This is Google Pixel 4 Ultra!

Marques Brownlee
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Exclusive leak of Google Pixel 4.
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Apr 1, 2019

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Comments 20 410
Yongshen Loh
Yongshen Loh Day ago
didnt realise it until the chinese word and the upload date lol
Samiul Hasan
Samiul Hasan Day ago
Getting April Fooled in July smh!
Nate DS
Nate DS Day ago
I...really cant tell if hes joking.
nimesh dilshan
what the f@#$k !!! he got me and it's 3 months after video out
Adam Cerutti
Adam Cerutti 2 days ago
Lemur's are only ever found in Madagascar. Fun fact!
My Tech HD
My Tech HD 2 days ago
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
TheBadFred 3 days ago
looks like Oppo Reno....
Muhammad Yaqin
Muhammad Yaqin 4 days ago
Oppo Reno, huh? Wkwkwkwk,
Free thinker
Free thinker 7 days ago
saud alhathal
saud alhathal 8 days ago
that turned out to be the oppo reno
schalazeal07 8 days ago
Damn it Marquez!! I got a lil excited there 🤣
Shardul Nalegave
Shardul Nalegave 12 days ago
Meanwhile in Google: That looks good!
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 15 days ago
And im also scared when this releases...
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 15 days ago
Its just a oppo reno with a google logo...
Karl Daniel
Karl Daniel 18 days ago
The moment he put on the tin foil hat, i got Ryan Higa vibes 😂😂
TIPS FOR YOU 20 days ago
I want this thumbnail wallpaper .... please
Yogesh Soni
Yogesh Soni 23 days ago
Can you please send a link of wallpaper
El Desván De Dan
El Desván De Dan 24 days ago
This is such a good idea for a phone front camera! I like it
Tasrin Zaman
Tasrin Zaman 25 days ago
Oppo reno design lol
Andrew Furst
Andrew Furst 25 days ago
Anyone else see all those ports on the MacBook Pro tho?
Wolfnrun 26 days ago
I checked the date and cried
MULTI Inc 26 days ago
finally. the pixel doesn't suck.
Comrade 26 days ago
Can u give to me.......
Sean Quertinmont
Sean Quertinmont 28 days ago
It may have a nocth or camera cut out like Samsung
Akash batham
Akash batham 28 days ago
Was that supposed to be a joke???
bernardo belisario
bernardo belisario 29 days ago
You got me months after! Damn
Rama Yandi
Rama Yandi 29 days ago
This is OPPO RENO Series
please help me get pewdiepie subs minus 5 mil
Oner Owner Homer Boner
JimbobMcPeen Month ago
I just saw this video randomly and thought it was totally real until he put on the hat and I was like..."When did this video relea- ooooohhhhh"
suresh arjune
suresh arjune Month ago
Can you do a video on the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3?
Davy Ngunjiri
Davy Ngunjiri Month ago
that wedged thing is a no!🤔
Joepfrey Alvarez
BRUH that tinfoil hat got me in stitches 🤣
Rohan Damodar
Rohan Damodar Month ago
Oppo Reno took this joke seriously!
ApoAbi Month ago
İ hope it will be like this
Adil Husain
Adil Husain Month ago
Agreed except for the fact that reno does not exist.... Dude oppo reno phone is sellng right now in India for 32000 rs
dye aveli
dye aveli Month ago
Why did this just get me. @&#-+$-3$
Jersey2FL Month ago
Watching this on June 10th. Good thing I stand until the end.
Chigozie Ozor
Chigozie Ozor Month ago
Oppo just made this phone.
Some Guy
Some Guy Month ago
Oppo Reno anybody?
MISWA Month ago
sooooo... oppo reno is now a thing... weird.
Mememaker100 Month ago
I got really excited while watching this but then I started looking through the comments and then I realized this was uploaded on April fools day
Kashyap Chonekar
OPPO illumaniti confirmed!
Pencilsss Month ago
I thought it was legit until I saw it was uploaded on April fools 😂
Worldly PC
Worldly PC Month ago
...Did the Mac not give it away. Noticed halfway through.
fucken loser
fucken loser Month ago
dont give them any fucking ideas
张友才 Month ago
BGM tell me this is a joke👀
Hetty Month ago
Brum im watching this hella late and was like tf new pixel already? And why the troll music? Till i saw the video date LOL
ashik poojari
ashik poojari Month ago
damn it, he got me. Not fair
Fred Merc
Fred Merc Month ago
its literally the oppo reno
Kane Banner
Kane Banner Month ago
Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly Month ago
4:25 he really Doug deep. Edit: oh shit it was a joke. Dangitt
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