This is Rally 4 | The best scenes of Rallying (Pure sound)

Mr. M
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The best scenes and drivers of rallying with crashes, high speeds, flat outs, on the limits, jumps and on boards moments
Drivers in preview:
Miki Pianosi and Ely Pensilfine
Thanks to:
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Group B On The Limits: ruvid.net/video/video-tRtyT9WQzdY.html
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Apr 20, 2016




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Comments 100
Fahad 1
Fahad 1 17 hours ago
مع كل الامكانات والتجهيزات والتدريب دجه مايعرفون يسوقون
FUITP 19 hours ago
4:38 chujowa sytuacja
Nieco Owen
Nieco Owen Day ago
I hope they are fine lol
Terrarian Bunny
The boys after getting their licence:
Emanuel Žebovec
Emanuel Žebovec 2 days ago
I realize what does pure sound mean because I watched nyoooom before.
ALC Jake
ALC Jake 2 days ago
0:52 best scene of what? people getting hurt?
reminder 2 days ago
6:48 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
s0nycz3kk 2 days ago
Left ear: *Car goes BRRRRRRRRRRR* Right ear: bla bla bla bla bla
Muhammad Asad Chadhar
I am getting new suicide ideas
Muhammad Asad Chadhar
3:30 Smooth af 🔥
Muhammad Asad Chadhar
5:36 me driving in gta
Paweł Balejko
Paweł Balejko 3 days ago
są i polskie akcenty 4:45 pozdro :)
Deranged Chicken
Deranged Chicken 3 days ago
if i was a bank robber i would want 1:59 as my get away driver... does anyone have his cell number please. Thank you
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop 3 days ago
6:13 When your navigator speaks French and you don't.
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop 3 days ago
I will personally give a dollar to every person that grabs those airhorns and smacks their owners with them.
Mija Devi
Mija Devi 3 days ago
merontom 4 days ago
2:00 star wars Pod racer
Sher 44
Sher 44 4 days ago
6:08 Tokyo Drift
Sher 44
Sher 44 4 days ago
Thats the real tokyo drift amk
ドラゴン 4 days ago
*where is Samir* ??
siero 4 days ago
6:18 How?
Mama Mia
Mama Mia 5 days ago
6:08 U here for this
AwesomeGtaMods 5 days ago
WTF is that why people stand near road to get fucked by cars ? 5:37 and 0:52
Alin 86
Alin 86 5 days ago
Formula 1 is nothing compared do this
bc voon
bc voon 5 days ago
Stupid enough
wandrr 5 days ago
Ahh Rally...the only time you can run people over and just keep on driving.
Sujata Kalshetty
Sujata Kalshetty 5 days ago
Guilherme Matos
Guilherme Matos 5 days ago
MigM16 5 days ago
5:37 haha stupid fucks get the hell away from the track, this is the only time a hit an run is ok lmao
Okorie John Somto
😂😂😂 5:39 Hey you get the f**k out of the way😀😀😂
CEL Motors
CEL Motors 6 days ago
2:00 Nice correction & 2:48
Sehr geheim
Sehr geheim 6 days ago
kuku bird
kuku bird 6 days ago
Stupid bunch of NPC which dev created them?
Laurent Darabi
Laurent Darabi 6 days ago
->Video title : "best scenes of rallying" *->people dying in it*
Katleho Rasebitse
5:40 it's just mud.. put it back to 1st gear and hit it
Yahya Arici
Yahya Arici 6 days ago
2:45 just imagine they're going the wrong direction after crashing
Rogerio Foschiani
idiotisee do publico ficar na beira do asfalto
D Shaw
D Shaw 6 days ago
The one with the helicopter looked like a movie with it flying so low
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 6 days ago
rest assured Joe Biden can drive better than any one of these except Colin Kaepernick, the greatest ever
Franz Heger
Franz Heger 7 days ago
This is for me the hardest Motorsport ... and then look at Boring F1 & Co.
Raylight 7 days ago
Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.
Fabri Taga5
Fabri Taga5 7 days ago
This is my fucking mountain
Albert Dincu
Albert Dincu 7 days ago
5.48 (this is what i call satysfing
thoushallsuffer 8 days ago
Ok rarely rarely rarely dislike a video, but seriously out of the 7 min video there's barley less than 2 min watchable the rest is very normal..... But anyone can explain to me what went wrong at min 6:05?????
Mr. M
Mr. M 7 days ago
I bet you watched the wrong video sir
NIMKA 8 days ago
Samir you breaking car
ren 9 days ago
Kaliif Jamsi
Kaliif Jamsi 9 days ago
Gerardo Rocha
Gerardo Rocha 9 days ago
Hay que estar bsstante loco para ver tan de cerca esos autos ,, te llegan a atropellar y no contas mas la historia !!!
vRiskyy 9 days ago
Rally fans have to be at the top of the dumbest people in the world list “oh, a loose gravel road and a high performance car doing 130km/h I’ll just stand on this bend as close a possible to the track” fucking morons, see they should be left there in pain so they will learn a lesson on not being a complete and utter moron.
