This Is What Caffeine Withdrawal Looks Like.

Gabbie Hanna
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No caffeine of any type for a week. Never again.

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Jul 25, 2018




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Comments 80
Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna Year ago
lol the day i filmed the “talk” portion of this i didn’t have coffee, and by the end of the day i had an unstoppable migraine and couldn’t sleep. already addicted again i guess.
MONALISA 2 months ago
Caffeine is an a powerfull drug
Mark Gil
Mark Gil 3 months ago
Felt all the same shit crazy
DJ Coco Popz
DJ Coco Popz 5 months ago
Lauren Flute *caffeine
StephDuddy 6 months ago
Its normal to have headaches badly when detoxing from. Caffeine here's a tip excedrin helps because it has more caffeine then a cup.of coffee
George Lee
George Lee 9 months ago
This was the most detailed vid I know anyone's ever made about the downsides of caffeine and its withdrawals. The way it all happened, explained here, from what you talked about, and the reckless filming were added to the effects of the caffeine and its withdrawal symptoms Energy rush, dizziness, fatigue, major cramps, dehydration, difficulty walking, abnormal blood pressure, and everything else mentioned. Everything from the lighting to the excessive shaky camera work and emotional responses captured the effects of caffeine and its withdrawals. Caffiene is certainly a drug in a way she says and we should be more careful with our bodies.
Ambrose Jeffery
This happened to me by accident and caused depression and anxiety
Lee Perreault
Lee Perreault 2 days ago
9 Side effects😂
Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates 4 days ago
Let me explain this caffeine is a drug that wakes you up like every drug if you stop taking that drug you go into withdrawals and you start”needing” that drug but the more you cut yourself off the drug the more you body makes up for it the longer you’re off it the better you start feeling
BrittNerd Studios
I’m here after her Coachella video, and I have to say, the amount of desire Gabbie has for that apple in this video compared to the other is a little disheartening...
Young Brandon C. on Drums
Gabbie won't last a week
Kayla Mason
Kayla Mason 8 days ago
All I hear is drama and complaining
Gary collumbell
Gary collumbell 9 days ago
Wait till day 3 muscle pains motivation loss plus the chills and flu like symptoms
petruccifan38 9 days ago
It would have been much easier if you would have tapered off instead of quitting cold turkey
Sandi Wood
Sandi Wood 9 days ago
This is how I felt when I quit smoking. I think withdrawl from anything has this same experience just with different intensity. I mean obviously the nausea and shakes from coffee and heroin are gonna be wildly different - but symptomatically it's very much the same. The irritability omg....let's just say it's a miracle I'm still married ;)
Nimra Saleem
Nimra Saleem 10 days ago
Mykie running for her life..😂😂😂
Julie Pinc
Julie Pinc 10 days ago
I quit coffee and caffeine myself so i know how hard it can be. I actually have a couple videos on my channel about how ingot through it all and why I decided to step away from it for good! Great video! Thank you!
internetjunkie 11 days ago
My ADHD: I feel like sometimes............ nevermind
Anna Winter
Anna Winter 11 days ago
when gabbie does the voice i just can't i love it.
Alexis Ayala
Alexis Ayala 13 days ago
It’s scary how I had the biggest migraine like 2 seconds ago and as soon as the coffee hit my tongue my migraine was 75% gone. And my mood just changed instantly
Brett keane
Brett keane 14 days ago
I strongly disagree that apple is as good as coffee
T J 15 days ago
3:34 *boinnnng 🍆
Iman Khan
Iman Khan 16 days ago
1:41 😂😂😂😂
Shayne Taylor
Shayne Taylor 18 days ago
The reason why you got withdrawl (I know I'm probably late to this) is because caffeine is classed as a common drug and it is highly addictive, it messes with the sedatives in your brain, causing you to feel awake and like you have tons of energy when really your body is using its fat stores to reuse energy that was burned from days before. It is exactly why doctors try to tell you to stay away from things like coffee and tea because they both have high amounts of caffeine inside them.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza 18 days ago
I heard running gets you high similar to heroin.🤣🤣🤣
Navi 20 days ago
how many times she said “ it scares me” also this is what happens to me when I don’t have COFFEE ☕️
Jaimi Blake
Jaimi Blake 20 days ago
I went two weeks without coffee at the end of the two weeks I still couldn’t stay awake. I love ☕️ to much.
