This Minecraft Speedrunner Cheated and Got EXPOSED: Fake World Record - A Critical Analysis

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Minecraft Speedrunning has been a booming subject as of recent. It seems like everyone is trying to get in on the action. The best players, Dream, Illumina, and RealBenex have been exposed to a much wider audience. A lot of RUvidrs are seeing speedrunning as a way to possibly grow. The biggest category in the spotlight has been the Random Seed Glitchless any% run in Minecraft versions 1.9+.
Just like any speedrun category, however, there have been cheaters. Cheaters are nothing new to speedrunning. Neither are they super uncommon. Usually, however, cheaters try to be smart and cautious about how they approach it--the more subtle you are, the more likely you are to get away with it.
Today, we’ll be talking about a run that attempted to be subtle, but was not subtle in the slightest.
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== Watch More ==
Video by Willz (A MC Speedrun Mod) - ruvid.net/video/video-OoPjklMPB8Y.html
== Seed (See Loading Screen for Yourself) ==
6049003618847156315 (Use in Minecraft 1.16)
== Sources ==
Main "Speedrun" Video + Follow-up - Drem
Trials & Tribulations Pursuit - ruvid.net/video/video-bJmglUZ_pvc.html
Confess the Truth Noteblock - ruvid.net/video/video-DKWm4lKjk8c.html
Cornered Noteblock Edition - ruvid.net/video/video-jBf34S1XWT8.html
Stronghold Triangulation Video by jsit - ruvid.net/video/video-dBQG39-UkVk.html
SilverGunner Logic Remix - ruvid.net/video/video-wdZgE704hJo.html
HOME (soundcloud.com/home-2001)
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Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 60
Zyphon 25 days ago
Wanted to clarify two things: 1) NiceTwice is legit. This video is about "DREM". Not NiceTwice. NOT DREAM (though this video is mostly about Dream's comment) 2) Apparently, now everyone thinks loading screens always begin in the bottom left. That is false The loading screen is on a seed-by-seed basis. Different seeds have different loading screens. Each seed itself will always have the same loading screen. It's seed dependent. The issue I pointed out was how Drem’s “run” had a different loading screen from what his seed is supposed to have. 3) For more, check out this video from one of the Minecraft speedrun mods - ruvid.net/video/video-OoPjklMPB8Y.html
zegoalie plays
zegoalie plays 21 hour ago
ducky 15 days ago
Why are you so dumb
TrueRed 15 days ago
@DrPicklesSausage he didnt-_-
ImKhalil 15 days ago
Allkinds Ofgames
Allkinds Ofgames 15 days ago
Moo Kim I know stupid
DeltaNiner 4 hours ago
ur dumb bc t-rex is more percent penguin then you are
Emily Tse
Emily Tse 5 hours ago
Not only that, but he was BANNED from the official speed run website.
Bonnie Gilmore
Bonnie Gilmore 6 hours ago
The most viewed video ever LESSS GOOO
Schy Pelt
Schy Pelt 5 hours ago
Bonnie Gilmore what do you mean?
darandomdroid 6 hours ago
Recruh 7 hours ago
Or maybe ur mad that he did a world record🤣
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 5 hours ago
He didn't. His name never made it to the leaderboard, his run was rejected and he is already banned on speedrun.com because he was caught cheating by the mods.
Cinematic Car Meets
Welcome to the kill count, I’m James A Jannise and today we’re looking at...
Seagullian 8 hours ago
Drem is holding this up so hard like he would probably even still hold it up if he opened a chest and saw 12 end portal frames, fully enchanted netherite gear and 12 eyes of Enders with a strength 255 potion
UltimateZack 8 hours ago
Ok this guy has shown that he is a cheater but If anyone else beats Dream or NiceTwice People will say it’s fake because the like Dream Hey I like dream too but we can’t blame everyone for any of their accomplishments from beating someone else at something
Schy Pelt
Schy Pelt 5 hours ago
UltimateZack thats false. the people dont choose wether they get the fastest speedrun or not. its speedrun.com
0:50 who would spend 8 dollars on a freaking virtual cloak you can’t even see
venomizer_light 123
The cheater really tried saying dreams a cheater at minecraft😂😂😂
MINE GENIES 8 hours ago
I don't think he was cheating
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
MINE GENIES Theres alot of proof and is basically proven, but I must respect your opinion (even tho its kinda dumb)
Николай Трифонов
this is dream made in china
Hope Gt
Hope Gt 9 hours ago
3:51 he put a seed lol
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 5 hours ago
Yes. Because whether it's random or set seed, the loading screen will have the same animation for that seed. So what's your point?
