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Ingrid Nilsen
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Thank you for growing up with me over the last 10+ years. We made magic together and being a part of your story has been a profound honor. Thank you for letting me into your homes, your lives and your hearts. I love you. ❤️️
As I close this chapter, I want to leave you with a few people who I think not only represent the future of our collective wellness, but embody it on a daily basis. I encourage you to intentionally invest in their work and give them the love and support you've shown me.
NITIKA CHOPRA - Nitika is the founder of Chronicon and a fierce advocate for the chronic illness community. Through her work, she has created a space for people to feel seen and held when they've often spent many years not being believed by others. I'm so lucky to not only count her as a friend but to know the feeling of that BIG friendship love through her. You can find Nitika on Instagram @nitikachopra and sign up for her newsletter here: www.chronicon.co/
RACHEL RODGERS - Rachel is an IP lawyer and business coach. Her business, Hello Seven helps women scale their businesses to seven figures. I love that she has a holistic approach to money - she doesn't just share tips, she gets you working on the emotional side of money which I've found often gets ignored. But as I've found on my financial journey, how I feel about money and how I interact with money are inextricably tied. If we want to be financially healthy, we have to look at the whole picture and Rachel helps people to do that. I'm currently subscribed to her newsletter and I'm loving it. You can find Rachel's podcast, newsletter and learn more about her services here: helloseven.co/
KOMAL MINHAS - Komal is a cancer survivor and resilience educator who I met several years ago in LA when we were both selected as part of Oprah's SuperSoul 100. Komal is the definition of what it means to live with your whole heart. She regularly talks about the things that most people would rather avoid. By just being herself, she's teaching us how to not just be with our own pain, but how to hold others, fully and completely in theirs too. You can find Komal on Instagram @komalminhas. She also has a podcast called Lessons Learned and a newsletter that you can find here: komal.com/about-komal
NICOLE CARDOZA - Nicole is committed to a world where wellness is accessible for everyone. I discovered her more recently through my friend, Nitika (above) and have been loving her work. The beauty and wellness industries have distorted our view of what it means to be well (overwhelmingly catering to thin, wealthy, straight white women without disabilities or chronic conditions) and Nicole is dismantling that. Through Yoga Foster, she brings low-cost mindfulness practices to educators and students. She's also the founder of Reclamation Ventures, a fund that invests in underestimated entrepreneurs. You can find Nicole on Instagram @nicolecardoza and learn more about here work here: www.nicoleacardoza.com/
As I mentioned in this video, I won't be posting on RUvid anymore but I'm not disappearing from the internet. I'll still be active in a personal capacity in these places:
My newsletter mailchi.mp/e22639d0757e/onestepwellness
Twitter @ingridnilsen
Instagram @ingridnilsen

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Jun 30, 2020




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Charina Villarica
Charina Villarica 2 hours ago
Thank you Ingrid for everything! I have watched you for 10 years now. Thank you for all the hard work that you do. Good luck on your future! We are always here for you❤️
Ashley Lala
Ashley Lala 3 hours ago
Never seen your channel before but you lost me at white privilege. Gag. My unarmed brother was murdered by the police when I was 10. He wasn’t committing a crime, so I guess it must have been his “white privilege” that got him murdered... Whenever I hear that term, it just sounds like the person is brainwashed by divisive, far left, Marxist propaganda. Rise above that BS, we are all brothers and sisters. I sincerely wish people would stop taking the race-bait. Our system is an absolute dumpster fire, the entire govt has been captured by criminals and that’s why they want us peasants squabbling amongst ourselves over nonsense and focused on anything except for uniting against the organized crime (govt) which is destroying so many nations right now. Wake up people, we have a chemical weapons manufacturer controlling our entire food supply! We have far bigger problems than the differences of our physical features!!!!
MJAAmarie 6 hours ago
Wow. Missglamorazzi was the first youtuber I subscribed to on YT many years ago. Thank you for sharing your story and the years spent creating video's for us. ❤️
Latoya Dawson
Latoya Dawson 14 hours ago
Blair started over and is now in college. So anything is possible. Good luck with you future endeavors and I know you’ll be successful in whatever you pursue
thalia p
thalia p 15 hours ago
Thirty one????
Blessed Babe
Blessed Babe 16 hours ago
So many adddddssss 🤪
Omnarrator 17 hours ago
You'll be back
Susan Buckley
Susan Buckley 19 hours ago
.... you spoke from the heart Ingrid. Again, really going to miss you. Wishing you the very best .. always.
Susan Buckley
Susan Buckley 19 hours ago
I’m going to miss you.. your such a beautiful person.. hugs
NaturElle♡DIY 21 hour ago
Tu vas tellement me manquer Ingrid , a bientôt j'espère :)
All Things Women
Now I can understand you better. Your mom without knowing it shaped your life in a humongous way.
I tried so hard to make it through this video but there was a commercial every minute and a half.
Martha Solomon
31 whattttttttttt
Zoë Koritko
Zoë Koritko Day ago
I just looked her up to see if she was still making content after watching her old beauty videos!
