This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous

Danny Gonzalez
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Maaaan this titanic ripoff no good.
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 100
I am a cool DJ cat
I am a cool DJ cat 4 minutes ago
The guy:”then we will be happy happy hap-“ Captain:”ThErE’s aN IcEbErG RiGhT iN OuR PaTh”
iamChillie Hour ago
is the mice with the restaurant... ratatoing?
Ani Harless
Ani Harless Hour ago
The animation would have looked better if they just had still pictures that just moved around the screen and bounced when they talked
chloe eristhee
when the dog was introduced I said "oh, balto" and thought that was correct for a good minute
Eric Miguel
Eric Miguel 2 hours ago
The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: The Legend Goes On
fox child
fox child 8 hours ago
Garin Knee
Garin Knee 9 hours ago
improvised accounting
improvised accounting
improvised accounting
is he going crazy
improvised accounting
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral 18 hours ago
Danny is like i dont think anyone can end a scene right but i think its because its supposed to be a flash back so like they are remembering how someone was talking to someone else i think idk maybe the creators are dum tho again idk
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral 18 hours ago
bro its like 1 am and i don't wanna wake anyone in my house from laughing so hard so i just cover my nose and laugh so hard my ears like go num or whatever they do when you cover your nose and laugh or like when you're on a airplane idk what its called but this is my 2nd time watching this and I'm still laughing so haard
KateIsAwake 20 hours ago
If anybody is interested, here's the full movie. ruvid.net/video/video-FFZE7m-nhJA.html&ab_channel=kidfenris
Katie Murray
Katie Murray 21 hour ago
anyone else had to watch this in school
Jeff Mckinney
Jeff Mckinney 22 hours ago
Danny:why can't people end conversations correctly Jaidan animations:👁👄👁
Henry Jankowski
raid shadow legends.
Akiu Day ago
omg i totally forgot this movie! it used to play so many times on the german kids show channel. I HATED it
Marianna Babayan
Why is there always a creepy nutcracker in the background
Noob Studios
Noob Studios Day ago
I just researched shit on the Woman in a skirt.
Julia Pawluk
Julia Pawluk Day ago
what the ship goes down!? i thought it went up!!!!!!
i remember watching this when i was 7 this movie is horrible
God Day ago
3:10 is where it starts
Quilivine Day ago
For anyone still wondering what the evil stepmother said around 5:38, I’m pretty confident that she said “Hurry up, you layabouts!” which is apparently a word. So... fun stuff.
Paige McNally
oh he was sponsored by raid shadow legends? that's more atrocious than this movie
The Omniscient Dex
Also, TORIATCOMELAYACOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Omniscient Dex
And to think it was called one of the worst animated movies of ALL TIME for nuthin?!
KwalpLillal 2 days ago
Why did the stepmom's hair suddenly go from grey to brown and sounded like the sand man from the Hansel n Gretel in 180 cartoons
PopcornPopsicle 2 days ago
Oh the movie has raid shadow legends now I see why it’s bad Oh wait
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs 2 days ago
Guys my bones are getting squishy
Mai 2 days ago
Did Angelica find her parents though
they even used the same color palette as the stepsisters from Cinderella they couldn't even think of a new palette
TheBetterIsBack 2 days ago
Maciej Sienicki Gosciniak
When I was little I would’ve probably liked this movie anyways
Mayo Muse
Mayo Muse 2 days ago
Holy shit this brought back a memory I forgot existed. I remember watching this on tv in Russia in like 2007.
Breah T
Breah T 2 days ago
You have very nice eyes
Tactical Twinkies
I got a trump ad during the weird awkward part, so Danny was right
Chill Enough_rat237
13:58 if that nutcracker was your son he would run away
Uriel D dolores
Uriel D dolores 3 days ago
I wish cod mobile was your sponsor
All by my shelf
All by my shelf 3 days ago
The characters look like lofi episode the game animation
Joltzdude890 Cuzwhynot
theRealRavenclaw 2007
why do their mouths not match up with what they are saying that pisses me off when that happens in a movie
Gacha Kingston
Gacha Kingston 4 days ago
Why are the lovebirds lips The color of their hair like are they putting lipstick on
davina 4 days ago
the worst thing about this is, in the 2000s this animation was actually subpar/okay. so human beings REALLY spent BANK on this crap.
Ande Richter
Ande Richter 4 days ago
5:40 "Hurry up. Don't lay about." ....... I'm white as wonder bread, that's why I know that that is what she's saying
he 4 days ago
I'm watching this video while waiting for my friend to arrive at my house.... 1 hour to go
PolandBall Mapping
Raid: Shadow Legends sucks
Joe Cooper
Joe Cooper 4 days ago
William's lips are the same color as his hair.
Dillon studios
Dillon studios 4 days ago
Im surprised he didn't say anything about when the mouse thanks the dog
noodle is GOD
noodle is GOD 4 days ago
bruh this bout to be my new ringtone LMFAOOOOOO 5:59
Pumpkin3108 4 days ago
15:10 and she was never seen again...
ZADEN AVILA 5 days ago
Another has fallen..
Gacha Potato UwU
Gacha Potato UwU 5 days ago
Danny: *makes weird demonic noises when the guy loses his balance for absolute no reason*
BitBot 5 days ago
3:43 a "flashback" even thought its something that hasnt happened yet, ok
Xsniper BOSS
Xsniper BOSS 5 days ago
17:10 so there’s a guy chucking water at nothing but the wall as the boat fills with water. This movie is a masterpiece.
