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At age 11, Taylor Wilson told his parents that he wanted to build a nuclear reactor in the family garage. His parents never guessed he would do it, but three years later Taylor made history.
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Since then Taylor has continued to amaze everyone around him with inventions like a cheaper way to make medical isotopes to treat cancer, and a better way to detect dirty bombs. Rock Center's Harry Smith hikes in the mountains of Western Nevada with this boy wonder to learn what makes Taylor Wilson tick.
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This Teenager Will Revolutionize Nuclear Power | Archives | NBC News

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Comments 100
Andrew 2 hours ago
This kids mom was impregnated by aliens.
RANDOM GUY 4 hours ago
I thought Sheldon Cooper wasn't real until now...
packjim56 5 hours ago
Why is Brian Williams introducing a story isn't about Russian collusion???? I thought that is all he and NBC are able to talk about these days. Oh, this an old story.
Micky Johnson
Micky Johnson 6 hours ago
That's someone who's gotten closer to God in another life than most (if you factor in time.) Being "gifted" comes from the spirit. He's probably lived a life of virtue in another lifetime.
Shanty Town
Shanty Town 6 hours ago
harry smith looking like a Walter White cosplayer, esp from the side
Clark Gable
Clark Gable 14 hours ago
Brian's constructed nuclear reactors...He's done everything....A war hero too....LOL
Woxineau Crows
What is he doing TODAY?
Brad Kelly
Brad Kelly 2 days ago
Is is still alive?? What happened to his parents, where are they ??
damza qkotah
damza qkotah 2 days ago
Iran picked him up in the first draft!!!
constantine5 2 days ago
He became an actor and changed his name to Michael Cera.
a becerra
a becerra 3 days ago
He presented his work on Ted talk.
Akhlaq Hussain
Akhlaq Hussain 4 days ago
He's not Human, he is an Alien :D
Daniel Son
Daniel Son 4 days ago
So a salt reactor then.
MisterEC1 4 days ago
Fusion is the process that powers the sun and the stars. lasers.llnl.gov/science/ignition
Pendulous Testicularis
Didn't something like this happen before.😂 ruvid.net/video/video-G0QMeTjcJDA.html
EZRA HADDISH 5 days ago
Is this Sheldon from the Big Bang theory?
Dave C
Dave C 5 days ago
It's obvious he's gifted...And has a real passion about these sciences. With a great attitude and a desire to help mankind...We need more like him!
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson 5 days ago
Dude these parents pump out geniuses. Give the father and mother a grant to contunue there work with giving us gifteed people to solve our issues lol
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson 3 days ago
We have those. They called mexicans?
wagner1va 4 days ago
Lee Robinson No, we need to give more money to support fruit pickers and housepainters, hah!
"the easiest way would be to build a fusion reactor"
Patrick EH
Patrick EH 6 days ago
Hmm, well another pie in the sky prediction gone.
grandpa grows
grandpa grows 6 days ago
The government wont allow it. They will keep him under thumb to control all his activity
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori 6 days ago
Emmett Brown .. Jr.?
Mike Callies
Mike Callies 6 days ago
What does it profit a man if he were to gain the whole world yet lose his soul ......when the lad discovers God he will then be smart . hawking and Einstein mocked God .......not smart at all
Jhon Grussing
Jhon Grussing 7 days ago
Amazing.......but where is he now???
Billy Luna
Billy Luna 7 days ago
Keep a genius around a genius. That's how you care.
Patrick Crowley
Patrick Crowley 8 days ago
I wanna buy stock in his company !!
simonito loko
simonito loko 8 days ago
kids are as special as their parents make them to be.
Frank Ragetti
Frank Ragetti 8 days ago
A good, big good idea per se, is never enough. It is just the first step
Kevin Oduor
Kevin Oduor 8 days ago
legend has it he's still building a neuclear reactor.
** **
** ** 8 days ago
What happens to the guy?
Dhgff Fhcdujhv
Dhgff Fhcdujhv 8 days ago
Cocacola botler, yoga teacher... And they own a house like that ?!
Jay Tull
Jay Tull 8 days ago
so a scout build a nuclear reactor and the government confiscate everything this guy does it and hes a genius? wtf?
Cameron Bridges
Cameron Bridges 8 days ago
did not even watch... is that before or after fusion. Nuclear is old tech in 5 - 10 years... He'd wanna get smarter and chose something new
Walter Anderson
Walter Anderson 8 days ago
Hopefully money and power won't change him. All that energy I hope is appreciated in good positive efforts, and not for evil.
Fultonfalcons86 9 days ago
Holy Crap well I hope you took that scholarship to my hometown University good job young man we need more like you to come forward in this country......
Dank Meme
Dank Meme 9 days ago
If this dude googled "How to make a bomb", he'd be airstriked in a second lul
kevin almeida
kevin almeida 9 days ago
elon musk is going to hire this kid
ASI ASI 9 days ago
This guys fantastic hope he always keeps focused on his work and never loose confidence in all the possible undiscovered expectations
SIR WAFFLEBOB 9 days ago
He's not a genius. Everyone has the same capacity to teach themselves what he taught himself. Stop being idiots, and realize your potential. Society and government's want you to think you're stupid.
