This video will make you want to play Rainbow Six Siege

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Sometimes you see some gameplay that is SO SPICY, and SO FUNNY, that you just itch to play some Rainbow Six Siege.
And sometimes... you just HIT ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ON RUvid!!!! You guys are NUTS. Thank you so much, I love you all
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Jul 16, 2019

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Comments 7 331
Marley Month ago
THANK YOU ALL FOR ONE MILLION SUBS! Will be putting together a best of 1m montage if you guys want to see that? Will also have a different video up in a couple of days :) Missed u idots
Loyal x Slayer
Loyal x Slayer 7 days ago
Marley what is the song at 8:47
Dimitris Yolo MVP
I pulled the mp5 black ice from an alpha pack and my reaction was insane. But its still fun to see play sweaty with that mp5 black ice . Everyone sub to marley he deserves that so as the black ice . Marley i watch your vids until 100.000 subs.
Yeicob Madrid
Yeicob Madrid 9 days ago
Sherry-Lyn Yeatman
Sherry-Lyn Yeatman 11 days ago
king of reainbow 6 siege Meaty marley. siege has been so kind to marley these days.Marley o hope you get to 5millon subs i will drop shot just like you good luck.
3 Pac
3 Pac 11 days ago
Marley what's the name of the song at the beginning so I can find it on epidemic sound?
Ethan Tinsley
Ethan Tinsley Hour ago
Marley is a man if his own skill don't unsubscribe
pro gamer?
Lego Segg
Lego Segg 4 hours ago
I want custard's ringtone gimme
Diabolical Lad
Diabolical Lad 4 hours ago
*Plays 1 round, gets tilted*
Edgy Warlock Boi
Edgy Warlock Boi 4 hours ago
How does one acquire that ringtone?
Tommy 015
Tommy 015 4 hours ago
I Have the black ice for bandit
Someone -_-
Someone -_- 7 hours ago
subcrib'd :)
Mario Antoniou
Mario Antoniou 8 hours ago
Welcome to black ice squad
Taco Ballz
Taco Ballz 9 hours ago
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 9 hours ago
i was gonna go subscribe than i realized i was already subbed
Dog Hit By a Frisbee
Everyone needs a friend like Dom in their life.
دسلر DSLLR
دسلر DSLLR 10 hours ago
i,ll play rainbow after this vid
Haunted 12 hours ago
Yea this vid earned u a sub from me 😂😂☠️☠️
R3Dash— Cloud91
R3Dash— Cloud91 13 hours ago
Loki: I have an army Stark: we have Marley
Steel Grabowski
Steel Grabowski 14 hours ago
It was my first black ice ever
Steel Grabowski
Steel Grabowski 14 hours ago
I already have black ice fro R4-C
JaMarcus Cameron
JaMarcus Cameron 14 hours ago
Senjie sing the halo theme parody
Dave Evans
Dave Evans 15 hours ago
Marley: *Watches MrHomeless unpacking videos* Also Marley: Insert Pikachu face
Asp Serpent
Asp Serpent 16 hours ago
Marley getting Black Ice for his beloved MP5 is like Goku unlocking Mastered Ultra Instinct
issac rivera
issac rivera 16 hours ago
Rip I got my mp5 black ice my first ever pack and bucks ar
alexjazs zapata
alexjazs zapata 17 hours ago
Yara mano what chucha fue
Kacper Kacper
Kacper Kacper 19 hours ago
VOLTEX 11 19 hours ago
When u watch Marley u say man I can ace at this game after one game fuck u bitch u stupid game I broke my mouse and keyboard cuz of u after that he deletes the game
Itschrismate 20 hours ago
Seagull at 9:50
Mindaugas Laurinaitis
Marley needs to make a montage of kills using black ice pistols
Mr Reaper88
Mr Reaper88 22 hours ago
18:35 amazing laughing for 5 minutes straight
Autistic f#ck
Autistic f#ck 22 hours ago
Man i hate how you DISGRACED the best skin in the game, The Fin winter war camp mannn
The Goofy Goobers
The Goofy Goobers 23 hours ago
It really did make me want to play rainbow on pc
Alex Clark
Alex Clark Day ago
But do you have the m870 black ice?
Kerxzx Day ago
Unsubscribed for that racism
Ajin Sriarimathanan
beamerLiLpeeP 1
That laugh is so fucking annoying
Its Spiritual
Well the title is not wrong.
