This keyboard is truly unlike anything out there...

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The Everest keyboard from Mountain has some amazing features that no other keyboard currently has. With a fully customizable display dial & built-in LCD screen buttons, this gets me pumped.
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Mar 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Bradystvns 2 days ago
They should make the functions removable if you want it smaller for gaming but you want the functions to edit
Bastian Carlsson
Bastian Carlsson 3 days ago
holy shit this keyboard is FUCKING AMAZING
Totoo 4 days ago
u should checkout Mad Catz keyboards :P
APPLEchrispBISH 6 days ago
I hate the way you introduce yourself. I want to punch you at the begining of every video. But then you have good videos. Stop introducing yourself like a douche please
David Rubio
David Rubio 6 days ago
Open Mind
Open Mind 6 days ago
I think they can sold that Media Key separately to tons of more users ,i will pay a lot just for that media gadget
Mihnea Enache
Mihnea Enache 7 days ago
i have an erection right now
Hendrik Steenkamp
Man this is not inflation...this is just like the mad cat striker 7 Down side after production a few years down the line if you need part.. No were to be found
Roberto Gorgis
Roberto Gorgis 7 days ago
Is there something similar like the Display dial?
AQUA 9 days ago
Can the lcds do those multi action funktions that the streamdeck can do?
W-nyq 9 days ago
Lets be real. We all need this
ViXoZuDo 10 days ago
If they add an adapter to connect the numpad directly to the pc it would be awesome... Right now I'm using a Mistel md200 as my numpad and a 80% keyboard because I prefer to have the numpad to the right of the mouse
Anilatergaming _
Anilatergaming _ 10 days ago
I just joined your discord and if I being honest it could be a lot better
Dimitri Katsaros
Dimitri Katsaros 10 days ago
Kinda disappointing that the display keys are LCD... at this point in time, they really should be OLED
Tim Bernhard
Tim Bernhard 11 days ago
Does it have MacOS support? Greetings from Switzerland
David Wright
David Wright 11 days ago
do you remember the MadCatz Strike 7 ?
MrShagy23 11 days ago
Was hype and then I saw the price tag oof
Vincent Colombos
Vincent Colombos 13 days ago
Nigga what. This keyboard is 277 bucks, you’re fuckin tweakin if u think im spendin that much money
Vincent Colombos
Vincent Colombos 13 days ago
Listen, nice keyboard and shit, but that price is crazy
mvmhunterkiller 13 days ago
I can't wait for a more in depth review, especially with the software integration as software is what really makes a keyboard stand out in the crowd, especially in today's gaming environment with the flooding of the typical mechanical keyboards on offer. This is definitely a KB I really would consider in buying if the software can compliment the hardware.
Gabriel Wiss Andersson
they should make a "numpad" but swap out all numbers with those LED pictured media keys.
James 14 days ago
Microsoft Sidewinder had the detachable numpad 10 years ago.
Márk Sándor
Márk Sándor 16 days ago
it's not a keyboard it's a fucken magnet
DannDEM 16 days ago
its an 80% keyboard layout
Hideto 18 days ago
Give me this, with macro keys on left, like old logitech G15-19 and i buy it at any price.
Bibhuranjan Nath
Bibhuranjan Nath 18 days ago
This is going to cost a lot.
Selling Soul 5 Bucks
"not too many things get me truly excited" dude you're over the top hype in every video
Cameron Kratzer
Cameron Kratzer 20 days ago
If they could build it into the software to allow multiple monitoring items that would be awesome. Having like CPU, GPU, RAM usage and or CPU/GPU temp would be sick. Just something for a quick look if you don't have your normal monitoring software up or as a quick glance in game so you don't need to tab out.
꧁༻Remnant 剩
Yea, they keyboard is damn near $300.
Николай Царенко
Everyone already forgot old Mad Catz keyboard?
Samuel Shroder
Samuel Shroder 24 days ago
make it wireless
Digitalbarrito 25 days ago
as a huuuuge fan of TKL boards, I looooove the idea of the detachable numpad. I have a seperate numpad for the rare cases I need it, but boi, I like like this keyboard's solution to that.
