This Will End in One Year

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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 11 444
So he’s quitting RUvid?
Furz nugget
Furz nugget 4 days ago
Im literally gonna screen record every unas annas video so i can have them forever
cookie monser200
cookie monser200 2 days ago
no thats not the point
Egg 6 days ago
Is Mark serious?
Netdot YT
Netdot YT 7 days ago
The day is close...
James Slattery
James Slattery 9 days ago
I know what happened for Mark to give it all up. Mark and you went on a Heist to capture the box that Darkiplier created. He knows that this cannot go on, while Darkiplier exists. He has full control over reality and time, with his Box. The only way to destroy it, is to destroy the thing he created, since Darkiplier was only created with this Channel.
Gary 9 days ago
4 months left and I'm friggin terrified
Mr. Allosaurus
Mr. Allosaurus 10 days ago
Your in it for life... Is mark gonna kill us at the end?
Sean Soto
Sean Soto 12 days ago
The channel dies a day after my birthday so now I'm sad
Ledgane 12 days ago
Their gonna bait us, they won't delete their channel (Most Likely)
someguy on the internet
Let's hope in that
Hey Boss
Hey Boss 13 days ago
Only 4 months left noooooo
i barley uplaod
i barley uplaod 13 days ago
Me: 2020 sucks Also me and markinplier fans: Great! Mark and Eathan are going in the worst year!
Nyan Cat990
Nyan Cat990 13 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks Mark looks good in a suit!?
Ezra 14 days ago
I hope this year end already
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome 15 days ago
Mark looks so uncomfortable here
M3TNG 15 days ago
Me realizing that it’s already been 8 months: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
Nightmare Inc.
Nightmare Inc. 15 days ago
its sad that this channel will be deleted 4 days before my birthday
[ Slimeade ]
[ Slimeade ] 15 days ago
So is that channel like Ethan’s make a wish or something?
alex jones
alex jones 15 days ago
In 2 months is the final season of earth 2020
cnafn 15 days ago
almost one year
lI M1sFortun3 Il
lI M1sFortun3 Il 16 days ago
What is that little brown smudge at the bottom left of the screen?
Its_Jason_ Afton_
Its_Jason_ Afton_ 12 days ago
Omg I saw that
DennisCantDraw 17 days ago
Its almost time
Brutal ZombieDude
Brutal ZombieDude 18 days ago
The Cultists of Unus Annus
HatPlez Yt
HatPlez Yt 19 days ago
My recommendation I think you want markplier Me: I don’t think I do Recommendation: I’m sure you do buddy
Connor Brior
Connor Brior 19 days ago
Imma record all the videos from that channel. Just to privately upload them onto my channel.
Leo TLD 20 days ago
Unus annus unus annus unus annus
BeesTree Bzz
BeesTree Bzz 21 day ago
K so I'm watching this again and now I'm confused is Unus Anus gping down forever ir is the whole marky moo empire going too, I'm confused someone answer :'(
Antoan's Gaming
Antoan's Gaming 19 days ago
bruh, unus annus is getting deleted on 15th of november 2020
Sleepy Sauville
Sleepy Sauville 23 days ago
It's been 8 months since then, how time flies so fast and yet here we are, already reaching for the end in just a few more months.
Kiasper Disaster
Kiasper Disaster 25 days ago
Jay Black
Jay Black 25 days ago
I got my merch!!!!!!!!!
Canadian Cat
Canadian Cat 25 days ago
5 more months!
Butter 26 days ago
Only 5 more months enjoy it while it latss
EpicEvan74 28 days ago
Good thing I was here for this
Danny Westbrooks
Danny Westbrooks 28 days ago
Its already been 7 months, wow.
Ripadu . _.
Ripadu . _. 28 days ago
Unnus annus
Whittical 29 days ago
7 months in and we're fine so far
Bonk Bonk
Bonk Bonk 29 days ago
*Deutsch Cri*
lucas3579 29 days ago
i totally forgot about this
Siggi Riggi
Siggi Riggi Month ago
no ur name is jack
CherryCherryDc2 Month ago
Markplier: CoronaVirus: So you challenged me?
Maya Luna
Maya Luna Month ago
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Month ago
Nooooo don’t delete it
TheSoloMilk Month ago
Time to open up the video downloader We have some backing up to do
MikeOrigins Month ago
Shut up ur not mark! ur annus
Hulp Month ago
We’re a little over halfway there!
Logan Month ago
5 Months left ):
Andrew Mihovich
Andrew Mihovich Month ago
There's a joke *and **_I'm not saying it_*
Knight Orange
Knight Orange Month ago
I think he was to predict Coronavirus
MINECRAFT Hackerz 42
Now that I think about, what if Mark and Ethan acted this serious while making these videos?
Damien Hurtado
Damien Hurtado Month ago
Wait is it the markipler channel that being delete or the unus annus one
TotallyNot_Jace Month ago
Unus annus
Tails Winter
Tails Winter Month ago
"Momento Mori" ...Why does that seem so much more familar too me than I thought...I don't remember it being a Unus Annus thing...
Andrew Mihovich
Andrew Mihovich Month ago
A memory of death; sometimes ... oh, no, it _is_ the imperative form. ... Was going to say, translated as "Remember you will die". (Apparently "must" is closer to being literal; whatever.)
Nolan Brett
Nolan Brett Month ago
Midnight Mysteries
So Mark Made The Coronavirus...
Lum1n Otryc
Lum1n Otryc Month ago
Midnight Mysteries lmao wat I thought
thejohnnyplayz Month ago
Hahahahaha anus
lukasB4001 Month ago
Mark: This will end in one year. Re-uploaders: I don't think so.
Zolen 420
Zolen 420 Month ago
This looks like if persona 6 had white as the main theme and mark was the protagonist
Hiits Cath
Hiits Cath Month ago
This just makes it seem like a legitimate cult now
Erickson erickson
July 2020?
Aron Wedderburn
Aron Wedderburn Month ago
Me skipping dialogue and just clicking the link.
Thomas Horton
Thomas Horton Month ago
ITS 2020 NOW
Nautkillius Month ago
5 months left...
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