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Oct 17, 2018




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Comments 49
Hanzo K. Saiyan Scorpion
The movie was good and it was some things that could have been better.
k12bn Year ago
Thought this was TGN! Good review tho
Jontrell Pollock
Y'all better lay off my man Tobey Maguire, he's my childhood
Dman the XenoNerd Discord#6113
I enjoyed Venom
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith Year ago
I loved the movie
Luis Rodriguez
Y'all crazy the movie was good it kept me awake and it was funny.. too bad about the scientist chick that died tho didn't see that one coming
parsa sajjadi
parsa sajjadi Year ago
Shut the fuck up all of you venom was great
Daniel Ramthun
That movie was absolutely Amazing you hella tripping so hard you fucking up
runJDrun Year ago
Pizza Overlord
Lady venom was THIIIICCCC
runJDrun Year ago
too thicccccc
iam_ order
iam_ order Year ago
Bro venom was lit and actually makes more since than any movie that came out in like 2016
Quillz06 Year ago
Its true. I'm a huge fan of Venom and I thought this film was incredibly mediocre. This would've gotten a pass back in the early 2000's but its like Sony didn't even try with this. They shat this out so they could continue to keep the film rights, and it shows. The only thing really liked was the back and forth banter between Eddie and Venom.
STLPatty12 Year ago
I thought venom was really good
illwill311 Year ago
Exactly a parody of marvel. Like the Maron Wayans was executive producer.
carlos lima
carlos lima Year ago
I’m starting to see that 80% of you guys are trolls. If JD didn’t like it, then that’s his opinion and right to feel that way. I also didn’t like it. I hated it, in fact.
illwill311 Year ago
The movie came across too formulated. My biggest problem was the bullshit excuse to stop Riot and stay on earth. "You changed me"... WTF
Tia Pearls
Tia Pearls Year ago
Yeah venom was probably one of my least favorite movies of the year so far, it was just meh.
Jay Golden
Jay Golden Year ago
Still love Venom
Jemiah The Saiyan Productions
I freaking lol JD voices with accents 😂😂
King Legerme
King Legerme Year ago
Paul out here looking like he lost weight
Jazmin Love
Jazmin Love Year ago
The movie was boring af. Only saving Grace was Tom Hardy. Everyone else was either underdeveloped as characters or unnecessary for the plot.
carth Year ago
I unsubbed for the title of the video
Echo Year ago
That Mario sample tho
Vaughn Slater
Vaughn Slater Year ago
Venom is so cool
Jovan Novakovic
I liked your content but I think I'm going to unsubscribe cause you're just going by what most the internet had said it was a good movie you just didn't accept the fact that Spiderman wasn't in there etc... I enjoyed it so should everyone else, it was good it wasn't MEEEEHHH ASF...
Who Year ago
"I enjoyed it so should everyone else", you realize how dumb you sound lol.
Elijah Steel
Elijah Steel Year ago
Venom is a dope ass character but just because he's a dope character doesn't mean the movie was good.
Elijah Steel
Elijah Steel Year ago
Your toxic asf man... Basically what your saying is just because his opinion isn't like yours you are unsubscribing. Did you even watch the whole video? 😂
Mr.Kool-Aid Man
I'm with you on this and plus J.D content hasn't been good for like the past few years I don't know why I'm still subbed.
Jemiah The Saiyan Productions
Venom was really good y'all fake
Gideon Brock
Gideon Brock Year ago
He’s wearing a bullet club shirt
Original Gaming
Venom was fking awesome
Quillz06 Year ago
Did they hurt your feelings because they didn't like the movie?
I haven't seen it but I really want to check it out
Fahad Year ago
No venom to me is the best marvel movie because he’s my favorite character and the movie was entertaining af
Sonic171000 Year ago
To me Venom looked meh af. Glad I didn't went to a theater to see that trash.
Shayne Letendre
Venom was amazing! Like did you guys dislike Cpt America and Iron Man? Because its almost the same thing, for the first hour or so no suit or shield. Venom isnt just Symbiotes its the host as well. Venom is the very first and weakest. Riot is an offspring and is stronger. Every offspring is stronger then the parent. Only thing i have with it is it should have been rated R. But you can understand why its pg13. It makes it easier to transfer into the MCU
Doge Year ago
Venom was okay beginning was boring for me almost fell asleep
Evan Fitzgerald
You guys are wrong about it was great 😩 y'all Tripp shm
LPTLY Year ago
That venom song was dope JD
Edward Sanchez Productions
Venom is a success at the box office
T-MANtheHERO Year ago
I'ma go see it and come back to the comments with how I feel afterwards... To Be Continued...
Edward Sanchez Productions
I really enjoy watching this video
Vilatoro Year ago
Better than suicide squad
Hanzo K. Saiyan Scorpion
Elijah Rogers yes they both are equally amazing.
Anonymous Year ago
Descartes Deya
+Elijah Rogers Me too.
Elijah Rogers
Elijah Rogers Year ago
I honestly dont care what anyone says I loved venom and suicide squad
Vilatoro Year ago
@Mr Lowkey lmao good point
Melissa Green
Melissa Green Year ago
I cant remember much from the movie (i fell asleep) lmao it felt like a weird horror movie and nothing was really memorable 😂😂😂😂 lowkey I was looking for Spidey lol
Hanzo K. Saiyan Scorpion
Melissa Green how did you think it was a weird horror movie, that’s one of the dumbest things I have heard.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Year ago
Venom was amazing y'all trippin trippin😂
Aria88 Banks
Aria88 Banks Year ago
JD will you review Aquaman when it comes out???
DJ Dragon AKA ShawnB.
I'm definitely getting this on blu-ray📀🔥🔥🔥
wazz up
wazz up Year ago
So did they like it or not? I'm not watching all this shit
wazz up
wazz up Year ago
@BLVCK Atlantian So in the middle? Ok
BLVCK Atlantian
wazz up in the title it says Meh
Tee sessions
Tee sessions Year ago
carlos lima
carlos lima Year ago
I’ve seen this but it’s always a good time!
Waun2x Year ago
Venom was great hands down
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Year ago
Not even
Gideon Brock
Gideon Brock Year ago
Dank Mario it really was good
Sound Storm
Sound Storm Year ago
This was a awesome movie so idk what they are talking about
Anime Fan ZX9000
@Waun2x ikr
Waun2x Year ago
Anime Fan ZX9000 your welcome I don’t know what they was thinking
Sword Kirby
Sword Kirby Year ago
Sean The Builder
hey jd
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