This Is Why Real Madrid Fans Love Fede Valverde

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Fede Valverde Skills show 2019/20
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Dec 20, 2019




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Comments 100
SEN31 Official
SEN31 Official 9 months ago
"The Uruguayan Gerrard"
Tino Perez
Tino Perez 5 months ago
Evan Setiawan excuse me lmao what a joke better than Pirlo?xavi?iniesta? He is not even top 50 fuck off
Evan JR.
Evan JR. 5 months ago
@Tino Perez gerrard is one of the best midfielder all of time !
undefined usuario
undefined usuario 6 months ago
Uruguayan mathauss
Turtlesnip 1255
Turtlesnip 1255 7 months ago
Don’t compare a legend to a no one
Tino Perez
Tino Perez 7 months ago
Mohammed Tahid bro there is a like 20 players just like him Évery 10 years, lampard,Kroos, modric , bastion, de jong , etc
ATIPAT 1212 3 days ago
Run Fede Run 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
ATIPAT 1212 3 days ago
ATIPAT 1212 3 days ago
Next King 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mia khalista
Mia khalista 4 days ago
2:34 casi le vuela la cabeza a frenkie de jong xd
One4FLAT 14 days ago
Intro song is S-X - Too Soon
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger Month ago
Valverde = Peñarol = Uruguay = Real Madrid... Hala!!!! 😎😎🇺🇾🇺🇾🇪🇸
ocrow365 2 months ago
Valverde = Gerrard Odegaard = Pirlo
Esteban Fuertes
Esteban Fuertes 2 months ago
y porque ponen esa canción, es un jugaor de futbol no el anticristo...
Daniel Brand
Daniel Brand 2 months ago
Valverde es un jugador normal, nunca pudo ser titular en El real madrid un Viejo comp modric de 60s anios es titular, valverde no tiene la capacidad de ser titular ah y bentancur normal igual repito soy hincha de penarol Basuras Como El cebolla gargano estoyanoff , bengoechea y pacheco hundieton Al club penarol da lastima
Nandu Barreto
Nandu Barreto 2 months ago
Ofensivamente ele é bem mediano. Muito previsível os passes que ele dá Pouca criatividade ... Pode ser um brilhante no futuro , no presente apenas uma promessa ....
Nindy Ramos
Nindy Ramos 3 months ago
His face like emiliano sala
Jose Sandro Silva
Jose Sandro Silva 3 months ago
Aniq Ahmad
Aniq Ahmad 3 months ago
I wished we traded pogba with Him 😢
Alessio f
Alessio f 3 months ago
Kinda reminds me Pogba in his early years at Juve, Valverde runs a lot more tho while Pogba had a way better body coordination and first touch.
Bartdm 2086
Bartdm 2086 3 months ago
2:05 man they didnt even let him move from where he shot the ball like let him celebrate lol
switchedeyes 3 months ago
Valverde’s first goal with Real Madrid looks a lot like Toni Kroos first goal with Madrid
Piee 3 months ago
He fast I like him very much I'm madridista❤️
Simon Kforay
Simon Kforay 3 months ago
Hala Madrid valverde
Galgos y Liebres Furtado
Juega con los mejores del mundo como si estuviera en modo fácil, como juega con la edad que tiene que crack sos Valverde
KM4L 3 months ago
Barcelona needs to invest into their academy. Real madrid’s academy has surpassed them. Also seeing how my chelsea team is investing in theirs, every team should. Valverde could be as good as Busquets
Dimas angger
Dimas angger 4 months ago
He is better than frenkie dejong
ww e
ww e 4 months ago
next toni kroos
Mateo Rocha
Mateo Rocha 4 months ago
Rodrigo Alfonso
Rodrigo Alfonso 4 months ago
Future best midfielder in the world
Jorge Navarro Villar
u love real mandril, that´s a thing everyone can see
x Domi8
x Domi8 4 months ago
The Uruguayan gullit
Danny Greaves
Danny Greaves 4 months ago
If these are he’s best highlights then this guy is so over rated he looks shit
LeoElzinga7 4 months ago
Me, an Atletico fan: *dislike*
Puumpz 4 months ago
Uruguay are gonna have a good team suares cavani valverde bentucur
Jorge Montes
Jorge Montes 3 months ago
Godin; Giménez ;Torreira ;Cáceres
CaptGamer 101
CaptGamer 101 4 months ago
I don't what's going on in Uruguay but they produce players equal to those in Germany.