Yee yee man
Yee yee man Day ago
‘’ have a slice if that ‘’ lol Edit: of*
Keyon Wakai
Keyon Wakai Day ago
12:11 twomad.exe has stopped working
Mr. Piggy
Mr. Piggy Day ago
This video made me appreciate my black ice commando and mp5
lord of war 56
When I first got rainbow six siege I got the black ice mp5 and didn't think anything of it till I was a level 70 and saw it again lol
Blade Cooper
Blade Cooper Day ago
Racist bitch
Awesomekitty Bros
I wanna see you and narcoleptic nugget 1v1
Ian Corvera Ruiz
Nope my WiFi is a Fucking sHiT
diredog 123
diredog 123 Day ago
We need black ice for deagle
jacob treder
jacob treder Day ago
“Mira Khalifa” lmao
doodle gaming317
i got that black ice when i was in lvl 15
Jorge Luis Gonzalez Pacheco
Dude i from Colombia, my english is soo bad xd But i undestand you some words, your videos make me laugh Tranks you bro uwu
Johnny Soto
Johnny Soto Day ago
"360"that was a 2,340.lol
Emperador Uub11
Mira-khalifa 😂😂😂
jullexander PS4
im black 😑
I love when twomad came in
ZOENGAZ 2 Day ago
17:14 when you broke the grass minecraft
Amanuel Teklu
happy i found this guy
Lukas Franco
Lukas Franco Day ago
then i thought you
Lukas Franco
Lukas Franco Day ago
im sry but i got 2 black ices in a row
Hassan Nabeel
اكو عرب يضغط لايك
Wyze Day ago
Song at 8:45?
Jordanis Day ago
I watched 5 seconds .. I went to my PS4 to re-Download it
Killeratjits Day ago
the funny thing is that my first and only black ice was mp5
Milán Horváth
11:17 imagine if rainbow actually had these effects when shooting a gun
Elite Xbox
Elite Xbox Day ago
You were definitely right right after watching this I wanted to play siege at like 6 in the morning cause I was still awake
Not Sync
Not Sync Day ago
10:00 B R O
Not Sync
Not Sync Day ago
Marley I feel ur pain I got black ice for buck and smg for smoke and mute
The maticulous Meme
Your name isn’t Marley it’s pistol god
Jazz Bandit
Jazz Bandit 2 days ago
No,I don’t think I will
Daylon French
Daylon French 2 days ago
This might be a dumb question but whose the black guy with glasses that got skyped in or whatever it was
sekundwan 2 days ago
lol u noob, i can do it better
Samed Ersoy
Samed Ersoy 2 days ago
GOVORYUpoRUS is a c*nt 18:03 pause the video at there same as him, operator16 too
Jqxl YT
Jqxl YT 2 days ago
Marley on my first few epic alpha packs I got the black ice for mp5
Demian Bahij
Demian Bahij 2 days ago
I just got the black ice for the Primary weapon of frost is it good ?
Jackson Means
The 9mm is low damage but low recoil, if you can get headshots then it's a beast
FlacidRob 2 days ago
Watching Marley isn't the same without Sam to make fun of him
I Am somebody A living alien
Ahem, your ah small virgin.
ImDippinIn 2 days ago
mhmmm i love that halo Peril music dad orgasm
Nicholas De La Torre
Had an seizure 1:17
Max//ModzZ 2 days ago
Not making me want to play siege again 😂
Jack Koehler
Jack Koehler 2 days ago
I don't mean to be mean but my first black ice was the revolver
FAK3 JUL1AN Day ago
Sledges pistol so sorry smg 11 but i gotta flex
Kevin Deasy
Kevin Deasy 2 days ago
m.ruvid.net/video/video--qJe_Xn50XE.html rate my siege video
DisabledPigeon6 2 days ago
Hold up that music at 17:30 is from halo isn’t it
FayBellZo 2 days ago
That pulse had a 5001 IQ there on Chalet... I don’t even wanna hear any different.
Lucas Hernandez
Lucas Hernandez 2 days ago
Can i get that ring tone please
Carmine Capasso
Carmine Capasso 2 days ago
Marry me 🤣
EverythingWhat YounEed
AN IDOT!!!!!!!
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