This Small Form Factor PC is RIDICULOUS. Ridiculously FAST!

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Thank you to Microcenter for helping us out with some last minute parts! Learn more about the pieces provided by Microcenter below!
Intel Core i9-9900K: bit.ly/2TuXbsj
Intel 660p 2TB SSD: bit.ly/2Ty077h
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming LGA 1151 mini ITX Motherboard: bit.ly/2TsWNKP
CableMod 60mm WideBeam Magnetic RGB LED Strip: bit.ly/2TuwovV
CableMod 30mm WideBeam Magnetic RGB LED Strip: bit.ly/2TuZEml
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Aug 18, 2019




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Lolindir Surion
Lolindir Surion 9 days ago
When with the new panels and you turn the fans to make it negative pressure, would that help with cooling? I'm looking for a small-form to my media PC that will look nice in the living room and new TV. I will have the fabric panels. I have a geforce 770 used in my current media computer, but wondering if I build a media with integrated graphics if it will be able to deal with 4K (I will not game on this computer)
Pharum Mizzrim
Pharum Mizzrim 14 days ago
Does this have a clearance for wifi antenas ?! any1 feel free to answer :D
Steven 15 days ago
MikeWithaBike 15 days ago
what is with people using the 660p that thing is garbo
Mike 16 days ago
harrison murphy
harrison murphy 16 days ago
this looks just like that corsair watercooled prebuilt
Mason Gotto
Mason Gotto 17 days ago
i really wish more companies would make these vertical tower cases, to this day the silverstone ft03 is still my favorite case to date.
50_Cal 18 days ago
Case looks similar to the corsair one.
Akaliptos 20 days ago
anyone knows the name of the music on b-roll?
Venom415 21 day ago
Modded my phanteks shift by removing the SSD tray area and cutting out holes in the rear panel to add an intake fan, gotta say it does help by adding another source of air but the problem I find is the proximity of the GPU backplate to the tempered glass was a good idea until reality kicked in. I noticed the tempered glass really holds on to heat for a long time and that probably adds to the thermals of the GPU when the back is having heat radiated back onto it from the glass. Id love to mod a side panel to have vent slits by the gpu so I can have the gpu fans sticking out and taking in fresh air from the outside rather than up against the motherboard.
E33Tpro 23 days ago
I am sooo glad I did not upload my latest build...I really made a fool of myself, or a noob mistake, running the wrong cables, or rather one of them to the graphics card thinking I messed up the front cable connectors due too old case.We live and learn, and our mistakes teach us more than our successes, LoL. experience from the 80's here so don't feel bad if you mess up guys, it happens to us all at some point, hahaha.
Captain Bananapants
I have the larger of the evolvv cases, the best part is the tiny af footprint. Its tall but the footprint has gotta be the smallest on the market so it's not invasive on the desk.
Skumo Mcbee
Skumo Mcbee Month ago
Great build but, I prefer SFF to be smaller personally but still good.
u no moo
u no moo Month ago
Thinking how big the EVGA DG86 is gonna be for my new system. Gotta weigh like fifty pounds.
Deja Vu
Deja Vu Month ago
gimme that
Tactical Pineapple
i bet linus would build me this for free, haha
Raciel Lizarraga
xD 16:29
ulhurusurf club
ulhurusurf club Month ago
GDAY JAy..why didnt the case company perforate the case sides..surely someone HEAT TESTED THIS HUGE BOX..
ulhurusurf club
ulhurusurf club Month ago
9391862 Month ago
I know its donation/ish, but whats the total price for this build?
Whippler Month ago
i just wish the case was bit deeper, to fit long radiators, and or thicker radiators.
Devalis Month ago
What I don't get is after all of these years we still don't have a good standardized one plug front panel header...........c'mon mobo and case manufacturers, get with the program!
Barrett Mason
Barrett Mason Month ago
I'm curious; what happens to his rigs when he is done building them?
Moon Saiyan
Moon Saiyan Month ago
"It's a brick of computer parts and it's more powerful that yours." I feel attackedt
bertraminc Month ago
The Phanteks case to me is the best looking case available, period. But the dual AIO with glass panels is choked too much for the fastest setups. When you move to the X case, you get a dual radiator height down below which is good and an aluminum top instead of plastic, but the air flow in this needs a redesign. Optimum Tech mentioned moving motherboard away from the GPU but so much more needs to be done to improve airflow. There is no question, that this design is the most beautiful and quality looking case that I've ever seen. I'm hoping so much that we see something other than side speaker cover mesh in the future to allow faster CPU/GPU combos without heating up like a chimney from the glass and limited airflow. I might try the X case to see if the dual fan radiator will help enough but the motherboard is still right up against the GPU. I love the simple looks. The logo is subtle and perfect... the finishes are perfect... I prefer murdered out black myself. And the heat discipating blades on the top and bottom of the case look wonderful. So much potential here to be just choked out for airflow. Wonderful design and no engineering thought into performance. You could have a perfect machine that doesn't throttle.... My God... if the Ghost S1 can do it in that tiny case, why couldn't these guys figure out how to keep heat managed in almost a 20 L case!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!
GroundGame Month ago
What's the music used in the montage? 18:00?
James Forest Brown
what high static fan did you use for the 140?
Rom3 Month ago
Always wanted to see the Camera Man thats Laughs At Jays Sillyness 17:07
Eric Melo
Eric Melo Month ago
code_name_X Month ago
Kickass as usual bro....!
Eliashar Pallarca
Built the same thing!!! Mini itx build is ❤❤
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici Month ago
2:21 ah that made my day.
David Patterson
David Patterson Month ago
I'd love to do this build for trading. I'd go with 32 GB mem, and a cheaper graphics card to save a few bucks. Maybe a more thermal friendly case.
Kenneth Kline
Kenneth Kline Month ago
How is that a small form factor???
Xtenic Month ago
Jay: Badass gaming rig in small form faster. Linus: Hold my beer
Getting High
Getting High Month ago
Jay is probably one of the chillest dudes when it comes to giving people amazing rigs for free. Respect for that.
Chris M
Chris M Month ago
Damn that's nice!
Dalton Mcauliffe
Dude that’s awesome man!
xLittleMsShy 2 months ago
I did custom water cooling loop with CPU and GPU in the Shift X.... Never-fucking-again!! >_
Robert Cooley
Robert Cooley 2 months ago
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