Chole Calciferol
Chole Calciferol 9 days ago
Rally = A place where the Hit and Run is legal.
Teresa Huk
Teresa Huk 10 days ago
Gościu : ja pierdole
What kind of rally is this without the Audi S1 Urquattro ffs?
MrDenisimos 11 days ago
You're here for that: 6:09
raphael muresan
raphael muresan 11 days ago
Lancia Delta legend rally car 💪✌,Ken Block it's tested the first electric rally car in the world in Sweden but missing the most important thing the fucking sound 🔊
JEM ROCK 12 days ago
👍 Good friend 🙂 💫 👍 i take for me to playlist Races. I sub for you friend! Can you too please? 🙂 💫 👍 Rock on!
Karobi 12 days ago
5:37 so they just don't care?
Karobi 12 days ago
Watched Valentino Khan before some crazy algorhythm recommended this.
Cue 12 days ago
GodBlessYou2008 12 days ago
I thought I am the one who aren't afraid of death in Dirt Rally (video game) but they are crazier who are afraid of nothing *in real life*
TacoCat 12 days ago
1:31 me in DiRT Rally 2.0
Mathieu Jqn
Mathieu Jqn 12 days ago
5:36 all ok !?
Tyler Blanton
Tyler Blanton 12 days ago
6:24 dumbest driver ever brakes fail you down shift and blow the transmission not fly into a brick wall dumbass
Yolani Nguza
Yolani Nguza 13 days ago
These drivers have insane skills. Would love to watch it live
Advance Mail
Advance Mail 13 days ago
Da Yuppie
Da Yuppie 13 days ago
Lancia made for Rallye.
TriVos Ahren
TriVos Ahren 13 days ago
Itz DaZzA
Itz DaZzA 13 days ago
VDM AT 0:54
BugVall 13 days ago
lets be honest... this is 1000 times better than nascar or f1
zazu 13 days ago
0:31 is this legal
Carsten Weiland
Carsten Weiland 13 days ago
Damm the Lancia Delta is a brilliant sight!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 13 days ago
1:59 flatout 2, pinegroove 2🤣 (or 3) 2:48typical FlatOut 2)
Simp Patrol
Simp Patrol 14 days ago
5:37 the dude thinking he is playing GTA
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez 14 days ago
how stupid to risk your life this
Rͬuͧвⷡвⷡeͤrͬ ʎʞɔnᗡ
2:47 This guy has played GTA....he knows what he's doing
Jaycee Manalo
Jaycee Manalo 14 days ago
Wow ang galing
Leandro Bóveda
Leandro Bóveda 14 days ago
1:16 So close dude jajajajaja
Bamalingesh Meti
Bamalingesh Meti 14 days ago
I watch people rather than car.... That's too dangerous man😥
Dawid G
Dawid G 14 days ago
And where is "Co to kurwa jest!!!?!?!?!" :-)
Doğan Şahin
Doğan Şahin 14 days ago
subaru = rally
Sasitha Herath
Sasitha Herath 15 days ago
Okay so this is where all the getaway drivers have gone
Dogukan İlbey
Dogukan İlbey 15 days ago
wtf is happen? at 1:14
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez 16 days ago
6:09" Ajustado, Modo Diós. ON:
lLyreil Okumus
lLyreil Okumus 16 days ago
5:37 xD
Engin Karakaya
Engin Karakaya 16 days ago
Spectators: How do i commit suicide?
babk08 16 days ago
I need some excitement in my boring life. I need to learn to drift the school bus.
Jonathan Adkins
Jonathan Adkins 16 days ago
0:33-0:39 just wow! Thought they were a goner. Same for 2:46-2:57, 4:06-4:09, 5:24-5:28, Impressive at 6:11 the tittle shot.
Stef Lee
Stef Lee 16 days ago
La Audi Quatro !!!
Chelo Chelini
Chelo Chelini 16 days ago
2:45 like a boss
David Stephen
David Stephen 16 days ago
idiots driving for idiots
Exit Only
Exit Only 17 days ago
Flying through the trench on the Death Star with Darth Vader on your tail is safer than this sport.
സാം കുമ്പിടി
കൊള്ളാം പോളി വീഡിയോ
OX plays
OX plays 18 days ago
6:07.....Thank me later
Samanyu C S 4
Samanyu C S 4 18 days ago
is this coffe day rally
Vete 18 days ago
Tvl ta NOVA tam :D :D :D
Enrico Scerri
Enrico Scerri 18 days ago
Honda drivers be like 1:28
StereotypicalF1Fan 18 days ago
2:26 poor kiddo
Cvv Fhf
Cvv Fhf 19 days ago
Yang pilih allah like.
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 19 days ago
Louis Cainguitan
Louis Cainguitan 19 days ago
@ 1:37, RIP WEAK-TEC....🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣
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