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
Yeah, drem’s seed what?
galactic gamer
galactic gamer 9 hours ago
No one can beat dream for now because of his knowledge of minecraft and his op practice.
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
He’s actually pretty slow compared to other speedrunners eg. his movements are shaky, a bit awkward. Not trying to take away anything from him, but it was mostly because of the (very) lucky looting 3, nether/end and a new tactic he came up with
Youcheng Zhu
Youcheng Zhu 9 hours ago
The picture you put in your video really looks like your talking about Dream. I bet all the dislike are from the subscriber of Drem or some people who thought you were talking about Dream.
Анастасия Кузнецова
Ace Attorney: Minecraft Edition
always- vivo
always- vivo 9 hours ago
5:22 was it just me who thought he was falling and trying to avoid blocks
Frozen Fear Gaming
Frozen Fear Gaming 9 hours ago
you are just a scammer i watched that person do it live
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 5 hours ago
@Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic Oh. Interesting. That really makes it suspicious.
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
The Valenberry He did infact do it live on his twitch, but I already explained why its prerecorded
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 7 hours ago
How did he do it live? When?
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
Petnpat He did do it live, but it was just prerecorded. Theres alot of proof eg. he didnt talk to his stream
Petnpat 8 hours ago
whats his channel and when did he do it live?
matty 9 hours ago
this was such a bad attempt at cheating it's pathetic really
Shikura 11 hours ago
Drem? Even his name is a rip off lmao..
MarkedDeer93 11 hours ago
Too late so many people attack him XD
Space Regan
Space Regan 11 hours ago
He did 4 attempts and got a perfect seed hmmmm really sketch and aswell holding a red block in all of the worlds
Phantom Nova
Phantom Nova 12 hours ago
Yay!!! Dream still holds the record :)
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
Phantom Nova Actually, no
ZeyFrox 12 hours ago
#Badlion cuz i like eating bad lions
t cypuncher alsadoon
Ah shit here we go again
Squisheyy34 13 hours ago
poop poop
poop poop 13 hours ago
This has 10 times more views than the original
aaron hayes
aaron hayes 14 hours ago
1600081917 is the best seed for speed running check it out
pinqishblack 14 hours ago
Tnt gaming
Tnt gaming 16 hours ago
fakedream there was dremguy
Captainbane31 16 hours ago
I’ve used mineatlas before and I can say for a fact that you can’t assume that he knew where the villages were because on mineatlas every seed shows that when you spawn and see the villages on the map you can see there are soooo many villages we are talking about everywhere you go so he probably knew there is a village nearby as the update has made it so it’s easier to come by a village Also I’ve encountered the nether fortress twice with my portal spawning very near it
Captainbane31 4 hours ago
The Valenberry lmao okay
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 4 hours ago
@Captainbane31 Not even 4 minutes in and Zyphon literally showed the person who's cheating. He even showed on the video what Dream and Willz _(__speedrun.com__ mod)_ commented on that video. The thumbnail shows an arrow to a character showing *FAKE SPEEDRUN.* And then you commented a bunch of things without fully understanding the video? _Interesting._
Captainbane31 5 hours ago
The Valenberry so why is the vid saying about Dream cheating or was that all just click bait I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ I just didn’t wanna watch the video entirely because I thought it was all about that
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 5 hours ago
@Captainbane31 I don't know. But these people are confused as well. *Rafferty Greaves :* The run is literally proved fake before it even starts _idk what your on about_ *Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic :* _You are not saying anything about what I said......_ *Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic :* _I dont understand how Dream going to the Desert biome came here (???)_ Additionally, no one said that Dream is cheating. *NOT EVEN ONCE IN THIS VIDEO SAID THAT DREAM IS CHEATING.*
Captainbane31 5 hours ago
The Valenberry what do you mean I’m making so much sense your just making up pure bullshit I think your just tired go to bed And seriously are you saying i can’t speak English or something Yes and no it’s my native language because I’m half British but I do understand it a lot so I would be careful if I was you to talk about my native languages
The Plush Bros
The Plush Bros 18 hours ago
Tatjana Karanovic Ivankovic
The Plush Bros The gentle man at the top said it best, but you cant just blame it on lag, it is proven that its bs and not possible
Space Regan
Space Regan 11 hours ago
He uses a 1070 and a good cpu and decent ram I think not
Rafferty Greaves
Rafferty Greaves 12 hours ago
Even if you were running it on a potato you would struggle to have lag in the loading screen. Also they guy is very clearly not using a bad computer
The Valenberry
The Valenberry 17 hours ago
Nope. The loading screen has less cpu usage due to its minimal graphics. There are a lot of moving animations on that run that even those parts are not affected by the lag. Considering he has a good cpu, that lag is questionable. I have an i3-6006U cpu and it *NEVER* lagged on the loading screen. *EVER.* I tried multiple seeds and they really start from somewhere inside the box if not from the middle. My pc is way wayyyy slower than drem's. Also, based on the seed on that run, it should have taken 15-25 frames from the bottom left corner before it goes to the middle. There is no sign that the loading screen lagged on his video due to continuous cursor movement.
