This is Rally 4 | The best scenes of Rallying (Pure sound)

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The best scenes and drivers of rallying with crashes, high speeds, flat outs, on the limits, jumps and on boards moments
Drivers in preview:
Miki Pianosi and Ely Pensilfine
Thanks to:
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Jari Huttunen Racing
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Apr 20, 2016




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Comments 80
Hookup uwu
Hookup uwu 12 hours ago
ive never clinched my butt cheeks harder ( 2:20 )
SurvivusTheVirus 15 hours ago
Samir! You’re breaking the car!
Bo Huggabee
Bo Huggabee 20 hours ago
2:18 , this idiot drives into the direction he came from, which is stupid enough during a race, but right at the perfect moment where another car comes because the fucking idiot didn't look left when he went left/...
Devansh singh
*cars flying* *Bodies randomly lying*
shaka yun
shaka yun Day ago
그런데 관객들이 위험한 지역 판단을 못하나... 딱봐도 박기 좋은 위치에 서있네...
Tadar Koya
Tadar Koya Day ago
dziqson Day ago
4:37 Poles joined the chat
Big Cazza
Big Cazza Day ago
the end was glorious
Anton Dahlström
Anton Dahlström 2 days ago
Me: Grandma take the wheel. Grandma: 1:30
Marcel 2 days ago
1:34 V-Tec Kicks in
Scott Levin
Scott Levin 2 days ago
5:22 típico chileno jajjaj
태산표류기 2 days ago
뭔지랄이냐 관중하는사람들 쪽에 단단하게 펜스라도 치던가 운전하는선수건 관중이건 여럿죽이겠구만
aspire 2 days ago
You're breaking the car!!!!!!
Paille-Boy 2 days ago
2:20 he try to stop the car right that wasn't a accident... But he almost kill spectator doing that
Depressed X
Depressed X 2 days ago
1:33 lol
Wiktor 3 days ago
1:14 это круче всяких боевиков
熙饭 3 days ago
Durgesh Mahant
Durgesh Mahant 3 days ago
Don't know who has more balls the drivers or the crowd
Dario Fortunato
Dario Fortunato 3 days ago
Fans will still have the audacity to blame the driver🙃
Jason Wohl
Jason Wohl 3 days ago
My mom when I’m 1 minute late for school
Ловушка Джокера
Автор клоун, где фонк?
Yash Verma
Yash Verma 4 days ago
Girlfriend - m home alone
Eliyahu Betesh
Eliyahu Betesh 4 days ago
Subham Bagh
Subham Bagh 4 days ago
Did anyone notice Salman Khan ? 5:37
Floxum 4 days ago
5:07 о земляк
Manshul Duggal
Manshul Duggal 4 days ago
2:55 dafaq is that reaction from them? Are they from Russia?
Cryonic Two3
Cryonic Two3 4 days ago
2:44 gta driving be like
if I ever go to a rally I would definitely climb up a tree😂
Lil Rob
Lil Rob 4 days ago
7:13 did that tire hit that kid
Juan David Isaza Vasquez
6:07 BMW drift perfect.
LM01 4 days ago
2:51 boss mode activated
Felicity Bali
Felicity Bali 4 days ago
Samir, you’re breaking the car!
Nicky the Fish
Nicky the Fish 4 days ago
Sorry but those people standing watching so close are nuts..
śpiący 4 days ago
4:44 "o japierdole" 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Gesù Bambino
Gesù Bambino 4 days ago
5:37 is that Colin McRae??
Dominus Providebit
Sammy, you’re breaking the car, you have to listen to me!
Shaun 5 days ago
Fucking idiots with the airhorns
Rana Dildar
Rana Dildar 5 days ago
In which country?
Rana Dildar
Rana Dildar 5 days ago
How many ppl hv killed?
