THIS IS SO ROMANTIC | Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love | Allie Sherlock & Cuan D. cover

Allie Sherlock
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Hey everyone, this is "Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love" with my friend Cuan Durkin.
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Apr 15, 2021




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Comments 100
WarmTea 28 days ago
The chemistry is exploding with this adorable pair.. Beautiful!!
morii_98 15 hours ago
Which pair though?
Defence Warfare
It's more likely lust and not love
Paco A
Paco A 6 days ago
Not really
T 6 days ago
@Patrick D ⭐👍
T 6 days ago
@Brooke Kearton you sure?
Tensai Juusan
Tensai Juusan 2 hours ago
These two deserve a MUCH bigger and better crowd.
Robert Schofield
Robert Schofield 2 hours ago
Johnie Marsha
Johnie Marsha 3 hours ago
Wooow their voices were woow ,I joined them singing too .I love the song💕💓
Glenna Kight
Glenna Kight 3 hours ago
Kind of slow.
mycosic 3 hours ago
Awesome tune ... Sung awesomely💯🎶
M. P.
M. P. 3 hours ago
Every song that they do together is terrific.
Zaina Abbasi
Zaina Abbasi 3 hours ago
omg that was the most cutest thing I have ever watched the whole atmosphere was just amazing and they both have amazing voices aswell
Darkson lolo
Darkson lolo 4 hours ago
Your voices sound great together, best regards from Poland.
Julie Ann60
Julie Ann60 5 hours ago
you are both soo sweet together in every way, Beautiful!
Peak2mountain Expeditions
Fantastic guys well done you sang it beautifully
Avon Dixon
Avon Dixon 7 hours ago
Magical & so talented!
Luiz Edmundo
Luiz Edmundo 8 hours ago
Hermes Pugliese
Hermes Pugliese 9 hours ago
Hey Alli, what´s up? And where´s Fabio ? Aren´t you guys singing toguether anymore? Cheers from Brazil.
Jun Dagle tv.
Jun Dagle tv. 10 hours ago
I ♥️ ths song
Silvia George
Silvia George 10 hours ago
Beautiful !!!
Ivie Walker
Ivie Walker 11 hours ago
They are adorable together along with making beautiful music together. I would love to hear him sing some of Andrea Beolleci's hits!
Erwin Stada
Erwin Stada 14 hours ago
Here voice jumps over too many times, ain't pretty to hear...😦🥺😦
most hated rapper
most hated rapper 15 hours ago
Allie is so bad 😍
Val Lockwood
Val Lockwood 16 hours ago
Some of us do know before you new Allie
Danijel Butkovic
Danijel Butkovic 16 hours ago
I remember those smiles.They are in heavens.
Aman Ali
Aman Ali 18 hours ago
Where are they? NYC
Алексей Дмитриевский
В каком они городе поёт?
Romeo The voice
Romeo The voice 20 hours ago
u are awesome
Pizza Boy
Pizza Boy 21 hour ago
Dude tone was perfect, but her pitch is too high. Ruins the balance of the song.
Albergio Gomes
Albergio Gomes 22 hours ago
Sensacional. Dois talentosos músicos e cantores. 👏👏👏👏💓 Amezing. Um abraço do Brasil!
Rich B
Rich B 23 hours ago
She really needs to lose weight or get better fitting clothes though.
Will will
Will will 23 hours ago
I need Charles Barkley just terrible that hair cut
bary1234 Day ago
Poor guy trying to pretend he would not hit that in a heart beat. And she trying to make sure he knows she is not putting out ever.
Marina Grama
Marina Grama Day ago
Lindos!! Como chama o lugar aí ? Cidade estado pais , dou do Brasil 🇧🇷
davey price
davey price Day ago
wooo the chemistry is so there pleases come and see us in holland
Jim Kidwell
Jim Kidwell Day ago
Allie you should give American Idol a shot. Your voice is so unique and lovely !!!
Silva Silvas
Silva Silvas Day ago
Elvis eterno!
Soline Verniere
Vous êtes formidables tous les deux bravo ❤️🥰
Bridget Edwards: Mental Health Therapist
Allie and Cuan are an absolutely adorable duo - their chemistry is palpable, they're natural with their own unique quirky styles, and so respectful of each other. Perfect! Can't get enough of them. 🤩💜🤗💞
Tinsley Devers
Claudio Rabaglino
They soooo suit each other though...
francis eurecial
hi allie, I'm from Philippines. I'm your new fan and i really love your voice❤
Piyush Pathak
Corona Virus 👀👀👀
Piano V - I
Piano V - I Day ago
It's so nice to see this generation singing this evergreen. A good song lasts for eternity. 😍
KM KM Day ago
Mitch ninja
Mitch ninja Day ago
Xfactor will be next I think ,both you
Vani Sailo
Vani Sailo Day ago
Karen Karen
Karen Karen Day ago
Please tell me they have a record deal, this is talent.
Put her name on it.
Her, not him, soz but truth
Tuftycamel 2 days ago
Did anyone show their appreciation?
Gê Vitoria Vitoria
Simplesmente Beautiful!!
Jonathon Bennett
Jonathon Bennett 2 days ago
Wow buddy Elvis would be proud and Jesus gave this boy talent
Raf-Met 2 days ago
come to Poland and sing in Wrocław :)
Lucky Geta
Lucky Geta 2 days ago
1000 Ущербных поставили диз!