Toby W
Toby W 9 days ago
The kid understands self-funding.
The Berserk Horse
That nose
ys6425 9 days ago
This kid is part 👽
Brian Poe
Brian Poe 9 days ago
3rd wave starseed. Awesome. 🙂 ☮️💚
Derek Matthew
Derek Matthew 10 days ago
Absolutely no doubt an alien hybrid look at his eyes
Mary Callahan
Mary Callahan 10 days ago
Yeah go to telling the devils advocate.and next thing you know he will be in a torcher chamber.in Korea 🇰🇷 or rush
Noble Jester
Noble Jester 10 days ago
Torcher? You mean torture?
michellowies 10 days ago
I dont believe him
poffa2 10 days ago
Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor ruvid.net/video/video-G0QMeTjcJDA.html
Eric D
Eric D 10 days ago
Our country needs people like him!
VOLLINA ADKINS 10 days ago
x(⚛️(📳(🔋+(👑)-🔋)📴)⚛️)o t.co/Eyu6A1HwVB +(+(+( t.co/H6krgeEzSt )+)+)+ t.co/Y7pQ4ETO9b t.co/ftBOvrknqA
alucard alucardidis
Hm... 5 years passed. Nobody heard anything of him again. Must have discovered weed and alcohol.
geezeringout toofast
+who8myfish He looked pretty alive when he showed and explained what he has done, later doing brief stint on Vice News Tonight as science presenter. Google him, get used to the name, it's bound to be an important one in the future. I'm sure you can find a lot of info on him. Not everyone lives and dies by pontificating on the computer.
who8myfish 5 days ago
No, this is just what happens when TV click baits you.
Siya 6 days ago
Just Google, you'll see he's achieved quite a lot eversince
Alex G
Alex G 6 days ago
He ded
Patrick EH
Patrick EH 6 days ago
Or, girls
Think 10 days ago
At 14 years old, he thought, "Well yeah, fusion's cool, but this isn't particularly novel; I want to go out and do something. I want a challenge!"
Prowler Cam
Prowler Cam 11 days ago
So five years later, where is he now? You can't find him on the internet. NASA's talking about their own small reactor power source, where is his?
Mike D
Mike D 11 days ago
Learning through experimentation is one thing. Knowing the "science and math" behind it is another. They never mentioned his ability to formulate equations relative to his "inventions". Only then will he be able to "invent" something truly new and not just putting pieces of existing technologies. Sorry kid, you have to "do the math".
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 11 days ago
what is Taylor's company called?
Sobano S
Sobano S 11 days ago
any follow up on his success???
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 11 days ago
Has big oil murdered him yet?
nicholascremato 11 days ago
The way you raise a genius is by getting out of the way and keeping your mouth shut! The parents of these children do not have the intelligence or morals to help these children. They need to shut up and drink their beer and watch dancing with the stars in the other room!! That's just what my parents did and I am forever grateful. I skipped 5 years of school and still study 2 hours a day and I am turning 60!
lizard9 11 days ago
College? Give the kid a PhD!
MonteJackClint 11 days ago
It's a good thing for all of us that his mother didn't abort him during gestation. How many genius kids like him have been?
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 11 days ago
He worka in da Russia now, beeches
Thomas Madison
Thomas Madison 11 days ago
BS pipe dreams.
Joshua Marin
Joshua Marin 11 days ago
"I think I'm gonna try and sell it to him..." That is one funny genius.
Tehara Dvc
Tehara Dvc 11 days ago
He look and sound like Cuckold!!
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed
The absolute worst part of the video was showing the destructive immoral Obama.
jamesbat09 10 days ago
Georgios The Greek
Georgios The Greek 11 days ago
Good luck my boy. We need people like you. Love from Greece.
jagsfanrick 10 days ago
+Georgios The Greek off topic but fake shooting all around the world. One in Paris was fake, just about everyone here is fake too.
Georgios The Greek
Georgios The Greek 10 days ago
+jagsfanrick I believe he work for usa government.
jagsfanrick 11 days ago
this video is 5 years old.
Dave Pitsch
Dave Pitsch 11 days ago
So if I know how to make a nuclear fusion electric generator work... Who would I talk to about that?
CrashPilot1000 11 days ago
Finally a cool kid.
Latter Day Apostle
Latter Day Apostle 11 days ago
I sincerely hope this kid is using a dosimeter of some sort in his day-to-day research as we don't see one in this interview. If not, he may end up going the way of Madame Curie before he manages anything significant.
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez 12 days ago
That's cool and all but can he change a tire?
Jaeson Mcdonald
Jaeson Mcdonald 12 days ago
Thats a super human with a super human "HEART" THANK YOU for being there for us TAYLOR WILSON!! WE THE WORLD ARE GREATFUL!
egads2 12 days ago
Now we're five years down the pike.
rajiv kumar
rajiv kumar 12 days ago
Wish him gud luck..don’t want him to end up like Nikola Tesla. Big shots shut him up with their business tactics. I hope this kid have gud business acumen.
