This is Google Pixel 4 Ultra!

Marques Brownlee
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Exclusive leak of Google Pixel 4.
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Apr 1, 2019




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Comments 20 422
Daba Dokubo Asari
Daba Dokubo Asari 8 hours ago
Who is watching after the phone released.
KAI 3 days ago
The moment I read that title I checked the date
Kunj 3 days ago
Sad we didn’t see this 😭
McSomething__ 4 days ago
An April Fools joke ends up being better than the actual thing
Alex VanDover
Thats the joke
Luke out
Luke out 5 days ago
Watching this after the pixel 4 launch is jst sad... What a disappointment of a phone.
Tushar Jamwal
Tushar Jamwal 5 days ago
oops it looks different now!
manuar 1771
manuar 1771 5 days ago
whos here after the pixel 4 came out?
Badcat15 5 days ago
caldron 12
caldron 12 6 days ago
Wow, this actually got me until I looked at the the date
Yuval Farangi
Yuval Farangi 6 days ago
Best video ever😂
Deepak Suresh
Deepak Suresh 6 days ago
Whaaaaat ? is this pixel 4? naa
sreetan sai
sreetan sai 6 days ago
Nothing matched except internal
Umanng Kolhe
Umanng Kolhe 6 days ago
When is it happening?
Scott Rawdin
Scott Rawdin 9 days ago
Nice ;o) Thank you for the infotainement, you hooked me with the title and reeled me in ever so elegantly... bravo mon frère
Jonathan Ty
Jonathan Ty 11 days ago
Lol this is awesome 😂. Troll power lvl over 9000
Jamil Lynch
Jamil Lynch 16 days ago
But why can’t we have this in real life?
Ian McPherson
Ian McPherson 18 days ago
I'm so mad
Valentin Décarpentrie
got me! shit
Joey Barela
Joey Barela 19 days ago
watching this 4 months after thinking this was real...
Nate DS
Nate DS 19 days ago
You actaully had me until the tin foul hat
Kawaiiden 20 days ago
Coming back to this video saddens me. I wish they would have used a design with a punch-hole camera. :(
Adeel Daya
Adeel Daya 20 days ago
The Ultimate Gangster
5:49 did u notice the day is April 1 (April fools day)?? 🤔🤔😎
Tyler Hankel
Tyler Hankel 28 days ago
Got me for like a second until I looked at the date
DonTheTiger Month ago
Magnifying glass over the hummingbird. Glass = Google Search Hummingbird = Famous update to Google's search engine algorithm
aMoistTowlet Month ago
I audibly gagged when I saw the "ultra" That shit gross lmao
Samy Moral
Samy Moral Month ago
This is hilarious
Samy Moral
Samy Moral Month ago
I just got notified for this video
Shaka Month ago
Crap I forgot to look at the published date
Jayyyy Month ago
Litih'Z _
Litih'Z _ Month ago
I don't get it
Jon David Pilley
i have a google pixel and their not that bad
Mujib Rahman
Mujib Rahman Month ago
when u watch this when the real pixel 4 is leaked
Bro....hahahahahahahaha... You started sounding like those Illuminati conspiracy video people
Rishan Sardana (837RisSard)
Fake, sorry
Xiaxs Month ago
I was wondering what the fuck is going on with this video, why the weird ass music and why he's talking like that, then I looked at the upload date.
Aniv Khawaunju
Aniv Khawaunju Month ago
When he showed the Google phone with top and bottom notches😂
Aniv Khawaunju
Aniv Khawaunju Month ago
This sounds preposterous when you watch it the second time 😂😂😂
Morphman mc
Morphman mc Month ago
"Reno" in reverse is "boner"
samdur 17
samdur 17 Month ago
Segue Maserati
Segue Maserati Month ago
Man... Marques is one hell of a detective
Trinidad and Tobago
No no no my bother that's not it at all!!
Hassan M. Hassan
Holy shit i laughed my ass off when he put on his tin foil hat. Priceless!!!
Anthony Onyedika Chukwumeziem
"... It's cubic hd here"
Ubayedhur Rahman
Skyler K Wray
Skyler K Wray Month ago
Okay not gonna even lie I was falling for this until I saw 5:35.
Stanley Solomon
Stanley Solomon Month ago
_I knew it was fake when i saw the wifi and battery bar titled_ @1:09
gadhar anda duru beta
good hardware update/copying oppo fully
Tzahalla Sircher
Omg that tinfoil hat🤣🤣🤣🤣
ThorleyTech Month ago
Google copied The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom! 😵😡
Ilya Elis
Ilya Elis Month ago
So google had 5 month to copy this and failed )) now we have huge top bezel and no wide angle cam
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers Month ago
Does anyone notice the satanic message on the laptop. He is always wearing illuminati shirts also!
Claudia Month ago
I'm watching this Spetember 4th 2019 and he still got me until I decided to see when it was posted 😂
Nope its all wrong
BOURNE15ive Month ago
It was an April Fools joke.......
No. Month ago
Funniest video ever
Bald Zeus
Bald Zeus Month ago
Ah shit you got me in the first 90% not gonna lie
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Month ago
I had to check the video date once the tinfoil came out. Nice.
Liam Deimund
Liam Deimund Month ago
lol I thought this was real for a second 😂😂😂
Muhammad Hannan
Muhammad Hannan Month ago
was going to unsub then I saw its posted on april 1st, he got me !!!
Ved Janve
Ved Janve Month ago
Hey marques! Don't use this music coz it's like a clear giveaway that it's an April Fool video!
guy anello
guy anello Month ago
The whole color scheme thing was funny but I just died at the double notched "pixel"
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