El 900 Subs
El 900 Subs 4 months ago
Uruguay was always a soccer country
Messi calvino
Messi calvino 4 months ago
Y los de nacional decian que iba a ser el asador del madrid AJAJJAJA, LA BANDA DEL PARQUE ME CHUPA LA PIJAAAAA VAMO EL MANYAAA
Langston Long
Langston Long 4 months ago
He is shit
El 900 Subs
El 900 Subs 4 months ago
la tenes adentro
G Falk
G Falk 5 months ago
0:30 foul by casemiro
Jim Lawrence
Jim Lawrence 5 months ago
2:02 present and the future..
Uno de los mejores jugadores de la actualidad futuro gran crack tremenda maquina que es Fede valverde para mi es el mejor jugador uruguayo
sem ten veen
sem ten veen 5 months ago
Who Watch all this videos because of the corona virus
Joel Sosa
Joel Sosa 5 months ago
Soy uruguayo y Fede es un orgullo🇺🇾🇺🇾
Rolando :》
Rolando :》 5 months ago
Hala madrid
B. O
B. O 5 months ago
Hes so damn talented
Andres uruguayo
Andres uruguayo 5 months ago
Es uruguayo! Por eso pone los huevos que pone
Never Stop Dreaming
Never Stop Dreaming 5 months ago
Amazing Young Player, i was lucky to see him live !! Fede Valverde Huge Talent !! Hala Madrid !!
G. T
G. T 5 months ago
Made in Peñarol 💪🔥
kanaga6 raja6
kanaga6 raja6 5 months ago
Only one Stevie G.... No one can replace him...
BinMan Boris
BinMan Boris 5 months ago
Josh Garland
Josh Garland 6 months ago
I really dont see it. Not saying hes bad just everyone stop making him sound so overrated
Mantra Pro
Mantra Pro 5 months ago
2 man of the match against barca and 2 against atletico just because he is not a pretty playing midfielder like Thiago etc. does not mean he's not up there.
Jonathan Bacenty
Jonathan Bacenty 6 months ago
This kid is essentially the Uruguayan Zidane
twentisyx TM
twentisyx TM 6 months ago
Scott Mctominay >
santiagolmra 5 months ago
FUT-Stah 6 months ago
He is one of the best FUTURE STARS Also, Pls check out my RUvid channel.
Huppa Shrestha
Huppa Shrestha 6 months ago
what if ronaldo was playing with him, I think ronaldo is thinking same why i left real madrid , RONALDO have good scoreing rate and this Valverde is fast accurate and creats oppurtunity , it could be deadly combo .
ItsBleon _Yt
ItsBleon _Yt 6 months ago
Becauze hes a machine not a human
YS_UnitedFuture Lee
YS_UnitedFuture Lee 6 months ago
This man deserves 85+ pace on FIFA 20. He is as fast and agile as World Class Wigners.
Inexactt 6 months ago
this guys a lot of players in one his absolutely AMAZINGGGG!
ANDER z QUIMENDI 6 months ago
Valverde lo pones a jugar en la delantera y seguro es goleador tiene una físico único se ve la diferencia en la rapidez de este gran jugador puede jugar en todas las posiciones que gran fichaje del Madrid con 16 años lo fichó ahora se convirtió en una bestia del fútbol mundial 👏👏👏😜
Edmond Dantès
Edmond Dantès 6 months ago
Los uruguayos se caracterizan por defender fuerte, algo que todos deberíamos imitar. Saludos desde Chile
Ly Vuthea
Ly Vuthea 6 months ago
Perfect video💙💙💙
A Mac
A Mac 7 months ago
We need him this week, especially this week!
Adrian Ribeiro
Adrian Ribeiro 7 months ago
Tumbnail ridícula, de Jong não caiu por causa do Valverde, foi por causa da falta que sofreu do Casemiro,
Vernanda Yogi Irawan
1:33, lol mbappe
Bill Zhang
Bill Zhang 7 months ago
valverde = 5 de jong
Trần Thị Ngọc Ánh
Barca Barca Barca...
