This Is Why Real Madrid Fans Love Fede Valverde

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Fede Valverde Skills show 2019/20
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Dec 20, 2019




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Comments 1 413
SEN31 Official
SEN31 Official 2 months ago
"The Uruguayan Gerrard"
Turtlesnip 1255
Turtlesnip 1255 5 days ago
Don’t compare a legend to a no one
Tino Perez
Tino Perez 13 days ago
Mohammed Tahid bro there is a like 20 players just like him Évery 10 years, lampard,Kroos, modric , bastion, de jong , etc
Mohammed Tahid
Mohammed Tahid 13 days ago
@Tino Perez obviously ut a 10 years old who never saw gerrard in his prime
Martin Abreu
Martin Abreu 25 days ago
DO NOT! it's neither gerrard nor pirlo, it's valverde
만능베짱이 Month ago
nope Uruguayan xabi
Leonardo Blanco
Uruguay sacando jugadorazos A nivel Mundial, y siendo un país pequeño 😎
Jennifer Ly
Jennifer Ly Day ago
Hes like a mix of modric, casemiro, bale, and kroos. Speed=Bale Defending=Casemiro Scoring=Kroos Pass/Control=Modric A complete midfielder
Alexis Toledo
Alexis Toledo 2 days ago
He needs to work on his passing accuracy
centan hotbox
centan hotbox 3 days ago
wow he ran then passed give him the ballon
Teresa Sosa
Teresa Sosa 4 days ago
Fede Valverde 🌹👍🇺🇾
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 4 days ago
Every time I watch him play I just think of how Barça spent $75m on Frankie De Jong lol
David Koudela
David Koudela 5 days ago
Maybe best midlielder of Real. I love his game....
maxhi shorlek
maxhi shorlek 5 days ago
no we don't love him we adore him
Waris Putra
Waris Putra 8 days ago
Calon bintang madrid...
민들레꽃필 무렵
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 9 days ago
Kovacic over this lad
Diego Valverde
Diego Valverde 10 days ago
He play just like an average uruguayan but with better skills and stamina, if he continue with that form he'll become one of the bests in his position, Real Madrid have a midfield covered for 8-9 years with him and others on loan, good work florentino
Squeak Warrior
Squeak Warrior 11 days ago
why is ur outro a bunch of girls u creep
TOMTOM Channel
TOMTOM Channel 12 days ago
*V A L V E R D E*
Sani inusa Kumurya
Sani inusa Kumurya 12 days ago
Because is better them Pogba and De Jong
Zaini R89
Zaini R89 12 days ago
ferland mendy+fede valverde. We are in safe hand defensively. Please recall Hakimi as well hes doing great at German
Uno Cualquiera
Uno Cualquiera 13 days ago
This Fede Valverde Best player is Real Madrid
Vasile Pop
Vasile Pop 13 days ago
Real Madrid the best team in the world
real fan
real fan 13 days ago
Future star..
Tuggin MaGroin
Tuggin MaGroin 14 days ago
Jugadorazo... Pura garra y Corazon. Que me la pele ese maldito Pogba...... Vuela pajarito!
Salt 1107
Salt 1107 14 days ago
He looks like Jorginho af
michał kaziu
michał kaziu 15 days ago
Future legend
Car Freak
Car Freak 15 days ago
This guy deserves at least 85 Pace
Seth Owusu
Seth Owusu 17 days ago
This guy is a warrior.
Gab Gab
Gab Gab 17 days ago
La gazelles de valeverdi toooop
Yoon Jito
Yoon Jito 18 days ago
He’s good but he’s a racist.
Mateo Jiménez
Mateo Jiménez 19 days ago
Poor man, he no has game perspective. 😱🔥
Aro Aro
Aro Aro 21 day ago
Kayden Ong Sergio Ramos
I am a Real Madrid fan i was like *sighs* Come on Real Madrid buy Mane or Mbappe but when the video is made Valvarde lets goo Real Madrid loves you and me too
NO NAME 22 days ago
The man he was born to take Baron d'Or
Angel Salas
Angel Salas 24 days ago
personally, i find him average... the guy doesn’t create efficient plays since he doesn’t make players run as much and puts the ball behind them... he’s fast, and very aggressive, he’d be a great stopper, he needs to have better passing in my opinion, other than that he’s pretty good. also, he has a mean shot, bangers !!
Dova D
Dova D 24 days ago
People are hyped about Valverde, but we had Kovacic who has a similar box to box style and imo is way better.
marco pivetta
marco pivetta 25 days ago
nah vieja tremendo jugador lpm corre, mete, saca, pasa, gol y visión, que ma' quere! Ni cerca de tener un 8 de ese nivel. A ver Palacios si en su experiencia europea puede acercarse aunque sea.
jaqueline debora
jaqueline debora 25 days ago
Ha OK thanks for that
jaqueline debora
jaqueline debora 25 days ago
Mais comment en tant que RUvid tu dois connecter ton Hangout est ce que cela est possible
Shiva Lord
Shiva Lord 25 days ago
Made in Uruguay 🇺🇾
Echere Chinedu
Echere Chinedu 25 days ago
Who needs pogba?
SC7- 0983
SC7- 0983 26 days ago
Song at start?
Shadane ruddock
Shadane ruddock 26 days ago
No matter he could be the next Gerrard r whatever but theres one team he never dominate FC Barcelona ,yea he played well against a valverde barca but wait till barca are at there best again then we'll see
12LLULL12 0
12LLULL12 0 27 days ago
Pogba??? … Who??? =D
Nama Massassy
Nama Massassy 27 days ago
Vamos hala Madrid
Enow Percy
Enow Percy 27 days ago
Valverde is a beast wen it comes mid field
Françisco Hsu
Françisco Hsu 27 days ago
He’ll be the best B2B in this decade
VeNiuQ Nemig
VeNiuQ Nemig 28 days ago
todavía no le encuentro lo espectacular a este jugador...
Morgan Stokes
Morgan Stokes 28 days ago
God the music is terrible. Great video and great player!
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 28 days ago
A la Madrid always an with Fede Valverde real looks more dangerous really good kid
sugaanta chanel
sugaanta chanel 29 days ago
an stope ball valverdi new gerarard amayzing!!
Klose 29 days ago
It's insane how consistent this guy is! Me and my dad love watching him play.
Pato-Sky Celon
Pato-Sky Celon 29 days ago
Fédé fédé
Lisa Blackpink
Lisa Blackpink 29 days ago
the reborn of Steven Gerrard
Mateo Gutierrez
Mateo Gutierrez 29 days ago
Que bien el pajarito valverde bo de uruguay para el mundo
ProlificTV Month ago
Sen31 there wasnt reason to put 2 chicks in mid video 😂
Dei Thang
Dei Thang Month ago
He is a type of player who will put alots of pressure to their rival team.
Andre Julian Aritonang
He has many potential... And will be the best midfielder in the future...
Pepsi Stronk
Pepsi Stronk Month ago
He sacrificed himself for the cup win...
joe Taslim
joe Taslim Month ago
Perfecto midfielder!!!!
HUGO MOREL Month ago
The son of emiliano sala
Bayu Aji
Bayu Aji Month ago
Levente Szaffenauer
I truly believe Fede made the difference for Real. They should never sell him, you can see that he would die for this club.The game needs more passionate players like him.
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