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Today we took a look at the BEST high school receiver's highlights and decided to call him out to some 1's before he goes to off college and then the NFL!
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Comments 80
Deestroying 2 months ago
Who else highlights should we react to 👀👀👀
Marie Renelus
React to Jahmyr Gibbs
Jose Gonzales
Jose Gonzales 4 days ago
Bijan Robinson
TRUTHxCJ 4 days ago
Look up Puna Laasaga from Hawaii dat Boi siccwidit
Jerome Puckett
Jerome Puckett 6 days ago
Khalil Brantley Miami NW
Erik Trasciatti
Erik Trasciatti 11 days ago
Wyoming area
Jonathan Roy
Jonathan Roy 4 hours ago
I feel the school he going against are unleveled compared to his school and team. He really not amazing or that fast. I would lock him down and wack the f**k out that ni**a.
Action Figure Wrestling
Are you in the 2020 draft
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Day ago
Call out Deandre Hopkins
Stanley Hargrove
Stanley Hargrove 2 days ago
Fr who tf is these teams they trash bro
Sloth SHB
Sloth SHB 2 days ago
My family lives in southern area and knows his family he is really good
BigD71889 2 days ago
His agent will not allow him the risk of getting injured to play you a one-on-one
Gilbert Rojas
Gilbert Rojas 2 days ago
You did not lock down Antonio Brown lmao
Riley Slusser
Riley Slusser 2 days ago
i screen recorded you calling him out n sent it to him n he opened it but didn’t say nun 👀👀
James Moore
James Moore 2 days ago
Uh Bryan Breese and Bryce Young are ranked ahead of Fleming
Prentice Lohr
Prentice Lohr 3 days ago
He is playing little kids that look like they are from a d3 d4 school
Lane Stewart
Lane Stewart 3 days ago
You and Spencer off all American should run some 1v1
Uluao Hollister
Uluao Hollister 3 days ago
when a created player comes to life
Uluao Hollister
Uluao Hollister 3 days ago
you should check out alfred failauga BEST RB IN HAWAII
Andrew Kawano
Andrew Kawano 3 days ago
If u can lock up any1 y u aren’t u in the league lol
RigoNite 22
RigoNite 22 3 days ago
Bruh I’m tired of seeing you play hs kids on most of your videos. Bruh you almost 30
Damian Ander
Damian Ander 4 days ago
they're all white lmao
TRUTHxCJ 4 days ago
AB made yo ass look like a first timer and you claim to only be a kicker cmon now yo ego getting wrapped in yo nappy ass head you starting to become silly bruh and don’t forget Dockery locked yo ass up badly haha you trippin
Lets Gettit
Lets Gettit 4 days ago
Bro ur not bouta beat Flemming...... I mean ur Insaneeee, but bro.......OHIO state commit prob gonna start. Ur basically going against devin smith. Big no no
CristianO Mossbarger
As soon as I heard he was going to OSU It just made my day that much better
Yanula Thuiyadura
go bucks
Adam 6 days ago
Idk I’m going to be that guy rn but... You didn’t lock up AB, you got cooked, sautéed and served up on a platter for the whole internet to see😂. You still the man tho
Lakristy Cobb
Lakristy Cobb 6 days ago
hi I love your video
Los Reyess
Los Reyess 6 days ago
You won’t be able to guard hill tho😂
Alonzo Elliott
Alonzo Elliott 6 days ago
He not playin cali ball cali boyzz play different
Colin Good
Colin Good 6 days ago
Bruh u need to coach high school football
xavier Ramon
xavier Ramon 6 days ago
Woah woah a b iddeeeekkkk I ain’t even gon talk about thay
Tommy Dixon Vlogs
kyle mccord 2021 5 star qb ohio state
Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez 7 days ago
Bruh I wanna see you going with ppl more ur speed not high-school kids
redangelmask l
redangelmask l 7 days ago
He so proud of locking up a 14 year freshman so bad 😂😂😂
Travis Gill
Travis Gill 9 days ago
check out my boi NOAH SEWELL played at orem high school out of orem utah. 5 STAR RECRUIT and signed with OREGON
Big PapaSmurf
Big PapaSmurf 10 days ago
That purple and white team was my team 😂
YouTube Shwish
YouTube Shwish 12 days ago
4:57 he didn’t score look at it in slomo 😂
GM0N3Y 1095
GM0N3Y 1095 12 days ago
You this dude is only 30 mins away from me and he is a beast he will put up a fight bro be ready
Coconutcrawler 12 days ago
7:18 you made fun of #11 for getting the hard stiff arm but didn’t notice that he redeemed himself by getting back up to make the tackle.
