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This RUvidr had the nerve to trash talk and call me out, so I had to put him in his place real quick..
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Aug 3, 2019




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Comments 4 159
Deestroying Month ago
Who should I play next? 🤔
Qjackisthename SOD
Qjackisthename SOD 22 days ago
Deestroying b lou
pharaoh Month ago
Johnny Pallozzi
Johnny Pallozzi Month ago
Deestroying jalen Ramsey
Simple Cell Fu
Simple Cell Fu Month ago
500th reply
Mason Herman
Mason Herman Month ago
That QB annoying as @^!*$
andrew padilla
andrew padilla 9 hours ago
that QB is garbage lol
Jon Marcial
Jon Marcial 18 hours ago
Nav should sue
Gerald Mayberry
Lmao, "back ouuuttte"
Drake Karr
Drake Karr Day ago
kingGosh games
Dude u gud 🔥🔥🔥
Max Bennett
Max Bennett Day ago
Yo i practice there every s7nday for lacrosse
Louina Day ago
Destroying it’s me Ayden
Louina Day ago
Destroying Play me
jeff Day ago
SUBBED good dude
Issaic West
Issaic West Day ago
What’s that song at 1:50
Roger Rodriguez
Braahh 🤦‍♂️🤣
Michael Raske
When u playing dockery
ClutchGotClout Aye
What’s the old town road song
Shi_Flame -_-
What's the song @ 7:17
Ozcar Wilkinson
Ozcar Wilkinson 2 days ago
You are so fast
Xavier Martin
Xavier Martin 2 days ago
What’s the outro song??
Its Bugs OG
Its Bugs OG 2 days ago
He walks so weird
Treshawn Rheiner
Treshawn Rheiner 2 days ago
hi i play football in i pushed a fat patriot down on the ground i am on bengals
King Doni
King Doni 2 days ago
Come to Canton, Ohio week 10 and see Lameir Garrett. He is one of the top running backs in Ohio. Come see him for the Massilion Mckinley game is will be a night to remember.
John paul
John paul 3 days ago
Play someone who can catch...
megaaModz example
Smooth Gio
Brandon David
Brandon David 3 days ago
Where can we peep your music?!?
tebmt gaming
tebmt gaming 3 days ago
Deestroying is going to win i am willing to bet
Dakota Caulder
Dakota Caulder 3 days ago
He said Kevin Johnson 😂😂
Shantel C
Shantel C 3 days ago
Play me I’m 8 years old
Goudacris 3 days ago
I ain’t even watch the video yet and ik this dude is a bum Edit: LOL DUDE PLAYIN A PREVENT 15 CUSHION DEFENSE AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON THEM RELEASES
Edward Gibstein
Edward Gibstein 3 days ago
Right QB you light that "smoothie" up. Good job D
Jerome Bettis
Jerome Bettis 4 days ago
What fucking music are u picking g...🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Luke Gunderman
Luke Gunderman 4 days ago
Qi sucks
Al Stefanini
Al Stefanini 4 days ago
Who cares?
Blaze_ Chunks
Blaze_ Chunks 4 days ago
Whats the song he use in the beginning like the country song
Xavier Anderson
Xavier Anderson 4 days ago
but can u do it with helmet and pads onn???
Charlie Myers
Charlie Myers 4 days ago
that quarterback sucks
OffIcial Og
OffIcial Og 4 days ago
Smooth gio
Javi calderon Boiii
Woahhh u speak Spanish too!! My nigga 🙏🏼🔥
Javi calderon Boiii
Brooo I’ve watching hella of yo videos and I just subscribed cus ur a gah damn beast in soccer too I can tell even though the number didn’t quite reach expectations 👀😂😅👌🏼
jaydence calara
jaydence calara 4 days ago
I think you should challenge obj
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro 5 days ago
“Imma make it hard on myself” “Nah hell nah don’t do that”😂😂😂
DrewMania 5 days ago
I wanna slap those turds
Za_Masta 2004
Za_Masta 2004 5 days ago
These guys are natural born entertainers
Volocity Spanky
Volocity Spanky 5 days ago
10:20 what is wrong with the qb’s thumb?
SuperGosh1234 5 days ago
The dude in the red short is corny AF.... nigga never played a down of football in his life. Hate guys like him. Why the fuck u got to lie for? Running back and linebacker? Ha really. Corn ball 😂.
Gio: walks a mile* Football: still spinning*
allen cole hayman
Nice fake geo
MxSxvge 5 days ago
He tried to do da flip kick nigga dis ain’t fifa🤣
M&E Daily Vlogs
M&E Daily Vlogs 5 days ago
What song is that at 7:21?
Ahnijah Walker
Ahnijah Walker 5 days ago
king bruce
king bruce 5 days ago
Khamari Guess
Khamari Guess 6 days ago
King cid
Roderick White-Rssinoh
Them niggas in the comments wanta see u fail so bad. They thought that Butterfinger comment was comedy gold.
Marshall Howard
Marshall Howard 6 days ago
Can you drop horns on a Tesla
Caleb Harms
Caleb Harms 6 days ago
I’m not gonna lie, you guys do way too much talking.
king demps 23
king demps 23 6 days ago
He is at track
Ashunte Cashaw
Ashunte Cashaw 6 days ago
TEn ToEs DoWn
Blaine price
Blaine price 6 days ago
Who tf is Kevin johnson😂😂
Candice Torrance
Candice Torrance 6 days ago
PapiAsif 6 days ago
at 9:23 maanz seen some dirt fly off the ground damn
Zeke Cole
Zeke Cole 6 days ago
Tell this man to look up how to do real pushups
Atharva Patel
Atharva Patel 7 days ago
I didn’t know guys could sweat between their tits like that.... Daaammmnnn😂
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