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Andrew Neeme
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So many firsts... A new casino in Las Vegas for the vlog! A new Favorable Apparel item! A new way to drink a jager bomb out of a shoe! And a brand new channel!!
Check out the new channel Busi and I made where we highlight some cool things in Las Vegas and beyond:
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May 20, 2019

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Comments 384
Andrew Neeme
Andrew Neeme 28 days ago
Check out the new channel that Busi and I made! Let us know if there's anything in Vegas you'd like to see featured in a video. (And help us get to 1000 subs so we can get a custom URL!) ruvid.net/show-UCkem9XGoIvRMmGevzo73iwQ
Liz Nottelling
Liz Nottelling 23 days ago
Andrew Neeme Where’s mail on the couch?
cj poirier
cj poirier 27 days ago
I'm sure busi And neeme vlog will be very favorable
Andrew Neeme
Andrew Neeme 27 days ago
JamBasket Poker Yes as a matter of fact they are.
JamBasket Poker
JamBasket Poker 27 days ago
Nice job on these meetup games. Good to see you attract so many players, even on a weekday.
JamBasket Poker
JamBasket Poker 27 days ago
Generous donations with the TT and JJ. Are these tax deductible or something?
Jay D
Jay D 2 days ago
Neeme is such a donk
Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh 4 days ago
Im trying to find which Dyalla track is playing at 0.55 but I cant find it.
Thomas Didymus
Thomas Didymus 11 days ago
how could not expect him to have a king?
Ethan Young
Ethan Young 14 days ago
Andrew, bro, do NOT create a second RUvid channel. Put it all on multi platforms under ONE brand. The Andrew Neeme brand! One massive following is better than 10 average followings. Your fans will appreciate multi aspects of your life and you’ll grow quitter. Keep hustlin and grindin my friend.
John C
John C 15 days ago
The shoe bomb........... ..Absolutely moronic ! People will do anything these days for attention 🙄
John C
John C 13 days ago
@Woof Olliesmydog Thanks for the tip ✔️
Woof Olliesmydog
Woof Olliesmydog 14 days ago
You should avoid Australia.
neil devries Smith
neil devries Smith 16 days ago
If you’re looking for some more poker content check out @mnpokerguys on Instagram just two kids running up stacks in Minnesota.
BoxingFan821 17 days ago
What was the max buy in also what happens when a player at the table says he is not interested in playing a bomb pot, is the player forced to play a bomb pot?
Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez 18 days ago
Great video! Bobby is great dealer there!
Marty Szudera
Marty Szudera 19 days ago
Get well soon Brad!!
James Vaughan
James Vaughan 19 days ago
Do you guys ever come to Florida? The way you guys talk about how dead some of the games are is crazy because there all always tables here. Do you have any thoughts you could share?
Ron Dagan
Ron Dagan 20 days ago
5:10 that ass
Stephen Crandall
Stephen Crandall 20 days ago
Hope you come over to AC soon. I'd like to play with y'all!
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 20 days ago
So you just put your camera on the table and people and the casino are ok with it?
Variia 21 day ago
Is it really necessary for you and Brad to glorify drinking multiple times per Vlog?
wavygr 21 day ago
Always remember any hand with a jack in it is bad hand.
Irish Dayhill
Irish Dayhill 21 day ago
The people want a PLO vlog !!!! Lmao no rush but I love to watch your analysis’ for PLO
Craig Esq
Craig Esq 22 days ago
Oh - just to let everyone know: The South Point Poker Room WILL NOT ALLOW PLAYERS TO RUN IT TWICE. I found this out the hard way to my opponent's advantage. If you are looking for a normal game of poker, you might just want to play somewhere else.
John Reed
John Reed 22 days ago
Sounds like there’s better ev flying out of town for mugs
Snow Monkey
Snow Monkey 22 days ago
I feel like you invaded my personal space at the beginning of the video.
alurone1 23 days ago
Just curious did you mean to spell it as both “favorable” and “favourable” on the t-shirt pocket?
j w
j w 24 days ago
Youre doing great things for poker. Big thanxxx
Racngixer1 24 days ago
When are you coming to Miami HardRock Hollywood? Not sure if you remember... Tommy from Alabama/Miami We met at the Wynn...
Victor Yim
Victor Yim 24 days ago
what app does he use to find out what games are running? poker atlas?
Tj Tj
Tj Tj 24 days ago
Only a pig would do a shoe bomb. Hope he doesn’t get ATHLETES MOUTH...LOL
Pro Tatz
Pro Tatz 25 days ago
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 25 days ago
If youre ever in tb fl... AVOID DERBY LANE LIKE THE PLAGUE. Broken shufflers, cheating dealers and floors w no integrity. Im not just saying that... One of their dealers was arrested for big time cheating around a yr ago. They also do NOT get their shufflers serviced, according to dealers themselves... And the dealers fake cut the deck... Put aces on the bottom of the deck intentionally etc. Im eyeing a class action w other players. One was TOLD by another player that the high hands in the early part of the day were rigged. I couldn't find put more bc he had promised not to divulge. They are NOT UNDER ANY OVERSIGHT FROM ANY STATE GAMBLING BOARDS. Table 7-2 has been known to have a broken shuffler for years. Jacks always stick and flop most hands. There are far more egregious examples. Dealers flat cheat at Table games and lie when they are caught. I didnt play them, i saw from 15 feet away. Will be getting undercover footage soon; that place needs to be shut down.