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez 8 days ago
Coconutcrawler dont fuckin matter 🤣🤣he got his shit done
Marquise Meda
Marquise Meda 12 days ago
4:58 does not cross goal line before he lets go of the ball
Darrell Farmer
Darrell Farmer 13 days ago
I’d put money on it, you couldn’t lock me up and i guarantee id lock you up
beyondbe3st 13 days ago
Adrain killins bro he go to UCF n he fast 💨 asf n didn’t get invited to the 2020 draft like look at his speed
Brody Vlogs
Brody Vlogs 14 days ago
What about Bryan breese he is the best player on d do some with him
Young Pac
Young Pac 15 days ago
@Destroying you need to Checc out Raleek Brown. Transfer from Edison High School in Stockton, Ca to Mater Dei this year
Bobby Franzo
Bobby Franzo 15 days ago
He's just THAT GOOD, bro! He played High-School football for Southern Columbia H.S. in Pennsylvania. I saw him play this past season against my brother-in-law's alma mater (Wyoming Area) - who later went on to win the state championship in 5-A - and Southern beat them like 51-7 or something stupid like that. Southern won the state title in 3-A the last 4 years in a row now, and a large part of their success was due to Fleming's athleticism.. He's definitely the real deal..
Bobby Franzo
Bobby Franzo 15 days ago
This high-school this kid plays for is just a few miles from where I live..
Caze Infinity
Caze Infinity 16 days ago
I have been to the high school he went to and I got a picture of his locker when he was in high school on my phone
Mike Remington
Mike Remington 19 days ago
You try way to hard for your personality. Major turn off for a lot of people. Real swag comes natural, you force it way to much. 💯💯💯💯
Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove
Mike Remington you hater 🤣
Devin Lewis
Devin Lewis 20 days ago
Deestroying I know I'm late on this but I went to a highschool that played him this season I was actually running the chains when he played Montoursville dude is a baller but southern Columbia is one of the most controversial high schools in PA they play small schools that do not have the size nor talent to compete most the kids in these high schools don't go to college and play ball and if they do it's to a small local school like d3 so he really is a man against boys but still mad props to Julian for what he's accomplished. Btw love the merch got my own ten toes down long sleeved hooded shirt 👍🏻
Bran New
Bran New 20 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-8VXB_McCvNI.html check out that new Soulja boy.... 🔥🔥🔥just trying to put y’all on it before everyone else it came out yesterday
grant moyes
grant moyes 21 day ago
Gia and Alannas channel
Stop fronting lollllll!!!! Dont act like AB didnt chew you. U wasnt even close
Byron Auterberry
Byron Auterberry 23 days ago
Eagles Soar
Eagles Soar 23 days ago
He will be average in college. Why! Because SC loads up every year as a small out in the woods country school. Population around 3000 plus. So How do you do that. Someone is having lots of instant stud football players right? Ill let you figure this math equation out. Pretty simple.
Damian Zimmerman
Damian Zimmerman 23 days ago
He fast 👀👀
Numba Juan
Numba Juan 24 days ago
Retire them chocolate chip mint color chick shorts.
