Thoughts After Gib vs Taylor Holder

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Thoughts After Gib vs Taylor Holder

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Jun 13, 2021




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Comments 12 267
Aquaball playz
Aquaball playz 7 hours ago
you got more power hits than his power hits and total hits combined
mexican man
mexican man 7 hours ago
Gib just give deji your ab
Sara Hermansson Bengherbia
What abs ?
Dawood Khwaja
Dawood Khwaja 9 hours ago
You need to fight slim
zMxsan Day ago
Fight Slim, He would whoop your ass! 😂 🗑
Not Relevant
Not Relevant 14 hours ago
bruh u need to take the comment down people like me are gonna clown yo a$$ bruh dayum
Ibrahim Faisal
Ibrahim Faisal 15 hours ago
Gib would take Slim and Adam on at the same time
Not Trash
Not Trash 23 hours ago
U a clown 🤡
Bully Maguire
Hahahhah, u must be a comedian
Noor Ali Legend
Noor Ali Legend 2 days ago
I want to see a *AnEsonGib vs Slim* fight
Ali Yeet
Ali Yeet 2 days ago
big gibber i knew he would win
Chris Bastien
Chris Bastien 4 days ago
Gib got robed
Ashton Gros Ventre Boy
Gib are you going to fight slim or you're just going to take a break
Demonツ 4 days ago
The 1.3k Dislikes Are Taylor Holders 13yr old Fans
gr1zzley 5 days ago
Just realised, his user name is An Big Nose
Eggz. 6 days ago
Gib got robbed chain
Umar ALI
Umar ALI 6 days ago
thats y i thought
Furious Snoopy
Furious Snoopy 7 days ago
We want gib vs ksi
Furious Snoopy
Furious Snoopy 6 days ago
@Mr Banter yes. Just like a charity event or something like that
Mr Banter
Mr Banter 6 days ago
As a friendly yeah but not an event
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 7 days ago
He farted hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Vikram Govindan
Vikram Govindan 7 days ago
reaction to the fight shortly been more than a month since he said this big gibber for you
YNG FLEX 8 days ago
"dumb ass, crack hEAd" LMAOOOO
Mr_BadLandz kat Edition
We need a gib vs jake pual rematch
Tosh Vickers
Tosh Vickers 9 days ago
Gib vs Joe weller next fight night
Tosh Vickers
Tosh Vickers 9 days ago
You vs Joe Weller next fight night
Groovy Dan
Groovy Dan 9 days ago
Damn tbh I’d love to see gib against jake now
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
Not Trash Jake would slap his shit
Not Trash
Not Trash 23 hours ago
Jake would still win imo
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
Jake would kill him
Your dead nan
Your dead nan 9 days ago
When a bot dies in COD Pro: that silly silly bastard
Your dead nan
Your dead nan 9 days ago
Tactical Specimen
Tactical Specimen 10 days ago
Why did gib take off the overturned vid?
jackpreston_07 11 days ago
Who still waiting for the reaction to the fight 😂
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes 13 days ago
You won
Tylera711 14 days ago
I'm a big fan of tayler holder but I do think you won that fight. Respect to you both tho, you earned those pancakes
1 win 0 losses
1 win 0 losses 15 days ago
0:55 every youtuber and tiktoker after the event
1 win 0 losses
1 win 0 losses 15 days ago
Or maybe 0:58
1 win 0 losses
1 win 0 losses 15 days ago
Or 0:56
1 win 0 losses
1 win 0 losses 15 days ago
0:29 wait it can't be a draw bc if taylor got one card and you got 2 you shoulve won by split decision and it can't be a draw bc 5 is an odd number and it's impossible to get a draw with 5 rounds
Khuzaima Anjum
Khuzaima Anjum 14 days ago
bruh that's what the judges did because Taylor was the favourite
1 win 0 losses
1 win 0 losses 15 days ago
Hey gibber is your mission: get rid of abs complete yet
Yada Tada
Yada Tada 16 days ago
Bigger robbery than the fight between ryan and NCK
Toxic Jacob BS
Toxic Jacob BS 17 days ago
When you realized the fight was 1 Month ago
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 17 days ago
Jay V Gib 2 plz
Owen Mardis
Owen Mardis 19 days ago
Am I only one who thinks he should rematch Jake Paul
Importance of life
Importance of life 19 days ago
I am Indian
Chava Salgado
Chava Salgado 20 days ago
Nck vs Ryan is most robbed fight
Mr. Dude
Mr. Dude 20 days ago
Taylor definitely won
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z 5 days ago
No he didn’t
Flyz FN
Flyz FN 20 days ago
Taylor the loser , you kicked his ass
Yuuji kun
Yuuji kun 20 days ago
Mission make man tits a reality
Suliman Musawi
Suliman Musawi 21 day ago
you definitely earned it ❤️❤️
Ballaaa 23 days ago
Asian parents when their son only get a 90% on the math test: 0:33
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
A disgrace to RUvid boxing I compared this fight to ur fight with jake and no change from that fight to this one except you went 5 rounds and technically got a draw since it was an exhibition get that through ur head gibber lmao couldn't knock out holder like u said I didnt see him sleep