18 Wheeler
18 Wheeler 2 days ago
She'll be back
GlitterShrek 2 days ago
She made sure she was going to make that monaaay on this last video, there was so many ads lmaoo
Lacey Emery
Lacey Emery 20 hours ago
GlitterShrek dude right. I like her a lot but holyyyy cow
Helena Cunha
Helena Cunha 3 days ago
Old RUvid is dead.
Dionetta Li
Dionetta Li 3 days ago
I’ve been watching you since middle school and I just remember coming back from school and just binge watching all the “makeup mayhem” videos. You and Michelle Phan were the very first youtubers that I watched multiple times a day. Thank you so much for making me feel confident in makeup and I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Good luck Ingrid! ❤️
Michelyne Paquin
Michelyne Paquin 3 days ago
Thank you for all the years you shared with us. Best of luck Ingrid
principessa3x 3 days ago
I still remember the first time I met you in person. I couldn't stop shaking because I was so excited to be getting a photo and autograph from you, I believe that was about 9 years ago (though my memory there is a bit fuzzy). I've been following you basically since the beginning and have loved getting to learn about you and your life and share in everything with you. Thank you for being around and for continuing to be you and stay true to who you are. Good luck on all your future endeavors
Why Tho
Why Tho 3 days ago
I have never seen any of her videos but it’s always sad to see a creator leave the platform
kingtracyy 3 days ago
im gonna miss ingrid so much. i support her decision no matter what
Cris Mejía Medina
Can someone tell me what she said, overall? I adore Ingrid but I don’t like such long videos😂💕
Mary Jo Bala Toledo
Good bye, old friend 💖 Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best. 💫
First World Problems
Why do viewers always come back when a dramatic video is posted ??? Look at all the good content she puts out yet her coming out video and leaving RUvid video is what brings people in to watch people they just can’t get enough of drama and being in the know and what. I hate youtube
Harrison Baker
Harrison Baker 4 days ago
Loved your video... but just pointing out you said you just discovered RUvid randomly, but in your earlier videos you distinctly gave Shay Carl the credit. Said you were in your car and heard him talking about how much $ he made.
NJ E 4 days ago
sooo many adds.. i guess she’s ending strong
Isabella Alesandrini
really? an add every 2 minutes.
AB Normal
AB Normal 5 days ago
dont go away mad...just go away....LOL
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme 5 days ago
Where do dying RUvidrs get money like im so confused??? Anyone have answers
sweety heart
sweety heart 3 days ago
By this time of their lives, they might have an established career. Change is necessary and normal for everyone. And people lose interest too along the time .I used to be her fan and watched all lively videos of hers and lost interest around 2015.In the same manner even she might have got bored of RUvid and wanted focus on her life.
GentleRain 5 days ago
We didnt experience any discrimination in our asian family in the US.
Lucie Browne-Sainty
I don't usually comment on RUvid videos, but I have to comment on this one. My teens were full of watching Ingrid's videos! I was 12 when I first started watching missglamorazzi, and I'm now 22. I would just like to say thank you for being a part of my teen/adult years, and for making so many wonderful videos. And thank you for sharing your story in this video, that can't have been easy. Good luck for your next adventure 💕
Nazifa Wazirzada
Nazifa Wazirzada 5 days ago
We love you so much Ingrid and are so incredibly proud. Thank YOU.
Aliax xAria
Aliax xAria 5 days ago
why am I tearing..this is the first video I've watched of yours..and probably the last.
Siya1308 ch
Siya1308 ch 5 days ago
Can someone tell me why there are literally 20 ads in this video??
Siya1308 ch
Siya1308 ch 3 days ago
@Paige Peach chillll dude It was a joke
Paige Peach
Paige Peach 3 days ago
Well pay the money to get on RUvid premium or shut up and deal.
Pastel Llama
Pastel Llama 3 days ago
Gotta get that coin
angie rojas
angie rojas 6 days ago
OMG IVE LITERALLY WATCHED YOU SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL!! I’m crying at work why did I watch this in my break?!!!! I’m literally heart broken. I’m happy you’re moving on to bigger and better but I’m truly devastated.
Zoe 6 days ago
oh my GOD ingrid you have been a huge influence on my life. your vlogmas vlogs were literally what started a toys for tots tradition that has been going on for like 7 years now. i have always looked up to you being around 6 years younger, and you have honestly shaped my life. all the best for what is coming next, and please look after yourself xx
Emma Teasdale
Emma Teasdale 6 days ago
Hi Ingrid. I used to watch your videos years ago, when I was a teen. Then life got hectic for me. My mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease when I was 11 (she was 52). I've been living the past 14 years of my life feeling so alone, because no one around me had a sick parent. I had to grow up much faster because I had to help my mom, while trying to navigate the teenager phase as normally as I could. She passed away 3 months ago, at 65. Watching your video brought me so many emotions. Back then, I was watching your videos as a way to escape the pain, to distract myself from the harsh reality that I was losing my mom before I even got to know her. Meanwhile, I had no idea you also struggled so much. Hearing your story reminded me that I am not alone, and that I never was. Our stories are very different but I am glad you shared yours, you are so strong and you truly inspire me to keep going.
mlka 6 days ago
Does she have cancer or is she leaving? It's insane. RUvid isn't real life neither is social media....... Its all a trend.
mlka 6 days ago
Oh her parent is. That's sad. My mum died six months ago. Boohoo millennial bull crap.