This video remains one of my most re-watched Drew Gooden videos it's actually so hilarious I'm wheezing
caccy 5 days ago
this video is sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
GageCraze 5 days ago
Yeahhhhhh that sponsor
Iolo Winston
Iolo Winston 5 days ago
I'm getting déjà vu
Andrea T
Andrea T 5 days ago
*sees rapping dog Me: He's the love interest right-
Big Yoshi
Big Yoshi 5 days ago
At least I can rest easy knowing all the animals made it off safely : )
Euouae 5 days ago
Ratatoing is the sequel
Scooty •
Scooty • 5 days ago
Good that your sponsored but jesus christ, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS?!
Lis Paz
Lis Paz 6 days ago
So we’re not gonna talk about how a cat got smashed by a suitcase
skoot 6 days ago
when the dog started rapping i instantly got so confused to the point i had to take a break from this
carnival C
carnival C 6 days ago
Why does the loe interest kinda sound like salad fingers 🤔 😳
ImAMew 6 days ago
I can see something wrong with this... He's wearing shoes in BED
coco Gacha TwT
coco Gacha TwT 6 days ago
Is it just me or do the mice in this movie definitely have a connection with ratatoing 😂😂😂
Super Sweetheart
Super Sweetheart 6 days ago
Conspiracy theory: Danny is actually JonTron using denny gorganzolas face to rebrand his channel
Gacha Potato UwU
Gacha Potato UwU 6 days ago
The thieves be like: Mhmmmmm bakiousqbakois
Egg Demon
Egg Demon 6 days ago
0:30 yeah a lot of people don't know huh 'scrolls down 2 inches' seems that someone named jontron made a video 4 years ago raking in 15mil views about the dame movie having been the most to my knowledge watched video on this movie nice job copying the same jokes as jon ass hole the rest of this comment is dedicated to danny copying jon 1. made fun of the title 2. made fun of the step sisters 3. talked about all the side plots 4. made fun of the guy saying hope it's a smooth crossing 5. talks about the fact that it's PaRTy TImE 6. almost the same qoute of " rapping won't be invented until several decades " 7. talks about william looking through agelica's laundry 8. talks about william grabbing her hand 9. talks about the old person's exit 10. makes joke about the william imposter then proceeding to find william yes this video has *some* original jokes but i prefer jontron's
James buckingham
James buckingham 6 days ago
The lady in the beginning said " hurry up you layabouts"
åňïmė štėvě
Danny: When you know you know and she knows she is in love Me: the more you know
Sylvie Ficco
Sylvie Ficco 7 days ago
Gotta love mockbusters they are so terrible
eda #
eda # 7 days ago
Anya Shenoy
Anya Shenoy 7 days ago
Him- Angelica Me- Eliza and Peggy!! My parents, who were also in the room- 👁️👄👁️
-Kiibo- 7 days ago
*T O R I A T A L Y A B A B S*
Anybody have an ikea add before the vid
broken hearted
broken hearted 8 days ago
They should of just removed the titanic from the plot entirely and instead made it just some random ship that didn't sink, not like it effect one of the 700 plot lines at all.
Nikolaideon 8 days ago
Panic Panda 9994
Panic Panda 9994 8 days ago
The lady with the pet dog is out here reciting the old scriptures Edit: Why is the dog rapping??? Why the fuck is the dog rapping
【Strawberry Cheesecake】
"Theres this girl Angelica-" elIZA AND *PEGGY- THE SCHYLER SISTERS-*
whamboy 9 days ago
danny looks like he is lip syncing himself i cant unsee it
Ninetales 9 days ago
4:39 Untitled Goose Game in a nutshell (I like the game this isn’t an insult to it)
Kiki the quaker and others
Raid shadow legends of course
Graden miller
Graden miller 9 days ago
Makes a video about a shitty movie and gets sponsored by a shittier mobile game
Filip Overas
Filip Overas 9 days ago
Gaming Goose
Gaming Goose 9 days ago
May have been downloaded 16 million times, but probly not kept
phrog ashiido
phrog ashiido 9 days ago
imagine being so popular that u can put your own name as a hashtag in your video
trash olive
trash olive 9 days ago
i had this on auto play and thought i was wathcing a drew goodman video the entire time
Erin Sheehan
Erin Sheehan 9 days ago
I subscribed and turned on notifications. I am truly Greg.
Greta 9 days ago
this week on the world's greatest mysteries: trying to discover what the fuck did old white lady say
gbc 101
gbc 101 10 days ago
I love this guys videos but (to save you some time) raid shadow legends is a terrible game, you barely do anything... its more a story line than an actual game.
Alyson Perez
Alyson Perez 10 days ago
I feel like the nutcracker is contemplating its life descions.
Tymbus 10 days ago
It looks as if the animation or the characters and their movements were taken from other cartoons. Tracing or other forms of copying isn't uncommon with 2D animation. Nothing is consistent here, even the way characters move in a single scene.
Lucy June
Lucy June 10 days ago
Also did anyone notice that “Will” went from blonde to ginger
Lucy June
Lucy June 10 days ago
Why are his lips yellow🤢
Lilith Salvatore
Lilith Salvatore 10 days ago
This whole video is just one big fever dream and I thoroughly enjoyed it 10/10
bobbin weird barbash
I remember the Titanic movie
Ghost Lee Mann
Ghost Lee Mann 10 days ago
them are doctor suess hands
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