Thomas Carlsen
Thomas Carlsen 26 days ago
This would have been really cool if every key was lcd and if it was more ergonomic. But it is moving in the right direction.
CHARLES 13X 28 days ago
I think I saw this keyboard on gearbest
Acecool 29 days ago
If a switch dies, it is easy to desolder; but yes... having hot swap is nice. I won't be buying this keyboard because it doesn't have F13-F15 macro keys above F1-F4, or even the full set F13-F24, which I've been wanting for a while. The Logitech G910 has these on the top and left. Not a fan of the ones on the left, but the ones on the top are amazing. I'd prefer a good built in audio area for volume. The rest of the stuff I could care less about because spacebar pauses / plays and the others I can use my mouse for ( thumb buttons for skip / previous track buttons ) etc... The streamdeck keys are nice, and the tactile addition is something I would've preferred on a stream deck. But because the numpad is detachable, it makes it more flimsy and it's not something I'm a fan of. For those that travel, it would probably help although I think it would've been better to have a simple usb cord to plug it in instead. If it had a full row of F13-F24 keys, which could be programmed with a quick switch to switch between 3 separate sets, or more... or a scroller with a LCD to scroll through config... I could easily set up F13-F24 in the first 4, then do other things in the others. Or have the full range on the first profile.. Then have an auto-load profile based on software running, etc.. which lets you have a different set of scrollable profiles. Also if they were limited only to amount of memory that'd be amazing with an sd card memory addon to upgrade the memory... It is so hard to get quality stuff. The G910 is terrible. There is a design flaw in the mechanical switches which makes it so keys can be triggered anywhere from 1 ( intended ) to 3 times per single press. This is a terrible quality for a keyboard. I've been looking for a replacement.. As of right now, I'm desoldering keys on the less-used keys and replacing bad keys.. but it happens to so many keys and simply blowing the dust out barely does anything. Logitech probably won't admit the design flaw exists, but banging the keyboard against the table from a slight distance does help dislodge anything causing an issue.... I wish I didn't have to do it. Also, the LEDs die really fast. I've lost blue in 3 or more in the first month. Another color in another and so on.
Jeffjeffers 21
Jeffjeffers 21 25 days ago
yeah i use the g910 orion spectrum and the ones on the left are sometimes a pain in the ass cause i press them by accident also the keyboard is fairly bulky but other than its pretty good even though it cost $300 in australia.
Acecool 29 days ago
In short, I'll probably end up designing my own mouse and keyboard. The G910 falls short. The roccat tyon barely words, and cat hair causes the optic to not work.. The Swiftpoint Z has a fantastic optic where this was rarely a problem, but the button placement sucked for some of the keys ( they used the tyon positioning for 2 keys, in the worst place instead of using the easier to use middle finger keys which can be reached with the index finger. There were no usable thumb buttons on the swiftpoint either... It is the most dominant finger and the swiftpoint gave it nothing to do..... I would've loved a shift key, plus a few extra buttons. Additionally, the Swiftpoint puts the back and forward button above and below which makes no sense. A lot of cheap-o $1 bargain bin mice do this and it is terrible and unintuitive.
703 Jay
703 Jay 29 days ago
Bru I want but I need a keyboard now not in months
Henryque Month ago
Top Ramen
Top Ramen Month ago
I need
Yellow Dart
Yellow Dart Month ago
madcatz did this a decade ago.
Lewis Maddox
Lewis Maddox Month ago
i ordered my custom keyboard and then immediately after saw this video. that was a month ago and my keyboard is now in my hands and im typing on it to write this comment. i cant believe that this got under my radar. $280 for the big boy kit is a steal considering what youre getting here
ExtremeGamer Month ago
Mad catz strike 7 and razer deathstalker had touch screens like 7 years ago.... And the strike was also fully modular
Kaitlyn Saxon
Kaitlyn Saxon Month ago
You should start making your own keyboards to sell. You’ve got the knowledge. You’ve got the taste. Why not?
SaiDose Month ago
Add macro keys that can be placed on the top or to the left also
Travis Bates
Travis Bates Month ago
Why was the dial all scratched up at 2:57 ?
