This is one of the world's blackest paints (Musou Black)

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Musou Black is one of the world's blackest paints that you can easily buy. To test it out, I've decided to put some of it on a tomato. At first, it doesn't look very dark, but as it dries, it gets blacker and blacker. It isn't so dark that it's impossible to see any texture, but it's still really impressive, and it looks pretty weird.


Nile talks about lab safety: ruvid.net/video/video-ftACSEJ6DZA.html​

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May 11, 2021




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Comments 0
banana jole e
banana jole e 3 hours ago
Alexandra Kuryachaya
Tomato pain
⚡Ryu Kiminari⚡
⚡Ryu Kiminari⚡ 5 hours ago
That look like a corrupted tomato
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 6 hours ago
And wee can't see the like button really well because the green screen is so white
EPICツ JATIN 7 hours ago
Getting your whole car painted this black
Sonic Gaming
Sonic Gaming 8 hours ago
Looks fluffy
migeruface 9 hours ago
That drop was so fake...
Tallon Fields
Tallon Fields 9 hours ago
I have an idea to paint a whole room from top to bottom covering the entire room with the paint. Would be vary hard to the walls.
Internet Man
Internet Man 11 hours ago
Vantablack: am i a joke to you?
Chaz Matteo Magpantay
I cannot see anything
NBA 2K1 14 hours ago
Such a waste of good food
Alex Braun
Alex Braun 15 hours ago
Why a tomato 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sheitan 10
Sheitan 10 15 hours ago
Gud Goose
Gud Goose 17 hours ago
thats black
Julian 17 hours ago
It still reflected the light lol
LAG Gameing
LAG Gameing 19 hours ago
This guy really almost opened a loonytoons portal at the start of the video
TheRealZak 19 hours ago
The corrupted tomato
Boyfriend 21 hour ago
The corrupted tamato
JGR 21 hour ago
*C O R R U P T E D T O M A T O*
Akami Channel
Akami Channel 21 hour ago
That paint is so black the cops are trying to arrest it
TheMr3742 21 hour ago
Imagine painting your body in that for war at night
ELHAZE23 22 hours ago
N word pass ×10000000
Figo 3
Figo 3 23 hours ago
This looks like what it'd be like if black censor bars were actually there.
Neo Blackjack thee enraged
I want to paint my truck and S UV that colour.
Wolfette Plays
Get this and the world’s brightest white paint and then we can make bad apple in real life
Jayden69 Day ago
Did you kill the tomato cus it was black
Zhiri Day ago
It looks so fuzzy
Looks like it would have a velvet like texture
Desert Rose
Desert Rose Day ago
Shinigami world tomato
No Name
No Name Day ago
Where can I get that paint
Mason Fries
Mason Fries Day ago
In the light it looked like a velvet texture
Chris Hoang
Chris Hoang Day ago
I liked the part where he threw the tomatoe at rhe wall
Lewis memes
Lewis memes Day ago
Darkyh Red
Darkyh Red Day ago
Photoshop be like:
Dudu Bajelidze
14 y/o girls: ThAtS rAcIsT
Hmm... Day ago
Why is this tomatoe not in the backrooms wiki fandom yet
Mission PC
Mission PC Day ago
Locks car door*
Evan Schaffer
Black 3.0 is better imo (Black 3.0 is basically vantablack but commercially available)
Tempest VRoid
"This is the blackest paint in the world" ... "So I Yeet it"
Shana Vreden
Shana Vreden Day ago
And then we say.... Bon appetit
gynt bynt
gynt bynt Day ago
Tomato is black
Average Alcohol Enjoyer
I love this channel
Ace123 Conejos
Its a poisoned half apple
Ray Fritzie
Ray Fritzie Day ago
My brain: paint my friend wall with this colour and turn of the light Meanwhile me thinking: why should i
Paul Ross
Paul Ross Day ago
Roze skins from Warzone