RJ Cooper
RJ Cooper 12 days ago
You are saying you want to poison another generation of Americans. Thanks so much for that.
Robert Berger
Robert Berger 12 days ago
He has a spirit guide and has the right parents for him Other parents would not let him do that
Izzy Stradlin
Izzy Stradlin 12 days ago
I'm 47 and screwed in my first light bulb.
Ranaldo Bobsled
Ranaldo Bobsled 12 days ago
Dirty energy I expended last night. The jewels are pleasingly spent like prunes.
Ranaldo Bobsled
Ranaldo Bobsled 12 days ago
I've already revolutionized nuclear power. Nothing on paper or testing but I'm all that and a bag of chips and that's all that's needed. Read my mind like this phone does and you'll see whut I mean. The mirror doesn't lie.
ShockGizzle 12 days ago
John Baran
John Baran 13 days ago
Or if he won't play ball, he will be set up & convicted of serious white collar crime wire fraud, embezzlement etc....& if he's 2 smart 2 fall into those tried and true methods he's going to commit "suicide", and the medial will role out the troubled genius trope....hope he's got a real white hat who knows what the stakes really are 2 advise & protect him.
Colin Hyde
Colin Hyde 13 days ago
He is built like a flamingo
Q Anonymous
Q Anonymous 13 days ago
They judge people while they are teenagers... That is what is wrong with Socialism... They decide the path of your entire life when you are a teen...
Simon Frampton
Simon Frampton 13 days ago
Einstein reborn
Mr Potatoehead
Mr Potatoehead 13 days ago
Is this even legal???? Lol
Rick Korpela
Rick Korpela 13 days ago
Sheldon, is that you?
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz 13 days ago
Just what we need more nuclear reactors, so we could destroy our planet quicker.
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 13 days ago
Another typical white hype story...nothing more but a stinky prideful high minded lofty for fame popularity superiority purposes to belittle everyone else as unimportant to boast up white superior white importants white power white intelligence mostly UNGodly people that have a little or none knowledge of God of the Bible they only believe in (oneself)..here read this, all the intelligence, fame, ect cannot save your soul...find this in the kjv bible -matthew 16:26 and my Mission is to prophesy against all UnGodly people that exalts against the knowledge of God! 1corithians 1:26,27,28,29 and point you the way to the truth, matthew 6:33/ St..john4:16 / john 3:16
bert de jong
bert de jong 13 days ago
It's a shame that a talented person like him will die at a young age of cancer, caused by radiation.
stuart whitson
stuart whitson 13 days ago
The petroleum industry will take him out?
To loving and supporting parents.
Ty Clark
Ty Clark 13 days ago
A very sweet family n super mom. My boys are special as well, oldest mastered martial arts by himself training n sent the videos to a grand master. Never before had a young man been so successful for his dedication n training from viewing n studying the arts. Today he's a grand master several arts, n teaches full time n a pastor as well. Awesome IT tech as well n self trained to do so. My middle son did the subs n graduated SEALs n now a fed. Youngest son is his sweetie as both MDs. We all have very special kids, they just need nurturing n positive feedback with their mistakes n milestones in life. An pops ruled with a iron fist at home. A former ole school paradog. I know, I am a proud parent for certain. Yet like most young adults, they need encouragement n love n a sense of self respect. Graduations on your very bright young man as shown here. I expect to witness his brilliance in the future.
imnewtothistuff 13 days ago
I'm sorry but that was not nuclear fusion! Are you kidding me!? Have you ever seen a neon tube or a streetlight? It's the same dam thing. Running an electrical charge through rarefied gas in a vacuum. Kristian Birkeland did that over a 100 years ago.
Jim Dickson
Jim Dickson 13 days ago
hes clearly an alien!!
azhaddad64 13 days ago
You are trying to say that a teen ager with internet-drawn info is making a nuclear reactor in his dad's garage, but his teacher said "come over to school lab and experiment with nuclear energy here instead". I cannot decide who's dumbest - dad letting his kid play radioactivity in the house. - neighbours not concerned. - School board. How big the crater should be before somebody start to have some common sense?
Gregory Zoebisch
Gregory Zoebisch 13 days ago
He'll get snared into making a better bomb.....you watch.....
HappyRogue 13 days ago
Come on are you serious? Nuclear Reactors are just a huge steam engines, nobody has harnessed nuclear energy except for nuclear bombs, Do us all a favor don't blow this world up so our kids got somewhere to stay.
J Martini
J Martini 14 days ago
He better be careful...the government gets ride of people who try to crate cheap energy
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 14 days ago
This kid will start WWIII (Thats World War 3 for you snowflakes)
John Baran
John Baran 14 days ago
No he won't bc he's going 2 disappear in to unacknowledged special access programs
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 11 days ago
jodeluna62 14 days ago
What's He Doing Now?
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