CrazyHippy22 18 hours ago
Is everybody that sees this video going to be a penguin
pixelgalaxy243 19 hours ago
ok so im a bedrock pc playe r and idk what to know but that faker sucks
MineDSP - Rocraft Videos
FoxerPlayz 20 hours ago
Drem Sucks He is a cheater
Henri Macgregor
Henri Macgregor 21 hour ago
I learned how to speed run from watching this 🤣
DarkWither 21 hour ago
Doug Yee
Doug Yee 21 hour ago
Ender Forge
Ender Forge 23 hours ago
It’s start on my right the loading screen
Ender Forge
Ender Forge 11 hours ago
ItzRealMe even the seed they used
Ender Forge
Ender Forge 11 hours ago
ItzRealMe all my seeds
ItzRealMe 18 hours ago
Your seed was probably supposed to start from the right.
Max Troth
Max Troth 23 hours ago
I love to listen to your videos while mining for diamonds in Minecraft.
Reyn Day ago
Great analysis. Thanks.
Trespass Sleezy
Dream didn’t cheat it’s just he is goated
tsu 21 hour ago
He was talking abt drem
The Valenberry
Of course, he didn't. It was drem who cheated.
NHGCraft Day ago
Also dream's world loading started in the center that means is his speedrun also fake
Schy Pelt
Schy Pelt 5 hours ago
NHGCraft you mean drem?
NHGCraft Day ago
@The Valenberry ok i understand
The Valenberry
No. The loading screen depends on the seed. This cheater's Minecraft seed has a loading screen that's supposed to start from the corner but submitted a video where it started from the middle meaning the footage is spliced. Dream's speedrun seed is supposed to start from the middle and it did.
Leo Mendonca
Leo Mendonca Day ago
Am I the only one who ho thought he was talking about dream until like the end of the video
poopycow 22
poopycow 22 Day ago
This dude is an idiot big time
Schy Pelt
Schy Pelt 5 hours ago
poopycow 22 how?
Shloombus Ghorbelsheister
Dream isn't even good in the first place, now we got this fucker
The Valenberry
He was talking about drem.
Jay's Music
Jay's Music Day ago
Ok i watched the original video, and Drem instantly pasted his seed into chat after coming out of the credits. Now Im not a minecraft expert or anything but wouldnt that mean hed have to go back to the title screen at some point to see the seed? i mean, it IS supposedly a randomly generated seed but he instantly pastes it. maybe im missing something but that is what i noticed.
The Valenberry
You can get the seed before the video is uploaded. That is by typing /seed after the run.
《 CWMPMC, MalieJ, LPMC the Puppetmaster Trio 》
Legit there's so many fucking sped kids being salty in the comments, go in at your own risk.
Happy Meal
Happy Meal Day ago
mom can we have dream mom: we have dream at home *dream at home:*
micha van bodegom
Now i think about staring speedrunning should. I do it?
Mikey Sheep
Mikey Sheep Day ago
5:04 My bro was once banned for mentioning a server name in a different server. Look at chat here.
Diamond 08
Diamond 08 Day ago
dude really thought he was slick
Veemo Leão
Veemo Leão Day ago
NO, YOU CAN'T JUST CHEAT IN A MINECRAFT SPEEDRUN haha cheats go brrrrrrrrrrr
Mwad Son
Mwad Son Day ago
DontAddMePlsI Yt
Bruh its drem not dream
The Big Killer
no objections
Zach Donnachie
Rafferty Greaves
Rafferty Greaves 12 hours ago
*when you don’t watch the video and make assumptions despite the video not being click bait you buffon*
ItzRealMe 23 hours ago
Neso YouTube
Neso YouTube Day ago
I mean its like a 14 year old.., Kids get depressed and impatient. Just listening to his voice you can tell he has no experience and he is cheating.. Why would anyone believes such a kid??
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