This Small Form Factor PC is RIDICULOUS. Ridiculously FAST!

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Thank you to Microcenter for helping us out with some last minute parts! Learn more about the pieces provided by Microcenter below!
Intel Core i9-9900K: bit.ly/2TuXbsj
Intel 660p 2TB SSD: bit.ly/2Ty077h
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming LGA 1151 mini ITX Motherboard: bit.ly/2TsWNKP
CableMod 60mm WideBeam Magnetic RGB LED Strip: bit.ly/2TuwovV
CableMod 30mm WideBeam Magnetic RGB LED Strip: bit.ly/2TuZEml
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Comments 80
Matbee 8 hours ago
That looks like a regular sized case? Not sure how its SFF
Daniel Gonçalves
Daniel Gonçalves 12 days ago
Can a 240 radiator be fitted in that case?
ThaReal CLo
ThaReal CLo 14 days ago
almost pulled a linus there! lmfao
Fried Turkey
Fried Turkey 24 days ago
I started looking into ITX cases and found that Enthoo case, god damn I had a Enthoo Pro M with a custom side panel for so long and after moving it got too big and holy shit Enthoo just makes the coolest cases imo.
Terry Lee
Terry Lee Month ago
Loving the BROMANCE :-)
T-Bonerism Month ago
Watching some of these videos looking for inspiration for 3D modelling my own ITX case that I'll 3D print and yeah. Your comment on how many revisions these cases have to go through when they are in development has to be extreme. Even the edits i made to the case someone else posted on thingiverse had to go through at least 6 edits per part that I changed and I changed 6 parts. When people are doing this for a living I couldn't even imagine their triple and quadruple testing and doing test groups with people that haven't built PC's yet so they get a fresh perspective. It has to be insane.
Texaporte Month ago
the montage hit different when it's your own computer
1:38 for anyone who wants to know what the case actually is
Davide Madera
Davide Madera Month ago
"I had to turn 🆙️ the nose, I couldn't afford to crash at Kharachi. How many times I missed those others 21 Pilots, now?! SSD, m.2, still I haven't seen any PCI Express storage plug&play card... I may look stupid with the external drive of the same capacity I had, it's all temporary. Finally a nice fitting, Dude. I've thought that you were then sick of that fan on top..." 🗨😉🎭♨️💡🌌㊙️
alevilik ve aleviler
this is an intel buiild :D paahahahah FOR GAMING ahahhaha :D just get an RYZEN THREADRIPPER if you really want to game like a pro
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
must be nice to gift things that were free ;)
Enki Shiva
Enki Shiva 2 months ago
Why Americans pple use ridiculous, to say a positive thing, because it's an negative word...
David Holm
David Holm 2 months ago
can someone please help me find a link to that sound bite @ 17:23, gave me kevins famous chills
Dan Sirek
Dan Sirek 2 months ago
JayzTwoCents can you do another ITX build soon? Love these and want to see what you think of the new small form cases coming out. They always look so much fun and so bad ass in such a small PC.
OMA Racing 168
OMA Racing 168 2 months ago
did you have any issues with your riser cable?
Davide Madera
Davide Madera 2 months ago
"I was an Invidia type of guy when MSI was for gaming and Corsair for mining, I'm now a Vegas type of non-vegan who would ride the less enhanced components, starting from the chinese LR44 Cmos and the cheapest multi-threading Motherboard witch isn't fixed to that one specified temporarily out-of-stock Intel model. I've still got an X-Wave and an 1080i that won't recoup with the elder nipponic amplifier in here. Are those machines?! Who's going to run cyclettes once the DVD would be unchained and discharged?! In the meantime, those english-like capacitors are taking 📴. Good luck guys..." 🗨😏📟♨️🛴
Wopsil Month ago
Wtf are you on?
WLD MHD 2 months ago
I think it is batter the exhaust fans go down, and intake air from the above. To make sure you take a clean air.. why he did it the opposite way.?
Cameron Hemenway
Cameron Hemenway 2 months ago
ITX builds are the best, you can't change my mind. Hell yes!
awesomesöös 2 months ago
Jay, can you build one of these with watercooled??? @JayzTwoCents
Max S
Max S 2 months ago
jay i dont game build me a 4k youtube watching MACHINNNEEEE!!
knox 89
knox 89 2 months ago
i absolutely love the case for who much space it has and how good it looks but those wires are horrendous. How would you router them to hide all the wires on a top of a normal desk?
shALKE 3 months ago
Custom loop!
Fernando Bobbio
Fernando Bobbio 3 months ago
Question: Can you put a normal sized power supply in this case? Will it fit? I´ve got a Seasonic FOCUS PLUS GOLD 750W PSU that measures 140 mm (L) x 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H). I wonder if I can use it on this case, and only deal with the motherboard swap (ATX for mini ITX). Thanks!
