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At age 11, Taylor Wilson told his parents that he wanted to build a nuclear reactor in the family garage. His parents never guessed he would do it, but three years later Taylor made history.
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Since then Taylor has continued to amaze everyone around him with inventions like a cheaper way to make medical isotopes to treat cancer, and a better way to detect dirty bombs. Rock Center's Harry Smith hikes in the mountains of Western Nevada with this boy wonder to learn what makes Taylor Wilson tick.
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This Teenager Will Revolutionize Nuclear Power | Archives | NBC News

Published on


Jun 2, 2014




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Comments 80
Aditya Kailash
I am smarter than Taylor but my parents don’t support my talent, if parents are watching this please support your children if they have a talent for something.
Max Vargas Gómez
4.20 : cringe smile of an actor proposed by the governmet as Dad
Max Vargas Gómez
And one day, little Taylor told his parents of his big plan but we had to wait Dark 3rd season to found out
Max Vargas Gómez
Loop Clue: Taylor gets his smarts from youtube
Vintage Arcade
Vintage Arcade 6 days ago
7:43 thats yellow cake...
sujay shetty
sujay shetty 15 days ago
This reminds me of Young Sheldon
Lorenzo Smith
Lorenzo Smith 15 days ago
I was building Robots, telescopes & rockets ,etc when I was 14, not nuclear reactors. That is next level.
Voltage Guy2000
Voltage Guy2000 16 days ago
Pepe Prophet of kekistan
* David Han has entered the chat *
Kemal M
Kemal M 20 days ago
He could power his house with it.
tryitout -
tryitout - 22 days ago
he is going to try to make himself a superhero
Terra messorem
Terra messorem 23 days ago
bro! no stress, just gliding through, enjoying meeting his own challenges. the boss.
JuneJuly Animations
Reincarnated scientist
Stephen John Hall
Stephen John Hall 24 days ago
Taylor, if you get this message, my prayers are with you to reach your goal, renewables just dont cut it.
ShwaY 27 days ago
Just seen him in a vice video about quantum computers
Brandon Garza
Brandon Garza Month ago
Send this guy to General Fusion!
ms_lady_ blueeyez
he evidently came from a different planet 👽
F.B.I Month ago
Barack Obama let's see this nuclear reactor Kid the CIA doesn't like nuclear reactors in the White House
Retorik Month ago
Huh.. so he invented the thorium-based nuclear reactor?
Richard The Lion Hearted
Who wants to Boing the mom?😁
C Month ago
*I’m 31 and just yesterday I put together an Ikea desk... yay!!*
Billy Mayes
Billy Mayes Month ago
Pulls out homemade yellow cake plutonium out of a safe. Just because he can Weird flex but I respect it
Robert Gaines
Robert Gaines Month ago
He discovered women and now he's in a rock band, smokes weeds, and lives in a sweet dumpster where he is his own boss.
C Month ago
Robert Gaines - lives in a run down house with 10 other friends and sleeps on a grimy couch...
Wisanggeni Sastramihardja
It's all fun until the intelligence society gets serious with him and his freedom
A ArmsOfSin
A ArmsOfSin Month ago
So what happen to this boys mini nuclear power?
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Month ago
As a little boy he was obsessed with fake space and now he's obsessed with fake nukes. Now he is enjoying fake news. 🌏=🐂💩
Tommy Elijah Cabello
Neither technologies are fake at all.
John Malley
John Malley Month ago
Hope he dos well, 🌹🌹🌹🌹👍
Herbert Kraft
Herbert Kraft Month ago
Herbert Kraft
Herbert Kraft Month ago
Tommy Elijah Cabello
Come on, don't be a bully.
The yesterdays Of tomorrow
money lets go money
Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar Month ago
1.6 trolls or haters
David Cole
David Cole Month ago
Reminds me of a Young Bill Gates..
Albert King
Albert King Month ago
Sure son.....here's some plutonium.....
iWillbe Month ago
Took a Thiel Fellowship, through his gift away by skipping college. Sad.
Antony Month ago
He's not the only one who has invented clean and free energy. They all mysteriously disappeared, vanished from the face of this earth, along with their inventions too. It's 2020 and we're still using gasoline, petroleum, methane and coal, hmm 🤔 I wonder why is that? Lol
MTS BOUR Month ago
plus the activist pushing for solar and wind are dumb and afraid of nuclear the cleanest and safest energy
MTS BOUR Month ago
yeah nuclear is being held back intentionaly as he said the design is still from the 50s and that's a shame
Gobo Fraggel
Gobo Fraggel Month ago
When I was 8 I fotted in a bottle and tricked my mom into sniffing it. My shining moment and all downhill from there.
Judah Yehuda
Judah Yehuda Month ago
My God! building a reactor at the age of 14??????????????? Daaaaaaaaaaaang! This guy is a science god!!!!!!!!!!!!
K C Month ago
i wanted to say they always say these things on the media and 5 10 years later they dont become anything much above average.. sadly.. anyway then i noticed this is 6 years ago
Hector Guerrero
Hector Guerrero Month ago
Where is the remote control of TV. Or there is other way to turn it on ?