JessicaFEREM Month ago
This is really cool. I would like a keyboard that allows me to have the numpad of the left, but most of the keyboards are on the right, ruining ergonomics and making it harder to use the mouse
Lokkiism Month ago
Noooo you said kick starter 😢 meaning it might not make it.
Segh Month ago
Why the fuck would i pay 200 dollars for a fucking keyboard ill keep my old trusty led keyboard
Mikkel Nielsen
Mikkel Nielsen Month ago
I’m def getting this. Been waiting for a good reason to upgrade from my SteelSeries Apex M800.
T J Month ago
Mad catz strike 7 copy ???
Kg 56
Kg 56 Month ago
When I want this keyboard o wait it is too expensive
Communism O'Clock
damn, that's a cool keyboard I could program it to show "Why are you gay" every time I boot up fortnite... If I ever touch such heresy.
Cedric Villani
Cedric Villani Month ago
Can’t wait for you tubers to stop getting paid to make videos. One day we will get honest reviews. Only $199 for a unfinished product
F. A.
F. A. Month ago
Is it spill resistant? Update: $275.60 and no spill resistant, no thanks.... next....
t4ped Month ago
Honestly if the case for the TKL and the numpad was high profile, I would instantly buy.
Steve Richards
Steve Richards Month ago
$435 USD ... thats $3,000 AUD fug moouueeeeeee
Motivation In Session
the website is so suspect, they couldn't even pay $10 for a domain?
MK3 Month ago
around 270 usd
Mr Magoo
Mr Magoo Month ago
Should have been 60% with modular 20%, plus modular keypad.
Shawn M
Shawn M Month ago
I wish it was wireless too, would be sick!
Alexandre Schrammel
no pudding keycaps, not worth.
rjc862003 Month ago
kickstarter = nope
『RΛIJINX』 25 days ago
Tony Solar
Tony Solar Month ago
"This keyboard is truly unlike anything out there..." **Looks at the Thumbnail and sees sparks flying from the keyboard** I'd say so. I just hope it does not burst into flames.. **Clicks link while knowing his being click baited**
Tony Solar
Tony Solar Month ago
**Finds the whole video to be an ad** [ *Cries* ]
Stanley Kinzinger
Thats awesome.
MrShadow Tai
MrShadow Tai Month ago
You forgat the sound test
Aoi Kuroyuri
Aoi Kuroyuri Month ago
Aaand then in the end it will be a 400 USD keyboard and I won't get it because no ....
Bhuwan Chhantyal
Not exactly "truly unique" when Mad Catz STRIKE 7 did this whole thing about 7 years back.
NoiseFM Month ago
microsoft sidewinder ? comes to mind
H Koizumi
H Koizumi Month ago
4:08 That's not true. Logitech G19s has all those feature plus more. I had this keyboard for almost 5 years now and I haven't found any keyboard worthy enough to replace it. The LCD screen supports HWinfo, ACT (DPS meter for my MMORPG), Media control, Clock, RUvid, and it even plays videos. If this keyboard can match that, you'll have a loyal customer.
Zen_TV Month ago
can the numpad go on left side?
Eon Drache
Eon Drache Month ago
Razer did this a while ago with an lcd screen and tactile lcd buttons.
maxsmas Month ago
288$ nice
What Month ago
oh my god
Laz Sosa
Laz Sosa Month ago
I see its 279 for the max ill pass i was looking forward to it until i seen the price.
Yav Month ago
Mehh... let’s talk when they lose the wires!
Firerhart Hunter
It's very out dated
Chrizedits Month ago
So how much is it ..
TV MB Month ago
The Core version is EUR 149, the MAX EUR 249
Varshious Month ago
wow this would be perfect ...
Jake Liu
Jake Liu Month ago
What a keyboard review by randomfrankp with no sound test? Impossible
Mashfee Rahman
Mashfee Rahman Month ago
From where Can i buy It
PC info? Wifi speeds?? TAKE MY MONEY
Wolffmanjack Month ago
Literally just bought a new keyboard and dampeners with it. And now this. Also cant even pledge to it. Not sure why.
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