Chinst 17 days ago
You wanna talk more rubbish mate you commented this crap like 11 times gib kicked his ass go onto tiktok if you think that gibs rubbish gibber did amazing
shut up
shut up 25 days ago
Shut up kid and cry in a corner
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
Ur all excited and think ur hard I was a fan until I seen u fight I just knew u got better but I was wrong very wrong so happy u got a draw with tayler idc what was said or that u cried so much til people made them change the draw u didnt deserve the win YOU SHOULD HAD KNOCKED HIS ASS OUT NO EXCUSE UR JUST NOT A BOXER MISTER BIG GIBBER WITH THE SHITTY FIGURE AND BOXING SKILLS
shut up
shut up 25 days ago
Wa wa wa keep crying
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
Cry baby!!! It was a draw yes u got more punches yes but where was the TKO??? They shouldnt have scored the fights anyone that went all rounds was a draw like gibs fight
shut up
shut up 25 days ago
They now said its a win for gib
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
Exhibition + no TKO = DRAW LMAO GIBS JUST SHOWS NO IMPROVEMENT!!! Exhibition + TKO = A Winner!!! Gib cried so much and made people mad that they had to over turn it even though IT WAS A DRAW Gibs should of knocked tayler TF out but he couldn't all those punches and tayler looked better after the fight then before!!! That pisses me off I had faith in "The BIG GIBBER" or "The BIG SHIT STAIN THAT DIDNT TRAIN AND CRIED TO MAKE THEM OVER TURN THE DRAW" THAT SHOULDNT HAVE CHANGED BECAUSE THERE WAS NO TKO...... IT WAS A DRAW CRY BABY TAKE IT LIKE A MAN AND JUST SHUT UP BOTH OF YALL SOUND STUPID I MEAN YALL LOOK WORSE THEN YOUR FIGHT COMPLETE TRASH EVERYONE LOOKED BETTER THAN GIB WITH HIS HORRIBLE MOVES AND LIGHT PUNCHES LMAO TRASH TRASH TRASH F U
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
Technically neither of them won it was an exhibition he didnt knock tayler holder out so technically it was a draw lmao how yall not see that almost all the other fighter won by tko that's the only way to win an exhibition he didnt come close to a tko with tayler so it should have stayed a draw no matter who threw the most punches I just wish gib would had trained harder he definitely wasn't the best fighter on the card literally everyone else's fight was entertaining Except Gibs fight no redemption in my eyes!!! REDEMTION FOR WHAT???
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
Why is he so proud about that fight? How Is that a redemption? U said undeserved to eat all that food lmao like u been eating healthy yet the way ur body looked and the way you fight show and say something totally different
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
To prove gib just doesn't have it let him get into the ring with another real boxer hell pick one that has only had 4 or 5 fights but is an actual boxer that really trains hard because whatever gib has been doing doesn't seem like much training was done I'm sorry but really how has he improved? Be honest!! But anyways let him box someone that really is trying to be a boxer and he will be put out in the first round I like gib but the way he acted after that fight and the weeks after just made him look like trash a goofy looking piece of trash
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
That fight was definitely about the punches because he wasn't gonna knock holder out fighting like he was holder could had just tapped him in the body or head alot of times and would have beaten gib easily but that was his first fight I'm sure he got nervous when he seen all those people but gib has done it like 4 times now like I said I'm a gib fan all the way but holder definitely looked like the better boxer deny what I say all u want
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
Yall keep hyping the man up saying he has came along way since the Jake fight and that's wrong just a bunch of yes men!!! He looks the same if not worse I work in a boxing gym and iv trained some great boxers and still do. Gib needs people around him to be brutally honest with him or he will never get any better!!! Holder would have won that fight if he had through more jabs
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
All that training you said u did for this fight I was so disappointed when I seen you get in that ring and start fighting yes you won but Tayler barely through any punches and landed half of what u did that means u didnt block one punch he blocked maybe 25 punches because you landed 41 or something but you through like 85 punches just swinging all funny looking!! No I'm not a tayler holder fan I'm a gib fan but just disappointed that he still fights like did against jake!! No improvement!!!