Aiden Dietz
Aiden Dietz 24 days ago
He went to one of our rival schools Southern Columbia we lost to them every year in the district championship
Razor Gaming
Razor Gaming 25 days ago
We wouldve had to play them in the first round of our districts if we won our last game of the season
Shaya Humbert
Shaya Humbert 25 days ago
no one could catch him he is way too fast
Shaya Humbert
Shaya Humbert 25 days ago
The first highlight off RUvid is my school lmao
Wayne Briggs
Wayne Briggs 25 days ago
Production tip Young Brother, just a constructive thought. When you superimpose (special effect) your person and are doing your commentary, I suggest you not include the special effect. I'm sure you can deduce why, if not, feel free to Q&A me. Other than that, Young Brother, keep it fresh and keep doing what your doing. #peopleonthemove #robedikappausa #robedikappa #robdiappaturino IG: waynebriggs
Dylan Patrone
Dylan Patrone 25 days ago
i hope you see this but my football team played vs southern Columbia and that who julian fleming played for and he is so good. His team was the best they won 7 5:0 , we lost bad. I'm not gonna cap but he will smoke you in a 1v1 you. If u dont believed me that i played him search on (max prep ) southern columbia or towanda area high school . I also u can search highlights for that game. I love your videos bro, keep up with it i been watching your video for so long since u started youtube.
Dylan Patrone
Dylan Patrone 25 days ago
our team is in this video the time is 5:25 it the white and black team love you bro
angel morales
angel morales 25 days ago
I believe marvin Harrison jr is going to better than Fleming. Bet u can't lock him up
Tyler Curry
Tyler Curry 26 days ago
His region weak 😭 small ass DB’s
Colin Wright
Colin Wright 26 days ago
My brother played in all American
Latour Turner
Latour Turner 26 days ago
If he was in Louisiana he'd be average
Latour Turner
Latour Turner 23 days ago
@Mo Bomba its levels to this! SouthernFootballIzDifferent
Mo Bomba
Mo Bomba 23 days ago
Right... This is the case with it of recruits. Ik people who were below average in Florida and they went off to other states and dominated and went off to D1 schools to start lol
Kurtis Curtis
Kurtis Curtis 28 days ago
Just think you could pine up if you was in the game not on RUvid baaaaaahaaaaaaaa
Kurtis Curtis
Kurtis Curtis 28 days ago
Look bro I css as my day you trash bec you not but if your all what you say you’d be some place other then on RUvid talkin trash so is what it is who knows if you’d look up JW but he’s def going places where you at
Simon Phoenix
Simon Phoenix 29 days ago
You didn’t lock up brown what is wrong with you
Victor Cornelius
I've seen 5 stars hs players flop in college.
Victor Cornelius
You can't always go by stars dude.
Yung Lawson
Yung Lawson Month ago
11:07 ummm google KD Cannon!! We ain on there cuh I locced him up but he a dog play for Bears I think
Yung Lawson
Yung Lawson Month ago
I didn’t kno 0:13
Matt Molinaro
Matt Molinaro Month ago
Man you didn’t lock up AB you crazy as hell he ran right past you fool 😂😂😂
johnfromm1974 Month ago
Even Ricky from Boyz In Da Hood Had 3 touchdowns in his first 3 clips!
Worklife_6 M
Worklife_6 M Month ago
@deestroying he plays on the number one team in the state no one even comes close to them that’s why nobody try’s against them
New Message
New Message Month ago
Where's the football Where's Rolando messi
Zone6 THE Ohio State
My Boy J Flem 💪🏻 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.. P.S you ain’t locking up J Flem
LowLip McGee
LowLip McGee Month ago
Dude not even that good... lmao. He Just runs screens and gos. Whoop-Dee-Freakin-Doo. Looks slow as F too 😬😬🤔🤔
Jeff Prevett
Jeff Prevett Month ago
Who are you ?
RecoilLegacy Month ago
Watched this man do 1 on 1’s at football camp this year and he burnt like everyone and makes everything look so easy
T Lunsford
T Lunsford Month ago
That qb is money too
Max’s Fight
Max’s Fight Month ago
I’m new to the channel bro, I love football so this is a great way to get caught up on some the top high school football teams and players. Thanks brother keep Deestroying!
FD 1997
FD 1997 Month ago
Deon I meant
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