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Today we are taking a deep dive on the options and standard equipment for every 2021 Ford Bronco Trim level! We cover the difference in Bronco Options! If you are wondering what the Sasquatch package on the Bronco has, this is the video for you!
Reserve the 2door or 4door Bronco - bit.ly/2021bronco
Reserve the smaller Bronco Sport - bit.ly/2021BroncoSport

Click here to download the Equipment and Options on the Bronco! drive.google.com/file/d/1cNognw-mwinEu_WpgbM9eSlCYqKMHhYq/view?usp=sharing
1:28 - Base Model
6:28 - Big Bend
9:24 - Black Diamond
12:20 - Outer Banks
16:11 - Badlands
19:13 - Wildtrak
22:35 - First Edition
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Jul 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Publik Enemi
Publik Enemi 5 hours ago
That’s a generously outfitted base model IMO. That said , I’ll take the Sasquatch package too
Coral Law
Coral Law 6 hours ago
Ford is leaving Toyota in the dust! Its obvious that someone is "asleep at the switch" at the Toyota shop.
joe markovic
joe markovic Day ago
I have a 92 daihatsu rocky. This is much cooler
Thank you! I’ve not wanting a vehicle like this in a long time!
Schwing Batta
Schwing Batta 3 days ago
Great detail. Lots of specs to compare and I’m still a bit confused. I live probably mostly 90% in the city and on the highway. I love power and performance though. Currently looking for a more practical rugged option to my Audi s5 with more ground clearance. Looking at a Subaru Outback but this has caught my attention. Which bronco trim and packages would be street power and performance. It can take off-road with all nice luxuries and tech options?
FirebrewTV 4 days ago
Why offer carpet and cloth seats in a vehicle that is marketed for off roading?
Ed Kincaid
Ed Kincaid 4 days ago
Great video on these Broncos Thank you.
scott perry
scott perry 4 days ago
I have a limited coming.....Rapid Red
MURR DOG 4 days ago
Legendary FORD business plan! spend 3 times more on $ales marketing over RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT..cheap recall cronies.
Gabriel Balfour
Gabriel Balfour 5 days ago
this would be icing on the cake if Ford included the Pro Power outlet in the rear at least a 1,000 watt unit .....I would buy one for sure !!!!
Ryan Fowler
Ryan Fowler 5 days ago
Make one with a V8
Caravan Dee
Caravan Dee 5 days ago
I wait for the mid season refresh to knockout the problems
scallen2112 6 days ago
Why in the world would you put carpet standard in an off-road vehicle? It this for the pretenders and their pavement princesses? I wish someone would just make a capable off-road vehicle that didn't have to be tricked out with options or modded to oblivion with aftermarket parts to get there.
Noland Rutledge
Noland Rutledge 6 days ago
Lol, who pays msrp?
Bruce White
Bruce White 7 days ago
I am interested in the base model with sasquatch package what would be the cost and can the steel bumpers with winch be added to this Bronco
Carl Sidwell
Carl Sidwell 7 days ago
Looks like the badlands is the best for the buck
Karyna Myres
Karyna Myres 8 days ago
Reserved my BRONCO! This has been the most helpful video ever!! Thank you for taking the time to make this extremely informative video. 😀
Garrett Myers
Garrett Myers 9 days ago
2.3 liter, yeah real perfect
Jerry Hernandez
Jerry Hernandez 11 days ago
Too bad Ford donated money to the “black lives matter movement” I guess I’ll scratch this one of my list.
O FROOT-Oh 11 days ago
Great video
M W 13 days ago
The Jeep Wrangler is dead meat
Brent Ferrell
Brent Ferrell 14 days ago
Overpriced AF.......just like the Wrangler🤦🏼‍♂️
Garrett Waddell
Garrett Waddell 14 days ago
These Fords Look More To Me Like Expedition And Explorer Or Otherwise Concept. Just Also Make A Lincoln
John Love
John Love 15 days ago
Still wish I could make up my mind. Great job going through the options Just wish the 7speed was available with the 2.7 eco boost.
DDE 15 days ago
15:13 that door 😍
DDE 15 days ago
I love the color at 6:14
JK F1 16 days ago
2 door, manual.
Sergio G
Sergio G 16 days ago
Awesome job, complete and concise. Great presentation!
publiman 17 days ago
Any longer love for Australia, really need to make a right hand drive
Katie Calens
Katie Calens 17 days ago
This is such a good break down thanks 🙏
Robert Slick
Robert Slick 18 days ago
Do any of them come with a roof that can't be removed?
Ronnie Mitchell
Ronnie Mitchell 19 days ago
Sorry that's not a bronco
Margaret Pierce
Margaret Pierce 19 days ago
Great job breaking down each level - really appreciate the time you put into this
Rich Beach
Rich Beach 23 days ago
now its a 1.5 and 2.0 no sasquatch on the ford.com site. crazy what a month does
kueagle1 23 days ago
what is the horsepower from these new engines?
Robert Denton
Robert Denton 23 days ago
I liked the day that American cars came with all the options as standard. Pay my money and drive off the car lot. Now you want me to choose from all that stuff, my head is spinning so much I am off to buy a bog-standard Jeep. I wanted to buy a Bronco, now thanks to your video a Bronco is the last car I would buy. What on earth is Ford thinking?