Jeremy Dillingham
Jeremy Dillingham 25 days ago
When u vlogging FL? There's like 11 card rooms between Daytona and Miami with great action. HOLLYWOOD HARD ROCK for sure.
Al Paras
Al Paras 25 days ago
Checked in next door at the resort and walked across to see what's up. It so happened that there was a holdem tourney starting in 30 mins so I bought a seat. Four hours later I was in a three way chop. Didn't tell the wife. Was that OK?
Stefan Knezevic
Stefan Knezevic 25 days ago
Who else was looking at something other than the shoe bomb at 5:10
Dan Spargur
Dan Spargur 25 days ago
It must be a MUG, Brian Stafford was there! 😍
Tyler Bock
Tyler Bock 25 days ago
Any scheduled MUG's in LV during the WSOP???
Michael Santos
Michael Santos 26 days ago
I know you guys play for a living but for gods sake tip a dealer $5 once on this vlog
Paul Oliver
Paul Oliver 26 days ago
Big fan!!! I want to do a poker Vlog here in Asia - I play mainly in Manila and home games in China - Love the game!!! Love your hand analysis - I'll be picking your brain this summer, when I take some time off to see if I can make it happen. - cheers!
Black Knight
Black Knight 26 days ago
Something besides (yawn) NLHE for these please. PLO? Mixed games?
5:06 Gross
Tony Harris
Tony Harris 26 days ago
"Sweat Joint", the Sweaty Spaniard of the south is what we in the AP community call this place.
Isaac33Noles 26 days ago
Come on Bra!! Poker Only! Do those other Vids on My Space...
bruce crozier
bruce crozier 26 days ago
love the video from the drone, you seem to pay people off a lot on the river
brian sevilla
brian sevilla 26 days ago
Holy crap! A shoey!
GVCCSupt 26 days ago
"Shoe Bomb"! In the 80's my party crew had a phrase of endearment for an attractive girl and that was, "I would drink out of her shoes". A few times we actually asked if we could and I think it actually worked! BUT we never drank out of our own shoes.
Brandon 26 days ago
Did you mean for audio to completely cut out at 1:39?
Ryan Wickham
Ryan Wickham 26 days ago
Great vlog as usual. Nice pocket t!
UtzChips2009 26 days ago
Some of us are surprised that you spend enough time with Busi to start that channel! :)
Rick T
Rick T 27 days ago
like ch vote Trump don't buy into the bs
dimitur ivanov
dimitur ivanov 27 days ago
Good calls Andrew! Reasons for calling- its fun , reasons for not folding when you are beat - its boring . Good job
power pole 77
power pole 77 27 days ago
Its called a shoey
kingofmacao69 27 days ago
Andrew go play those Triton Poker events
philip anderson
philip anderson 27 days ago
Oh yeah definitely subscribing to the new channel
Eric Henry
Eric Henry 27 days ago
1:57 westgate or south point?
Big L
Big L 27 days ago
Squeaked out a small $86 win; this was my 3rd MUG, Mirage, Westgate and SP. Sorry I had to leave early, great seeing you again, GL and run good!
Timmy the Poker Warrior
LOL shout out to J.C., in seat 2 at 1:43. From the 505! Whaddup???
Timmy the Poker Warrior
Dude, your chin is all the way over on one side of your face.
Heineken Please
Heineken Please 27 days ago
5:09 delicious... very very delicious
OZEKI TAKAYASU 27 days ago
So cool to see your continued success Andrew, it's really inspiring tbh. I never miss a vlog. Thank you as always for these and I wish you the best in the games this summer!
Steve Coutts
Steve Coutts 27 days ago
I think a black pocket on that T-shirt with white lettering would look much better than a white pocket. Love your vlogs though keep ‘em coming.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 27 days ago
Holy shit. Does he wear that shoe? Thats commitment
Christopher Michael
Getting a blowjob
johnskrb 27 days ago
Andrew, you need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information...you can't be all "loosey-goosey"...
Ashwin Kerai
Ashwin Kerai 27 days ago
When will you and brad open your own casino??
*Exquisite_junk* 27 days ago
Vlog #146, I've watched every single one. Average about 15 mins each, that's over 2,100 minutes. I think my game has improved thanks to you. Keep up the good work. Love from England
*Exquisite_junk* 27 days ago
Love that pocket T, can't wear it though as I'm English and we spell things correctly. Wish it was FVRBL instead
Max Wiosna
Max Wiosna 27 days ago
Come to MGM Springfield or Boston or both after WSOP this Summer!
Joshua Auckland
Joshua Auckland 27 days ago
Andrew.....you and Brad need to get up here to the Pacific Northwest and have a MUG. Bring the wife along....my wife would keep her entertained in either Portland or Seattle.
Tony S
Tony S 27 days ago
When's your next Los Angeles MUG?