Anne Swen
Anne Swen 6 days ago
best youtubers are cancelled or quitting and we're left w all the dumb tik tokkers and ofc the top sh james charles
Let'sDoMath 6 days ago
Ingrid, I have watched your videos sporadically over time based on RUvid recommendations. The title was what got my attention, but I stayed for your story. The suffering you have experienced is profoundly intense. I can never imagine what nightmare you have had to endure for all of these years, but please know that you can start healing your trauma. When my dad died, I went through 14 months of hell, and mental health professionals and prescription medications, (I saw several for over 9 months), did nothing to help. Thank God for RUvid and Reddit recommendations. I found yoga nidra, which fully restored my sleep and stabilized my mood. It was completely free, and it took 97+ hours to completely shift from sleeplessly crying for days without end to enjoying my life more than ever before. Please start: ruvid.net/group/PLqEWXVGDmfKRdbYmnV4hz2GRaqTQ3VrNp
Lois Bertie
Lois Bertie 6 days ago
Jack Dodge
Jack Dodge 6 days ago
So inspiring how beautifully honest this video is. I think if we all were this open, social media would have an even bigger and better impact
Alexandra Blasio
Alexandra Blasio 6 days ago
It’s crazy how much time has gone by! Only realizing now, I have been subscribed since your Missglammorazzi days! I remember the start of Vlogmas and everything! So many amazing years! Thank you 💛 You’ll be missed for sure! All the best in your future!
Chloe M
Chloe M 7 days ago
i suppose if this is her last video it makes sense to have 30 ads throughout...
adri. 7 days ago
taesowuju 7 days ago
i am so proud of you, thank you for this video and saying goodbye♥
Maddie Martin
Maddie Martin 8 days ago
Yours was the first makeup video I ever watched on youtube in 8th (I think?) grade. I am now a senior in college and still love makeup thanks to you!!!! sending my love
K L 8 days ago
I started watching you way back in early 2010, with the ''BIRCHBOX'' videos. I wasent in your demographics, probably - beeing 30 at the time, but I enjoyed watching your videos so much, specially vlogmas and your DYI's. All the best Ingrid in your new chapter and THANK YOU for sharing a part of yourself with us!
5arah1 8 days ago
I am confused. You first said you were discriminated against and then you said you got to where you are because of your white privilege? I'm sure that I am rooting for you too but I'm white. Really what difference does it make?
stachelbeere91 8 days ago
been watching you from the start with the birchbox unboxings and even before your relationship with luke. it's unreal that this was 10 years...wish you all the best
Bianca Morales
Bianca Morales 8 days ago
I’m sooo sad but I love you anyways I hope you are doing well 💕😘☺️ you’ve helped me so much Ingrid
Donald John Trump
Seems legit, everyone. Carry on
Jacqui Michelle
Jacqui Michelle 8 days ago
An actual OG. Onwards. Well done.
Moa S A
Moa S A 8 days ago
I admire you so so much, Ingrid. Your coming out video is one that I still think about from time to time, because it resonated a lot with me. I admire your passion when it comes to the issues that you care about, your courage when talking about difficult things in your life, your grace and beauty that radiates from inside, the courage in taking this step without having a plan, and how you've gone through such hardship and haven't let it break you. Hearing your story was heartbreaking but ultimately very inspiring. I'm five years younger than you and I feel like my life is going nowhere, but I feel more okay about my situation after watching your video. You've reminded me that there is always hope, even if the odds are against us, and that I'm not alone. Thank you for everything, and I wish you luck and happiness in this new chapter.
Katie Smith
Katie Smith 8 days ago
This was so interesting to watch! I think you have been ready to move on from RUvid for a while! All the best! ❤️
Caroline April
Caroline April 8 days ago
J’étais là à tes débuts, je te suivais du Québec, j’ai perfectionné mon anglais en t’écoutant parler doucement. Je t’aime et je vais m’ennuyer de toi. Bonne chance pour la suite. 👋❤️
Claire Sadlowski
Claire Sadlowski 8 days ago
I remember first watching your perfectly polished videos back in 2011 when I was in middle school. You have come a long way since then. I wish you the best and know that amazing things are ahead for you Ingrid. ❤️❤️❤️
c c
c c 8 days ago
Thank you, Ingrid
What an absolute iconic queen 💕👑 I’m like 40 minutes deep in this video and I feel the love and pain and joy and sadness RUvid has been for you. The journey, it feels complete,. The worlds billions of years old, and you exist as the same time as I do 🥺💕 I’m so lucky. Good luck in all you do. You’ll do great at it. 🙌👏
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