SE Creator
SE Creator 25 days ago
Ill order the one that doesnt break. OH WAIT they dont make that model anymore
Ebed jehu Soto najera
First edition 4 door perfect
Eggs Chilli
Eggs Chilli 26 days ago
GOAT mode... LMAOOOO thats the marketing team poking fun at us millennials!!!!! HAHAHAH
David Bourland
David Bourland 26 days ago
I dislike the removable roof, it looks ugly. Fire the guy that designed it, nuf said. Why give me a recessed display panel, let me bring it flush with the dash panel, my choice. Let me chop the steering wheel to look like a vintage bomber control stick, my choice. Let me block the 2 passenger air ducts and low speed the drivers side to be efficient, my choice. Let me be able to swap the passengers seat for the drivers when it wears out, my choice. Design the interior to look like an off road vehicle, my choice. Offer hard mount picatinny rails to the interior for odd and ends, my choice. Heck add them to the outside too. Give this list request some thought, it could make you very rich!
Laura Dawson
Laura Dawson 26 days ago
Pair with a black series off road camper and we have a winner! I’ll be liven off grid.
Ro 27 days ago
great Video. Time to sell my Wrangler :0(
Saundra Buchanan
Saundra Buchanan 28 days ago
Reserved my Wildtrak! Woo Hoo!
The Platinum Beast
The Platinum Beast 29 days ago
I get the feeling if I want my bronco when it comes out I should buy it off the lot once they come in.
James 29 days ago
Great video!
Cory Amble
Cory Amble 29 days ago
If you want to “order” it. Now if you want to have fun make sure you get the 4 cylinder manual
brkbeat junkie
brkbeat junkie 6 days ago
Cory Amble depends on how it will be used.
kenmidori 29 days ago
Great vid
Karey Cartwright
Great job presenting it thanks a lot of help
Enjoying the content, extremely informative videos.
Randy Flores
Randy Flores Month ago
Goat mode = greatest of all time And I believe it
Mohammad Umer
Mohammad Umer Month ago
Plz don't make any explanation for ur use of notes. Awesome video Big Guy !
Cory Anderson
Cory Anderson Month ago
Fantastic video my man - thank you. I'm curious how a 6'5" dude would review the leg/shoulder room? These concerns are the only reason I have not ordered yet. If it passes muster I'll go Squatchin' in a Black Diamond w/V6 please. Gotta be able to hose out my 3 and 5 year old's barf in the back and the poop stains in the passenger seat (where wifey sits).
Colin Clement
Colin Clement 4 days ago
Your wife poops in your vehicle??? That's weird
Sam Wiede
Sam Wiede Month ago
Well done! Thanks!
Ricky Zuela
Ricky Zuela Month ago
Excellent video!!
Erick Lopez
Erick Lopez Month ago
Can’t decide between outer banks and wildtrak lol
Chris Bethmann
Chris Bethmann Month ago
Ok, ok, I’ll give thumbs up, Jesus!
DeanMartin 64
DeanMartin 64 Month ago
What's the best MPG?
Ricky D
Ricky D Month ago
So if I am understanding this right to get adaptive cruise control, which is standard equipment on 4Runners, it's going to cost me about 50,000 and I get a whole lot of extra crap I don't want
Jove Mil Marc
Jove Mil Marc Month ago
the best!!!!
James Dunn
James Dunn Month ago
Really nice but way to expensive for me
Michelle J
Michelle J Month ago
That was COOL!!!! REALLY GOOD JOB DEFINITELY WORTH MY THUMBS UP👍😁 Bronco Wildtrak Lux and Sasquatch pigs + Marine Vinyl but Would have LOVED TO FIRST EDITION
James Ide
James Ide Month ago
Tough decision! I'm going with a 4 door Outer Banks with the Lux and Sasquatch packages. I'm in Canada though, so I can't get it from you. Helpful video!
Kyle Rider
Kyle Rider Month ago
I want the ten speed 2.7 4 door hard top with Sasquatch package
Noe Schmoe
Noe Schmoe Month ago
If you get an 18 inch wheel, add 35 inch tire, you will have to install a lift kit. If you get the base 16 inch wheels, you will have room for 35+ inch tires. Watch UK's "4xoverland" and he explains how the smaller wheels are desirable for off-roading. The smaller wheel leaves room for bigger tires. Yay!
David Blalock
David Blalock Month ago
So ford did it again, and selected a weak manual transmission. Why Ford, Why? Why Can't you just build something as indestructible as the T18/19 transmissions, with a TC as bolder proof as the NP205? Why!
Zach Baker
Zach Baker Month ago
Yeah bro, totally throwing away my 30" tires...
oPlexyz Month ago
Can you get the badlands edition in the 2.7L with 10 speed transmission automatic?