Sam Cancilla
Sam Cancilla 27 days ago
You can't go wrong either way so don't sweat it...
All Day Son
All Day Son 27 days ago
That’s crazy that there aren’t many games in Vegas. at parx casino in Philly there’s usually always a waiting list for 1-2 1-3 and 2-5. If you’re ever on the east coast go to parx. A lot of action.
SpadezPoker 27 days ago
Jesus did that go right back on his foot??!! LMAO
Sebastian H-Man187
Sebastian H-Man187 27 days ago
New vlog? Nice, going to drink some beer out of my worn shoes. 👍
Illya K
Illya K 27 days ago
meet up games. another way of Andrew Neeme to monetize his audience. haha
therealspeck 27 days ago
Gotta get back to lifting Andrew. Brad's lookin a bit more fit than you on the promo poster. C'mon man!
gcrfire3 27 days ago
Shoe bomb?? NASTY lol
Anika's World Adventures
do any ladies ever come and play in the MUG's ?
David Johnson
David Johnson 27 days ago
The pocket “T” is dope as hell! Nice work man
Jeffrey Pardue
Jeffrey Pardue 27 days ago
Shoe bomb!? Disturbing
Ibetiwon 27 days ago
Thanks for keeping the channel separate, I don’t want to see ur alcoholism on full display.
Joshua Auckland
Joshua Auckland 24 days ago
Ibetiwon geeezzzzz.....have a drink and chill man.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson 27 days ago
I'm glad you made a 2nd channel for the other videos and decided not to spam this channel. Good decision
Phillip Barnett
Phillip Barnett 27 days ago
Another great vlog! When will the favorable sweatshirts be available? I can not wait to get one
ostreds 27 days ago
Jaman, Neeme, Owen...A trifecta upload in past 24 hrs...sweet.
Rachel Thorpe
Rachel Thorpe 20 days ago
@ostreds absolutely he is as dry as toast but my absolute fav! 😆
ostreds 20 days ago
@Rachel Thorpe i don't follow Boski...should i?
Rachel Thorpe
Rachel Thorpe 23 days ago
Don't forget Boski 😃
Anthony Kobel
Anthony Kobel 27 days ago
Shoot the boot, OH AH! Not only an Australian thing but a rugby thing here in the states. Good stuff as always Andrew
Joe Crotwell
Joe Crotwell 27 days ago
How do you record your hands, is it legal depends on location..etc
Takiowns Poker
Takiowns Poker 27 days ago
Smart, maximizing on the RUvid profits. Shark. I don't give a fuck, subbing, its free and easy, and Boosy is awesome.
12 2/5 games on a Tuesday. Poker aint dead! Just wish it was in my neck of the woods. Any chance you ever make it to upstate NY? Turning Stone?
Ryan Lazear
Ryan Lazear 27 days ago
Andrew: "Help us get to 1000 subs so we can make a custom URL!" Neeme Crazies: "Consider it done..."
K P 27 days ago
Dan with the jager shoey haha, nice vlog as usual Andrew
Josh Moon
Josh Moon 27 days ago
I would do a shoe bomb for 20 bucks lol
mvd3338698 27 days ago
Great work ,and great for the game!!!
Rick Barraza
Rick Barraza 27 days ago
I don’t do FB so can you post the upcoming MUG schedule on Twitter maybe? TY
Newmarky Inc.
Newmarky Inc. 27 days ago
I'm a simple guy, I see Andre Neeme video.. I click :)
Eric k
Eric k 27 days ago
That was boring as fuck
Man InBlack
Man InBlack 28 days ago
1:55 I see my bald head raking in a pot
Tony G 410
Tony G 410 28 days ago
Kick ass Vlog as usual.... MUG's during WSOP???? Pumped about the new YT Channel. Subbed for Sure
f0t0b0y 28 days ago
5:10 What the fuck do they make the cocktail waitresses wear?
Jean-Francois Roy
Jean-Francois Roy 28 days ago
Epic ! And don’t forget South Point treated us to free pizza !!! (And I finally won a bomb pot !!)
Mika Haarala
Mika Haarala 28 days ago
O-M-G! Cant wait! Just couple weeks and Im coming! South Point is awesome establishment, been there many times ...
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 28 days ago
Poker - Cash games drying up? Neeme - Has his own fishy games on tap gg wp
Chef Yoda
Chef Yoda 28 days ago
called a shoey
Swati Singh
Swati Singh 28 days ago
I attended this meetup game and donated 300 bucks as this game was not the usual one I play. But got photos with both Andrew and Brad who were so gracious and nice when I asked them for photos. Best 300 spent !! Keep up the great work guys !
JustLetMeDrive 28 days ago
Thats what He said!
Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson 28 days ago
Big fan of your poker content. I really think it’s awesome what you are doing for the game. Actually saw you in Louisville during the Derby and wanted to tell you in person but didn’t want to interrupt you breakfast. Glad to hear you are starting a new channel that covers the rest of your adventures with your significant other. If you are ever back in the San Diego area for poker and want to explore the area in hopes of getting footage for your non poker footage let me know I’m a local that has a ton of hobbies in the area including beach volleyball, hiking and line dancing. IG: raysdca
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