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THIS VLOG IS SO LIT! We went to this GLOW IN THE DARK obstacle course attraction and we had the whole place to ourselves! We did some crazy dares there as well.. I hope you all enjoyed the vlog!
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Jan 30, 2018




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Comments 13 454
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 2 years ago
Who wants an invite next time??
Fusion Wolf67
Fusion Wolf67 17 days ago
FaZe Rug I’m down if Anthony will be there
Adam Aziz
Adam Aziz Month ago
Alexa Estrada
Alexa Estrada Month ago
FaZe Rug me
Adam Aziz
Adam Aziz 2 months ago
I've went there 4 my birthday
Haylee Cardenas
Haylee Cardenas 2 months ago
I didn’t care either way
Teagan Adams
Teagan Adams 2 days ago
Me😭😭 Like if you want to two
Oopsie #fun
Oopsie #fun 3 days ago
Can you shave your beard plz
LovelyLyric 3 days ago
I subed and clicked the like button and the bell
LovelyLyric 3 days ago
I am a kid I don’t shave cause me a girl but my brother shaves
Sweatygamer229 Yeet
I’ve been to the exact same glow zone it shut down or something a while ago
Daniela delosSantos
Fernando Gonzalez
Little junior
junior 321
junior 321 5 days ago
Thats insane🤪
Henry gaming Me
Henry gaming Me 6 days ago
why do u cus baddly when you has kids wachin
Aunt Emma and Ashley Gaming
You look good brain
Martin Harrison
Martin Harrison 7 days ago
That's great and all but...
Arianna Gonzalez
Arianna Gonzalez 7 days ago
On google maps it says it is permanently closed what the heck does that mean
Hermenegildo Lopez
The only thing I hate about rug is his eyebrows
Mr.Psycho 8 days ago
I want you to shave you beard
Chill 19 days ago
Hey what’s this place called?
TheSytheArmy! 22 days ago
Sorry heres the actually time you swore = 13:34 so now you can click on it I think If not just find it on video lol !
TheSytheArmy! 22 days ago
Is this meant to be a child friendly channel? If not, don't worry but if so , you swore at 13 : 34
Dragron Fire
Dragron Fire 24 days ago
Shave that little piece of eyebrow
Mary Kate Hall
Mary Kate Hall 24 days ago
dont save again
Chrissy Zona
Chrissy Zona Month ago
Anthony looks so different
- FlashMid -
- FlashMid - Month ago
woaahhh Anthony was so slim back then 😳
Layla Davis
Layla Davis Month ago
i su
ツKaoticYt Month ago
That is a more expensive rebounders
Helen Beatrix
Helen Beatrix Month ago
Rug without a mustache kinda looks like people who have glasses without their glasses lol
Max Fed
Max Fed Month ago
Invite me
Max Fed
Max Fed Month ago
Max Fed
Max Fed Month ago
Idemio Hernandez
Dont shave it agin let it grow
Eddie A
Eddie A Month ago
Can u send me double stuffed Oreos I live in Australia
Agustina Barraza
DIY corner
DIY corner Month ago
Caleb Spargur
Caleb Spargur Month ago
I'll just track your location
Sara Trujillo
Sara Trujillo Month ago
Man looks hella young
Fred Lohman
Fred Lohman Month ago
Who is watching this video in a car
Sydnee Sanchez
Sydnee Sanchez Month ago
Who’s watching in 2020?😜
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez 2 days ago
Teagan Adams
Teagan Adams 2 days ago
@Kash Gelfman bro seriously don't be like that
Oopsie #fun
Oopsie #fun 3 days ago
MoonlightLove Gatcha
Sydnee Sanchez me
Ashley Stevenson
Ashley Stevenson 4 days ago
NYANangel890 Month ago
I'll shave my hair
Jonathan Stutzman
I have a fear of heights and this is giving me anxiety
Ezzra Moody
Ezzra Moody Month ago
The obstacle course looked hella like American ninja warrior not wipeout at all
Chandni Karuppiah
The last 4 years😍🥰
Gaming with KK
Gaming with KK Month ago
Yes hate but I think you look better with a mustache
Riley Gladden
Riley Gladden Month ago
Khloe Villanueva
You Can Do This FaZe Rug!!!
Lainey Estis
Lainey Estis 2 months ago
Rug that was the most lit vid
Yo Boy GOAT 2 months ago
Skip to 6:08
Tasha Rowland
Tasha Rowland 2 months ago
So sorry but I cant watch this video as I have epilepsy but will give it a 👍
FR3ZZETEDDYYT LOL 2 months ago
I do
Ypk Gonzales
Ypk Gonzales 2 months ago
You are the best
Christos Nouros
Christos Nouros 2 months ago
Fuck I dont have Twitter
XxAlp_ ha05xX
XxAlp_ ha05xX 2 months ago
Looks great
BroskyWhoDatedHoski 3 months ago
Gotta admit he will do anything for his channel.shaves his stache for a paid ad. Lol. Not many would go that far to prove how good the razor is
Rhean Sukhia
Rhean Sukhia 3 months ago
Or else shave your beard
Rhean Sukhia
Rhean Sukhia 3 months ago
Keep your mustashe
Veinte 3 months ago
How is watching this in 2019
Ammon Anderson
Ammon Anderson 3 months ago
You are the coolest guy l ever Watch
Devin Ackermann
Devin Ackermann 3 months ago
Nobody: Faze Rug: “I was woken up by the wind” Grammar: Aight ima head out
Jazmalene Dehostos
Jazmalene Dehostos 3 months ago
My mom and dad use 1 dollar shave club
Flip pro 111
Flip pro 111 3 months ago
You suck balls
Kholood Ahmad
Kholood Ahmad 3 months ago
Where’s mike
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