabelle speaks, Annette is locked in.
Bryan B
Bryan B Day ago
At first glance Taraji does not strike me as an actress. She seems a bit aloof. Perhaps because she is so down to earth, no pretense.
RiceBubble Day ago
I'm just here for Natalie :D
Yvette .VB
Yvette .VB 2 days ago
Why don't they choose better interviewers ? I mean this is high class roundtable, they deserved the best interviewers.
Miguel Villar
Miguel Villar 3 days ago
Galloway needs to go
Luis Rodríguez
Luis Rodríguez 5 days ago
This interviewer is so fucking cringy
Violet Firth
Violet Firth 5 days ago
Amy Adams so cute but I never like her acting. Weird.
byan nurdin
byan nurdin 10 days ago
Annette bening why never win Oscars she always good for akting on film
Catalina Salinas
Catalina Salinas 11 days ago
I really don’t like this moderator, he always interrupts and he doesn’t give the women the space to laugh or joke or whatever, he’s always cutting to the question right away without letting the actresses the time to vent or talk between them 🤦🏻‍♀️
The Winningest Duo
The Winningest Duo 13 days ago
Interesting interview ruvid.net/video/video-Q9BdTOGFS2o.html
Gabby L
Gabby L 15 days ago
Before i waste an entire hour watching this.. does anyone ask Emma Stone about why she took the role playing an Asian woman?
Alexandra F.
Alexandra F. 16 days ago
I already loved Taraji before, but this interview made me love her even more and see how amazing she is!
Pillow Jones
Pillow Jones 16 days ago
Was the interviewer being kind of.. smug towards Taraji at the beginning?.... Like he was trying to condescendingly correct her about her answer? I was like.. 🤨
Quiet Queen
Quiet Queen 18 days ago
I love all of these actresses, just wish there was more diversity here.
Angelica Licari
Angelica Licari 20 days ago
Tara Gold
Tara Gold 20 days ago
Naomie harris is CRAZY. when they played her moonlight clip then went back to her talking I was in almost disbelief that there was the same woman from what I just watched. she completely transformed, so talented
Tara Gold
Tara Gold 20 days ago
I love how Isabelle herself is very rigid and blunt with her answers but when she listens to the younger actresses she seems so supportive and is gracious towards them
Harsh Bhandari
Harsh Bhandari 21 day ago
49:40 till end ; 34:00 till 40:00 ; 29:55 ; 12:00
cybersylv 22 days ago
"No, but you said time capsule so..." Yes, Taraji!!
T Emily
T Emily 25 days ago
12:05 their reactions to this lol
Alexander Supertramp
Damn, this is a killer lineup. Amy, Taraji, Emma, Naomi, Natalie.
T Emily
T Emily 28 days ago
44:34 Emma's literally that charming. Natalie and Amy look at her like she's their baby sister.
T Emily
T Emily 28 days ago
I swear they don't need an interviewer. Just give them the questions and they can ask each other or even have a chat.
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
Hhhuuuuhh..We KnOW WHO poISoN IvVy. SHOuLd Be...welcome new emma
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
life mustve been hard for the talented ones..mmmm
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
Im hardest on the most talented ones..isla
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
Minnie dont burn chicken..
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
Caroline Rogel
Caroline Rogel Month ago
Giorgia Alexander
Take note, particularly white women- Amy Adams was an Ally in this interview. This is how you are an ally, you actively step in and step up and use your voice to support.
Leanne Wong
Leanne Wong Month ago
I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF MALE INTERVIEWERS HOSTING A TABLE OF WOMEN!!! ughh they CANNOT sympathize nor empathize with certain topics and stories.
Gabriel Brasil
Gabriel Brasil Month ago
When I dont have nothing to do sometimes I like to rewatch this roundtable cause its, for me, by far the best one.
afnan geographical sciencesciencey
natalie portman is damn sexy
shravan singh
shravan singh 2 months ago
Naomi Harris should have won the oscars that year. Her acting was captivating. emma stone performance was okish.
ckjbenny 2 months ago
My favourite Actress Roundtable so far. Love these intelligent ladies who are true masters of their craft.
Than Lwin
Than Lwin 2 months ago
Natalie portman is such an alluring woman,it's not only because she's attractive, like, to me she seems like a geiunely compassionate person💓
Apam Merlo
Apam Merlo 2 months ago
no Latinas thank you. Could have sat there: Lupita Nyongo, Salma Hayek, etc.
Lea 2 months ago
This was a little emotional to me...I love seeing women coming together and just talking...lifting each other up instead of trying to pull one another down....it is simply beautiful.
Artemis 3 months ago
Isabelle kind of sort of looks like Angela from The Office
77 77
77 77 3 months ago
Get him off the program. So arrogant, rude and just downright unlikable!!
Rosalitta Anderson
Rosalitta Anderson 3 months ago
I did not appreciate the moderator labeling of African American women as the minorites. Did he have to make that statement to ask the question? Minority....the foreign speaking actress.
Talei Karavaki
Talei Karavaki 3 months ago
This was so much more easier to watch compared to the song writers THR. Its was lot more free flowing.
Shalemar Davis
Shalemar Davis 3 months ago
This may be my favorite one
Bigbird mcdermott
Bigbird mcdermott 3 months ago
Is Nat Portman pregnant here? I fucking love her
luna a
luna a 4 months ago
Stephan Galloway meet me in the Walmart parking lot at 7, just wanna talk
luna a
luna a 4 months ago
can we re do this roundtable but with Lacey rose
dancingmonkey08 4 months ago
40:20 Mar-vell: oh shit do they know I am a Kree??!! :D
My Nguyen
My Nguyen 4 months ago
Amy and Taraji were the most enjoyable to watch. They are all so talented and beautiful.
Molly C
Molly C 4 months ago
Taraji P. Henson's response to the time capsule question was profound and I'm a little surprised and disappointed that no one seemed to back her up like they did for others. Perhaps they did and it was edited out, but I was shocked that no one said, "that's a wonderful answer", especially after she elaborated on why. I feel like I'm Family Feud clapping for Taraji P. Henson. Good answer! Good answer!
B Marie
B Marie 4 months ago
Aww Julie Andrews ❤️❤️❤️ definitely in my time capsule.
ShinobiKun 4 months ago
the more i watch these, the more i dislike Stephen Galloway. He always cuts off great answers and stories for his shit close ended questions and the African-American / misogynistic part in this series just puts it over the edge.
Zi9makin6 4 months ago
Amy Adams and Natalie Portman
Mike Davy
Mike Davy 4 months ago
Superman Girl Thor’s Girl and Spider-Man’s girl....
naturallyjoyful 4 months ago
Trajhi = everything! So many great responses from these women. Interviewer was so mediocre. By far the worst I've seen so far on THR. I cringed so often. He brought the energy so low.
Jonnywan Kenuri
Jonnywan Kenuri 4 months ago
I like to see these debates between actors, actresses, directors, ... Not just a person asking questions, but them debating between themselves
Sarah Michelle Gilligan
Gotta love Emma Watson choosing the wonderful John Candy. A great underrated actor.
Isaac James
Isaac James 4 months ago
It’s so stupid to have a dude host this! Smh
anti edipo
anti edipo 5 months ago
natalie's hair is sooooo beautiful
Genya Arikado
Genya Arikado 5 months ago
Women can't be payed as much as men in this showbiz because they aren't as good in acting as men.
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