CASHLYN 21 day ago
Literally going through withdrawals now 😫😫
Maddie Solomon
Maddie Solomon 22 days ago
Gabbie with caffeine withdrawal is me 24/7
Sean Crowe
Sean Crowe 25 days ago
You look like someone I've seen on TV or a movie
Ava Howard
Ava Howard 25 days ago
how do i go on a depression withdrawal
Tia & Mae
Tia & Mae 27 days ago
I'm from Britain and I only have like 3 coffees a year
snazzy jft
snazzy jft 27 days ago
im so used to drinking coffee or caffeine in general it does nothing for me I just can't quit because every time i try its so hard and nothing improves for me
Ruan Stoltzi
Ruan Stoltzi 27 days ago
I’m craving coffee just by watching this haha
Carlos Herrera
Carlos Herrera 27 days ago
God bless you and gives you caffeine
Tara Daviie
Tara Daviie 28 days ago
When I was in my last year of high school I was trying to get the grades to get into a law degree. I’m not proud of this but I was drinking (no exaggeration) 8-10 cups of coffee a day and barely eating so I was able to stay awake longer to study. Eventually my doctor noticed and told me to drop back to one cup a day because he was seriously concerned and it was no shit the most horrendous transition ever. I then decided to completely give it up for a year to reset my body and kill the addiction and that was also just as awful. Caffeine addiction is real!
Marshy Playz
Marshy Playz 29 days ago
I’m dependent on my iPad and my bed o-0
Life Of Lovely
Life Of Lovely 29 days ago
Literally searched does anxiety come from quitting coffee? And I have anxiety/depression, constipation, nausea and weakness. I haven’t drank coffee in 5 months 😭 I think I’m going back to my coffee. .
Kris Hesselmark
Kris Hesselmark 29 days ago
I am currently quitting caffeine on day 4 and I feel good. I am over the headaches and I have more focus. Been diagnosed with adhd for 8 years.
Dana White's double chin
middle of the day is when it hits you. fml
Timothy Swan
Timothy Swan Month ago
You can come over to my place anytime you're getting back on coffee... 😳😏
My legs are in agony from giving up tea. I hope it passes soon.
Sims Life
Sims Life Month ago
I quit caffeine for one year. Slept so good, depression gone, and eventually I was never tired. I paired it with keto and intermittent fasting. Never felt better, want to get back there.
ice cream
ice cream Month ago
i dont understand y people are addicted to cofee just drink something else
ESCHedge 24 days ago
thats uh not how addiction works
Funnel Secrets
Funnel Secrets Month ago
Sorry but that's not a migraine that's just a severe headache and withdrawal. You've never had a migraine if you're able to shot a video at the same time, just saying.
johnson81508 Month ago
Wait wait wait, you just experienced he'll quitting caffeine cold turkey for a week only to turn around and start again? Congrats, you are an addict just like everybody. That poison will win, just wait another decade.
Mike S
Mike S Month ago
You look like a very cute chipmunk 🐿 ❤️ when using little to no makeup
Kayla Morrison
Kayla Morrison Month ago
Please do a video about drinking green tea for a month/week!!
Midnight Serenity
This is literally me waiting for Starbucks to open back up. Keurig coffee just doesn't cut it, I need three shots of espresso in a frappe now, I cannot handle these migraines. I know it's such a white girl "first world" problem, but I let coffee run my life, too. I would literally be late to class just to walk in with a venti caramel ribbon crunch frappe with three shots of espresso, and if I didn't get it, no work would get done.
Autumn Month ago
I want this😂 I need caffeine rn
Gavin Hicks
Gavin Hicks Month ago
Gabbie looks really pretty in this video
Caydence Shannon
I kept on yawning when Gabbie was yawning Lol
Karen S
Karen S Month ago
Watching this because I am on day 5 without caffeine and I have had head aches, cramps, and sleepiness. I am trying to go a month without it or more 😭 super difficult but way better for my health
THAHITMAN509 Month ago
Wow me too!! I just quit redbull and experienced all these symptoms. Get some Excedrin Migraine capsules for the headaches. They have a little bit of caffeine in them but they help me! Now I'm just hoping it can go away without taking the pills lol
AppleScotch Pie
AppleScotch Pie Month ago
Ive went 15 years without coffee 😎 (I hate the taste of coffee
Kobe Lebron
Kobe Lebron Month ago
So imagine someone giving up heroin
The Ginger Unicorn
Gabby- “are ants scared all the time” Me- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣yeeeah AAAARE they though?