LevyGaming 3 months ago
Everybody else: Dips. Jay: Low spikes.
Lyle S
Lyle S 3 months ago
what case holy
TomsCigars 3 months ago
I've been running an H60 AIO with this CPU with no issues. It does get a bit warm at around 90c when doing 5ghz under major load, but I haven't seen any throttling. It'll be aight.
ShaveD Monkey
ShaveD Monkey 3 months ago
Oh I Like how it turn out to be a birthday present. Pure reactions.
Srivats Chari
Srivats Chari 3 months ago
Jaaayyy..!!! What about the mesh panels?? Making an update video about it?? ☹️
Hart Dr
Hart Dr 3 months ago
That is totally not what a "Small" form factor PC is.
sepehr ershadi
sepehr ershadi 3 months ago
entering Linus territory , EVGA z390 dark sponsored us to build with Asus Strix board. :))))
Simpson 3 months ago
man the more is see the case the more i fall in love with it, but those thermals are an issue.
Simpson 3 months ago
jay you big dumbdumb you should've put the case's name somewhere, i was looking for a video on this exact case a few days ago, and now youtube recommends it to me! if it wasn't for the whole corona shutdown i probably would've already ordered my PC before watching this video.
HawkFest 4 months ago
It's not _that_ small... Almost the same _visual_ "footprint" as a medium tower/older PC (having mainly the depth to differ).. It's maybe just an impression, but the NZXT H1 looks more compact although it's only designed to stand up (can't be put sideways on a shelf under the TV like the Enthoo Evolv Shift that's shown in this clip - well it can, but it hasn't been designed that way in regards to standoffs etc.).
UKYusei 4 months ago
I just built my first itx pc in the lian li tu105 I love ittt has a 3700x x570 asus board and 2080 ti to last me a few years I hope
Christopher Purel
Christopher Purel 4 months ago
Question, if you didn’t use a water cooled GPU would have used the 140mm front fan as an exhaust?
Tres Waters
Tres Waters 4 months ago
This build is almost exactly what I've been planning for my htpc build. Same case, dual aios and everything. Glad to see it work. I'm waiting on the new 3000 series GPUs to come out for HDMI 2.1 support to pair with my OLED C9 but I'll probably be using my delidded 9900k and replace it with either Ryzen or Intel 10th gen in my main rig.
Sergey T
Sergey T 4 months ago
не показана прокладка кабеля
StayClassy 4 months ago
Make a video on manually overclocking memory please.
Michael Zak
Michael Zak 4 months ago
Jay always looks after his peeps, take note linus you cheap fu*k
Ishmael Maphingers
Ishmael Maphingers 4 months ago
This case might have been worth considering at 30 dollars cheaper, and 15" tall instead if 19". Right now it is a fairly large itx case, and the layout of components isn't exactly optimal. Here is a link since none was provided: www.amazon.com/Phanteks-PH-ES217E_AG-Tempered-Cooling-Anthracite/dp/B0749BSV11
Hanna Irvin
Hanna Irvin 4 months ago
This is not a small form factor PC.
Charles Koushik
Charles Koushik 5 months ago
Phil = smiley boy
blk. vlcn
blk. vlcn 5 months ago
Its my favourite case but its such a hassle to build in :( Decided to migrate to its older brother the ATX shift.
Morphling92 5 months ago
That’s a SFF?! I feel like I’ve built mid towers in smaller cases.
Tim Ramich
Tim Ramich 5 months ago
That case is hardly SFF.
Bloodshed Romance
Bloodshed Romance 5 months ago
I still need to know what version of "ice flow" the song is......
Sapient yt
Sapient yt 5 months ago
Anyone watching this in 2020 when AMD has just destroyed intel?
Adam Jaillet
Adam Jaillet 5 months ago
i just want the B-roll music
Bloodshed Romance
Bloodshed Romance 5 months ago
@Adam Jaillet I want Phil's version though xD
Adam Jaillet
Adam Jaillet 5 months ago
@Bloodshed Romance I could hug you! Thanks boss
Bloodshed Romance
Bloodshed Romance 5 months ago
Phil made it..... The original is Ice Flow by Kevin Macleod
SKMC69 5 months ago
Why aren't there mini squirrel cage fans available?
Radovan Rakovicky
Radovan Rakovicky 5 months ago
This is SFF??? Mine is 2 times smaller. Change description :-)
Daniel Lansing
Daniel Lansing 5 months ago
New to the PC gaming and my first/only build is in the Evolv Shift X (really tall version of this), I got the front/back panels custom modded from modmymods.com and they came out perfectly. I don’t know much about proper temps, GPU is 35-40 C idle and 50-55 C after hours of gaming. My only concern is my m.2 SSD on the back of my motherboard hitting temps of 70 C so I’m attempting to add another exhaust fan or waiting for Phanteks Air panels for the shift X.
rppdfire 5 months ago
Look at Jay, screwing with confidence!
