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At age 11, Taylor Wilson told his parents that he wanted to build a nuclear reactor in the family garage. His parents never guessed he would do it, but three years later Taylor made history.
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Since then Taylor has continued to amaze everyone around him with inventions like a cheaper way to make medical isotopes to treat cancer, and a better way to detect dirty bombs. Rock Center's Harry Smith hikes in the mountains of Western Nevada with this boy wonder to learn what makes Taylor Wilson tick.
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This Teenager Will Revolutionize Nuclear Power | Archives | NBC News

Published on


Jun 2, 2014

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Comments 4 766
bmcgmusic 6 hours ago
He is an incel lol.
Progressive Opinion
Progressive Opinion 16 hours ago
Sooooo does he now work for Tesla? Because he could definitely work along side Elon Musk
Rexx Bailey
Rexx Bailey 2 days ago
David Allen
David Allen 2 days ago
yellow cake is radioactive but virtually harmless, it needs so much processing its beyond the capability of private individuals because of the huge quantities in tonnage to refine.
4thdemz 3 days ago
oh good another special white man to help murder the world that is not ours
4thdemz 3 days ago
just look he is a alien
J M 4 days ago
Peter  Mendoza
Peter Mendoza 4 days ago
What an incredible guy! All power to him!
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 5 days ago
You haven't heard from him because the government got thier hands on him.
Mike Aziz
Mike Aziz 5 days ago
The US has amazing people!
Raw Tee
Raw Tee 5 days ago
Where is Taylor today? It's 2019 now. You don't hear his name anymore... Though he sounded very promising in 2014... ?
India mere jan
India mere jan 5 days ago
Smart Guy. Can our IITs invite him for a presentation for knowldge dissimenation ?
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie 5 days ago
How many companies make money off of gas, electricity and charcoal do you honestly think they would announce it the day he makes his invention you know how many companies will be out of business.
Tui Taylor
Tui Taylor 5 days ago
He has alien DNA he is a hybrid? Awesome!
aziz Ben
aziz Ben 6 days ago
Is he any different from max loughan ..theorical physicist entrepreneur..bla.. bla.. bla . free energy ..change the planet ..impact on the world.. bla bla ... whatever . ...i know somthing is sure . a genius would be always modest because he can perceive very well how insignificant human being is . But those clones will reach nowhere clearly are not genious . So cnn nbc fox stop BS us.
Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan 6 days ago
Imagine this guy on acid 🤖
Craven Morehead
Craven Morehead 6 days ago
From what I understand, he just cloned a miniature version of himself.
David B
David B 6 days ago
Ultra level intelligent youth are awesome. Taylor is going to do epic things in his lifetime hopefully always for the benefit of mankind.
Frankie Geist
Frankie Geist 7 days ago
Tony Stark??
Stephen MacMaster
He's a starseed. I bet both of those parents have been abducted
Darren Douglas
Darren Douglas 8 days ago
Taylor has room ,lab awaiting at Government base
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis 8 days ago
Smart guy
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis 8 days ago
Until he threatens the money...
stephen williams
stephen williams 9 days ago
do you honestly think the liberal left and the Greenies will allow this to happen.Here in New Zealand the far left government will always oppose any positive development.We are brainwashed here.
Larry Carmody CMD
Tell that young man, to get to work on antigravity, that, I believe is the most important invention we need, at this time, there's so many things we cld do if we had antigravity mechanism, ie. getting vehicles to space, number One.
James Griffin
James Griffin 10 days ago
with effort I could maybe create confusion, not fusion
Benjamin Velazquez
Benjamin Velazquez 10 days ago
Marco Vergara
Marco Vergara 10 days ago
After this aired government pick him up and he's working at area 51 back engineering ufo
uniformoctober 10 days ago
7:45 I don't think that was the reason...
Victor T
Victor T 10 days ago
He looks like an alien
gordon n panter
gordon n panter 11 days ago
Elites only care about money,power,and absolute control. Time for a change!
gordon n panter
gordon n panter 11 days ago
Zero point energy is next step
gordon n panter
gordon n panter 11 days ago
Deuterium and palladium ,cold fusion. Free energy is the key to our salvation !!!!!!!!!!
gordon n panter
gordon n panter 11 days ago
There are forces on this world that want our annihilation DO NOT assist them! Human or not!!!
gordon n panter
gordon n panter 11 days ago
Taylor you should be researching thorium reactor potential ! Research in this area has been suppressed because it is non destructive!
This is the origin of Superman Or brightburn
philip 11 days ago
Hmm, Could Taylor possibly be of AGHARIANS Heritage...Look at his facial features and his height, very Aquiline like the Tall blonde Nordic type Aliens....perhaps. Just throwing it out there.
Benjamin Bailey
Benjamin Bailey 11 days ago
Impressive kid, keep up the great work!!!
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin 11 days ago
"Will" In other words he has not just wants to.
1209Misty 11 days ago
Amazing!!!!!!! Please just watch out for the government!!!!
Tim Temple
Tim Temple 12 days ago
Typical Asperger. I had no sympathetic parents or neighbors as he did.
Content 12 days ago
This teenager will not Revolutionize anything. Nuclear power is already obsolete.
Elzevier Javier Garcia
He must be checking for radiation in Archeology sites, specially where ancient tech is being found. Pass my word NBC, please.
Siminthesky 13 days ago
Quit using 2d 3d stuff
Michael Hester
Michael Hester 13 days ago
Looks like a hybid star seed
Wesley Kenyon
Wesley Kenyon 13 days ago
Better than average?
Ben Garcia
Ben Garcia 13 days ago
start promoting peace
Brian Barcus
Brian Barcus 13 days ago
He'll disappear one day soon on one of his walks in the Nevada mountains. He is so smart about a dangerous subject - the deep military will determine his future.
George Sparks
George Sparks 13 days ago
Cold Fusion works.
3maanave 13 days ago
Oh wow what an amazing young man. You can do it Taylor!
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