RD Month ago
The First addition Broncos will be the stars of the car shows next year. The real off roaders will be diving base models with Sasquatch package and off road options
John Alfano
John Alfano Month ago
I just wish it looked more like the Broncos of the 90's....
tokyograpez Month ago
this video was so helpful! thank you for putting so much effort into it
Da Ze
Da Ze Month ago
Nah, I’ll stick with my Rubi
Make Nevada Great
jaime soto
jaime soto Month ago
if they make O,J. edition
Bb Hh
Bb Hh Month ago
Bb Hh
Bb Hh Month ago
b sellman
b sellman Month ago
Hey buddy very informative video enjoyed it saved it case I decide to get one later on can't do it right now but I think these will be collectible you know in 20-30 years for sure as things get bigger heavier more computerized more sophisticated which doesn't really lend itself to off-road enjoyment for example in my opinion this is a very cool SUV probably the best one out there I think regarding options to customize and start with a good platform that shoots one's preference I lean towards the black diamond and can add other things that it doesn't have aftermarket items are readily available and there's some high-quality things out there take care good luck thank you again Bryan in South Florida
Elliet Maples
Elliet Maples Month ago
Land Rover nerfed the Defender. It's too soft and vanilla in my opinion. I think Ford did a good job and kept the spirit of the Bronco alive. Great options too. I think they are going to sell A LOT of them.
Oakwoods Farm
Oakwoods Farm Month ago
Excellent Video!!!!! I want Badlands with Lux package. I only want Lux for the adaptive cruise control (best invention of all time) for when I’m using it to commute. This will be my everything vehicle. So question is, can I get the Lux package but still have the vinyl seats and no carpet? I already put my reservation in on the first day with a local dealer to me, so I can’t wait. I’m hoping I’m not one of those that has to wait 18 months.
Eric Ramos
Eric Ramos Month ago
Man,I just want a Bronco. Like, from '65. I would love the base model but with rubber floors and plastic seets. I just want a car seat mounted on a tractor that can go Anywhere. Might just get a quad and save my money
mlhm5 Month ago
Jeep has made over 2.2MM JKs since 2006 and there is one out there with all the aftermarket equipment you want for a lot less money than buying a new Bronco. Parts are cheap, everywhere in the world including the junkyard and the aftermarket is huge. Furthermore unless you are driving the Bronco on the highway most of the time, that 4cyl turbo is useless at producing torque at low rpms which is needed for both offroading and overlanding.
Rodrick Month ago
Where's the FORGIATO'S!!!!!
Ramiro Month ago
My dad owned a 1996 bronco when I was a kid. I can’t help to want to buy one of these 😫.
Miller Lite
Miller Lite Month ago
Yes please
Lipzi Michel
Lipzi Michel Month ago
Would we be able to choose any color for any bronco?
David James
David James Month ago
I want that base 2 door in cactus grey
healthyamerican Month ago
just order the one that copies the jeep in every way. removable roof, removable doors, rollcage, side door panel cutouts. let you dealer know you want a jeep look-alike and they will hook you up
VADERR7 Month ago
A 2.7 Ecoboost engine. OMG. This is a Bronco not a little pony. My 2010 Mustang GT has 315 horses pulling it. Bronco should have a V-8 equipped as a standard equipment.
tolpacourt Month ago
Let the people with money to burn buy the 2012 Bronco. The rest of us shud wait a couple years to see whether they are going to hold up. Hey Ford, why not perfect a single model and then come out with other models?
Kriss Wegemer
Kriss Wegemer Month ago
Can't have a manual transmission with the Sasquatch package. That will keep me with Jeep.
Hatuey McFarland
looks expensive inside and out, well done. But I want Toyota to bring the 70 series to North America, I don't want to be spending more money on silly repairs.
ctgblue Month ago
Is the 2.7 available for the Badlands? It's mentioned as required for the last couple of items, but not listed in available options.
foreverfixin Month ago
What would be the max tow rating for the Bronco
TT Innovations
TT Innovations Month ago
my order is base 2 door manual with sasquatch packages, everything else I'll get aftermarket or build/install later
Thought Sasquatch didn’t come in manual? I’m reading automatic only.
TT Innovations
TT Innovations Month ago
super Great Video with a lot of good info, thank you, Hello FORD !!! I want a normal non turbo V8 5.0 Please and even better offer it with a Manual =), PLEASE =) maybe in 2022 or 2023?
Christopher Mara
I always loved the Bronco but I'm not sure the new one is right for me. I live in a very rough mountainous area. Heavy snow in winter and mud, mud, mud in spring. The way the Bronco is configured you have to get the Sasquatch (terrible male toxic terminology) to get locking differentials. However that package comes with those oversized tires that are damaging to our narrow roads. It seems like the new Bronco is made for weekend off-roaders and not for workers.
Dominador III Cancio
,,Bronco, Ranger, zr2, jeep'' it is market consumer. NOT a TOYOTA
DiMo28 Month ago
Only available to Ecoboost engines? Looks like a cool truck, but I have no interest in those engines.
Katie Marie
Katie Marie Month ago
Got my reservation in for the Badlands version. I'm thinking 2.7L 10 speed automatic with the sasquatch and lux package.. orange..I hope that's possible.
Larry Month ago
What a disappointment. They jammed a wide axle under a square box and added goofy fender flares. Looks like it was built in someone's backyard.
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