OscarCharlieZulu 5 months ago
It’s just soooooo nice looking like you bought it prebuilt
Bruce Yamson
Bruce Yamson 5 months ago
Machistmo 6 months ago
Can it be turned to sit 90 degrees? Agree about fan port at the 'top'. Totally take your word for the 6 mil, but if your asking for 6mm lets get 10 or 15mm for the 'me's' that might build in this case. I think that would look pretty killer turned 90 degrees with different feet or mount options.
Thế Đăng Dương
This's exactly what I'm looking for. I was planning to build a pc with this case and 2 aio like this one. Except, I use Ryzen 5 3500 and 5700 xt. Thanks.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 6 months ago
The new case with the cloth mesh sides is perfect for cooling.
Waldemar Ishibashi
Waldemar Ishibashi 6 months ago
I'm looking for a similar vertical case for ATX. Obviously, it will be bigger. As long as it is 350mmx400mm, it fits my setup. Any help, or ideas about custom build case, please let me know ;)
The Echelon
The Echelon 6 months ago
How is that small lol
Tjomas Leal
Tjomas Leal 6 months ago
My wife has this case! But with a Intel i5 8400 cooled with an H80i. Then a Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1070 which is a massive card. Replaced stock 140mm fan of the case with a Corsair SP120. Anyways for those curious with the H80i AIO fan set as an exhaust and the front case fan set as an exhaust. My wife can keep her CPU and GPU under 65C under a gaming load for hours. It's a tri fan GPU but still hits about 66% fan speed in this case. Anyways thought I'd share some numbers for anyone who might be interested in the case.
Seguen 6 months ago
He scratched the CPU's plastic BOX !!!
Rucky 6 months ago
Lmao Phil @ 17:54-17:59 Such a cool guy
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble 6 months ago
Johnny Nimble
Johnny Nimble 6 months ago
The 9900k unboxing is as you showed it. I eventually just dropped the thing on the ground and it split.
Kier West
Kier West 6 months ago
@Jayztwocents I am in the Army looking for an ITX build that I can be semi-mobile desktop? Space is an issue mainly.
Quick Nick
Quick Nick 6 months ago
"Small Form Factor" Amateurs would think of cases like Velkase. But only Pros know that Midi Towers are the only thing to be called small form factor!
From Earth
From Earth 6 months ago
I want that track!
Stormtrooper778 6 months ago
Hard to make builds look pretty in the case unless you spend a lot of time and dedication to it, thats why i refrained from getting that case myself
Strider 6 months ago
what case is this?
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 6 months ago
The finished result is a sexy machine. Well deserved, Phil!
I3R0K3N7FEET 6 months ago
Jay, its GREY, not GRAY!
Cheap Chinese
Cheap Chinese 6 months ago
Jay, that was a really solid deal you did for him, he had no idea and that is even better for the shock value. Take care of your employee/friend and he takes care of you. You earned a solid viewer today.
Johnny Greene
Johnny Greene 6 months ago
Microcenter is my go to for all my computer related products. Best price and service around. Plus they honor all of the products they sell.
MsJinkerson 6 months ago
Jay why is it the only thing people do is play games on the P.C.
Aaron Fisher
Aaron Fisher 6 months ago
Love me some microcenter! Got all my parts for my newest build from there. Just wish it wasn’t a 45 minute - hour drive to get there...
Tsunami 625
Tsunami 625 6 months ago
I agree that there should’ve been a fan at the top compartment. I installed a gtx1080FE and the heat didn’t exhaust well through the top. But overall a great case. I built one as my htpc/lan rig.
joshua dunbar
joshua dunbar 6 months ago
Where can I find that case ??
Callum Earle
Callum Earle 7 months ago
As a "real English" speaker, I can add that we also get really mad when people say "ch-assis" as we tend to pronounce it "sh-assis". Thank you for the interesting extra views regarding this case, I've been eyeing it up for a while now and think I'm going to go for tempered glass on the CPU "front" and buy a fabric mesh for the back/GPU side. EDIT: typo - "while" instead of "whole".
Nick Zyzda
Nick Zyzda 7 months ago
Built a similar pc 1.5 years ago, love the case! I have a blower in it, haven't gotten around to installing a hybrid, but I would like to. I agree that a fan on top would be perfect- its already tall and wouldn't change the footprint. I am not in to the fabric side panels- machines front panel would be DOPE!
Awf F
Awf F 3 months ago
How about your gpu and cpu temp? Are they good enough?
Cactus Crus
Cactus Crus 7 months ago
The new Xbox looks almost identical to this without the power brick and front panel
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