Jennifer Ly
Jennifer Ly 7 months ago
Hes like a mix of modric, casemiro, bale, and kroos. Speed=Bale Defending=Casemiro Scoring=Kroos Pass/Control=Modric A complete midfielder
Alexis Toledo
Alexis Toledo 7 months ago
He needs to work on his passing accuracy
centan hotbox
centan hotbox 7 months ago
wow he ran then passed give him the ballon
Andreas Andreas
Andreas Andreas 7 months ago
Fede Valverde 🌹👍🇺🇾
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 7 months ago
Every time I watch him play I just think of how Barça spent $75m on Frankie De Jong lol
David Koudela
David Koudela 7 months ago
Maybe best midlielder of Real. I love his game....
maxhi shorlek
maxhi shorlek 7 months ago
no we don't love him we adore him
Waris Putra
Waris Putra 7 months ago
Calon bintang madrid...
윌컴 7 months ago
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 7 months ago
Kovacic over this lad
Diego Valverde
Diego Valverde 7 months ago
He play just like an average uruguayan but with better skills and stamina, if he continue with that form he'll become one of the bests in his position, Real Madrid have a midfield covered for 8-9 years with him and others on loan, good work florentino
Nicholas Burcham
Nicholas Burcham 7 months ago
why is ur outro a bunch of girls u creep
TOMTOM Channel
TOMTOM Channel 7 months ago
*V A L V E R D E*
Sani inusa Kumurya
Sani inusa Kumurya 7 months ago
Because is better them Pogba and De Jong
Zaini R89
Zaini R89 7 months ago
ferland mendy+fede valverde. We are in safe hand defensively. Please recall Hakimi as well hes doing great at German
Uno Cualquiera
Uno Cualquiera 7 months ago
This Fede Valverde Best player is Real Madrid
Vasile Pop
Vasile Pop 7 months ago
Real Madrid the best team in the world
real fan
real fan 7 months ago
Future star..
Tuggin MaGroin
Tuggin MaGroin 7 months ago
Jugadorazo... Pura garra y Corazon. Que me la pele ese maldito Pogba...... Vuela pajarito!
Salt 1107
Salt 1107 7 months ago
He looks like Jorginho af
michał kaziu
michał kaziu 7 months ago
Future legend
Car Freakx
Car Freakx 7 months ago
This guy deserves at least 85 Pace
Seth Owusu
Seth Owusu 7 months ago
This guy is a warrior.
Gab Gab
Gab Gab 7 months ago
La gazelles de valeverdi toooop
Yoon Jito
Yoon Jito 7 months ago
He’s good but he’s a racist.
Mateo Jiménez
Mateo Jiménez 7 months ago
Poor man, he no has game perspective. 😱🔥
Aro Aro
Aro Aro 7 months ago
MrDucky 8 months ago
I am a Real Madrid fan i was like *sighs* Come on Real Madrid buy Mane or Mbappe but when the video is made Valvarde lets goo Real Madrid loves you and me too
NO NAME 8 months ago
The man he was born to take Baron d'Or
Angel Salas
Angel Salas 8 months ago
personally, i find him average... the guy doesn’t create efficient plays since he doesn’t make players run as much and puts the ball behind them... he’s fast, and very aggressive, he’d be a great stopper, he needs to have better passing in my opinion, other than that he’s pretty good. also, he has a mean shot, bangers !!
Dova D
Dova D 8 months ago
People are hyped about Valverde, but we had Kovacic who has a similar box to box style and imo is way better.
marco pivetta
marco pivetta 8 months ago
nah vieja tremendo jugador lpm corre, mete, saca, pasa, gol y visión, que ma' quere! Ni cerca de tener un 8 de ese nivel. A ver Palacios si en su experiencia europea puede acercarse aunque sea.
jaqueline debora
jaqueline debora 8 months ago
Ha OK thanks for that
jaqueline debora
jaqueline debora 8 months ago
Mais comment en tant que RUvid tu dois connecter ton Hangout est ce que cela est possible
Nico NoPlan
Nico NoPlan 8 months ago
Made in Uruguay 🇺🇾
Echere Chinedu
Echere Chinedu 8 months ago
Who needs pogba?
SC7- 0983
SC7- 0983 8 months ago
Song at start?
Shadane ruddock
Shadane ruddock 8 months ago
No matter he could be the next Gerrard r whatever but theres one team he never dominate FC Barcelona ,yea he played well against a valverde barca but wait till barca are at there best again then we'll see
12LLULL12 0
12LLULL12 0 8 months ago
Pogba??? … Who??? =D
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