Navy Retired
Navy Retired 2 days ago
WOW. Best ever
César Geovanni
César Geovanni 2 days ago
Beautiful cover!! i cover some Elvis song too, if you take a look i will be very appreciate my friend🙏🏻🤠
Torabika 65
Torabika 65 2 days ago
This song ia so inspiring how a couples should treat eachother nicely
Jeff Nixon
Jeff Nixon 2 days ago
Laggunawa Dulliyao
oh my God ! so amazing 👏 😍 🙌 💖 ❤, love it so much
Road King Wanderer
f-ing amazing duo ...... _do you guys know how talented you are?_
Lou Turco
Lou Turco 3 days ago
Mr and Mrs Smitten !!!
Petar Marjanović
This girl helped me feel love again, really astounding. It looks so natural, what a lucky guy.
captnmaim 4 hours ago
Yeah I think they are natural.
Jean-Michel Blin
Jean-Michel Blin 3 days ago
adorable :-)
The Merc With A Mouth
WOW!!! Cuan has an absolutely fantastic voice and to be honest right at the start his voice reminds me quite a bit of Elvis’. Awesome cover by you two. Keep up the phenomenal work and stay safe! 😍❤️
Miss Debra
Miss Debra 3 days ago
Good thing Dad is the cameraman! Lol! Cuan is the perfect gentleman and he and Allie are adorable together.
markar alvin
markar alvin 2 days ago
Hello Miss
John Smith
John Smith 3 days ago
With the STAGED Corona SCAM the governments all over the world are trying to eradicate our FREEDOM. If we don't FIGHT back we will end up as SLAVES...
Sergio Tunes
Sergio Tunes 3 days ago
Me escrevi no canal...super
Lenon Santana
Lenon Santana 3 days ago
Que todos os jovens do mundo tivesse o desejo de fazer algo lindo e construtivo para o mundo... com Allie Sherlock - Parabéns
Bilel Bili
Bilel Bili 3 days ago
Is it possible to prove the Instagram link?
Billy Roberts
Billy Roberts 3 days ago
Actually bought a tear to my eye That’s so beautiful 🥲
steffen fischer
steffen fischer 3 days ago
Great Guy's 👍👍
simon george
simon george 3 days ago
Kopek mantap
Robert Krzemien
Robert Krzemien 3 days ago
Samsun Moutoshe
Samsun Moutoshe 3 days ago
Petra Hoffman
Petra Hoffman 3 days ago
Such a nice couple!
sadegh babai
sadegh babai 3 days ago
this is si biutiful...i like cry
GamersLife NL
GamersLife NL 3 days ago
jeeezz, this is so good. I have goosebumps 🙌
Jake Sehg
Jake Sehg 3 days ago
2:58 Dude was crisscrossing and like awkwarrrrrrd, let's go.
Kamil Nuñez
Kamil Nuñez 3 days ago
1:37 Allie was like "Don't give me that look Cuan. Don't you dare. " 😂
fit motiva
fit motiva 3 days ago
Essa é a coisa mais linda que já vi na vida
ft. perds
ft. perds 3 days ago
I ❤️ u From Philippines 🥰
Antoine Curieux
Antoine Curieux 3 days ago
Top .
zelia Loana
zelia Loana 3 days ago
Their cuteness made me smile so much
ManuelXRalte 3 days ago
Female vocals wonder and cool☺
_________ 3 days ago
Scarlett Newport
Scarlett Newport 3 days ago
I think Cuan needs to sing this song to Allie because he can't stop falling in love with her
Scarlett Newport
Scarlett Newport 3 days ago
Friend Allie called Cuan a friend more like a boyfriend
Евгений Таиров
Саратов смотрит на вас
MIKE MISOWSKI 3 days ago
So good Allie 🙌🔥 you should try in the ghetto - Elvis. Sorry if you have I couldn't find it
Indigo Visuals
Indigo Visuals 3 days ago
What a wonderful duo!! Well done!! I loved this! Where was it filmed? I see an Ulster Bank in the background. My guess is Dublin. Ready for more!!
Daytona Jimduey
Daytona Jimduey 3 days ago
He sings rather well or somewhat great.
Les Bouma
Les Bouma 3 days ago
Love it ! I!!!
Marivel Early
Marivel Early 3 days ago
Andreas Löf
Andreas Löf 4 days ago
I love Elvis, he did good there.
fahril ridwan
fahril ridwan 4 days ago
Ngeunah pisan cuokk
Tonya Bonds
Tonya Bonds 4 days ago
I love listening to these two. Please keep the songs coming. Much love from Arkansas.
markar alvin
markar alvin 2 days ago
Hello Tonya
Trish Studstill
Trish Studstill 4 days ago
I absolutely love these two. Absolutely incredible!!!! Thankyou for sharing❤️❤️
M L 4 days ago
oh so sweet. if eyes could talk ... sometimes happiness is very close
Michell Siwak
Michell Siwak 4 days ago
I love your voice I literally in love with it ❤️❤️🥰
Sylvia Thompson
Sylvia Thompson 4 days ago
They are great wow
Doctor Tirchius
Doctor Tirchius 4 days ago
One evening I too tried to play and sing this evening serenade to my sweetheart but the dogs in the neighborhood all started barking and a bucket of water came into my head!
Jéssica Oliveira
Acho tão lindo como o público fica ali quietinho admirando e respeitando a arte deles de cantar.❤️🌹
Nam Hum
Nam Hum 4 days ago
Wait ,,,,,,
Krish Mah
Krish Mah 4 days ago
¡Qué bonito! Hermosas voces y bella interpretación. Felicidades y Dios en ambos. ❤️🇲🇽❤️
In Loving Memory of my Dad.