THIS IS THE BEST CLASS SET UP - Call of Duty Warzone!

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Mar 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 5 days ago
Love watching you guys play. Always entertaining af. 🤣👊
ItsPotato 23 days ago
What are the attachments to this grau
x CrusaderOfHope
3:19 Imma start saying that now 😂🙌
Did anybody notice the giant stim 4:55
Anthony Tamay
Anthony Tamay Month ago
Whats the class set up?
Jory D
Jory D 2 months ago
Yo why aren't people dropping likes this only has 10k likes and it has 200k+ views.
Andrew Ciacchi
Andrew Ciacchi 2 months ago
Is it just me or did he not once mention his loadout
WGC 3 months ago
nice loadout 0:42 you saw it i know u need DO WHAT IT SAYS
Demon 62
Demon 62 3 months ago
People like marcel are the reason I’m scared to run out in the open
Demon Shurik3n
Demon Shurik3n 3 months ago
Do you melee behind someone to assasinate?
Chillawack 3 months ago
Does anyone know what that assault rifle is and how to get it?
Parker Allers
Parker Allers 3 months ago
What perk do you have on your m4
Kiwa Bishop
Kiwa Bishop 3 months ago
dude play more warzone love dem vids
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 3 months ago
Lmao, yall can see me quit the game at the 1:23 mark
It'sCOOKIE!!! 3 months ago
"Tactically not moving" 😂😂😂
Jay Nichols
Jay Nichols 3 months ago
Marcel what do you run on that gun🥵🥵🥵
keNN 3 months ago
Marcel your f*ck*ng nasty
Deletable XD
Deletable XD 3 months ago
Marcel : They call me explosive daddeh Me : You sound like the Grinch 😂
CerealMilk 3 months ago
1:54 that window sound killed me
Legacy Wolf
Legacy Wolf 3 months ago
Basically in competitive?🤔🤔🤔 Thoughts
juan miguel jacinto
juan miguel jacinto 3 months ago
marcel can you like do something else like human fall flat with marksman or gta with fourzer0
Perfectionz 3 months ago
Was 0:17 an edit, or the little brother screaming, because I wanna believe that was an edit.. lol
xSGGx-_TITANN 3 months ago
Soon people gonna try to do trick shots to the last person
Arne govaerts
Arne govaerts 3 months ago
wauw, even begging for likes in your loadout? Cheap ass selfpromo, disgusting
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm 3 months ago
to me, Basically isn't a dickhead for pigeon-shooting unsuspecting mortals outta the sky on the initial drop.... *he's somebody whose watched all the John Wick movies.* 🤣😎
Alex Rosas
Alex Rosas 3 months ago
00:49 Anyone knows which blueprint is? (camo) thx
Stratos Skywarp
Stratos Skywarp 3 months ago
I don’t know I was wondering to
Hoodie Anonymous
Hoodie Anonymous 3 months ago
Love how his editor kept in Basically getting chopped up with a ‘Lol’
ScorpyMK 3 months ago
So M4A1 IS the best gun in the game?
wrnko 3 months ago
Wanna play this game soo bas
XxpoststoperxX 3 months ago
I think I spelled sweat right
YTNightSlasher 3 months ago
So we not bout to talk about the no recoil right?
Brandon Green
Brandon Green 3 months ago
Marcel is nasty
Matthew Pollock
Matthew Pollock 3 months ago
what’s his M4 setup?
JustMyOwnOpinions 3 months ago
Anyone else want Marcel and his friends to play Golf It again?
Antonio Carrillo
Antonio Carrillo 3 months ago
Love ur vides
AdriftAchilles11 YT
AdriftAchilles11 YT 3 months ago
Link you twitch
Paja Zii
Paja Zii 3 months ago
That tennpo guy's clan tag is a bread/pie like dish in Serbia
aeham 88
aeham 88 3 months ago
Nobody: Video editor: let’s zoom the camera every time marcel shoot an enemy
Jackson S.
Jackson S. 3 months ago
So this is why all the annoying assholes with RPG's in their inventory have popped up so much lol
Wolf Gang
Wolf Gang 3 months ago
It took me till the end of the vid to realize that they were saying Tennpo not Tim bo
Camerinski 3 months ago
Can I join ur lobby with my friend?????????
Rex Knudson
Rex Knudson 3 months ago
8:03 Im suprised that's his 1st time getting that zone i got that like 12 times already
Zombalam 3 months ago
What gun was basically using?