The Ginger Unicorn
😳 omg ! I definitely won’t try to stop coffee for definite definite. Wow just omg wow 😳
I'm not into coffee but I love energy drinks, I have 1-2 every day for the past 8 years. Tried to stop drinking it many times but Everytime my depression would be at the highest and I would star crying about anything and have anxiety attacks randomly. Really scary, I still struggle with it the longest I last "ok" without it is a day and that's it
John Ferguson
John Ferguson Month ago
12 days no coffee and I feel like my brain is dying 😩
Kz NotCrazy
Kz NotCrazy Month ago
Was that Mikie? 😂
zacc tinio
zacc tinio Month ago
honestly i never drink coffee and i dont act like i am on drugs
Sydney j_555
Sydney j_555 Month ago
*sips coffee as gabbie is dreading caffeine withdrawl* *giggles*
Sawyer Marlo
Sawyer Marlo Month ago
i didn't know you had adhd too!!! adhd gang!!!
The crazy potato Crew
girl that means you have a full on addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO UNHEALTY
Kristen Aellen
Kristen Aellen Month ago
I drank coffee just about every day before school. I didn’t drink it for like two days and I got a pounding headache both days. I didn’t relate the coffee to my headaches until like the third time it happened. Now I’ve been a few months without coffee and I’m doing pretty good
Ashlyn Harrington
THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! she doesn't try to hide the fact that she got a sponsor like a lot of other youtubers. Also, she didn't make the whole video just to make the sponsor not as obvious. yess girl make that coin xx
Sakeena Gamell
Sakeena Gamell Month ago
Her : I like to avoid human interaction Me( 2020): hmm HOW USEFUL
LinnErellie haha
LinnErellie haha 28 days ago
I have a agoraphobia. First time in 20 years I was not the only who was stuck in the house lol
VeroDoesGames Month ago
i've never had coffee-
Taren Culverhouse
That's how I feel almost everyday cause I haven't been taking my ADD and ADHD and depression medicine
Taren Culverhouse
@Lene Rothe yea thank you I will talk to a doctor as soon as I can :)
Lene Rothe
Lene Rothe 6 days ago
Please talk to a doctor before quitting medications! Depression is a serious and potentially life threatening disease and going cold turkey off the meds has severe risks as well. Best wishes ❤️
waters129 Month ago
I decided to quit coffee cold turkey. I used to have 3 cups a day and depended on it to wake up, feel happy etc. For 9 days I had head splitting MIGRAINES. I couldn’t eat because of the migraines, I had heart palpitations, I was curled up on the floor actually praying to die. Took 3 painkiller pills at a time just to help with the pain, (they didn’t); my nose was running when I got the migraines, and sometimes felt like throwing up. I felt like I was going to die. Luckily I could stay at home at this period and I could afford to go through this by myself. It is HARD. Day 11 I woke up, I could eat normally, no migraines, even mood etc. I am NEVER going back to coffee again :)
Im not addicted to coffee, I'm addicted to tea
Navi Month ago
WTF?!?! whenever she yawns, I yawn O_O WTF!?!?
To get some energy u could also take a lime and cut it than squeeze it in your mouth then if u feel more tired squeeze it in your mouth again to make u more awake or more energy and u could also wash your face many times
alice little lemon
I actually went and made myself some coffee
Courtney Robinson
Me right now cuz I don't have junk food Im Dying 😩😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪☠️☠️☠️☠️
• Otaco Boi •
Just casually licks mykie
M Rodriguez
M Rodriguez Month ago
That’s how I feel... everyday... and I don’t drink coffee...😔
Xx_Nerdy Gacha_xX
Gabbie: I only have 1-3 cups of coffee Me: ..... Me: I have 1-3 cups of chocolate milk!
CrazyKat Lol
CrazyKat Lol 2 months ago
Welcome to my life gabbie AND I DONT EVEN DRINK CAFFINE!
CrazyKat Lol
CrazyKat Lol 2 months ago
Gabbie looks so pretty in this video☺️
Kate Hub
Kate Hub 2 months ago
I know this is like a year and a half old but I am living for this hair and outfit!
R. Lucas
R. Lucas 2 months ago
Watching this during my first day off the bean and the headache is otherworldly :(
anthony ucin
anthony ucin 2 months ago
This is a joke😂
Monica Galgani
Monica Galgani 2 months ago
Omg I nearly pissed my panties at the last day at the gym ur dancing is iconic!!! Omg
Brooklynn Bain
Brooklynn Bain 2 months ago
im doing this bc i find i bloat less when i skip coffee but im normally a 3-9 cups a day kinda girl
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