darkspd31 Month ago
uhh...where is the revolution again?
Nicki Snyder
Nicki Snyder Month ago
I just wish I saw him taking precautions with his thyroid & other organs. he should have a lead vest & neck cover on.
pat da bunny
pat da bunny Month ago
Elon Musk has left the chat...
vincbestia Month ago
we only 10 years away ^^ fusion baby
The Tourist
The Tourist Month ago
and so the government gets its engine, for their UFO and that is also the reason that they have a zooming sound and are often seen near water (cooling system) suspected that the government was interested in his mini reactor (fits in a UFO) think about it ??
Sapphire Isarel
Sapphire Isarel Month ago
They could trace back their history to the sterilization era in American history
Sapphire Isarel
Sapphire Isarel Month ago
Charles Darwin an eugenics
marikh sky
marikh sky Month ago
his voice is like Edvard Snoden's voice . the way he talks .....oh god , how human beings have similarities.
Avishek Bose
Avishek Bose Month ago
Iron Man is alive
Höðr Month ago
They need more children
Finch Waddledog
Finch Waddledog Month ago
We just gonna leave out the fact that the only reason he was able to continue his love and understanding of science is because his parents' had enough money to let him do so?
darkspd31 Month ago
Welcome to America sweetheart, if his parents didn't pay for this, his summer job would be at McDonalds...
Jason Weber
Jason Weber Month ago
Are you going to ignore the fact that even normie rich kids can''t build a nuclear reactor if they wanted to and had the money to do so?
Victor Chavez
Victor Chavez Month ago
The teen looks like a K pop idol.
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman Month ago
Great mom and dad go kid get money and keep us safe 👍🏾
Pepper Grinder
Pepper Grinder Month ago
Update 2020: He is now working for the oil companies pushing oil, plastics and natural gas. Money and security is more important than changing the world.
Mr. C.
Mr. C. Month ago
I thought he was a Vice reporter?
Ella Hosokawa
Ella Hosokawa Month ago
Nice 👍
Khoa Nguyen
Khoa Nguyen Month ago
This kid is a typical case which your parents usually once told u : " I got u from the close by dumpster or the tree over there" lmao
Tony Rusi
Tony Rusi Month ago
I have heard about him, very recently.
Harlow Marie
Harlow Marie Month ago
He was worried about going to school for nerds 🤣🤣🤣🤣. YOU 👏🏽ARE 👏🏽THE 👏🏽NERD👏🏽. I trade places though lmao
Groove Fretboard
I invented a guitar fretboard hey better than a nuclear reactor lol
La Cosa Nostra LIVE
God he carries himself like a 30 or 40 year old
La Cosa Nostra LIVE
Coolest most handsome person alive...beautiful human being! He’s gonna save the world
thea lolo
thea lolo Month ago
SAFIRE project , by the Thunderbolt project , has the answer for clean energy , and it will eat up nuclear waste as well .
veer Chaudhary
veer Chaudhary Month ago
He will be a billionaire.
veer Chaudhary
veer Chaudhary Month ago
@Tommy Elijah Cabello Oh absolutely.
Tommy Elijah Cabello
Nuclear Energy is an industry with serious potential. Even with a bad rep, it's the cleanest form of energy to fight climate change.
Kimberly Howard
Kimberly Howard Month ago
This is awesome
William Iannucci
God bless this young fellow today tomorrow and to come EVERLASTING LIFE says Christ in me . Good job Tylor. 👍
rideordieguy rideordieguy
04:16 LMFAOOOOOOO Wipes out Arkansas cause he sneezed
King Leonidas 52
he does not need to go to college
King Leonidas 52
this kid will create the equivalent of a smart grid but on the nuclear plants
Jeff Rutt
Jeff Rutt Month ago
Is it me but as Americans are becoming dumber, there seems to also be a lot of kid genuises popping up in the states.
tomek SOZAN
tomek SOZAN Month ago
On Joe Rogan Experience #1132 - Kyle Kingsbury is talking about this kid and Elon Musk takeing care about him now. Enyone knows anything about it?
Covid-19 2.0
Covid-19 2.0 2 months ago
This has to last forever or half my life at least otherwise we will be throwing radiactive waste into our own food!.
Harry Chang
Harry Chang 2 months ago
www.taiwanembassy.org/usnyc/ tel: 2124860088 to ask Taiwan to donate facemask and other protection equipements. Good luck!
Ferrocity Technologies
What a bunch of hogwash.
Stephen Qumburji
Stephen Qumburji 2 months ago
How do you make a nuclear reactor exactly ?
jeffmack57 2 months ago
He seems to have vanished
Laurie Huntley
Laurie Huntley 2 months ago
A real Sheldon! WTG to go Taylor!!!!!
David Petersen
David Petersen 2 months ago
Wow! Can he develop a vaccine for coronavirus as a sideline?
Tuhrell 2 months ago
Is it revolutionized yet? no? okay I'm going back to sleep, wake me up when it's revolutionized. ZZZzzzzzzzz
yixnorb 2 months ago
So........you need a license for a handgun but not a nuclear reactor??
DgosFinnest 2 months ago
The type of guy whose responsible for the Mandela effect. 👌
Almonzo Wilder
Almonzo Wilder 2 months ago
Anyone else thinking that they might have seen this as an 80s movie, especially where the government spooks start chasing after him when they find out what he knows?
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