Eazy_2_Hate 25 days ago
I wouldn't be happy for winning this fight!! It definitely was the worst fight on the whole card just horrible and what cash you counting? Lol you bout got robbed 2 times but ended up getting the win but still no money!! You did win that forsure all 5 rounds go to you but 5 rounds and tayler came out looking just like he did when he entered the ring lmao I would stop talking about the fight because I would say you both took an L the the exciting part of the fight was when they said it was a draw then y'all argue about fighting again saying ull put him to sleep next fight lmao not with those punches 5 boring rounds for both fighters and watching gib getting all excited about winning makes it so cringe the. Tayler is a sore loser I will say that tayler would win in a rematch because even tho he lost he is the better boxer!! Gib justlooks like a chicken With his cut off he makes a joke out of boxing all that training he said he done then come out looking the same as when he boxed Jake Paul lmao that's Terrible
shut up
shut up 25 days ago
Bro u have no life or what.Gib aint gonna see these comments lol
Maria guadalupe Garcia
They rigged him hard inernet ha never breal thus much
253 26 days ago
Not only did Gib win, he won every single round, by FAR.
Yxz 27 days ago
Watermelon2888 27 days ago
Congrats on the win bro. You were a BEAST in there
Sabiha Sabihafatima
Now he will even beat that loser jake paul
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
shut up he would get destroyed by Paul lol let’s not set gib up for failure
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
Jake would kill him
Khuzaima Anjum
Khuzaima Anjum 14 days ago
@Sabiha Sabihafatima na not really Jake Paul is better than ksi and ksi can beat gib so yeah but gib could train like a mad man again and win
shut up
shut up 25 days ago
TBH im not sure if he could beat Jake
Sabiha Sabihafatima
@scott shut up gib will easily beat jake paul
S. Danny jc
S. Danny jc 29 days ago
As someone who works in the largerest combat promotion in the world, I can safely say you won that hands down! Bright side is you know who won, he knows who won and you've got a new subscriber. Congratulations
Oliver Toole
Oliver Toole 29 days ago
That counting your cash hasn't aged well...
MAL Valid
MAL Valid Month ago
You got robbed man you really won
Ethan 29 days ago
it got overturned
Bruhman 69
Bruhman 69 Month ago
"I punched him so many times I heard him fart in the ring" don't lie u cracked up by this.XDDD
Bruhman 69
Bruhman 69 Month ago
Good job big gibber.if you fought Jake like this it would have been very close hopefully u can redeem yourself when ur ready for Jake again (I might be running my mouth to much but who knows.everyone tought Taylor was gonna win.)
Gib I’m down for fighting you pro let’s do it if you can accept the challenge 7 rounds 3 minutes each let’s go champ !!!! I’m down 😃👍I message you on. Instagram and you saw it the guy is ducking me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MR ASAAD ASAAD 15 days ago
@Chinst I am serious I am have boxing match 8 th September in the U.K. then I am having another one one the 26 Feb we are not missing about but I can see gib is ducking me we are people who don’t care about views or crap we down for proper boxing so yeah GIB STOP DUcking me
MR ASAAD ASAAD 17 days ago
@Chinst I am down for this
Chinst 17 days ago
I cannot tell if this mans doing a amazing troll or if he’s serious
MR ASAAD ASAAD 25 days ago
@Stormy only time will tell but thanks for having the time to comment and giving your feed back respect 👍
Stormy 25 days ago
@MR ASAAD ASAAD gib lost 1 and won 1 you idiot he made an appeal and won and he will never fight you, nobody knows you, he wouldn’t sell any tickets
typicallsmooth Month ago
sheees h
Adam Aladeeb
Adam Aladeeb Month ago
We know you won
Michaela Tompkins
Dude. I went in a Tayler holder fan. I'm embarrassed. I cannot believe how rigged that was. You owned him Gib!!
Chinst 17 days ago
+Respect for being completely honest mate gib did amazing in the ring respect for not just being a 2 year old commenting 11 times saying how gib sucks and stuff good option mate big respect
IrishMarauder14 Month ago
People are sad he is getting rid of abs but being fat gives him more motivation
Ayrton Cordeiro
Ayrton Cordeiro Month ago
The biggest robbery in boxing history ?? Yall aren't even in boxing that's disrespect even saying thay.
Surjay Month ago
Ever heard of hyperbole?
Tr1ster Month ago
Big Gibber reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow lol
『NBL』 Dairius ✔
Bro Gib vs Faze rug would be a great fight Edit:nah nvm gib would easily beat rug...
ShiftZz 27 days ago
Carlos Montes
Carlos Montes Month ago
you WON
Dan Bruuu
Dan Bruuu Month ago
I cannot believe the final judge card that 'evened' it out - judging 46 to 50 to Holder? XD absolutely LUDICROUS - you won that fight not only by perception to anyone - but even on more than double the effective strike stats! And you were ready to go another 5 rounds at your pace after! XD TO EVERYONE THAT ISN'T A FAT-CAT - YOU WERE NO LESS THAN THE CLEAR DOMINATOR OF THAT BOUT.