PANMASTER777 5 days ago
2:38 when your gf say we won a new car
Baala Bk
Baala Bk 5 days ago
5:36 mercyless driver
Child Star
Child Star 5 days ago
2:20 if you cant win make sure to take others with you what a jerk
Untro 5 days ago
I laughed, i cried, i realized north/eastern/central europeans are just hillbillies with nicer cars and funny accents
Eri 5 days ago
I don't get why people would Watch Literally on the side of the road...
Evan Nguyen
Evan Nguyen 5 days ago
so... mustangs arent the worst
Brian the Big Cheese
0:49 when your rally car is a mustang at heart
Marvin Sanjuan
Marvin Sanjuan 5 days ago
I was actually practicing that but sadness to my left arm is bad
Süha Açıkgöz
Süha Açıkgöz 5 days ago
When I watch again 5:45 I feel cumming like a minigun
8 5 days ago
6:08 smooth
Diecast 45
Diecast 45 5 days ago
fuck thats dangerous..😮🤔
Antony George
Antony George 5 days ago
"You're breaking the car Samir!"
Sam- -Sam
Sam- -Sam 5 days ago
Les spectateurs sont plus en danger que les conducteurs
A700 Ay
A700 Ay 6 days ago
6:10 no problem ;)
Erik Westwood
Erik Westwood 6 days ago
i need that navigator (or whatever you call him) to navigate me through life.
LorandSLAY 6 days ago
Aolooooo taureteeee
Elemen Opi
Elemen Opi 6 days ago
I think it is better to watch this on tv
Iqmal Wolfenden
Iqmal Wolfenden 6 days ago
Yknow maybe the spectators shouldn’t stand in the if the car decides to go straight zone on corners
Potato lol
Potato lol 6 days ago
6:14 *hears them speaking French* I hope they crash. *crashes* >:)
CoolCraftCool 6 days ago
Sigh In all the later vids showing people ending in trees and on the roof etc i cannot help but feel this wouldnt have happened with the co driver from the first clip "Keep it togeather!"
Brenden Malzard
Brenden Malzard 6 days ago
How's that best moment when people get hurt
Master STA
Master STA 6 days ago
The craziest fan base ever of any sport.
Kapitan patpat
Kapitan patpat 6 days ago
2:06 takumi fujiwara special technique dropping the tire on the edge😁
Paille-Boy 2 days ago
I see a man of culture
Holt Burdette
Holt Burdette 6 days ago
I would be SOOOOO pissed if I was the car at 2:20 !! Why would that guy not look before he took off!?
JoJo 6 days ago
0:50 bruh
powthang enamelo
powthang enamelo 6 days ago
Wtf is 2:19
是出 6 days ago
-- 6 days ago
5:38 felt like gta lmaooo
ufftatabummbumm 6 days ago
the first one, holy shit, it takes such much fucking skill to stabilize that car after that.
Henry Obito Fimneisang
I wish we have that type of black top in india 😒😒😒 politicians are all pig they only care about there belly
Alexander lee
Alexander lee 6 days ago
5:37 So I think Ford Focus' mows down crowds better than Ford Mustangs
Fyn Pedersen
Fyn Pedersen 6 days ago
and this, is why i love gas cars
kleberson oxom
kleberson oxom 6 days ago
Estabas buscando un comentario en español? aqui esta jajaja like para no sesaparecer
PizzaApollo 6 days ago
so rally is basically gta V irl driving
POPPASHANGO 6 days ago
Ohhh. Now I get the point of the original Death Race 2000.
cryp mkt
cryp mkt 6 days ago
Rally fans in the morning: "Let's put on some chavvy clothes and go out to get hit by some cars!"
El Murcielago Villero
2:49 Car rolls 5 times 2:56 Driver: CAlcULaTed
Lil Lion
Lil Lion 6 days ago
My bad 1:14 or near that.
Lil Lion
Lil Lion 6 days ago
1:42 they went like sonic and...they prob crashed
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 6 days ago
Nobody: Rally fans: So I have chosen death
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