Goldendary 3 months ago
Anyone Know what basically's gun?
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 3 months ago
bring back search
Devil_Eyes_ Kai
Devil_Eyes_ Kai 3 months ago
Yo this editing is amazing props to the editor 💯
overseer 101
overseer 101 3 months ago
daddeh basically
Logan Stewart
Logan Stewart 3 months ago
Wtf cod? 5:45
ViRUS 3 months ago
Basically your vids and my weed are the only things that’s keeping my mood up during this quarantine
skyler skeen
skyler skeen 19 days ago
Jesus Christ same here😂💀
ReyRey 28 days ago
I read this as I was smoking 😂😂😂
Yeet God
Yeet God 28 days ago
Clay Thomson
Clay Thomson Month ago
Same maaann
Braeden Bowden
Braeden Bowden 2 months ago
jonncl 3 months ago
2:39, i-...bruh that’s not... that’s not something you do...
MEME BOI MAFIA 3 months ago
Watch my war zone exe
Julian Villa
Julian Villa 3 months ago
Click bait thanks for the setup ...
Leon O'Grian
Leon O'Grian 3 months ago
If you're not taking Overkill then you really have to go Launcher.
Jacob Wilkins
Jacob Wilkins 3 months ago
Change your outro song it's cringy. Love the videos though!
Ashtin Smith
Ashtin Smith 3 months ago
Will u ever play Minecraft with con123456789
zylogy 3 months ago
You can blow the c4 faster if you double tap your reload button :)
MannyGaming 3 months ago
"Tactically Not Moving" -Marcel I'm going to say that when I'm camping, scared, or running away from someone
Benton Elmore
Benton Elmore 3 months ago
I wish I had people to play warzone with
Mohawk Bandito
Mohawk Bandito 3 months ago
Man, I enjoy a lot of the content, but the past few videos have had a lot of meme-y voice inserts on the enemies that are just annoying as all hell.
ENZO.M 3 months ago
That explosion when he shot the guy outta the sky 😂😂
Onlyfull Gameplays
Onlyfull Gameplays 3 months ago
Bro play search fam
_ DGR-SpinTutxrial
_ DGR-SpinTutxrial 3 months ago
Question who else been here since 2015?
irishrobot 3 months ago
Marcel what attachments are you using for the m4 I need help because I don’t know
Dayne Insayne
Dayne Insayne 3 months ago
Can't wait to see all the little kids running around with this class now.
OMGitsBLASIAN 3 months ago
These fucking edits are killing me 😂
Ravenatortly 3 months ago
Noah: *(under care package)* Alright, I'm just gonna get out of here... Care Package: *So you have chosen death*
Mr. T.V. Gaming
Mr. T.V. Gaming 3 months ago
I can't un-hear the popping sound in the beginning.....lol why is it there?
Mast3rChi3f1006 AM
Mast3rChi3f1006 AM 3 months ago
Basically when you had zone near like the end of the map and prison was in like the final 4-3 circles me and my friend were in that game but we didn't notice you I think that was pretty cool
DL Scrub
DL Scrub 3 months ago
MW a game that says screw the Geneva convention and ROEs
FadedWolff 3 months ago
Yo it's good to see u be good at a game for one Marcel
Iz Nyx
Iz Nyx 3 months ago
at 5:12 you had a dude named *[Autsm] TrojanVirus* Dude, what 🤣🤣
MrJara2 3 months ago
So what's the best class set up for Warzone ?
farhad aa
farhad aa 3 months ago
I like how realistic cod mw is with vehicles, Ya f’n just get out of a moving car on 60 miles an hour like as if ya never were ridin it, Cod: physics ain’t my dictionary
Brennan F
Brennan F 3 months ago
Tennpo said what Everyone is thinking , you’re one of those guys
Kevdog Nlmb
Kevdog Nlmb 3 months ago
Been on the m4 rpg meta since day 1
VDG0333 3 months ago
So Marcel where’s your 2019 compilation Hmmmmm
9613enrico 3 months ago
U have to try the crossbow with explosive darts
Silent 3 months ago
So is this super zoom an attachment I can get or do I have to buy the battle pass cause I don't got any V bucks
Jeremy 3 months ago
The high pitch screaming gets me every time 😂
RedRum 3 months ago
Marcel has found his calling
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