Jade Lin Lee Chen
"This is one of the blackest paints" *flashbacks to anish kapoor*
ELI Day ago
the tomato looks like our tomato that was in the table for 6 months now
Lisa Mackenzie
aww_its Day ago
Bruv I wanna paint this on a gaming office or something then put a TONS of rbg might burn my eye but it'll look cool as hell
Sachi Mochi
Sachi Mochi Day ago
The tomato is now infested with darkness ooo
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
The ultimate n word pass
Stefan Andrejevic
*buy black paint* *cover yourself in the paint* "NI-"
COVID-19 Day ago
Vantablack is better than Musou black button | | \|/
No U
No U Day ago
The cops are about to start spraying
Rj Indian
Rj Indian Day ago
It looks like a game object that hasn't loaded in completely
tecc decc
tecc decc Day ago
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Day ago
I'll take your whole stock!
Sevkips EMBaguck
Wait a moment, if I cover myself in this, then go in a dark room, is it called camouflage?
R Day ago
Nah dude, you just haven’t unlocked that item yet
the guy
the guy Day ago
Legend says police are actively looking for that tomato because it matched a description
youssef ibrahim
Bro appreciate food others don't have it
El Brujo
El Brujo Day ago
Bimbense Day ago
I can see the texture
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 Day ago
Where to buy
man's locked half of the tomato
シмυταнιя κнαɳ
Nice throw bro 👍🍅
glutenfreee gaming
The Real Buzz Lightyear
It looks fuzzy
Zackary Cox
Zackary Cox Day ago
Yes that's what I need for my room lol so no one can see
Youtuber 123
Youtuber 123 Day ago
He’s racist I would keep it and see if it’s edible
Tuvshin Day ago
Its paint on a tomato?
Addicted To Games
They final comment got me😂
Him- this is the blackest paint in the world Also him - *proceeds to drop it and almost spill it all over the ground*
Dragon.14 Day ago
Probably look cool on a gaming mouse
Christian Carnley
he said yeet
Skyro Seal mon
It looks like a poison apple
and remember, kids: tomatoes are disgusting!
That guy
That guy Day ago
Andy Kong
Andy Kong Day ago
This is because nothing reflects from that black paint
Tali Bailey
Tali Bailey Day ago
U should try black 3.0
Polyius P.
Polyius P. 2 days ago
exodous02 2 days ago
It didn't look that special, maybe it doesn't come through on video very well?
Acid_snake_fire 64
V o i d t o m a t o
Trader4310 2 days ago
When you look at it when its gully dired its like fuzzy couch
Mr Nubbles
Mr Nubbles 2 days ago
Black is black
Striker Alpha
Striker Alpha 2 days ago
Man, I saw my own reflection. 👀
Not a Bot
Not a Bot 2 days ago
Me: Mom, can we get new bananas? Mom: I bought some last week. The bananas:
Adam Faruqi
Adam Faruqi 2 days ago
The throw was unnecessary
Amanda Judd
Amanda Judd 2 days ago
I love how he just throws it
Brad 1
Brad 1 2 days ago
CrazedBlob 2 days ago
“This is the blackest paint in the world” *proceeds to reflect light and stay gray*
J.B. plays
J.B. plays 12 hours ago
He said one of the blackest paints that you can buy, there is one much darker but it’s only in a spray variety and the artist who made the New York bean made it so only he could buy it
CarreZ 2 days ago
Y omericen
IDKwhatToPut 2 days ago
Everyone: wow so Dark Me:it looks fluffy
DOC L 2 days ago
Does it feel like suede cause it looks of a suede texture
Blue Aspen Meadow
It looks soft like velvet
Harshil KumarSingh
Poor 🍅😭
Chief Yt
Chief Yt 2 days ago
I am not ready for that throw 😂
Shaveel Singh
Shaveel Singh 2 days ago
The throw. What was the reason? WHAT WAS THE REASON??
I had to break all my beakers.
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