Brenden Wolff
Brenden Wolff Month ago
Bro it’s so sad hearing someone excited to show off their hard work, and then whoops his ass for 5 rounds then gets robbed😔
SBC Month ago
Tbh I think we all judged gib from the performance against Jake, obviously gib had his supporters and I support him myself but I thought Taylor would win tbh,, big props to gib
gAmer 1
gAmer 1 Month ago
You did a great job congratulations for winning like,who would win in a fight between gib vs Logan?you had a dream and you got it congrats
Conor Mullin
Conor Mullin Month ago
Social Gloves wanted you to lose but you didn't so the one judge gave taylor holder the 5 rounds to make it atleast a draw
Chinst 17 days ago
@khai whitley still a robbery of the glory of getting that W in the ring don’t get me wrong I’m happy that gibber won it but still bit angry that he was robbed from the Glory of having his hand lifted up and announced as the winner
khai whitley
khai whitley Month ago
it got overturned he won
joe martoni
joe martoni Month ago
Cant finish tiktoker before 5 round????
Khuzaima Anjum
Khuzaima Anjum 14 days ago
Taylor has been training for 5 years so its going to be hard
credulousRegret Month ago
Amir Astrum
Amir Astrum Month ago
Gib we love you we knew that you won love you gib👊👊
Amir Astrum
Amir Astrum Month ago
king mustafa
king mustafa Month ago
Big Gibber got robbed and we're not happy respect to taller holder but gib won, Is it racist because because he is Arab Muslim
PredatOrX Month ago
Rigged fight made fun of u in press about losing to jake paul now u humbled Taylor holder
KingMsn D1
KingMsn D1 Month ago
If you think your instructable fight Jake Paul again
Xslash Royal
Xslash Royal Month ago
Bruh I am concerned how much money that Taylor Holder gave to the Ref.
Baseball Bros
Baseball Bros Month ago
Congrats on the win he didn’t stand a chance
luke fernandez
luke fernandez Month ago
Ask jake for a rematch
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
Jake would kill him
Mxtrix Month ago
night claw gaming
I would give my life for u cuz this is the biggest robbery of history
yusuf shaikh
yusuf shaikh Month ago
Imagine this gibber against Jake. Jake would have been destroyed
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
Braindead Person first of all jake was wats gonna be able to knockdown gib and yes the old still would’ve knocked this one down cause in reality give can’t get close enough to jake without getting punched because as we’ve jake is very precise moving backwards and gib naturally just ain’t built to take punches from someone like Jake who at that weight class is just way too dominant so yes even if this gib vs old Jake went decision i stilll think Jake wins cause knockdowns wins him rounds and because gib can’t do what he did to holder to even the old version of Jake and that’s the sad reality gib ain’t beating s confident strong fighter with a good backfoot game...don’t forget holder was 20 pounds lighter than gib ....while jake is naturally heavier and even old Jake was clearly much better than holder
Junior Maqueto
Junior Maqueto 23 hours ago
That logic is dumb af
Braindead Person
Braindead Person 6 days ago
@Asad Chaudhry yeah true, But I think gib would also be able to knock out nate robinson and ben askren, So Gib would be a good match up but jake has levelled up to Woodley now
Asad Chaudhry
Asad Chaudhry 6 days ago
@Braindead Person ye its hard the thing s if they fought and somehow t gets through all six rounds, gib would probably win by unanimous decision, but if they fought again i dont see it going all rounds, i see jake adapting and ko gib in he 4 to 6 round. So i do agree with u if it does happen, i just dont think that it will happen.
Braindead Person
Braindead Person 7 days ago
@Asad Chaudhry yh I think if this gib fought jake back then, He woulda won but it would of lasted all rounds and went to decision tbh
Focus Braby
Focus Braby Month ago
I herd him fart in the ring lol
Focus Braby
Focus Braby Month ago
Let goooooo still gas u won
riyadh miah
riyadh miah Month ago
CLIP 2 BIT Month ago
"it's a draw" and i was like..... ummmm in what world? was mad pissed when they pulled that. keep getting the W's Gib you're a hell of a fighter man!
Sup 11 days ago
Torterra Month ago
ok random verified youtuber
El Morro
El Morro Month ago
Gib is the best
Adam Adam
Adam Adam Month ago
I swear u desever it I support Jake but u as well he robbed u
Rakel Perez
Rakel Perez Month ago
Conspiracy 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️you won it gib!
Maci Chappell
Maci Chappell Month ago
Fousey had a $10,000 bet with Niko and he was betting on Taylor so I think it was Fousey who gave Taylor a five rounds
Yahya Altarawneh
I love it when he talks arabic
Mouna Ennaji
Mouna Ennaji Month ago
Yes wallah I am muslim
Ali Plays 828
Ali Plays 828 Month ago
The big gibber
Ali Plays 828
Ali Plays 828 Month ago
Kicked his ass
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